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ESPN's John Buccigross on game 7. 5-14-2014

May 14, 2014|

Our ESPN hockey expert John Buccigross previewed tonight's game 7.

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Our 3-D. NC as we hone in on game -- puck dropped idol but after 7 o'clock at the garden very much -- -- who talked to John which -- -- spoken in quite some time. Now that all -- hockey is over he's been kind enough to carve out a little time for us this morning he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning John how are you. -- reporting or well I'll all the times we've talked and all the questions I've asked. I've never ask you question you did not have an answer for I may try to start with -- one right now ready. Who you are right. Who is Providence Bruins goaltender Malcolm's to ban rooting for tonight in game seven here in Boston. -- attitude toward. The agree 100. -- and partly a young player just dropped -- -- And they put that lever on the idea. But he creature like Bernard immediately and that he 100%. So I just say money is is thicker than blood. -- if he wants the Bruins to win would you say that he wants him to win like seven to six. And rest to look like a little shaky. Musical progress as a young man there's no future in this organization Nebraska is as great as he was this year he's the same way for the next. Ten years -- gonna go. -- the problems five years. You know into the mid twenties but we noble he later you call it a lot back up probably old like secretly believe -- -- it almost grabbed it. A little different route could younger people go -- yeah. Coca become a great job player and make all week you'll -- -- furcal trick or are not always so at least in public that Salzburg. -- about it Wednesday and that group's legal band will be a bigger prospect important ones -- give our prospect where they need and it should drop. What matters to your hockey guy here I mean you know as much about this game is anyone we know. What matters tonight what are you looking for is the puck drops that he's a strictly a matter at initially strictly a matter. Of effort and energy from one team or the other or is there something else going on as they start game 72 on in your mind. -- -- You can keep growing course you know middle income everybody would slow happens along. And before last -- ranger Craig. And he -- the about a year. And -- in Berlin tonight -- -- to seeing you. Probably to a large -- large degree and he's a raiders wouldn't last a -- bigger walk. But I just think that we know the broad political outlook don't trust the effort collective effort for a wide -- team. And the -- well the goal is very Alter. And it's not a whole bunch. Will that push in that first that the -- unbelievable always seeing the Bruins could come up in the -- the other. And so it just got a little or result in first period goal bolt the first ten minutes. You know of course -- Montreal in the current the leader not a fight they are actually punched -- didn't like that support of their collective. At least a global current one it's your cooperation this year. Right it John your career have you ever seen. A hockey player miss a goal. As badly as -- just did from as close to the net as he was might might theory is the area of the floor around his toilet must be a mess. A it's just not a you know and I know you remind people genuinely it's a little fights but of course can't all contributed to release. Which was quick. I'll Listerine and accurate gauge of a slow release. To meet the public about aware of the presence immediately did you think he would Cripple Creek the honorable war. But to actually coach it's late it's all budget that the problems while we did in front of sleep or to life collect on a plane pitched filed what they did. All just -- content and what would implode. Well you know Berry got a problem with coaches are apt historical. But are down to do over -- moments Oprah might get audit. -- and out of the girls need a leader all of -- and some guys haven't. Job -- you Russert personally -- that one step further what do you think carries the day or the evening tonight all these misfires and cross bars. And posts are in the -- head and they're squeezing the stick or the law of averages and what finally moves the needle the other direction. It's gonna be fine competent wanted to go to a really good. I think it might agree -- should -- a whole lot more over. On the perimeter and it's just a -- bad angle shots which -- -- because Ellis. Bad angle shot and content it. Content rebound in front. Content. The purely practical point we don't code block. Almost impossible -- -- -- especially in the playoffs because everybody a shot blocker -- -- -- A barbecue and turn up the boards and broad front salt recruit to a -- probably Schmidt. Merger written series any shot on goal from any angle is a good operative reference I'd be curious he -- mark eager current. At all or land a role in what pushed deep it. Parts of that while it's not about going to be what it could be simple and I'll let strategist and locked her compared -- -- All -- altered the route could play well. If the concept applies in your mind that referees will allow a little more chaos in game seven. Because they don't wanna be deciding factor do we all agree that that favors the Bruins tonight. -- -- -- -- you -- partly got a great start so operatives and all the yup it's back. You know be open or you're probably called. A bubble bubble are now. And yet you would think it. -- and there -- -- one timers. A lot of power play Montreal -- help the Bruins into the great job neutralizing him. A fire on five he did what the doctor -- -- a little -- -- in your child's -- -- point catalog early. And it got a really good Jala are indeed a -- up -- -- out there but it just didn't -- Montreal. Close up -- This is a superstar it all -- and so slow and I'll go right in the electrical current energy you gave him. And pop a couple of. -- better assume band or Ciara. All right now there was there was regional free agent on track all every bit as it yeah Rachel -- Became a free agent -- -- -- -- -- the current and only -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eagle on number you would go number one. -- -- -- Number one keep it probably oh. I'd say anywhere from you know work that you -- the other people like to keep it turned out of good group of really discouraged. I think -- argued top five for sure but not certainly at a young bull bull. Raw power -- shot -- You -- trouble what Turkey ability for him to depart out of trouble until -- -- require you go about it. Up to recruit to Trickle Creek side or -- or -- Parker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's what most important to note board first -- -- out of trouble. -- Any other trouble pretty secure. Collaboration. The -- and -- that apartment without her words and proper. Does Duncan Keith wind from the Norris and does do you expect crashed when the president. Or are Barlow was going to a lot of well because -- -- law. And prevent that I do think you can keep up with because the government Norstrom and -- and Libya BP of course you don't score. We -- we overran our own guys you know that in our own -- is Patrice Bergeron your mind one on the five or six best players in the game and is he was he a legit Hart trophy candidate this year. Oh. Well. He says no I don't think there's a little thicker below and a job and you better stay down -- Connecticut John don't come up to thank everyone here -- Al older apartment great time -- the vehicle for the -- and Charles and -- a little lobster roll. Knob creek and I I -- and botulism a lot of received a letter to Oprah did the on the Bergeron. That he and scored nineteen scorcher. About but -- didn't meet you -- you know I think it's a -- -- a supplier with a guy you wanted to offer pardons you know. Let's send somebody yell and well not so I -- pregnant and NHL all leader. Every player of the week. In a virtual would probably go -- you say it strategically -- Opposite John at the risk of looking ahead we were talking earlier about the the Bruins on this day that that have a lot to answer for it. As mavericks seven top on the list is long and distinguished -- if it the worst should happen tonight. It is they're going to be wholesale changes in the going to be a lot of heads rolling. All of not Arnold novel -- out of Albuquerque. As well you know guards and our primary veterans -- have our young guys who have little. Well come on and looked to be factors for a long. Are obviously Iginla probably be back it would look up current position debut -- younger quicker up. Although we are pretty solid -- it could be ought to look at public would take a -- I'll -- -- Marshal of the guys need it completely arrogant in public you -- like Indians great value to look at. That's just to Muster popular. Good. -- -- chance will begin to get in the Eastern Conference final in real. Tonight and Russell bought a whole lot that are trapped all that great organizational depth and -- large -- -- -- Bulger's. -- they are at work it will be it will be a little trying to. -- -- We'll we're talking with -- ESPN's John -- -- and John doubling back to that worst case scenario that doomsday scenario given the bruins' most favored status. And by the way relative health coming into the playoffs -- this season be considering failure they lose game seven tonight in your mind. Korea -- You know it's such a good three to console your yard or in the Real Madrid team. Our -- on the had a chance you the past. Although last year's because without her life out on. Arms Colbert seem to have -- -- -- you know that's typical all -- being the typical -- it becomes more developed heart. But that large -- period. I'm obviously it would take to be the -- you retreat or draw a line. With a lot of situations. You know -- know -- -- outscored a lot of -- ordinary. And all of that and -- got to walk together or go to -- -- work together what the market either Kerry or water. On that situation but I'd like -- -- like we're lions the DR nick obviously the country. It could be able whole bunch of good guys and pitched well and blah blah blah and then they can be a good get -- They're bought -- I went to my third gold cup. -- the theory about great players in big spots and it is as almost tell if it's anywhere on base off base or off the rails legacy I think we legacies I think we can all read John -- -- will at the very least be adjusted tonight. To those that it doesn't scare confined themselves rising to the occasion. For those who look at that say oh my god don't let me fail those the ones who don't produce make any sense. -- it absolutely absolutely. You know our great friend bunker over -- as your girl playing ball not turn it all contrary to what you. In the blog that he bought that every sport -- dropped -- -- -- about and contrary to much. And I think that the I think that's the hallmark of this team not so what that. But the fact is they just able to get upper big moments in the actually they played better because the concentrate more focus more and they just old war. I don't think too much to draw we secured emotional. There are thirteen of the blood sport. It's a -- players -- how they -- they reacted Roman coliseum article which targets -- strictly a look at the players. In the answered perfectly well. Of that that is that is a great analysis on your book which grossed one last thing. You -- you liked the Bruins over the Rangers even though the Rangers have a new coach. Toward he's gone they have a new inspirational leader in the -- incentive do we. But you still -- that this team that the Bruins had no problem with last year in round two you think they'll have no problem again this year. I gained eighteen page displays they're really worn out. On the play and shell organization. Achieve major -- and I'll be portable legacy at all. Birdie doubt city right now without loss last night that and so yeah -- couldn't -- it out. The Bruins for a wide approach -- will be -- -- and help. And I'll I didn't think they'll beat the Rangers and and the settlement in the back of the. Are you coming up for the game are you staying in the ESPN green room with a buffet. Will play. Personal group -- stringent studio next month sports that are unbelievable I can't wait a brand new arena for peace goalkeeper hockey team all it didn't look awesome we're trying to -- you all wouldn't care. Clark will be in person group to watch and I'll -- -- -- -- What would you say the favorable -- is to the new studio at a bigger than any wrong with the old one you don't have that -- our viewers the -- worth fifty bill I know that they need to find stuff the waste money they got the cash -- hi -- at. It's unbelievable I don't are freaking years there has never gonna be incredible to -- building up to eighteen years probably it'll make our current -- look like cable that's where low low ball the off. -- critics like to go to work -- Along and because that you don't wish to solicit -- beard and actually. Are and you look -- order. A couple of streets and let us have your old studio is operating -- don't appear downtown Baghdad studio as the year this is a dump it. Good point Robert Iraq apple British public stop windows sub out acts yard sale. Well because. It myself and credit -- -- mall. Job which browser we appreciate it take some time talking hockey with a that -- on the morning of game seven thanks John appreciate it. --

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