WEEI>On Demand>>The Bradfo Show: Red Sox players on solving Montreal's Carey Price (and a bunch of other burning Game 7 Bruins/Canadiens questions) 05-13-14

The Bradfo Show: Red Sox players on solving Montreal's Carey Price (and a bunch of other burning Game 7 Bruins/Canadiens questions) 05-13-14

May 14, 2014|

Members of the Boston Red Sox answer questions submitted by Bruins fans (and asked by Rob Bradford) regarding the keys to victory over the Canadiens in Wednesday night's Game 7. David Ortiz, Craig Breslow, Jackie Bradley, David Ross, Burke Badenhop, Mike Napoli and Torey Lovullo all offer their red-hot hockey takes when it comes to the big game.

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I'm Bradford talks all things that interest. I trust us to sit there and still another episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Well with others it's in the Brad show's sponsor that has always fight whose distinctive clothing and hopefully -- insurance -- fine institutions. Well today we're alive from target field in Minnesota where the Red Sox have just dropped the first game of three game set. To the Minnesota Twins that aside all eyes are on the Bruins Canadians game seven Wednesday night at TD garden. So we wanted questions answered what's kidnapped why is -- -- and why is gonna happen is no better people to answer these sort of questions. Then the Boston Red Sox who would you rather hear from. We've heard of from the all hockey experts. All the people north of the border south of the border east to west what people really wanted to know. Isn't what do the Boston Red Sox feel is going to take place in game seven between the Bruins Canadians. They'd -- baseball players talking hockey. So with that in mind we took your questions. Raid on over to the Red Sox locker room and past. All the intricacies. Everything you would want to know. All the questions. Concerning. What is going to transpire. With the Bruins and Canadians. We get some interesting answers with -- Here -- David Ortiz previewing the Bruins Canadians game seven and David. Are you concerned about the Bruins power play. None at all. I think they're gonna. Go out there and and do what they always expected to do. Do you think it Shawn Thornton if you if you had to pick one player to -- it to be in a game seven that news. That have to win a game winner take all which -- toward the year ago. I'll definitely no question. Is that's a broad domain. Because cooks. You know how to bring it to the table. So therefore it. Predictions. Bruins Ford who won't. -- toward four goals. Yes. The one of -- in the thanks Mike Napoli first baseman Basra -- here heading in the game seven Canadians Bruins. When you look at the Canadians Bruins match up. Game seven what's the thing that makes you most terrorists fewer Bruins. Most nervous. Probably. If you lose tonight's -- gone wrong. And they're good team. -- -- -- -- -- It's comical to see the robbery. Two teams so that's a reference Ross a rarity you just said you understand hockey and and I -- and I don't think that a lot of guys have already asked the question to. Understand hockey but the answer the question so I'll take my question the next level which is how do you beat Carey Price. Score more goals in this currencies. Perfect -- so so -- in my last question is would be fair to say -- -- some power play Eagles via. That's the key source of -- -- -- agreement the one. Last question. Peace is if you if you do the poll the Red Sox clubhouse which are on tour and be considered the best player and -- history in itself. Which John Doran probably is a solid and -- -- There -- Red Sox bench coach -- Lavelle. And breaking down the big game Bruins Canadians game seven -- Are you concerned. That the Bruins have not been able to take advantage of the seeming weak spot in the upper half of the net I'm Carey Price. Season it has been spin on his head so I still put my money and Tuukka. When you go to a game seven. There's a lot of jitters. What does the worn cliche that you would tell all the Bruins. I have been under their helmets as they have in the current. Leave it all out there. Where. On the ice are candidates won a trick you'd make sure you stay on the field. Last question is do you think that the Bruins made a mistake. Way and they did not trade for there -- at the trade deadline. -- big Thomas -- expand the sniper great hands great score. I always say that upper management. These fine organizations. Always know what's best for their team so they didn't pick him up I'm sure there's a very good reason. Will that be the last time you say organized patience. This year. Like I threw that in there because it's very very. Hockey to me get a -- Bruins' Shawn Thornton never bet against them. If sharp -- and if you took a poll poll the Red Sox