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Jamie Erdahl with Dale and Holley: Bruins-Habs Game 7 predictions and analysis

May 14, 2014|

We talk about the only topic in town today with Jamie Erdahl from NESN. Bruins-Habs game 7.

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Our opportunity Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI before we get in our number two and introduce our guest and get back to your calls. Text the code word women W I yen to 37937. Within the next ten minutes you'll be entered to win two tickets for game seven tonight at the TD garden plus an all yellow sports toys Bruins team set. Courtesy of -- sports toys sign up to get last minute ticket alerts by email at Boston Bruins dot com slash ticket alerts. Text the code word we in it WI AM to 37937. Right now and I've been asked to tell you that calling the radio station. Probably is gonna help you win tickets to a text contest okay. So there's been a lot of folks are calling an -- I have tickets for their game. Blacks are hotly cannot be excited to have sanity to -- seven. We're excited to welcome 88 new guest to the -- -- program Jameer at all has never appeared on this program before but we're happy to Everett today. The ultimate Ricky yeah either -- today I would do it with somebody -- and I'm looking right the president let's go way. We see each other I'm ready you know former Obama. John Cheney heard off doing the job or is -- old -- are now well well but you know. You first started -- outdoors the Celtics. Celtics. -- during -- cross out which is why I was doing yourself ask is that what it was the locking down the right. Pacing before her stand up there at the starting to myself. Taking the whole thing -- -- that now I don't see you know he did it before the games. At whatever the court it would be cagey pacing and got a -- his head. Admit that the other court they -- Abidjan a year ago and then I would throw that shock and then he would do the job to do Minnesota people he administer huge as the Minnesota why now. And -- college basketball and pretty good athlete here and I've -- what she's been covering this team aren't -- part of our nest and Bruins telecast. And you had a chance doctor Brad marsh and this morning an interview will see tonight on NASA and and and he's got to be feeling a little bit of pressure -- may have I didn't wanna present too much with him personally just how he's done this year is I kept it pretty pretty broad spectrum with him I did ask him you know I know this team they hate when you bring up something happened last week they say it's all about tonight we wanna focus on tonight but it did say. -- this team in March people I mean you guys are going nuts 151115. I don't -- how do you how what was happening there that you need to recreate tonight in one game because this is why you play this well in March. It is for this game tonight. And what he's gonna tell us on us and later is that everyone was playing in unison in March and I think that's the biggest thing they were all in stride. They somehow I don't know how they're gonna do it. But things need to get back in that same stride. Rolling lines line after line after line because we just haven't seen it I think we didn't really see against Detroit until late in that we haven't really seen it in Australia. Of course the other thing is. I I know they're pressing some more home yeah I I I know he is for instance him. I feel like crate G is a little bit right now guys who have been goal scores all season long and suddenly can't find the back of the net. And you worry that in a game seven situation Carey Price is out there and stands on its head and you're Europe penny ahead. Today in Boston now for your press I don't know why just -- I think you take what the guys have been saying witches. This is why we have those months of march that you do this is why you play the way we didn't regular season so you have these opportunities at home because frankly. Montreal's an entirely different team at the Bell Centre then will the team that we see at TD garden and I give the Bell -- all the credit in the world it's an unbelievable place to watch a game and I'm sure it's plaguing him. But I just don't see Terry Price. Being back trying to cape race here Boston. Does water from drugs you guys know covering sports are a number of sports. Cycle vascular may be in baseball you do you think about it but yeah. They've -- cycle. -- Spotted out to get into anybody you come across this game seven situation or deciding game situation -- -- I can't believe that guys just marvelous. It's like it it's no big deal you know there's some players that get sweaty palms are just they're just freaked out. That they could be the ones that don't think of it as an opportunity they think evidence. -- -- -- one screw this up and I don't what -- doing things I don't -- Skate outside of my lane -- what to do something normal what some guys say but it's my opportunity to be famous do something extraordinary -- that. The best guys you see that situation. -- its -- guys is that the criminals guys that are competitive want to be in that situation it's not about guys that are afraid to succeed. Our guys that will fail you know they don't wanna be put that situation but there are very few of those guys. It by estimation. One of the best and I don't let their I've -- this guy's -- up allotment now it's kind of like he should do that your -- -- -- orbit. And Iraq as a dad it you know bottom line you give him the ball. It -- it game when he situation when you need to go out there with a game. I want the ball it's and it's another guy that I played with here on and on profits of level. -- box by the bet my life but somebody getting hit. It would be a guy like box at -- -- up there every time with