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Tony Marinaro, TSN 690, in WEEI studio: Hears it from Bruins fans, 5-14-2014

May 14, 2014|

Tony did his show from Boston, and then sat in with Mut and Lou to discuss tonight's epic matchup match up at the TD Garden. Donning a personalized "Marinaro" Canadiens jersey, Tony took shots from caller after caller after caller on Subban, Gallagher, Price, diving, fighting, and even some criticism of the city of Montreal itself, as well as it's fanbase.

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I hated Boston when I was in Montreal no I did much on -- in -- so. I don't think that answers your questions. I do good if you ask them the same question of religions MS and motivated us that. It was just natural for me from being you know being -- You just naturally there. Hate the Montreal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On power -- Friday. This isn't just remember when you get frustrated afterward. We'll get rattled. Listen that the former. Get well you know do we get frustrated at times and yes it doesn't always mean it's about -- games. -- I don't know as far as game that we. I'm sure he. Whatever it takes to. You only get. Feelings on the. Here again. Two things that you know we can do and you don't leave it alone and -- -- have regrets over. That's what desperation is always leave voluntarily ice and and you can walk away you know that's it your best shot. Again I'll -- maybe -- be advised today maybe it's game seven but that is selling your best work ever. Joe's our bottle blonde blue night 37 WEEI game seven now just hours away. The best rivalry in sports with the Canadians. We have had the pleasure. Or that displeasure I guess would be. During this series like a tapping into the rivalry with Tony marinara 69 B. Fiesta and a candidate for three hours judicial right next what's -- hear screaming. Or is supposed to be a soundproof Booth of the last three hours and now Tony in his -- Jersey. With a 619 of iron a little back a little -- Noriega in studio it's not a soundproof Booth baffling bucket definitely not. Right I mean whoever put this together is probably as cheap as Jeremy Jacobs right because they do it properly and I. Does not sound proof. We figure that out definitely not and it is a pleasure to be here well let's get tickets could that be here now -- -- did did you bring the priest that little ye of little faith in you know you you bring -- Back again -- the -- are you a fan of rocky. Told. Of course you are regulars that he not go see father Carmine the -- my indigenous rocket you know -- robotic I'm -- -- its Iraq. Yeah occupied -- not this this and yet -- Rocky Balboa have bothered me a little blessing for the did nothing wrong with that. He blessed the red Jersey father Joseph -- did on game day game six. And they were victorious. You said a prayer for Max patch ready guaranteed a goal he scored a goal. Yesterday before making my way down the Boston went out -- acquired an authentic white Jersey which the Canadians will play with the Guyton had a blast as well. The stars are -- Now that did this -- reaction at Montreal scared fear. Delusional -- called delusional and delusional -- more so when Boston I've seen yet you have yet you know I've been walking around. In downtown Boston low key. In my Tony -- -- Montreal Canadian at Reynolds your old karaoke is nine Saudi merit our jurors I locate you waste the find me. In Boston if you're looking for me one somewhere in the marinara 690 Jersey. To look for someone good looking in this city that'll be me -- somebody else walking around that merit our Jersey no not our rights -- that's the deal now. I'm getting a lot of -- here. That's geared became all the way here to see your team lose. I don't things. I don't think we spoke a couple of days ago yet you guys were convinced it was over games or yeah in this -- When we spoke prior to that I told you they're gonna lose five schedule the -- six in the -- sent two out of three bad I have to Tyson. Let me -- don't want it to my own horn even though I do it every day like constantly. But I had a vision going into the series and I shared it on the air and I shared with everyone. They will. Win game one. They will lose to McCain to they will win three. They will lose four -- five and they will win six and -- end. I predicted a -- -- win in game six and telling you right now the Canadians will win 21. Two to one is this to -- -- -- first you don't even have to watching it they score first. Yes they score first Boston ties it up and indicated screw the. Any counselor and daughter has not yet today that second I don't care about the Bruins hear any regrets and I decided says its its Asia is now it Bruins have noticed in the Bruins town I'm