players. Which are important come out as the best players in the NHL. Without a doubt secret prison earlier. We're just don't know once again. Answer some key questions from the big game tomorrow night in Boston. Bruins Canadians and now. Craig you're going to a game seven -- and Canadians. What is the best cliche could possibly depart on them. Particularly develop a lot of uneasiness. -- there's there's no game ain't so when ago. Now there's been a lot of fun shock throughout the series of vote Carey Price the Montreal goal but he can go go wrong. You're coming down the breakaway with just. Think if you can -- can get the puck past him and into the -- and -- any religious article. If you had to pick one key. In this team so Bruins Canadians what would with -- team that scores more is gonna win. Perfect thank -- for time Jackie Bradley here. Going Bruins Canadians game seven and one very excited. What's the best cliche you could throw out heading into a game -- Winner takes off. That's a good one that's a good one. -- that does it doesn't if you are going if you are you if you were to sit down and you'd be playing this game tomorrow so you'll have the chance to watch the Bruins Canadians. If you if someone said. You're gonna watch the Bruins -- tomorrow what will be the highlight of watching that game. Shoot out. She does a pretty interesting. Are watching the Olympics in watching USA. I think who is this cute out it was against Russia. That I was pretty exciting and the same guy shot. Everything -- time for USA. -- last question is. Does the Canadians power play concerned. Patent the idea. Even what we re talking about but I'm gonna say knows. Because over the Bruins perfect. Here is David Ross answering questions from Bruins fans about the big game seven. David the first question is today is the fact it Carey Price has not been able to be top shelf. The last few games concern it. Yet no it doesn't concern mix I don't know anything on the top shelf is an alcohol that the higher and alcohol for me hum. But I am rooting for the Bruins I know that I know ball Boston is a became a huge fan after last year watching them. Go to the finals so I definitely and the debt that energy back in Boston so I hope they hope they put off. When you went to -- if this say that you were going to go to game seven. With the Bruins Canadians. What would be the highlight of you going and I understand that you know you're not sitting with a riff Raff. You're not -- a -- vote. -- what would be the highlight in you can see you can say you know that that the thrill of hockey but he can also be realistic about what that -- that whole scene is like. Well I I I actually just enjoy I would get a chance to go last year two game three the first one in Boston and I just remember the excitement. The place went crazy. The flag the Bruins flag pastor on the crowd that anthem was crazy. It was loud there were some some choice words spoken from the groups behind me get you know the Dow was pretty cool. Is intense and how is they whine and you know account kind of -- like their goalie it's kind of like the catcher you know I mean soccer related to graphs and and I had his Jersey on and and just fired up man I mean the one thing it's addicting now Boston is -- -- there in love with every sport that's in Boston and and I I was I was addicted right away those sounds like basically you you're gonna say whichever goalie has the best painted face mask may have the upper hand yeah I I. I hope that the coolest thing about hockey is that fights in the painted face -- having us be honest and and the intensity has geyser those guys are animals. Thank you thank you Hewitt per day in hard. Bruins fans demand that you answer some questions if you could do about game seven coming up. Our first question is are you concerned. That. Carey Price. The Montreal Canadians goalie might actually have the bruins' number on. That is of the utmost concern. But -- game seven anything can happen. To be sure you know not lead on net. Knowledge that does does the everything can happen Credo does that carry over -- game -- For sure you over there to throw the kitchen sink at us. Ripped through the kitchen sink -- -- on hope ray Bork does he still play. You will be at the time okay good. That's you know obviously close on on the bruins' side and everything. So anything can happen even report. Which concerns you more in the fourth line pairings of the Bruins or the fourth wine pairings of the Canadians. I don't know what that means but definitely the fourth line hearings. But the Canadians. And the selling wine cheese pairings. I guess hopefully reiterate one very security you did the whole French Canadian -- the pitcher mark if you will the I thank you very much.

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