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John Farrell with Dale and Holley - 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

We check in for the state of the Sox with Red Sox manager John Farrell.

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Let's talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by our -- insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun John joins us on the AT&T hotline hey John how are you. Doing well they'll yesterday I'm doing great world their spot game seven tonight but I think we'll be all right. Understand welcome him back on the TV -- should always be a good thing it should be fun. -- that you -- -- that this week that really caught my guy in May be a little bit curious and wanted to follow up with yet you talked about the running game and the lack of success your team has had so far. And you talked about the possibility of your words here shutting it down a little bit. Did you really mean shutting it down. No I think you know -- Probably do this. Excuse me described further with the players just days if there's a difference between our. Or stolen base attempts -- our aggressiveness going first to third in any advancement -- Paul reads and advancing ninety feet whenever possible. We have given a number of outs away on the base paths. IAA and they just felt like we needed to be a little remorse marked as the league I think is adjusted to our style of of the running game. And I think. As the league -- you have to readjust back to them and and that's kind of what I meant more in line with that. -- dynasty lines with -- today -- I wanted to ask you about. What's going on the back into your lineup obviously coming into the season if you knew you gotta have three young kids in your lineup. You're gonna go through some growing pains of those guys and right now you are seeing that. Offensively with Bradley and middle Brooks and maybe to a lesser degree Bogart's but can you describe what what you're seeing and what can be done that -- those guys through it. Whether it's the thing that we have in our control to continue to. Provide those opportunities continue to support them. In times where you know that the results might not be what we're what we're looking forward or what we feel they're capable of and I think for the most part Jackie is you you know I think in Jackie's case we have them I think a better understanding of what we're gonna get Dave and day out from them. He's gonna impact the game defensively. We're we're seeing it -- gradually improved approach. With the -- -- are trying to attack him we see him going to get first pitch fastballs when he has a feel for. The attack plan against him that was the case last night against good power right hander in that and that's seventh inning. If you I think overall done a pretty good job with the owners and squirm a bit scoring position with the number of RBIs that are there. But we also note too that sometimes that inexperienced can be exploited a little bit either with the emotion that they're dealing with floor of the you know the tendency to expand the strike zone in certain cases but this is part of again providing that opportunity and don't -- young guys and riding the ups and downs of their maturity Illinois so. -- In addition to that we know will still searching for. I think -- consistent swing and consistent approach to the plate. We saw spring training saw at the start of the year and nobody came back off the DL it was there again but of late some of those patients have been hard to come by foreign. -- on the flip side of that question John. You know if you gotta go where you wanna go you're star's gonna have to play like stars and we're talking about that before your -- the Bruins put. For your purposes David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia. You know all about different -- situation to what you see from. For Ortiz it Pretoria at the last stuck couple weeks that that may -- wasn't so obvious the first couple weeks of the season. Well one I think with gushan. You know the last probably eighteen or nineteen introduced in the leadoff spot he's he's done everything with the Pope will be on base and get on base multiple times and you know even two or three times a game it in that slot. He you know -- the be ability get a big hit with -- you know RBIs situations has been their little more readily particularly on this road trip. In the night that David had last night I think is the weather warmed up David warmed up there and that was the case in Texas -- carrier over the last night. And you're right we're gonna need their. Maybe dependability and what they've proven over a long period of time to not just in the I don't want to carry our lineup. But make the impact that that they've done for a -- -- -- Texas. Let's talk about Texas it. Talk about the official score at Texas. Because surprise surprise -- what did happen -- watch. They're gonna do it that I changed the ruling on this -- and we all know that it's that is bogus and of course. Now they have changed the ruling on the error what did you think at the time to what do you think about. Changing rulings in those situations. Well us you know. -- I think at field level you'll see what a player doesn't touch a ball it doesn't deflect off a global war. If it deflects off a -- it -- in this play that is more than normal effort he. He usually a base -- awarded. In in my view -- almost nearly every time and what wasn't. We all knew the situation and Darvish was dominating us for the time that he was on the mound. And the fact that there usually was towards the end of Napoli hit back before the decision was put up on the board. I think it was maybe you thought of let's see how this next about unfolded Napoli it's based civil war base itself. Or trees but Napoli walks the inning and the error was put up. But as you mentioned you know it was shipped for an appeal lawyer and then ruling unanimously overturned so David and go but the -- benefits. That we had -- that night but I thought at the time there was really no decision knew it was going to be a basic but that wasn't the case. You did something yesterday that that not necessarily surprised me but I will admit how forthright he was surprised me a little bit you flip flopped. Jake Peavy and Felix to brought you to starting pitchers and you said it was specifically. So that you could use -- this weekend against Detroit. An added I am and I actually applaud you for being so forthright it's just a little unusual in that case. Well I just felt like you know with the off day Monday. Mean and you know not a wraparound series but did the fact that we want to -- the right handers against Detroit and and if you look at what they've done any of -- in -- starters. It's pretty darn impressive and felt like with that matchup. It it gave us the best because we had a choice what Monday this past. Monday being an off day we had a choice to align things as we felt was best to match up and and that was the reason port you know we we talked to the starters here. We gave them extra rest because of the number of off days you've had recently. So this wasn't a matter of bringing a guy back on short rest it was a matter of making a choice that we felt gave us the best matchup available and that's where Jake goes Sunday night against Detroit. Skip obviously looking for consistency out of -- starting staff and I think. I don't know if