telling you at the moment them. They love what they stand for quote of the day the best coach that Boston has had and what that thirty or forty question. From the -- back. Brian what that left once you left it was he you know he really do much -- and -- in the late pat burns in the next best coach province Quebec your best player. There's -- -- journey from from the province of Quebec. Respect factor from Connecticut now. We boy new Canon. We're gonna see how respectful fans are we've set all day we want people BC Tony your Canadians fans out there can yell all you want this is no physical violence tonight be respectful of our friends north of the border. But here Weaver today they always -- practice I'll also let the as you said the other day on the phone there -- small. Actually many fan base that does not represent everybody is sometimes things happen but Montreal fans through things Bruins fans we think that thought it. The tire fan base at Tyson yeah I enjoy this. I've been the Boston many times and my childhood friend growing up. -- actually worked in Boston for a couple years in the transport business -- and companies to visit them often lived in kindred one point it was there. I've been here about ten I left my stamp at the -- our radiant and it's the open notes up there anymore that's not there anymore while some grenades the my stamp -- I. Think it'll be up. I opened my appointment and a sawed into Quincy Market on the oyster house side into the -- -- the -- -- -- -- and all the establishments right. I elected city very much I really do believe. It is the second best city in North America I believe that in the first Betsy were big on actually the city I live in what I lived there if it wasn't on myself making sure we have. The most unbelievable -- the best looking people we have a lot of class. And dignity of -- Again which is where we we we have a at all with what looked like Boston really I feel bot. My trust pretty spectacular art nightlife is unbelievable well I I guess there's a Canadian player who today didn't seem like he was all that rule you do have good looking Whipple in Boston. Cultures. It's. On the -- it is not that as I've been at the candidate to Ronald and he's the only city it's up there. -- -- -- -- -- -- it it's almost go to -- bureau or is it everything you just described it this last seen Alex is nothing beautiful people everywhere I go to Montreal is that and I believe that -- take a shower you but the Montreal yeah bend at the stadium it was a beautiful had a great ballpark you you know what I'm not a fan -- the ball well you know -- -- the Canadians don't play in the -- -- -- -- -- At the bell suggested no I've only been in Nova Scotia to -- beat. And again I got month. Nice people can and what's her name from Weaver weekly from Weaver today communities practice. I think they they play the same way and whatever team they're playing. Obviously. We got their respective and and that's. Awesome for a song. Well what does that mean though late quote what what do you look what happened to you that you -- -- be missed it. We'll watch here -- the clips that the issue of the whole entire series and I could see you know it will. Things out there that you know the but you know I think that that's that's fair game -- our game is -- home. Just -- you know. -- the other stuff is really. Has really aren't so who do you regularly -- kind of goes after you guys after game six and that. What was going into the game -- more guys now. Publicize it even CBN news I don't know so hard and. So. Q do you buy into that that the Bruins played disrespectful -- hockey but the Canadians and their fan -- now wants to play this role of victim. And Canadians good. -- bad you believe that Tony the Boston Bruins have. The biggest guy in the national. And he's a pretty it up just right is a pretty tough test this is true they have a power forward in the land Lucic he's a pretty tough customer. They have shot Orton was an enforcer in the National Hockey League he's a pretty tough customer. This is one of their strengths. And they play to their strengths I don't mind Chara playing tough I don't mind Lucic playing top I don't mind important playing tough. What I mind is a little weasel like Brad Marchand who goes there to trying to start stuff because he knows that he's got those guys back in -- Marge -- is the little punk that used to go to the club Woody's thirty bodies. He used the yap used to start a fight and then he would move away so the other guys defied his -- to notify. -- -- When you Marcia kind of go back a portrait gallery and Gallagher got it up let's let these guys is not a fighter I mean let's be honest guy Marcia the guy's a hockey player I understand that Marchand. Not a fighter I understand that all