a bat its and if you know our season depended on it and it but I think there are many many guys that love to be in this situation we were gonna get like -- Both want -- particularly have great playoffs that I don't think it was. That he didn't wanna be there I think he was over aggressive in the playoffs that he wanted so bad that he would go out of his comfort zone and he was on teams that they were gonna throw pitches to him. Usually in situations like this they're not so much of hockey but it baseball that it could still happen and IQ you look -- The front the other top lines that are going to be checked by the other teams top lines it might be a -- your third and fourth line that scores a -- -- but Fraser. Who scored the goal so there's not expected because you can. -- -- The other team's top players beat you get a picture that they're checked all the time it mixes of its market it makes it somewhat on them. It's -- oops we forgot about him that he scored that salad generally happens a lot that win baseball too. That's us SA go hand in hand with Steve is that. I don't think these players become those guys later in life I think you see a -- freezer at 23 year old called up. Game winning goal in overtime he was in the right place the right time but he was he was that way the entire game the full sixty minutes before that first minute of overtime so. You can't you can say at 23 year old. You know he he's not a 2849. Year old NHL player who's got X many playoff games under his belt he was they are -- one of his first NHL experience he was in the right place he was -- made. For that situation so you come into a game seven and you think. Someone whose nerve list I mean YouTube ranges from a char all the way down to -- Fraser did that may have some frozen yogurt and -- The guys that didn't slow the game down -- the guys that have the wherewithal to. Not have the butterflies they're stomach to where they they see the game they say allows me to do this -- and look myself in position to. Do what I always do and hopefully good things happen that it's the guys that bases are loaded files -- PC configured Eddie House to do something. He's taken himself out of just get a feel you got to hit all the little that's goers to noon it's only -- to the -- The story was -- very stating there still. Appearing before Balco -- are riveted to what a great player OK great hitter up but. You know as early early nineties those pirates teams that didn't get it done. -- Barry Bonds this in his post season numbers that you know -- start -- Now did give some help but it may be a steroid cocktail. They had to give -- some but -- we are there any NHL. Jamie you were you talked upload Julian every single game you know you talk to a more one on one than anybody else in the media. I know he's different in this series than he normally is these. I don't wanna say uptight because I don't think he gets up to fight this means more to him. Then beating the Rangers are beating Detroit or beating anybody else he seems different to. Series. -- this is my first time dealing with him through playoff friends I also don't have a another playoff run to compare him to but you're right he he's a different sound. He's a different animal in the post season I guess and it's he was interesting today after morning skate. He was he wanted to play this game yesterday he wanted to -- -- to be at 330 this afternoon that man is ready and raring to go and it's kind of it was a good moment to see from him I think says for people to see that he is ready to be back in Boston take care business here but. -- -- I think but everyone's like that you know you're trying to get guys you see certain things or get you know a different angle but they are all at least in the -- inside. They are all down the business they are on the same page. The message is coming from top to bottom and I -- I I am excited and I think the rest they had their -- defensemen are they ready. All my cash I think there. And there early that they. Again I say the Bell Centre is goose bump worthy when it comes to playing there and watching a game there and -- think they want to take care business. Here Abbas and I I don't think the Canadians wanted to lose a -- fans I don't know if he'll be able to handle -- here tonight where you has surprised desire was that close wording about Dennis Seidenberg tonight. He didn't shut it down. He didn't -- right and I don't know maybe he's just. Sick of saying no comment no comment no update no update I mean you can't deny that there is progress you see him skiing use you bodies on him he did on back lake contact yet he is making progress so it may -- his answers are making progress to you in that respect but. He you know he was on the ice you know one of the last guys off the ice -- morning -- I calmed down when it came -- rewrites on today -- I don't think that -- that he's gonna make some miraculous comeback you know me -- that -- seeing him making that progress coming back from ACL what is it like -- 130 days ago he had ACL surgery just over four. Let's kind of isn't isn't this is this decision still in the hands of the medical team not a party players out there that that clear to what kind of -- that occurred at all clear for Barack Obama for our game but it isn't it's still their hands and say. He's OK to play it up but my point is they wouldn't of cleared him for contact it. Every every milestone along the way they had to they'd have to sign off on is what I'm saying and yes they would ultimately have to say okay he's ready for game. Maybe that's why closed set I'd be surprised Brett. Yes I do get her to release it a warmup all the sudden tonight just to get people. That's owners on an earlier you know do not I don't I don't like and that I don't think -- warmed him up. If he's not