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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Claude's Game 7 Wins Edition - 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

We tackle four topics and let the memories flow as we look back at Claude Julien's successful game 7's as head coach of the Bruins.

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And colleagues. He's just a specially made my day. For those of us who watched Bruins hockey back in the TV 38 days because after all for a sport today is all about. Boston Bruins and game seven's. -- forefront you might AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. The building knew they'd better network. I mean I could listen the songs over the next three or four minutes and belly dancing -- take me back to my view. Five let's kick it off that. All right again today we're gonna take a walk down game seven memory lane and specifically. Close Julian game seven's successful game sevens for the Boston bruins' first we're gonna start wanna hear it -- yesterday. The comeback against Toronto. -- -- The time when it was actually concern for Jack Edwards health and well being. He's got goosebumps OK please remain. This is what should you know at the Kennedy school I don't they have all kinds of things to see if you're fit. For the pull it. Hit the -- if you can't get a survey data that's. Yeah I. Cannot be for each and every you know you want to talk about heard around you wanna talk about one thing going to wonder accident that. Something unbelievable happened do you -- believe you'll pulling America gold. I think he'd just watched temple of doom and I don't like yeah. Tears were shed that night. We were concede that night's Obama well Michael it's outrageous out of purgatory to different groups of people your. Yeah I actually did and I it was mean of me but last night and almost the exact moment that that it was one year ago. I tweeted out a picture of what it was like a year ago it may Foley square. And the fans remember all of them thousands of them outside the building. I mean there were some that weren't maybe speak concede him in Maple -- where that night there was suicides being content. Play average you know it was -- YouTube is YouTube clip. Maple Leafs -- second hole it was a home party as they are watching it. And it's -- goal -- -- their reaction but the first one. You know that's too bad if it got closer closer finally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it left it was just back we're maybe -- -- for believes it's not a media thing is that. In my experience permits and -- -- -- -- today. Eastern Canadian thing because those -- those wild people out west. In Vancouver anything goes. As that's still to come. And eight. Yes we are Michael 2011. Is a magical year for the Bruins put it all started in the first round it would be welcomed. A new hero. To the Boston sports pantheon. -- the defense went all the way up there. OK I was concerned for his health and wellbeing and -- Now I didn't have to work with him much but divert Nathan Horton smiled rivals drove again he smiled a lot so I think that was probably one of the bigger smile always -- He was -- -- that night and it just sort of began this magical run that Nathan Horton went on where to -- like every goalie scored. Was this huge game winning overtime goal right up until the point where Aaron Rome took him out of the Stanley Cup finals that she center right -- They ever -- -- hockey are you guys we'll have to -- -- That's right -- -- to Lyons point. Hasn't stepped up tonight he replaced the guy. Who was also known as a big time playoff performer. Yourself. He needs what are they made what more of those regarding had a activists posing as an editor in Detroit. They're great overtime goal in Detroit Eddie is about it. Are right ending freak injury. I'll make -- -- would do it again. It was possibly the greatest game seven ever played. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You know I think he reaches it grabs the jugular. It was all well I just die down I don't know why don't give them another national game. -- how come and ask you to play that it did because. I knew it was that you thought for a moment I thought it was true. Let's let that -- There I got got tight -- right how they don't let me that there's dozens not like they all over the place get ready. And we just well we just have. Let's assess dale in person they thought just pretend it doesn't resorts part I I have always said that is the best hockey game I've ever seen live in my life. That one nothing game seven win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. There was not a single penalty called in the game. And there shouldn't -- I mean it was it was the perfect hockey game I don't we're gonna seed at night no penalties oh yeah. How does it may -- -- -- but Nathan Horton as he -- struck yet again. But don't worry and because we got one more. You know -- don't -- Time now for the AT&T memory. Of that day. Well nothing really need to be said about any display. This. -- yeah I've told this story before but the night they won the Stanley Cup June 15 2011. I was doing a Red Sox game in Tampa with -- physically don't that was part of my duties. And where were in Tampa doing the game. Josh Beckett -- a one hitter that no one knows anything about fake great one hitter. The minute the game ended rundown of the clubhouse and all of the Red Sox players are