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Buster Olney of ESPN talks baseball with Mut and Lou, 5-14-2014

May 14, 2014|

The entire A.L. East is 3 games under .500 collectively, and Buster Olney joins the show to discuss what the Red Sox need to do to improve their slow start. He also discusses another young pitcher, Jose Fernandez, going under the knife with Tommy John surgery.

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Buster my little area. I don't great I'd gone on well it's going -- a circle back to the Red Sox let's overview of the elite shall we let's sabathia is -- is -- doctor Andrews Matt leaders to be out for a while the rate the rays have three or four pitchers down Toronto is Toronto what. What a medical emergency for the division so far buster -- Yeah I did -- and every team to worry about six feet of mud no question about the other day I was talking to an executive one of the five teams. And he sounded so down and I did say. -- big -- a look at whatever critical dealing. You know that -- doesn't define itself it's it's essentially bitten out there. On -- you know on a need for somebody grabbed. Whoever can sort out their issues you know on the Yankees issues are -- acute. With a starting pitching complete method that even if I was thinking that he's able to come back from the -- probably as I think they're real serious questions about whether or not he's going to be effective. Going forward and whether or not starting pitching is going to be -- support line at that hasn't been as productive as expected. -- Toronto has starting pitching issues you mentioned the rays were there. -- starting pitching we came into the year saying well their World Series contender because it is starting pitching but wouldn't that more out are they going to be able to sort through that. The Orioles may face the situation at some point very soon format liters minute surgery -- be up for the year where they make up forty in the catching. You know they're starting pitching is an issue before today's game Buck Showalter who just about it could add to that Tommy -- whether or not he's a closer in that will seat. So the Red Sox aren't alone in trying to figure out. Some issues the whole division in three games under 500 collectively. Yeah and with that mean the Red Sox it's not really health -- they've got every they've cut their roster right now and it that's that's the frustrating thing you're waiting for that Minnesota. Take off all of it was dealing with the serious injuries. Well and it didn't. When you look at the everyday lineup in I mean clearly what distinguished that team last you visited affected they had such a prolific offense. And -- bottom a lot of margin for error and they have different parts delighted that this there's certainly at the more production out of and that's I think that to me is going to be. The big question of whether or not it back into the rotation they're going to be looking decent thanks. Now -- in particular bomb the order you know three rookies -- -- that we talked about coming into the year and one of the reasons why wasn't really crazy about it is used. You don't know and you look it will little -- is under 200. The goods into Bogart's defensively on the sudden they're physically or not a look like police on the bed last night and and Jackie -- swing and abet. They remain the question marks for this team how long. -- stick with the young guys before your two units as we do what we're trying to win a World Series here. I think they're gonna stick with -- -- for sure because they committed to many offseason you know one day. Had their -- numbers station with Stephen Drew you know at the beginning of January. At that point when they weren't close to immediately said you know we have to commit to this kid and so I think they're gonna do that. That's not gonna change I don't think they're gonna change from you know it's always possible that. You take Jackie Bradley out and it you know you look for better match -- that -- think that they believe these talent. And they think it's just a matter of time -- -- they absolutely believe it -- defense. So I don't think they'll think you're gonna change I am curious about Wilma Wilma Brooks and what date. I'd love to be in the room and give truth serum to the guys making decisions to know what date. Are seeing and what they're feeling about him because of course they've seen times when he's been. Help with the power but in the eighteen times when he goes into an absolute (%expletive) night. It before came -- would you guys I was looking over the numbers and the thing that jumped out of me was his performance with two strikes. He I mean the numbers suggest he'd been absolutely helpless. 5433. And two strike count -- not old tube that no 21222. And 32 with nineteen strikeouts. Okay. And you know what is -- you know far more about describing that idea I only raise the question you would know what you see something in his approach to strike. -- 202 counts for example for 119 punch outs. You know makes you wonder exactly. You know Howell he's he's approaching that that an -- one of those guys you. Once he gets the pitcher get the an arm up on him in the ball striking out that he becomes a really vulnerable that are. Well -- have always that the guys were good two strike approach doesn't it well what two straight guys it will score position tells me they use the whole field you know they used the other side of the field and and I don't think that he does and is a big concern now. You talk about sticking with Bogart's and I agree