I'm saying is he starts fires so the other guys can put them -- it is instrumental you know what is actually and the same player will start fires and let somebody -- clean it up you want to -- he's there or do I feel like at the same player Tony. Allen's big you know there's -- thing I got off to one that gets under people's ski -- -- because he talks on the ice. And because he plays and because he's good -- because you could be a difference maker Brad Marchand is a good hockey player yeah but Brad Marchand the kind of guy that will go in and we'll give you the sucker punch. And then just you know he'll start. Especially when the Bruins are losing. And the Bruins do this more than any other team and they're really good hockey team. And yes they have a chance to win the Stanley Cup not gonna happen McCain's gonna with an -- absolutely convinced of that by the way. But here's the deal here's the deal. The deal is more than any other team in the National Hockey League. When the game is over when they're trailing by three goals you can ask anyone anyone in the hockey world we will tell you. But the Boston Bruins are a team more so than any other team that will start something when they're losing. They're gonna say the Montreal Canadians started at all. Lot scheme because. Markoff steered him -- tripped him got him in the cup this right sure that's what happened and the trip to other -- and the spears and the this and the that they happen all the time. Especially the trips in the hooking in the grabbing in the slashing -- -- happens all the time right Bruins responded with a couple -- couple punches by chair. But by Lucic couple punches by -- respond like that all the time well I mean if you got to do something like that why wouldn't why would Markoff stand up again. At the end of -- decade what is you have to fight again before not a fighter want to -- you gonna do something like this -- the Bruins -- -- -- spirit -- their -- -- -- rebel -- if you spirit -- the referees there he calls a penalty you go to the penalty -- to -- a target. -- however is -- called you know everything's not call mark also -- next time off well the groin of char that was not called and you look at the replay banding got to brighten the right the groin Aaron you -- -- -- rested -- pretty much for the -- those beer. It happens in this game all of a sudden it's -- it happens all the time went on and arrested at the Yemen. It was I can't believe this goat and -- watch -- the -- shower and a lab results on the -- and then he did it to the Kaiser and then he does that the is that on more than one occasion and that steadily -- -- yeah I met him at three times what I would think that video that I showed you because you -- your listeners have a good time signature refresh my memory what -- -- of people -- -- -- had -- coat -- little bit but can you happen to -- you start a fight this year this April. That's your interpretation of the -- where he my interpretation is different. -- comes in and whisper sweet nothings and just got here in giants got tickled -- I want to coach not you know Chara a body here now if you take a look at the video. Very carefully what happened -- And you add at least admit that Lucic pretend that there was something in his eyes and and ran away because he was just. Scared going at once in any speedway he skated away yeah right showers he conveniently skated away a couple years ago well what do we do -- wanted to -- him into a topic aren't. I don't think I'll update this is your play by play -- right. Went to Boston Bruins player give somebody being it's all agree it's fine. Kevin Miller -- when somebody else gives Boston Bruins player beating. All that well. -- guy placed three minutes game. On it's terrible it's all -- all are right ultra right. Ultra ultra effects. Errors body -- he did if two people are willing to fight and they're gonna fight you know you're getting yourself into it regularly landed in -- not wanna fight John Scott the tape doesn't lie. Cherokee and realizing that -- that one of like Jon Scott played pacifist he whispered as the year -- US please don't touch him. Please don't actually -- and if you want. Yeah I don't think so because if you wanted the fight Jon Scott he would just. Brandon -- dropped weight did you disclose or any -- just wait a little late as it would everybody let's go out there one which. Is extremely -- here's the video I served cold shower -- -- -- seriously the last ninety tangle with a Boston Bruins sharp thorn was doing -- You said look at -- calls and was -- outrage and the -- or lug your logic here yet salute to carry for lunch today thank you I appreciate you're one of the north and after that he's like a lunch no we did we'd rather deal well. Really happy we'll get Tony like