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NESN's Jack Edwards with Dale and Holley

May 13, 2014|

We talk games 6 and 7 with the great Jack Edwards, Bruins broadcaster for NESN.

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Which is what he expects in games that don't expect us with what's your prediction for the fight. It's yes but the. I like that would even better than. Loads answer Bruins Canadiens tomorrow night at the TD garden game seven. Guide will be part of our pre and post game coverage and as -- is coming back from Montreal right now as the play by play announcer for the Boston Bruins Jack Edwards joins us on the AT&T hotline -- Jack. They'll hadn't slept at all acting now all -- on the radio or you're you're you're you're not mostly not an option and my -- What I what are good jobs that. Well thank you I I I can't wait for tomorrow night now last night I was a little depressed. But -- taught me off the ledge and bricks that this is a great opportunity. Yeah yeah no doubt and you have to feel that way and for those of you wake up to something on your on your iPhone or something like that I would. Highly recommend the YouTube and desire because because it begins with a very loud or. And they'll get cheered go on for where the -- need to be naturally and an emotionally Smart right and and I think we're gonna see that kind of ridiculous. Nuclear effort from the relatively soft Montreal last night. The question is did we not see it last night and why not. It's that human condition eight. Would love to say that you can put the formula into your computer in a retarded it's gonna come out the same way every time. The team appeared to be ready to go but much of what got an early break on the rescue off telling Kevin -- their. And the scourge that they've got out of the crowd and the energy that they -- was enough to get a -- you know it was a closer game. Then the final score indicates it is 35 minutes and it was still won't object and roads or in the second period which is that a bad period for the brought all your law. The broad course warming Montreal and then they just weren't able to edit and if you look at outside of the you can't get too upset until you look at what happened after that and then and yeah they've made that for mistakes they've made physical mistakes. Optional won a lot of races to parks and ultimately much -- desire to win was greater than Boston's last night though. That's where brought me to go and I'm convinced that whether -- Subject I'm assuming you came back with a team where you with the team around the team the last night maybe. You know we don't travel with the team in the playoffs apparel. The last we saw them we're still doing our post it and there are headed out of bosh and Portland. We're trying to keep their chins up that they were clearly upset. And determine what. Again that's a pretty even keel team there's not a lot of display of emotion in the room right after game even after big or time wins that are just. They're not ready to celebrate it and -- -- and -- wants then. They're not gonna get. You're disturbed about what was universally received as a bad performance and there they're pretty good washing -- and get not -- so that's at least that's what they're saying look like in their track record bears that out pretty well. The Jack let me ask you. Pick one -- For game seven that needs to give the team more than he has to this point oh is that critical guy going into game seven in your opinion. They critique it's their courage is the guy that led. The NHL playoffs and -- into the last three years. And he's been taking baby steps and he was a little bit closer. In game six when he was game five and game seven out of it over the top. One of those games square and use the bathroom -- space. -- suddenly it's as great opportunities manipulated their for prevention. Of all who vote their way to crashing the net -- getting defenseman Paul. In the cycle. Brought forward coming out eyes opened -- was talking about earlier today RT ER and it's it's really important for David -- to be that faster times basic yeah. And that's the difference between our superstar that is superstar rises to it in game seven situation purchased -- -- -- -- analysis of these goaltenders -- give me the tale of the tape between. Tuukka Rask in Carey Price. What recording different styles places more upright. -- Excellent abominable little bit earlier but -- stupendous effective. Have been huge at all levels of competition. One is really a -- at the post that the night's seventh game or. It's the mark Robert Horry who could be greater in. Frequently is terrible against number one question like that has won five in seventh in a row or something ridiculous like that so. -- -- -- I'll say it is really tremendous you know litigated in such perfect. You have to go you have to go one course in terms of goaltending tomorrow night at four points but on the other hand I've never seen a goalie. Who couldn't be -- Including -- stole. -- -- -- -- The weight to bear in Montreal and enough of that night and that is about a winning every race in and winning report battle. And living in the moment. And not thinking about anything else in the universe all -- games go on. I think they're gonna find a way to be quite enough times -- the series. You know the area north and the Canadians have really excelled in this series so far is frustration. They frustrated the Bruins at every turn and just look at the final thirty seconds of last night's game. As further indication in -- -- Dan touched off a little bit about you know were perceived as the bad guys here. -- talked about the trip and a and the crotch shot from. From mom Markoff and the slew foot against marsh and they have really frustrated the Bruins. Yeah they have and they've done legitimately as well. During play because what you all really good at winning those three -- races. A little scramble for the part. In in short order. The broad acceptance speech that easily can stay with the Canadians and maybe even this period when you have the potential of having weight that the Bruins can. Can bring to bear against Montreal. A lot of the attack and old time indicates that but Montreal able score off the rush sort of broad sell off in -- places and the -- still a couple of chances. Maybe one it's the post are those of watch got and then Montreal scored off -- -- -- Well that's Netflix fought -- and influence. On the other -- We've seen it or football really -- awful over the years and be able to accept. What time what seemed like and on terror determination by the hockey gods and won't ask it in and continue to work order the next -- not -- -- last for the whether it was quarterback. And in this series there's been a lot more bad incurred as sort -- brought to consider. The Jack we spent on quite a bit at times today actually talking about Chara. If you heard brick this morning and you know -- -- that charge needs to play better here in game seven. What are you wanna see from -- that perhaps you