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Donald Sterling tries to PR spin his racism, digs his grave deeper 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

Donald Sterling went on with Anderson Cooper of CNN, and really shouldn't have. We discuss.

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One of the things I do want -- taught you about this we can discuss squeeze this in between our our Bruins. Our Bruins games haven't talked. That ridiculous. The absolutely it would be comedy if it wasn't so series. Unintentional Cooper did an amazing job that energy -- I kept his composure one point it -- this is it was kind of funny you know one point. Donald Sterling says. Racists -- it you're more of her races that I am and I'm not a racist so women. If Anderson Cooper is more of -- racist than you are in you're not a racist and you just did you do not insult Anderson Cooper. You're just talking circles nobody is a racist to what are you talked about it was. My utility car give it great. Interviewers do. It gave them just enough rope to hang himself with an idea really what did he let him really and Enron ties to all the people than it hurt president of the year that I that I am a possible races. It's so people because I'm not a racist but I've never been a rates. When it was -- -- take off their order where the world jerseys reverse of that name -- wasn't on that in that first game. What did you think I I really didn't pay attention they are clippers in the mine and now there's. That's how I feel. I'm glad he's -- -- -- -- act he had an added that -- half. An. Impossible right of Europe possible that front. And -- Where he -- about it and he already made it worse anyway. Are you tailor made a claim that your plantation mentality and let him now in this in this thing you're saying you feed these guys I that you you have more government a plantation mentality that I do. You know once and I think you're more races that I am. Like you remember you Marie. Is that I am the videos but I'm not a races at one point he almost doubles I jumped in. Even even further and he said. You know African America. Government exist yet now depth to back -- step back and he was gonna say something even worse than what he said he -- -- -- In Jackie you know Magic Johnson better and anybody what I -- Magic Johnson I don't like. That this is what does he not done and it can only I tell me if Magic Johnson what has he done. But this is a businessperson. Who's got -- did he do any business I'd like. Did he help anybody in south LA I think it's HIV does an -- -- -- -- -- what kind of a guy goes -- -- -- every girl. -- kids that HIV and is that so when we wanted to. Respect that. And tell our kids about. Well first of all. He's describing himself except for the HIV part -- -- and -- and yet you pay for as far as right now and -- under Pete went under instead he paid sport and I'll tell you here's what. As Ervin magic Johnson and he went on. He went some of the things about on. He went started with Howard Schultz is the name of art could remember Starbucks CEO. Sat down and said you know that we don't have places where African Americans congregate in the inner city I want figure out -- way to -- that. So that's when he started out opening up although Starbucks. In and communities. After primary African American -- they were sorted out any start opening movie theaters. And he said you know that could never it was talking all the people in -- and top weekend movie theaters in these communities that well they don't make any -- -- well. Maybe need to change that we do the movie theaters so we had murals painted. African American heroes in the hallways in each needs the movies elections. So that they would -- a little worn out and it was African American people who work in Andy's the kind of stuff -- Really -- his business ventures. 500 million dollars that he his his empire is worth -- -- estimated worth than. As Jackie said 124 Scarborough Starbucks. That he was a part of 124 Starbucks stores. -- scholarships for students inning started awareness of of HIV. I think he should be ashamed of themselves I think he should go into the background but what is the -- for the black people doesn't do anything. Now the what if they go for the black people Jacqui -- double act honorable black people the one thing I will say is that Irvin. Extracurricular activities now we say. Are not something to be pot. I don't know -- you got your right I don't think it's something to be applauded either and that and that's the thing I like about magic in what I. What I really find dangerous and one of the many things different dangerous about Donald Sterling Donald Sterling is saying. Okay there's a scarlet letter and you Magic Johnson go away so no one can learn from your mistakes correct magic did the opposite after that press conference. He kind of went on a circuit when he was he opened himself up to criticism. He answered questions he answered a lot of questions that people didn't they didn't really wanna hear it they asked the question but he gave them answers that. Some folks were very comfortable here and but it started a dialogue. And it led to. Education for those who wanted to be educated about the difference between. Being HIV positive and having full blown aids apparently. Surprise surprise Donald Sterling was not paying attention. I'll tell you something else that people understand what went about -- HIV. And talk to David Stern about this or any of the people. He he have done more. Two advocates for HIV and aids patients than almost anybody. In the aftermath of his own diagnosis because he had demeans the celebrity. And the connections to turn it into his crusade and the amount of money he's raised for HIV. Our research and aids research and and he always makes sure that he says ball because even though he's HIV positive he understands that HIV is the arsenic causes aids. And he realized. I'm not gonna just take care of people like me. On it to keep appear of people who have contracted aids as well yesterday one. Non on Good Morning America Robin Roberts interviewed -- -- A car and it was as much of a train wreck while not as much but close to as much of a train wreck is what you heard. Last night with Anderson Cooper but at one point Shelley sterling said. She thinks that her estranged husband might have dementia. Right the more I hear from him. The more I think that might be true. Well let me say this I don't know if he has some dementia peace at some alzheimer's Iraq had. But I can tell you this the twenty some odd years ago when he was not talking about. Smelly lax and smelly Mexicans in his apartment buildings and was those suits for being filed against him he was a perfect sound mind and body out. You think they still -- I do. I do -- the players of the Los Angeles Clippers absolutely. He said as a matter of fact here's -- he had many money quote during an interview. That why wouldn't they liked me I contend that they don't lock me. Well he's wrong. Is -- and you know as I told you that last time I was here. The Doc Rivers worked long and hard on a short term three year contract to make sure. That this is a place he could go and it was an owner that was going to leave him alone. And it was an owner that he could co exist with. Because he knew of Donald Sterling its past and had grave reservations about taking that job because of it. And it things built into his contract to ensure they would have very limited dealings with Donald -- Jackie disciplines that some of my best friend to black. -- I mean basically what he was it basically what he said he would only yards and -- I love the minorities. And low. And -- -- minorities a minority and the only thing that would have been more Soviets that I love the blacks. If he had actually our data there -- appointment just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's dale and Holley and -- McMullen Sports Radio WE yeah you think -- eleven I do. I I do think the players of the Los Angeles Clippers absolutely. They know and not a racist and I'm not a racist.

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