this is like -- father guy Art Rooney only what she brought on the can -- India be easy in the can only the opera and all the sudden disabilities. Our doctor what are your friends Joey in the north and want to talk to call -- how Oreo. I tell a joke. Oh -- and glad to hear that you're you're you're taking time your only phone call. Of the day the call me appreciate is -- still incarcerated by the way I don't buy it now -- so yes go ahead. You'll YouTube has respected that and it was disrespect to you. Expect. To earn it. -- -- -- -- that the Bruins don't care what people pay. Similar to the opponent will still lose that peace throughout the throughout. Particularly strong resolution you'll remember it until. I am appalled at his role. You do the job up to. Connect. I don't know that pollutants. -- -- the game was infected. What aren't -- musical. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah being. All the Kenyans I resemble today in 2014. -- -- only a -- -- Sneaky hockey game do you call hockey. Equipment they don't feel and good luck to the -- Imagine that the motivation that and I -- -- by topic. Oh what was her last night Joey Joey Joey was -- last night and -- was -- last -- -- George once -- a better abolish the penalty was a diving penalty Joseph like a bargain examples Joey. Make this summer all of us is -- do you Joey. Wouldn't you. Know Sharon don't the other night didn't last at all on his way to the badge Joey. Sounds. About it wouldn't -- And there's guys. Look at the Blackstone Group. The moment -- incident but the Bruins temporary government that's how I want you know this better than the amount I want. I hate to -- -- leak power play. Yeah it's going to kill counts and the goals. And I -- that there were five on five Jolie for repairs to zero in the last game. C a Joey Chris on the Kate wants talked to -- we Herrera -- Chris is your probation by the way. Thank you all are welcome to the United States of America the best country in the world we only speak -- language here we don't speak to IQ Geithner looks fracture in Montreal -- -- -- I apologize for -- trying to yell as a matter of fact they speak English. French for passage of us -- -- -- and I got all we are uploading we are -- have -- too obvious by dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you probably can't really show where we have one team in Montreal on these it's the only team that matters are -- you have. -- we have the Montreal Canadians we have the Toronto Maple -- we have the Winnipeg jets we have the image and orders with the Calgary Flames. We have the Vancouver Canucks and with the Ottawa Senators in your point this. My point there's one you made it the Florida campus same category OK are your parents are sort trouble tonight Florida Panthers what. You would. I'm sorry and the other came to Florida Panthers okay the other -- and they -- I understand that you guys are for rural rate means and I just want auto one borrower and actually -- -- distraught involvement a day. It is guarding all the -- well. -- talent too many men on the ice like out well that. Puts extra. Mike's in New Hampshire is the only time marinara and a game like Europe -- Tony -- narrowed the -- senate candidate my friend how are you. All out event how about you -- looting. At a batter. Tony realize they spoke to collect numbers are you aware auditors -- -- weight guys are off. But I know the number that I have is 690 it's it's not my waist size seminal. I no matter what I -- is I know I know it yet then. I know all that well you know Chalabi. And that. So what does that have to do Canadians in the Bruins exactly are -- getting to object okay I'm chubby your ugly all right we got out of the way let's go now. I do appreciate the fact that you you have -- Hitler -- fortitude to make her way down to keep. End of the first. Hole number my balls are very big I'll have to worry about now is Milan Lucic steering me -- Well me I -- -- -- I don't know what it is -- -- -- the mentality of the Montreal Canadians. No victim I'll yes there is -- -- earlier games. -- -- guys -- the victims might anger directed yeah do everything right and water are older and women we are them are years have to listen to this -- is -- that night all lucky help UCL -- he'll actually one thing for -- anger a voice. Before response tonight and you especially one for each goal. But the Bruins -- budget referendum you know likely it was that you guys you've evidently that's quite -- to docks over here. But he noted doctor not okay yeah. I did you brought yet eligible I brought John master Monaco in the guy who found the dog you brought him to the guard I've brought you know what he deserves. He found dogs that they didn't think he found dogs for a reason -- the price Levy