gonna plant near I'd I'm just guessing that he did because then all the questions right rhetoric times twelfth right what happens -- There is a healthy scratch. Our mandate they have guys who were scratches and end. He has let checks for guys warmup this this playoff run so far and let's just to be different for me up business this is really. Dangling that carrot out there that's a retirement earlier things are getting into the program. I guess -- Yeah I think I would write about it you know that it didn't know he -- car. Pregame originally your body else that is I was mid pregame nap significant nuggets yet note potato chips it is they will -- the bigger chips yeah. Kind of the -- -- this is somebody sea salt with ruffled Cecil ruffles OK a bag of chips yeah OK yeah. -- what does your TV yeah I don't good student yeah I -- an area. But you know we're talking that would go on and on about who needs to step up -- -- -- third line guy here first and I know that that top line. For the brewers are -- This doesn't come down to. Seen that game for Duca. Giving aid to -- game. Where it hasn't been a focus series we've got a good to -- -- we yeah we have available which -- in which foreign. Five -- perhaps that's why I thought okay -- -- back now Dexia and that's why I thought the gonna win games six and and he certainly wasn't the reason they lost but he also wasn't. Duca had a but it took a series that you and -- relatively era in -- games and now that was back to get out -- by Carey Price good and well you know. Is that the do you think for them to win -- -- we talk about a pro it's work tomorrow. Who will we be saying that was took his best game of the series does that not happen. For them to witness to pucks have been literally sitting behind Kerry price in this series for us to put this on two events that he needs to play differently. A -- get the guys need to bury those opportunities that they had not take -- that doesn't need to play out of his mind but you can't just say too is going to be the difference maker. Or if a third of the posted gone in the right there -- -- -- -- trials post that while so I'll stop with the postmark doubt that you too can. I'm here yeah yeah my idea dark I. I was -- it would -- -- -- of all the opposed to hit a -- -- not to post I don't wanna hear about -- written David talked about post ninety shots. No go where Western Pennsylvania and their season is over -- that they would not vote for -- that the -- towards that. Stop so people get the feeling in this series if the polls was another phone and why did its ability to the post. That didn't they just I mean they've had -- -- wide open shots good scoring opportunity which is my -- and I don't the -- really think that anybody Zeneca. So who is. It's like five David and great she's great she is -- -- Corey -- at like to see that Brian -- -- -- and look I thought game six was his best game of the series so far I thought that was as good as I've seen him look. -- in this series. And any was close but he's the one that told Pierre McGuire before the game put me down for a goal on the score at least one thought he was all about it you've got a big break copied it to tell back. He should have that attitude before every game. We have seen not really him going to be hasn't him it's saying having saying it becomes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He talks in the effort -- fed minutes that morning skate and I was surprised at how many of those. I'm gonna make it happen I'm -- score quotes that Humana is very unlike him but maybe he was a strategy -- own mental approach to him. I wondered if he thinks somebody was -- Nevada -- talking about somebody in the media -- somebody that organization sets up until. Maybe it was with with a -- it was a close. So who said look at this this is who you are this is barred. We're we're at a situation. If you have a lot to do with -- go ahead and be yourself. Because that it seems so Medicare jacket believed they -- saying that. It almost sounds like something a sports psychologist says -- -- married. Otherwise they don't I just I don't even know they believe he would using gauged that the net and he may be season and it's about time to do something. Think that clinical -- that -- six I know. -- -- -- But look at that. For me if -- -- Boston Bruins player tonight and and I don't want the negativity deceit then but it from a Boston Bruins player I look at last night's game. And I say I don't wanna beat the Pittsburgh Penguins today. I don't wanna be sitting there in Pittsburgh thinking they're gonna blow this thing off. They're gonna they're gonna -- I mean they're gonna change this they're gonna change that they're gonna fire this -- the animal that guy I don't wanna beat the penguins tomorrow and saying oh my god how did we lose this thing. And it might beat me. There it's changed. You know we don't play well tonight. We're sitting not -- at her beer tomorrow and I might be to -- itself I'd like played here I think this is a you know a great opportunity for this team to keep up the back UST fifty years make you jealous of the job. I don't wanna -- to gadgets you know they cents a Ottawa. You must and it it another way to US and we were just talking about this. If -- the Bruins and you know -- you've played the Rangers in the regular season. And it seems like they like playing at MSG. Do you know now that that would be your opponent if you take your business tonight and as I know they would never say this but is that in the back of your head that if we can just do this tonight. Get past this one team that they just. Playing is so tough to play against but then you have a Rangers team that -- that they match up well against and that they had seemingly handled so far this season. Is that an extra that a -- -- doo -- baseball players think about that I didn't know your next opponent. That you talked about already today would you talk to the guys they say we're focused on tonight we're not worried about last week -- not worry about what we did in March not worried about what might happen tomorrow but the are buried in you that they're human -- you absolutely no end because they now say. It's not like. Game seven of that series is tomorrow night may have no idea -- -- might be played they know. Who they'd move on to and they know the success they've had against the Rangers would still you don't have a marquee acts of the -- lot of fun there. -- know that that's where they wanna. I told my -- with the beginning of the playoffs and I dare talk about it right might dream scenario the beginning of the playoffs. Was to beat the Detroit Red Wings and followed by the Canadians followed by the Rangers followed by the Blackhawks his. So that you can have an original six Stanley Cup championship. And frankly. I don't think the Rangers were gonna get by Pittsburgh I didn't think it was gonna have another expert. Again at a -- Pittsburgh did neither but if you can win this thing tonight it's still enough in the possibility it is. The -- is a possibility what Steve says like I don't wanna be that guy whose -- shipped off to Ottawa. I don't think getting things like that's gonna happen if they don't win this game. I think we know who who who's going to be moving on it it won't be. I'd be shocked if -- Lucci just suck it -- just not gonna be grass. It's not going to be stars are going to be Bergeron. It's probably going to be a third or fourth line got how they acoustic thing is if they lose this game that every desire to get -- -- again we'll is is the big question mark. Because they got a piece of creativity. Sums to cap creativity to resign. He's my guy tonight text do you the other day. When McDyess scored as it is going to be again ladies might get tonight -- -- -- -- seven. Well I'd say this if it needs the bump and and if you didn't wanna win. It's sort like Michael all of the Red Sox enough. Whether or not feel really wanted to re signed Mike lol you could really not resigning Mike Lowell left you wanna a World Series of Michael was MVP of the World Series. If you were to win out a Stanley Cup championship here I know what give -- wants to stay here and he's made that very clear one year. To get no big important one and -- the Yankees and I mean you're looking at how tool and an option. Need Berkeley has said this all along how he was he's been surprised. He was pleasantly surprised at how elegant outfit and -- being number and he never would have expected this out of them. An elegantly has come out and then essentially said that he would you know obviously we need to take your business but I would like to have. To be here and and I I honestly hope they move on just for that reason that I do think he fits so well that that room it's amazing you know and they warmup -- practice whatever he's talked in every different kind of guy. It's he's he fits in early while. I said all yearlong. I've never seen anybody where Bruins uniform and smile more than he does he just looks like he is having. That time of his life and that he probably was like that in Calgary I didn't see as much of him. But you see him every single day he's like that. I thought I know I was like all year waiting for the other shoe to drop waiting for him to be mean just somebody. In but the man is the nicest man that they've ever had to work with heat I was maybe 1015 games into the season he I had him on the bench interview for the first time in pregame and while I'm sure the players know my -- he was the first player. This in the regular season when I finish sorry trump thinks and he goes yup they Stevie he skates away like Bannister immediately everybody has has set my name it that is. Some of those guys they ever say you -- -- -- not right now. It is the game does -- it's amazing when credit and she get that happens it you know it. Four for some coaches of their for some coaches derivative -- Gregg Popovich and he's interviewed -- during the between quarters and he has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sport but you guys it was during the day. What -- that if you if you ask of the interview I asked that it is. Just like she's not right now which yesterday and everything like I. That is I don't. I don't think that's that note I did I think this is the difference with hockey players in general is they come out they start to warm up let's say I have aide David -- On balance he's he does as usual skate -- on a couple times take couple shots on net. And he starts to stretch the second answer to stretch you know they've forgotten that you're supposed to be -- eventually got to we've been down and get a lot of TO. I if I have to -- somebody down to get them to me on the bench they come to me and say I'm so sorry forgot. You know David it's okay thank you forgot that your -- interview with me I am bugging you twenty minutes for puck -- you don't have to apologize. But that that is the quintessential popularity pocketed every other sport to rapidly and so our players are nice creaky it's OK hockey. There's a nice -- it just universally nicer athletes. The early -- -- Wesley -- baseball players are solvent good regardless article are recruited there are and it did taste -- a little bit of a different animal to -- every day. Every case -- like Nazis. You know I need to do this for you this -- -- use this for the entirety did that for you yesterday and the day before and it you know so it keep it gets all the gets tired. I I wish I was a good enough player baseball -- to worry about that I didn't let it stand out and have it once not to me but hockey players universally the