clustered around the TVs watching the Bruins game. The minute the second period ends. Everybody rushes out to the bus I mean literally runs up to the buses bus takes off gets to the hotel they have what TV set up in the lobby bar. And they've shut off the lobby bar just for the Red Sox and I watched the third period with the entire Red Sox team. Acting like the most ardent Bruins fan boys you've ever seen partial agreement and it yellen. You watch the third period that with the -- with the red -- threat to us. You know build -- techsters beats scissors we lost my virginity that I don't -- Good for you and I probably about a shared that but lots of rigidity an indictment yet -- -- to watch the for the first. I didn't see it as -- there today about what that watch it with the Red Sox. What's your biggest -- From watching that clinching game that -- that jumped out and it's not really felt that it happened in the game has to do with naked short. Well for me it was it was Chara it was actually Ciara -- the cup and that rivals. You can count package that was organic. -- don't plan for what we've got to with a cup it would just. I think that was 39 years where I know is he forever altered the ruins frustrations -- that was 39 years worth of frustration. And -- -- and later it's like cause marsh and it just the ring in and set it up to their anger sat back there in December. Which for me it was similar it was not an on -- moment it was when Nathan Horton who have been knocked out by Aaron Rome that's awful hits. He had taken a -- water bottle filled with the melted ice at the TD garden with a water. And he went and poured the water bottle onto the ice surface in Vancouver. He had it just sprayed it in other words this is our house now this is our play little piece of Austin and and they want to win game seven nobody -- There's your primary aim at as a -- ever bit raised so -- No no no never. I don't mind out those Photoshop pictures now of Montreal players juxtaposed on the cup now it's our lifting them over his head. I don't mind it -- know that you're there. Well that was our for a four we wanted to get you guys in the mood for game seven. -- there's Jack we ought to get you in the mood for game sevens and we wanted to place in game sevens those are game sevens that the Bruins have won. -- close Julian as -- head coach of the room. Which oh which it was I should know this. There was that gave. An anti a what are you know where Jack they had that Jack camp thought -- jackets jumping up and down the grotto that. Not so he was jumping up and down on the Bergeron tying goal. And then it was a regular season game against the Rangers do that they can -- if they caught him jumping up. There's a famous one news is that the Bergeron the one where. Were you -- -- -- and it doesn't double fist pump that he realizes the cameras on so we also it's kind of the back and it scared and I think not cool problems keeping it down. They're very control yeah. What exactly out of here. -- It was great but I liked everything about. Game seven. Game seven tonight what are the expectations generally and you get you gotta leave here soon and I -- -- -- -- -- prediction business but in a bit of which is a prediction that there. Looking at a game well before you say who wins what kind of game you think that -- today. I certainly hope we see Bruins oriented hockey game I think that's religious that's for the get the trouble and it comes. I know it's cliche thing we've been hearing all series but it's the start. He sought. Monday night the first two minutes we sell it happened it's the start the Bruins need to. Hate than -- the National Anthem they did take Britney is for fist pumps they need to apply to the first four minutes. They get themselves through and as long as they establish that early really the beginning of every period because we know they can have some trouble in the second period sometimes still. We deceive deceive Bruins hockey and it needs to be at the start of every period because they really don't think Montreal can hang for a full sixty as long as. The Bruins impose -- on them well that really wasn't I was increase your risk. Wait -- like 53540. Got a benefit of all the cliches are going to be out it another way to 545 today's incident gave it to -- -- -- But then he had the -- -- I am still not going to be here. I can't get out there -- -- -- -- your -- on the lightning round I about the delicate you guys tell me. That night of game seven. You get a pass up an opportunity for the world's favorite I like a lot of what you would take many column is expected it clearly -- Our let me ask your question effect -- what to look around the room. Look at I I can hang here and I can work with you and Psycho and young -- -- for right go to the garden and work with Jamie. You're out of the defense -- -- the only. Your honor but it depends where you -- Jamie and I am working with the lions and in every time we talked about well probably over your heart. You would make sure that we heard all over me is that -- to turn them around now. Let's not. There's definitely a wrong -- and a -- -- I -- present public. And this team mentality. Jamie thanks for coming by and Natalie come and visit with us again I would sit on and handling and -- some of the -- -- that some -- Do you worry listening bastards -- -- 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937.

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