ticket. And he -- the dogs. -- out that. Tomorrow. OK so we had some calls what Tony I was originally called still up there we had people call it earlier leave messages for Tony -- open Mike capitalists and those billions of food. I L for a couple minutes they'll repair your phone calls Tony marinara with you can follow on Twitter. And Telemar how -- is for coming down the boss of this game at Tony Marron aero you follow him you Tweeter -- him. Intel which think about the Canadians tonight you'll hear -- open Mike messages and exports radio WEEI. Kentucky did you general give me -- -- -- yeah sure that only learned Arizona shortly shuttle wanna get into trouble mock. Now I -- I had it's someone tweet me and say that back in the day EU and marinara one witness that this team team 99 B -- was that the station you guys brawl on together up -- Canada. But you get quick turnaround Tony perfect like burger but I got out of our coaching in god and the media food color man -- Bob Beers does I developed the comedians. And there was a guy we had a cultural people out of every game allergic I think kept column up all and you -- trees Italian origin was totally marinara. So he called me up one being should you modify a get your personal lumber and I've known Paul marks the one giving them these like I help them out and eventually got a job at the united ninety. I blame somebody for Tony marinara sit here and our studio with a marinara Canadian Jersey on and making fun of Boston fans the play and the -- the Canadian victim. Blame Pierre McGuire. He actually gave me some awesome advice at the time and and the advice was just -- yourself to be who you are trying to beat anyone else and I don't cliche. But that's exactly what it should just keep plugging away and keep trying to knock down doors and that's what I did and the timing was right I got an opportunity they asked me. At the time station was starting up about twelve years ago. And I used to call and all the time in -- you know win all the trivia -- stuff like that in the ass if I -- to. Co host A -- post game show. And I did at the time this you know what we're just starting up we don't have any money it's going to be -- Uranus and I'm OK with that. I did that went well a couple of months later they asked if I want it to cohost the pregame shows I was doing pregame and post game. And then what they'd like to another spot opened up in the afternoon between four and seven on the drive they asked me audition I was one of eight. Who auditioned and luckily one of two but the jobs the rest is history in I have to but always eligible also Bruins fans from Montreal and in boss policy -- of always say what you believe and why why would you just. Made up the stuff about game seven here McGuire air. The best the Lagos stand loading up the best we America of the best it is good is that -- in the bully NAC distress that was very very good by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All you'd like them the IQ and to take pictures I know that McGwire is a regular. With you guys and and I've listened to a couple of hits and and that's it that's a big coup for you guys that -- -- he's sent to earth. He's director terrific we'll see these callers turf will get a couple more Tony Merritt Errol hang it up general victory today as that a Canadians are. -- do in this series the -- that victim I'm not a habit that's and that's what the Canadians who wanted to do your entire series you guys of the good guys -- and the Bruins and the bad guys we are apparently. Ericsson -- the want to talk to Tony marinara Erica that. And guys hate Tony yesterday I called and we're all but -- I'm good I'm -- I sat on hold yesterday for an hour -- -- never able to get on. I'll but I do want to let you know are just watching. Local news and they just announced that there's going to be no water -- In -- -- got into night that way when we win. PK cannot complain and cry that it. Listen I am happy for Shawn Thornton all right we're talking about a guy -- in his mid thirties and finally made something squirt. It for him. I wouldn't claim to know -- that you setter -- provide you -- -- embossed with a thought mr. Gallagher the Canadian and got an expert in the matter. Yeah I don't -- before our very well thank you class in this marinara lord your last name and I told you all -- it's not now but they are very good. OK listen I don't this portrait all the time and I never call and you really get my blood on actually I do not a good thing just because I'm lucky. I don't know what you look like but I don't sound very good whatever. I did a good question do you think that you are crybaby Canadian don't read any. Cultures. And a lot. I've been taken a look at a couple of videos and and not once have I seen them cry so