haven't or maybe -- maybe there's nothing I don't know I'm curious to hear your opinion on that. Every time. -- Really quite so important. In other -- -- were ordered were done I go back to what -- rally. -- in that wrote the literature. Well for game seven in Vancouver if you felt that allows -- itself. Later supported. It sharply this that would if he returns to what he has. Which is the best shot -- -- that's what was. And what's that everything he contributed. All as forward. And not try to what part not try to make it blow your line passes or try to be out. All -- who stepped up all the power play but rather just trying to be -- Things -- gonna work out just fine. Itself when trying to get away from that this is indeed in the deteriorate slightly because -- bought -- and that's where years. The greatest boon for certain -- and that's double than those in anyway and try it makes them a unique player in his day but that's what he's got a new -- in that. No more but that's a lot to -- Is there anything that you -- from Montreal here that that's a bit. Maybe surprising is not the right word out of character from I looked at they -- that -- delivered to the Bruins in game three units are brown pretty impressive. And I thought the same thing last night that's not supposed to be they're calling card. Maybe that's it or is it something else that jumps out to -- Well if you go watch Montreal over the last couple years since they've watched their management team and brought -- mark -- that there has been a direct. Concerted effort. You win their way out of that position abroad since then the preeminent team in the formerly north east and now one at a position in the NHL for the last few years. And if you want to get in the Stanley Cup final you don't have to go off. Montreal a little bit too light -- a little bit through Wednesday not muscular enough. And mentioning that the Canadians had done it's a direct result. A change of personnel and making adaptation. Without giving too much of their court this. Without giving up too much of their still they've become just talked a lot. To give the -- in real problems when you combine that office. There's their quickness and their talent their ability to actually on their chances -- the fact they have a great -- certainly not her either. I don't know there's there's been too much supply technical Montreal. This is a team that's been getting better for a couple of years and they solicit their side. -- no parent or there but I've been wrong before you know we're not. Jack do you get the impression that the Bruins are almost too obsessed with the idea. Of the top half of the net we're seeing so many crossbar hit so many shots over the net that they're almost too obsessed with -- as opposed to just hitting the net somewhere. Good observation. If you know we go back to just keeping it simple right to fire in there. It's seems as if they've had. So many opportunities where they've been able think that thinking it's a bad thing just to trust their instincts just go with the mental imagery that. So that maybe all of them practice before the games. To get the -- understood that what they're blind side for the opening and and fiery dinner without. Looking through the options and saying right price they'll they'll sort dealt with that up. It's amazingly in the enormous number of open opportunities they -- courts they're not -- in. Quite as we said before on this very program from. You know that it's appalled that by the opium output from this shot itself in the so that was shot on goal. So keep it simple Feyerick in their. But. Beyond that. Most important thing sort of -- tomorrow night -- to go into every moment with the mindset that said. Have to win this spot now that they've got to win this race and even if they fail in their effort. And pursuit of the spot. How would opt for Montreal at last -- public side you've grown apart. In the neutral zone for approaching the -- -- -- saw or even -- Canadians like oh well that role. We box with the steps just try to -- apart. That kind of resistance making. What shall fight for every youngsters are obeyed the -- like wherever you spotlight is what's going to be required -- -- -- so close to game seven year I would -- said earlier that at seems to me and I know every series means a lot to him but. The Canadians a particular seemed to float his boat. Do you get that sense at all being around him. It's. It's soaking it could really use that -- Of them want to win every single game you want to go through it all in the regular season she is such an extraordinarily. Dedicated. There and at his craft. That he feels that every game is winnable. Maybe we noticed that Morgan Montreal because the rest of us emotional baggage. To me as a sort of gotten past it that. You know -- -- still feel indebted to -- -- organization for giving in his first head coaching job in the NHL. -- open court getting too worked up when the -- the future even -- security -- -- were brokered reason watched grow out of oh. Noticed him wanting it anymore. In Montreal although once. You're starting point is in and it's not as coach. Keys sort or Watson. And it's certainly means a lot to them but on the other hand -- get really upset when the Pro -- the war effort to. Jack I began a program by -- quoting the immortal herb Brooks great moments are born from great opportunities. Yes they are now up -- other herb Brooks scored ratchet they'll take it to that we've been grave. I have that is another good and actually Jack LC at the -- tomorrow thanks. -- -- -- -- The voice of the Boston Bruins on nest in Jack Edwards up by the way another part of art are nests and telecast and crew is -- Emeka. Eight Galen -- debut tomorrow by -- hurdles gonna join -- live in west and Johnny's. And will. She's really good news and -- he's gonna join us from three -- four tomorrow Weston -- as we yet. Try to get people ready for game seven. I've become -- -- and western -- tomorrow Jackie McClellan I'm -- in the games sell. You know I'm I'm proud of warm maybe I'll do little pregame with you guys there sure are you gonna. Combined have have a beer from the year before -- -- -- I can't even imagine what a disappointment that's not against the rules Michael. Member when you and I first met and I used to tell you about one in my veteran -- my favorite veteran sportswriters who always went over to force an -- lots of -- sometimes too before work and not how on earth is he clever enough to do that and I told you I'm not clever not to do that I'm never tried. You bring a different dimension you know you don't write that dimension the united -- I don't playoff spot it be it'd be fun to watch that again we did see Joseph -- situations site that -- -- maiden name and just -- really really target on our -- c'mon that's just have that excuse can't do that. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Right back to your calls on the other side dale and Holley and Jackie McMullen Sports Radio W media.

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