you're lead the league -- -- -- clearly at the top of the league in quality starts but the same time you've got Lackey and Lester that have basically. Got to turn that corner and are giving you consistent starts time in a time out. -- -- do Bryant may be less so are you seeing signs from those three guys. That they're getting to a point where they could rattle off three or four wins in a -- Well actually it was the first start to Jake Peavy hasn't given us what we expect and that's to get into the sixth and seventh inning and then he's given up. There I think two runs two or three runs or less each time out in the last -- it was just a matter of project execution that. Sony Pictures ran back the middle of the plate that you know they they capitalized on but I think Jake has been. You know maybe not to the dominance. Of what Lackey and Lester provided but certainly a level the dependability that we know -- of the mound that hey this is going to be a game that rule will be in control of we're gonna find herself it it typically in the long run game. I was chicken amount of force in last -- in the happens. The the inconsistencies of Felix and and clay are are well documented but I think the same time looking to Buchholz. -- the other nine Texas he missed some pitches up over the plate and a number of basic stuff through the middle but it felt like. He had taken a step forward. Coming evidence Ronald game against Oakland it's such an outstanding game so I think he's moving in the right direction he is not to the level of consistency these. Proven or we've come to expect from clay but I think he's moving in the right direction. -- Go ahead I don't let -- start us. I just think with Felix bears there's all the stuff they -- and what we're trying to do is. Is really address. You know that in game adjustments and sometimes that might be focus and concentration other times it's a matter to release point and getting a certain pitch down. -- and making a quality pitch in key spots. But there's no denying the ability and the talent there and that's on us. To get the most out of him. Their job before we get to our probably -- caller course that you would ask you as a former pitcher former pitching coach Parker director. You see about -- pictures -- but a number of directions a number of angles. Of what very. What what do you think that there's so many. Issues with Tommy John surgery for young pitchers in baseball. You don't like I think there's two things you quickly come to mind is that the the number of pitches thrown by kids that are in that twelve to fifteen year old. Age bracket I think has the last few effective it would be if a young kid is talented to go on through. -- school college and in the pro baseball I think some of that early pitching before they're fully developed physically had a poll that shows up later on down line. With the guys that are now getting injured at the big -- I think you're seeing so much -- An arm speed and velocity because let's face it you know you got our radar gun and every ballpark. There's so much emphasis placed on velocity -- when you start to create -- and arms speed. You know regardless of age or regardless of pitch counts. I think you're just seems so much force driven through an arm that at some point it gives way and match from the epidemic that orient. Dollars and inevitability of the team I mean you can. You almost can't name like a guy out there this pitching in the big leagues who hasn't had a Tommy John eventually. It's gonna catch up with the. Well -- I mean it's it's enough unnatural movement we know that pictures it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when they get hurt -- I have but we're seeing so many at once I think because there's. So much specialized training creates strengthen and increase arms speed. That the ligament the elbows the thing it's giving life. Are today's we'll get some question comes from -- He's sterling Massachusetts he wants to know do you find the media in Boston to be tougher that the media in Canada. That. I know I I wouldn't say it's tougher. I I'd like dealing with the guys here you know others they're better educated Smart that are. You you know they're they're passionate there's. Not that I sit media Boston as you're I. Talk about them and I. I also think that this is such a a passionate fan base that they wanna know. The specifics and a respected the job that they have been and what they're trying to us. Four -- convey the message. So no -- I don't look at it as a a chore challenge -- I look at -- like these these are people that love the game and and they want to write about it especially Canon. I think we're fortunate to be in the situation. John we appreciate your time is always we'll see you next week OK guys to take him. That is -- Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire and the Mohegan Sun. And that is what is at Yale that do the that are with John Ferrell again this year if you have a question you wanna ask John Carroll does visit WEEI dot com slash when he hit the submit your questions. For a weekly interview it shows that it could be diving -- John Ferrell heavily -- -- I gotta tell you it's great that you've been in the situation. -- Not not so much Bobby Valentine but with -- It's fitting pair and tonight I sound like him now says you are a little bit about -- -- come to the could come to the that are due. It is there they're much more relaxed. And in those situations. I think they'll. The ball but the public help -- and do it and it's just really a different way it's very likely -- differently or looked at it listening to baseball. We look forward doing it every year and I and -- and you got to join us it's it's a lot of fun it'd be great you -- -- quickly on that you know what I'm amazed that has received so you know the different managers that you talked to across the country but it. Would John Ferrell is that their ability to recall. Things that have gone on. That Major League managers are passed it looked at a process not only dealing just with the 25 guys on the team with a minor league system and what moves he might -- In wind when he started talking about buckle to -- hate it that really good start in Toronto and in his next start against both -- and I'm thinking to myself. Remember her. -- -- -- you know I don't remember that -- a good start I remember who was against Andy you know he's got to worry about point five guys in that exact same manner. And his recall it exactly what happened and what was good and what he wanted to see change. To me that amazes me because I'm you know I don't know. I don't remember what the score of last night's game was as soon as it's over it's kind of in the ball go on. You know you talk about it for that period of time and then I I completely forget about those guys are amazing. Thus ends are non Bruins portion of the program let's get right back I don't recognize. 6177797937. As the telephone number. The AT&T text line -- 37937. We've given the had given you the officials for tonight's game I don't think you're gonna see much for lineup changes. We will find out whether Bruins nation is confident and cocky or not so much we get right to the called an idiot talking Bruins Canadians game seven. We're live at west and Johnny's -- -- at all from NASA will join us from 3 to 4 o'clock -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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