elaborate on the crybaby stuff. I don't have played in and -- were mr. Gallagher was not on the east side board and he was checked into the board that you -- lying on the ground like yes yes. Step up but he wasn't crying like. After he after he looked like you just picked up the court that the net miraculously he got up went over the net subverted that -- -- to -- something. It's called the hungry for a call and webcast call giving a second effort being hungry for gold wanting to be -- -- Wanting to win the game and I'm like mr. mark shot. Getting even need and actually pulled. -- -- -- an applicant an idea. Not Gallagher you can get to my question. I -- to answer your question and he was hungry for all. Adds up or that they are dirty scored. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I can't answer for him can you tell me man who didn't respond to -- -- 100 -- The ability I don't know why is on the ground how -- supposed to know -- Bill Belichick can't be looked around there right at the penalty I don't know if telecheck you have to -- AM and you give them you give them credit union guys that the experts call the Boston area diving club hey guys are very very good and -- wasn't long enough could use like ten more minutes thank thank you -- the best in the bruins' other than game five -- the best -- the -- plays to give -- played well here we -- -- -- one. We do this what we stopped talking about how bad the Bruins were in game six or do we think we see the best the Bruins may be. Just maybe give them my truck needs a little bit of credit because the reason why. The series is going the way it's going is because that Montreal Canadians team they play pretty good hockey and guess what could finish I'll tell you something else. All the goals they scored in this series never once -- the puck actually die then. They shot them all in. Past Tuukka boy and one of the Bruins go to close those legs by the way I'm breakaway ruled schools have -- like just showed it on the break whenever she would put the puck -- those like Kevin -- stick. -- that the president did the great pressure from -- crazy forced that error Kevin Miller is not very good things. These are pretty good Miller -- Gaza -- and crew or weakness. Of their defensive liability limit our gusty crooks playing 21 minutes again it's way too much for like he's more of an offensive mind that John is in Pembroke talking about. Hey what's up John. I don't owning a record -- where you. You know you talk about -- and always did you know you know you either -- kind of walked -- about it but he tomorrow -- that by the -- I'm just curious we -- didn't -- you realistic here but so who wants Obama has his -- people don't like -- on -- it is not a great players because you know -- -- -- and -- When it's time to drop a lot of you won't up a quad. Yes. He's the same that's why don't understand Barbara Canadians fans like Tony yet are so critical bad partly because -- -- Obama's the same clip that we showed you you do the noble that gave -- cup years back in the corner it's Eric spirits what my parents came out. And and and wanted to go with with -- but after -- open -- Paris isn't -- size earns a small look at. -- actually just hit the ice -- fairness and put his head -- gave the singer to the -- -- it's if that was on its head. But his hands over strategist that was Saturday icing -- I didn't typical -- any part robust that money part of everything -- no class that was typical some -- typical Boston. Bob -- a middle brought talking that I wanna hear some of the open Mike -- of people left for Tony year today Bob Dario. I'm -- great catch those guys doing Bob. -- promised -- cost related to deliberately short for Tony thank you don't ask -- 11 question employer. It requires -- -- it is and I'm glad you're in Boston. That -- -- had a little canola. Yes -- in all these are better and my I'll stop all we don't we don't make thirty different trials are not huge and they're not stacked with sugar. There delicate they're refine Obama. Little rat poison and want well -- to suddenly Michael delicate but Kelly can. -- after. I'm Michael singers dressed. -- consider questions. Go ahead it is to commit an excellent. Goaltenders excluded. Who is a player that will lead the Canadians. To the -- commercially. -- the Bruins won tonight according to your opponent reached the Bruins. Have went out and just been honest with you have. Okay is that there were chairs the best player on the ice for the Boston Bruins he can help them. Carey Price is not the best player in the Montreal Canadians -- -- and make them any not. Is he not one of the best defenseman the national hockey. Despite missing -- both impact a player in the series to me most are not cattle under layers -- -- series and thus