with you. The question is do you stick them at shortstop given what you've seen from will -- Brooks and that raises the Steven -- situation where a couple weeks away from the draft. And I you know what I hear from pain that I can't speak to the red dot directly cadets and that certainly would be an option for them to pursue. But every team that he would entertain that thought and exported. They basically find out that the asking price is really high and let's face it. -- he turned down fourteen million dollars four point fourteen point one million dollars to qualifying offer. Whenever he's science. There's going to be an effort to justify that decision. And into the team could have gone down that road and looked at this point 0% while. They're looking for a lot more money then there were willing to offer and let's face it from the -- perspective. A Red Sox another team as the days have gone by -- are mounting questions about you know about camera out and about Stephen Drew because they have played. And there's the question of. Okay how Long Will it take to get them ready. Because today didn't have a regular spring training are they going to be more vulnerable to injury when they come back. How long would take them to prepare and that and I heard this from different -- where they asked the question. If you wind up signing Stephen Drew and a one year deal. He's playing for you. Or keep playing for himself in other -- -- -- -- -- nagging injury like Jacoby Ellsbury did at the end of last season. We can grind through it for you or is he going to protect himself -- -- and -- free agency so it took they're a lot of complicated questions regarding those two players now. Buster I know you've written about the last couple of days and that is another arm injury in baseball offers a Fernandez. Has been advised of the Tommy John surgery to say god it was not over use -- UD -- How they would they worked on his pitch count they focused on innings pitched -- not overwork him all the thought OK we're going to. Protect is arm and meanwhile all that work that went into it. He's still going to be gone for the year up to rebuild that thing what is the talk around baseball with -- another. Arm injury buster is very major concern at the guys are being protected and still are going on -- the night. No doubt about it and their a lot of big picture questions being asked about. You know the handling of young pitchers and why is this happening and you guys probably run through some of that you know this theory as to why is it. Indicted throwing harder and they're stronger than they used to be in the bottom line is that you constraint in the body which can't strength and ligament an attendant. Or are they being overwhelmed -- that more and more executives. Speak compete -- the leader -- -- bad guy throw hard now where they're like. Yeah okay -- love -- about a mile an hour fastball but -- and the question is once you get a breakdown. And there's no doubt that the whole. A lot to the pitch count in the count he is being looked really closely. In fact I had executive with the team yesterday -- -- We are clueless and there were -- week we don't know what's going on and the idea that you -- you gonna put a one size fits all number on pitcher. When -- different bodies in different arm pads and different deliveries. And need different histories. These absurd. And that's. In a particular. Executive. Noted that unit teams are when they say okay we're gonna have this number which is. But -- number of innings. There at a place that one size fits all. It's the. He entered on on alternative pitchers and they don't know really anything about their history is not blank slate when they. I would -- they've all -- Text number it is the -- don't know about they don't really know when they started trying to slide they don't know the impact of. -- different -- -- done in their -- in the past. Which means that I think that going forward going to be a lot more king is looking at what the giants did for example the penguins come. They weren't -- counts and they worry about. Service time they depict them not abuse and. But they get used and and can anyone argue with the results of the guys got from Finland come before it became a free agent in adding more working to get down that path. Lot of Red Sox fans curious so Jon Kyl stands name has come up Fernandez is done for the year. What is the window won't when do we start talking about Florida interested in change in trading Stan. I have I don't think it's going to be during the year the one thing it's very witness -- weird dynamic with the Marlins because on one -- -- we know they -- and payroll. And clearly they try to make as much money as they possibly can but on the other hand. There's no doubt that there owner -- -- he's competitive guy believe it or not you know that's why they in the past. You know he's fired manager he's made changes could -- looking to win. And I'd -- you know obviously I don't believe that they're gonna win this year especially when handed down. But. He's not someone Jeffrey Laurie news go to going to go in mid teens say. In a wide wave the white flag went to trade this guy. I suspect at some point they're gonna put a pretty big crooked number up front stand in terms of an offer and -- says no. At that point they might market but I can't imagine that would take place this summer. Buster Sunday night baseball Red Sox and tigers will see a Fenway Park appreciate the primal talk next week. Okay thank that is a -- only joining us.

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