nicest athletes out there. I'll stick breaking gets you call to deal with 6177797937. By the AT&T -- minus 37937. Jameer at all from -- and is here with us until 4 o'clock. She'll be taking your calls as well we'll dive right into it with you for what's Canadians game seven era of Sports Radio WEEI. I'm ready to help drop the puck let's go all Mike we've got a winner there before we get the calls and. I do I do have a weather and you don't get to you as it will cost that it will call because if you don't get to roll call. Quickly enough how much that you got to take those -- for another shot at. Grass -- rich in -- You want those games separate tickets. And -- you know the Bruins set forth we go through what saves it -- -- audio. You have to -- Like Legos only -- those are no better no that's right. With string and it's been noted that they don't know you know this is all gonna be young and -- us. I let's get to the called you guys Jameer at all from -- is here as well Steve cycle Lyons is here. Mike on the cell phone Europe next on Sports Radio stale and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About about early period in the last points or about game one thing is not making. I wanna out your thoughts on is the absence of its -- How how much effort -- that number one. And then number two. I think you know we can talk more about this -- the -- yes and on it at the win that game or not you shouldn't -- in my view. I'm thinking that in there about leadership. Inspect if they start that -- happens I don't think that you equate any differently really get back their start IR. Great he. Burger on -- is to go to guy blatantly they're supposed to play. And that leadership is you're supposed to provide any game seven and you grabbed will be just fine but we relied just -- it's got. And an insane game anything can happen it -- that all the time you know about the -- He's earned -- 00 game and -- want nothing locked. I think it's all about tonight is all about that -- leading the way and not do what they've been there. Mike you bring up -- break point I mean in game six the Rolston scored a goal from. What mattered how well Duca played you don't score goalie can't win. -- and we probably do put too much too much emphasis on the play -- the goaltender. It's it's the guy -- all by himself there -- -- -- same thing with a starting pitcher and insights game. You know we put too much emphasis on the starting pitchers sometimes two if you don't score a goal tonight that matter how well took place. Jamie what do you think of is that Chris -- point. That's part I think it's just because -- does such a good job and organization excuse -- the organization to such a good job making sure they have the right guys that they can call up and feel land. When Matt -- scores -- game winning overtime goal you kind of forget why he's there in the first place it's because they're back filling. Because we haven't seen Chris Kelly since early April. And he hasn't skated yet which is -- -- an anti -- said this yesterday on EI witches and guys like a Seidenberg like it Kelly. Date it is killing them that they are not at these games -- now that they are not in these situations with this team and how much it's impacting I'm sure. I'm sure it is you can't say it doesn't just because that's what the third line is used to I do think -- Soderbergh got very used to having -- -- -- on his sides once he adjusted to being a sentiment on the third line. So I'm sure it it is having an effect but we do kinda get tricked a -- time because of how well these kids have come up from Providence and filled -- for club. Matt in Connecticut you're next on dale and Holley had Matt -- -- -- the Sabbath. How much support for you know a bit broken up -- colonel Luke and I put it -- that you lose but you know. -- with disappointment at the CNN -- that we start over there with your record we. What do we do. I don't think that I don't think they even considered getting rid of -- I don't believe that that's even an option for the Bruins I think that first -- got a very good job here. That disappointment level would be off the charts for me. If you know -- to roll through the regular season the way you did to clearly be. The best team in the National Hockey League a second round ouster at the hands of the Canadians. I I can't even there's -- we're like boy I did did the absolute. Worse yet now he should start over now that there's no starting over I think it would be. It would it would probably. Be a couple of well a couple of weeks. So. -- -- -- Something like that would it would have would have -- every -- possible okay I can see something like that. Not resigning at -- if they don't obstacles sure yet but it in terms of the guys that we just mentioned in the caller Mike who's talking about. Phased out all of too good look at the stars. All of those stars of beer. All the. Yeah I don't think there'd be. I think you're gonna see wholesale changes in Pittsburgh big time changes in Pittsburgh. But they've just gone five years general getting bounced out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You know the Bruins won a Stanley Cup three years ago where in the Stanley Cup final a year ago. They got a little more to fall back on then from the penguins have have have you go back to the Blue Line conversation that the -- those kind of occupied by the trade deadline. Or not really because Dennis Seidenberg anticipate being backed by the beginning next year CI I think at the trade deadline. They didn't expect that Seidenberg would be back break I think they did expect -- was going to be that that's the point I think that's the one that that ended up surprising them even more from. And and he ended up being ironically. Seidenberg with you know ACL -- and MCL surgery may be back in the