far a 100% -- -- OK awesome yes the questions answered next we're going. You wonder what more Jordy you wanna play some of these assets and at this is easier than game six what's. Little team I'll give five these commuters easy you're not how he's now where this came to this is the thing that it made the Bruins have played a lot of veteran home and yes you are in our house and you get -- -- that the mature operatives are not -- -- -- -- -- You know that and -- it's like no actually it's gonna happen as an -- he had an -- space you have Boston Bruins fans listening to you right now. You try to put up a break for I understand all that you know as well as I -- the Bruins. But we have thrown when we got David -- judge Joseph -- -- -- and I guess -- better casinos trusted to some horrors of the best hope it team has seen both them baby so socket. Eight Tony got a message for you from the Bruins remain a bluish translation structured now. He told Aaron Aaron just on the that you know three things it's -- about him that you think Canadians into an old old -- -- out. Hey Tony marinara asks you stuck. Eight Tony Bologna marinara Montreal's an awful long way for a walk of shame. Go Bruins. Never narrow. You're regarded Italian as a political beat big cabbage -- Canadian opposing -- so big go back to Montreal. The brunt of the best to routinely into Iran dole is way better than in Montreal. And can you tell me how to get to crescent street. From Brisbane Australia. Governments. Tony marinara. Caution no -- -- -- Hey Tony -- you stick around Boston after the Bruins will Buick Canadians asked tonight up by appeared smash over your head. After tonight the Montreal Canadians will hang up a hockey sticks. Well golf clubs not all -- it'll be. Came marinara stick to tomato sauce moron. Hey Tony you got year old neighbor on the back here Canadians Jersey that's because all the rest of the guys on the team are a bunch of losers you can't even -- -- name's -- Hey vet Rory real men Wear black gold being. Tony I don't know who's bigger do wish you. But the entire much feel Canadian team it's a toss them. Hey Tony why you use in the east how polite give but it's to have logo that looks like -- toilet seat you down mass. Eight Tony welcome the North End. Again you can normally radiates. They Tony welcome down for America's top they grant links golf course make a tee time Thursday. -- gives you the -- a perfect view of the city of champions. Tony O'Keefe from the cape Breton woods John run that gave -- that you bride grape smugglers could you guys and girls beating suit in Canada. They tell me you know little help feeling -- lose game seven. If you lick my home. -- Harris are utterly and they -- the late I. I got out of -- today got a nice chuckle out of view I don't know what she said aren't so what does she say. Asked for the last guy ignited just that licking its OK okay. I -- -- my wife on the other hand you know I love her very much into -- right now I've been. I'll be home what's her name to -- might be a lot Angela and we will celebrate the Montreal Canadians victory -- be ready I feel strong. Particularly as this Garcia sitting in -- GOP so it. What I feel bad at what else is there like when the McCain loose tonight yeah the -- only Red Sox and patriots and so yes when the loose and what you can still -- -- Boston -- camps we -- Boston that's it that's. -- you become a ranger -- because let's just say the Canadians get eliminated. In there well -- -- three months to a no hockey Europe for months and not is about a hundred days. We can come up with a topic every day. About Boston. At the mark -- hundred days the mock -- a hundred different topics that goes by very quickly. To win here for news here for you what do you -- -- -- -- when they left me all those messages why the name called. Why the anchor why the frustration if you guys are so much better and it's gonna be so easy. Why do you sound nervous right now. Why do you sound angry why do you -- our kids because you know that and I. Not. All over you. My buddy -- found the dogs the Canadian -- -- -- destiny. Very -- should be cagey about it aren't the best players in this series and they're gonna make the difference why. We just don't colts that's. -- that's why right back to the nine days ago the stone cold reference -- so the last couple years. We got your guys pulled editors here pretended I prison and embellish -- -- also delusional it took -- -- I got the Montreal Canadians. Trying to make it interesting and went into one but really they're gonna dominate the game BC -- narrow at the game and say hello. BE RIC. Don't be physical prime and a good mood and giving autographs are excellent rally sharply. -- -- -- -- -- --

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