playoffs and McQuay. With what was described initially as a quad injury. Now had surgery on an ankle. Will not be back at. Well if we know obviously it can be a lot more fun if they win. They went games -- but they don't win. You gotta do DL would hate the conversation. That would. Develop from a loss because you know people would say are what did they have it's my -- speed. Not sure I was faster and I know that drives you crazy I don't -- that there are operationally faster I think they're quicker in and you know full well that's that's totally different. They're smaller shifting here. If it doesn't drive me crazy -- close to the Bruins crazy. It drove them crazy in the Detroit series because that was the story line in the Detroit series it drives them crazy in this series. They think they're pretty quick they think they're they're pretty fast team. And for the most part they are not not talking about the big lumbering Zdeno Chara -- lovely cheese types pick up some guys who get up and on the ice pretty well. They're good about our team you know I mean -- -- and maybe you don't have the first step quickness that they need to know how to do that they have to do in order to keep you from all around. I was wondered -- on this and he talked about winning -- losing this -- -- -- Aaron -- -- three home run against. Yankees'. -- feeling tomorrow. Or if they lose they lose but that's why doesn't scale and against seven people belittle everything can happen. Chris I was out there -- it but yeah. What that was like you know if you look at Aaron -- that -- -- situations that was different it was OK you have a loss to the Yankees games that -- that's bad enough. But when you feel like it was an inside job. That's what drove people crazy. The manager edit the damn manager he bought drinks everybody Yankee Stadium hey it's on how to taught us don't worry about it but that's what -- He handed them that game. So. I can't see anything like that happening were closed as -- cubs couldn't make it a lot easier. For. Much -- -- duke in the second period just see what happens. Because that's what the whole thing yankees they were great when when -- is hugging everybody in the dugout because he's -- day is done. Great assets eight chronology of Oregon they're gonna back I got done. That was worse -- you're tired of the records they're -- numbers after a hundred pitches for you. You wanted to stay in the game when I talked to when I don't agree before that that series and that's why I was at an LA wants nets series and I'm like he's -- -- -- about this game because he had told me before it goes. No matter I exit when you go get -- in the securities we had game five against open that year he says I don't go get. And wouldn't you know to begin abuse anybody out there that's better than he has some ride my horse on the exit. That you said to have paid Grady you're gonna -- -- and you are today it didn't already have confidence. Bob Graham got fired before he got back to the die out every day okay he didn't throw the pitch that that a little recap no sevens but now. You're in position. You have control over who does throw the pitch. And I presented on anybody out there better than Clinton and data without an eyeball so it is policy right because he -- pitches. -- one through 99 he's absolutely right but he had to read the information that he did not read. That told -- after a hundred pitches. For Pedro Martinez. Williamson -- the pulpit has better that would move in the pulpit has better. You've got you've got better options and then Pedro Martinez after he gets what we -- -- wanna do I don't know. And I got. But three World Series since that moment Tony -- appear next on dale and Holley. Gentlemen this or are we doing the right time and everything scenario. Well well but I want to talk about was I've noticed over the first six games. I'll Monfils burden for applied to let you know we don't have a great you know -- observable for a lie and they're able to that you know I'll play -- certain reforms. My drill bit right there if not better every day brigade by the reserve mind absolutely dominant by. I mean their third or find is that they're Portland -- better in the report are not so I want to see you know one I -- -- -- I give you the fourth line and I think here I think your observation is correct that the Canadians fourth line is played better than the bruins' fourth line I don't give you the third line and it wasn't just game five the bruins' third line for lack of a better number here. Has been the best line the Bruins had close. Full senate -- was that after game four inside that Karl servers line target arguably the bruins' best so far this series. Was it may -- -- -- -- is I think there warming up to it but Carl has been playing out of his mind they think he's been bruins' best forward he has in the playoffs so far this year. Which is both the good the bad Dayton and it's good cities that he's upped his game any Eddie's playing that well it would be nice if some other forwards on this team would. Kind of go along with a 6177797937. Its telephone number Steve cycle alliances here -- -- at all from -- and is with us until 4 o'clock. We're right back to your calls with Jamie and Steve and all the other stuff that's going on here on Sports Radio WEEI. At least taken requests now from from Jack Edwards -- the -- -- told us yesterday that's what he wanted. To kick this thing off and I was very nice here. It was right there you know -- Dale how was I wasn't raised Catholic. Let's go to Catholic schools that you converted. Not now I think -- -- but this idea of purgatory. How it's related to that part of Georgia not quite ready for haven't yet. You know you gotta get your RPI numbers out or hell you know -- -- -- that's exactly so I think. Today. During a break. I think I went from being a purgatory. -- like outside the NCAA tournament to being one of those 68 teams I did something bad news there and to break. I talked to very nicely. 23 or four Canadians they were actually very pleasant I was there in all Canadians and -- though it were taller than I've got two more. But I was so nice to them. And I think that without have a budget that. -- -- -- -- Not go to so I think after an update failure of the blame team yeah I'm trying to I'm instructed to do something that will they'll put on the record here. And I found it I found it harder to be nice to the manner that the -- ventures. I've found it easier to be nice to the guy who had the site John fellow butchers. Now always parties I'd tell you that this rivalry could use a little bit more of the niceties mean net you know that's what that's -- the guys said. Basically is like -- I think you guys feel safe with your fifteen if they flew in here with fifteen guys that can have a great time at the game their their sport their jerseys. Probably but he as city Ari do you feel unsafe for the fifteen guys he said you know what. If there were gonna come in we're gonna find and now we're we're gonna enjoy the rivalry but we're gonna we're we're smiling any -- -- keep ourselves out of trouble. In that regard and that's kind of the way to -- Execs aren't under the bus the wrong. But he was right. In -- He need permits named 45 guys that aren't doing in getting our series pleasantly I just violent basically she's doing nothing to teach doing nothing that he's going to the good French -- dale -- is doing nothing and he said he didn't speak English very well but he doesn't life and death out of figured her stroke reds are prepared yeah. That you -- -- -- them I was myself sometimes and it forward it was hard to argue that if they haven't -- as in Quincy -- you're next on Sports Radio still on holly. I am home I don't. I hope for the moon thing Fiat young he -- artists he would play will be it would keep up with he and John let you know the absence of we haven't heard from wild but the absence of Adam equated knowing that aren't presently scored all these mom. I don't think -- park house keys and offensive defenseman I mean because he skates so well people have miss. Conception of -- he's not an offensive defenseman Torre -- offensive defenseman Doug Hamilton offensive defenseman. -- park house he has. We see it we see it with him I wish we sought more but I think the best example was game five he brings a -- attacking Sony draws that -- on and who -- -- -- I can't I was in the first period you know he brings it all Lee -- that all the way to attacking blue line. In draws a tally bruins' first power player of the team I think that's his game people you're right people misconstrue that force he should be a Johnny boy chuck -- Slap shot guy but he's not going to be giving enormous glass in his article it was this time last year. We just fine. You know -- I think I think the young defenseman we should not we really should just drop that -- they're not young defensemen more if they have the experience. Well in in in the case of Hamilton. Art house team crew. The world playing in the playoffs a year ago -- I mean it was the Rangers series a year ago because of injury where they all kind of got thrust into it. And they all more than help their own Bruins beat the Rangers in five games crew had like four goals or something and yet they've. They were fine I agree Jamie and it in that sense too once you play an entire season. You know. You're not young anymore you're not a rookie anymore you're not you know there's there's a little different. Feel to the playoffs no question about it there's an adrenaline rush says that maybe not be there during the regular season but. You know the game saying -- you on the eyes what's the drop the puck. You know all that stuff goes away and you play the game you know in the back to your mind that there's greater meaning to it. But it's the same game and once you get to this point. You know like you're either a guy on the team that they're counting on where your dad it's not dressing. Coming your game develops. I mean and and I think that he Hamilton's game has developed a lot. Just this year from the beginning of the year till now. But he's now played two full seasons in the National Hockey League went through an entire playoff run a year ago you know is in the middle of a playoff run now. He is a much better player now. Then when he arrived as an eighteen year old kid. Hope that it -- take even further look at Doug Hampton let's say let's say the Olympic break. Doug Hamilton from the Olympic break them now and it's a different player you have to go back there to training camp. But his improvement has been dramatic and it has happened in front of everybody and it's it's clear that he's and he's a different player. And say I could either he can either turn all or he can blossom and he chose to go to move forward into progress immature. And I think he damning quote he can't say enough good things about -- he. He's a completely different player I think that last year a year ago in the playoffs he was on the bubble this year he's with Chara. And he's done wonderfully in the playoffs. But the the Minnesota girl use turtle. -- have friends for you know -- in Cambridge next unveil holly. Again that he was going on. A couple of things but I mean -- called this incinerated. I do think we're on to win tonight I've but I think that. If they don't like that caller I mean there are. Canadians -- -- art would we didn't hear from -- it was the Canadians -- I think you know I I think they will win by. -- American Egyptian it's as if we lose. But I really while I was not waiting out here -- it's it's he's bringing up there is pretty. You know -- book page. And I don't know. I. It's I guess school is now eleven years. I haven't understood. Yeah. Attack mentality of Bosnia since the day it happened. And here and I would -- it just me is everybody -- well that guy thinks let's get rid of them and I paralytic they'll. For the first time. I hear a lot of baseball -- people lions. -- disagreeing with the -- view I'm gonna -- -- opinion more than you weren't. And -- getting we're fine we just don't need to go over it today a ball days I mean I'm happy to do it another time with Steven here now for game seven Bruyette and a spot today where we're gonna go through. You know the Aaron -- game we were using it as an example a lot of disappointment level and yeah I wanted to ask them where I grew up. -- is it and he and others to the attack mentality of a Boston idea that he likes and new in town others -- yeah that's about how to do not understand. Him. I -- it's yeah it's it it is that and believe -- sites that are with us a lot over the next coming months will -- who what -- our -- show -- and if you want. Let me just call BS -- sister lives there he bet you didn't disagree with -- He's just -- Area and I don't know I don't know I I would never do that and I'll tell you that young and not necessarily disagreeing with you all I'm saying is that I knew -- was gonna happen because I talked to a five days earlier. And I said when do you go get Pedro. And he says -- ain't -- Anyway -- if you remember that playoffs too and I and I thought he would not get it before it didn't know it's the same thing gets Oakland right in in now is anything. I'm a little foggy about the numbers along time ago I barely remember last week but. The bullpen. During the regular season and towards down the stretch was not very good they -- in the playoffs that pretty much out of nowhere all of a sudden their numbers in the playoffs are great. But that's why. -- he said I don't have anybody down there's better. Not gonna go get. Steve a question for -- so coming out of the Canadians room -- morning skate was some some quotes here and there about disrespect and how that is the Bruins game which I think is a strange thing to ply wood to the gaming -- -- of certain styles of game physical speed whatever. Disrespect that don't really think it is a style but. Do players really. Do they say these things. In the back of their head knowing that it's gonna get back to the other players -- they actually feel like they're being disrespect it accurate to you really get to this level of being an athlete. And feel like you're being disrespect alias isn't really a car that they're playing. I gets a little both you talk about what they're saying hey you know we have to worry about maybe getting hurt are we -- that. We're about in slashed on every -- we have to worry about the way they play the game we wanna make sure that we don't drag ourselves down into the mud with them right from. Yeah -- know that is gonna get back to the other team and that one of two things happens I think either the guy who says it's not Smart enough to understand. You don't know what he says will get back. And I think the other thing is. You know the whole. Billboard material the -- Put it up on the board review we're gonna remember that this happened. It only goes so far I think guys look at and say. Thought they said that off my mouth we'll see great. And then once again once the games start you play the way you're gonna play I don't think it really comes into play all that much. I think it's a little gamesmanship. On their side I think it. No I think it's the truth. I don't think the Bruins do respect the way the Canadians like. They don't respect sticking Zdeno Chara being like doing or the other way around your hand up to the ref like why I didn't do anything. The Bruins and they'll never say this right they don't respect not Manning up when you if you gonna play that way and the Bruins don't make apologies when they play that way. Just. Be man enough to to respond to that. Art came out of the Canadians room this morning some last I believe it was Mike Weaver you know you. You. I think it was DA actually pressed him on what kind of what do you mean by disrespecting and he kind of backed off instead it's just their style play and we don't wanna go there which again I say it's strange to say that there's file planet is respectful but. I just from a player's perspective. You really think that six hours for puck -- that's a thing that you need to be saying to mentally get yourself in a pianist and a place of work concentrating on recognition and don't -- bigger worries right. I JB you ready to -- You know yes start it's your sex life rethink possible 3790%. Texas says there's only one thing wrong with -- watching. She is the best hope she moves over to the Sox after hockey is over. Let's hope that's for awhile they'll can we get Jamie are more often she's super cute and hockey smarts. Kabul. I don't I don't says is Jamie staying report for a -- can you staggered we have worked to. I can stay that estate report on our culture good. Support for change day Jamie generally clear for a few their effectiveness Texas does that where's the Oscar finishing music we don't have it because it's an extended run here on Broadway. And not only that you're a Portland street but if I don't get her back to do ever heard nighttime job yes they won't let her comments beneath an eight times with a sending more so yeah. She'll stay for four for the I had the energy and understanding about us -- here though because she's got -- game face on she's worried about what's gonna go -- later Allan Lichtman says Jamie's gonna stick with us we've got -- coming up next here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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