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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Deciding Game Edition - 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding and remembering four clutch moments in deciding games in recent Boston sports memory.

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And colleagues. I was trying to. (%expletive) up your spirits out there if I get that sense the Bruins fans are a little Brady skirt about about deciding game seven tomorrow night at the right -- So we fought for a four today we would -- Some deciding games for the before pro sports franchises and are now. More for brought you by AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network young bad. But got a question for it before we start -- here. You guys have any clue. What movie this song it's from. I would I know we've noted before -- looking at the podium. -- It's like gymnastics thing. Once investors to woman's real by the tiger and -- right after that in the movie about us cope with the only movie about only the greatest arm wrestling -- -- know I bet it is a bad it's the only department only yeah. Could he not only are Brussels and -- -- builds its relationship with his restraints on which it was -- what is the -- -- affair or. With the arm wrestled the person stubborn -- with that. He was the last on your arm muscle. -- when you are somebody help me you know what I do you ever I never never never -- -- Jackie never. You know coming back there were armrest up and follow all right but it had on last -- tournament. She'll go to keep your accident that I'm at the -- is gonna. -- Your elbows on the table other all sorts of rules and there are rules that's right. You know why I like it better when she thinks there are no rules but I don't. Want to -- -- -- you aren't let's get ready for deciding. Games and in sports fan. So today for four for a gonna take a walk down. Memory lane here we're gonna remember the good times the deciding games here in Boston in -- start. But our beloved Boston Celtics James gets fired up quickly. Great game. 2008 Eastern Conference you know I remember about that game like documentaries -- Never readers when that this fall films every it is his leg and the cameraman. -- Remember that. Yet they hauled him out not not foul and I don't know I don't know how that was the lakers but it really all that's right -- activist entity in need yeah she briefly left. In between period I think it was disease he heard his spies like we are concerned when comeback it. I was the greatest model model at the garden since Andy and Larry Bird. That famous. Yeah I mean they really -- it was a great game I mean LeBron. LeBron was making some unbelievable baskets and so was Paul Pierce they needed. They need it appears to be. They need appears to match him that day and that was that was during the time where we're gears now talk more about this later that was tire Wear when pierce could afford. To call out LeBron Jane yeah I would worry about -- Jackson. We still had you still have a little -- lateral movement you know he's a guy was he was inside the bronze head to an -- just like make it Larry Bird LeBron had more points. But Peterson the Celtics won that game didn't PJ brown and his entire playoff money that can't you Dave played Great Neck and -- brownies people forget about him because he he won the rain in any kind of disappeared. And has been around much but they they don't go and win the championship without him really key guys. And. I mean that's just the day with their relationship. Just if -- suffered suffered some damage there I don't know I don't know it has been repaired yet -- they got John grandy -- Its entire professional life writing up this the. Ready for a -- at all and that moment is right is beautiful essay in matches like half. -- if John -- could have killed Max with his -- he whether they would definitely probably did right there at that moment. Yes we are the Red Sox. In deciding games of broken hearts and it also rebuilt don't you dare play ball rolling up the first base side we will not -- the it that would not deciding game that was only game six anyway. That's good memories here it's going to be an exciting game Red Sox deciding game. I couldn't leave that hole -- I mean personally -- got the greatest closer in the history of the planet. We're trying to add to beat on a couple of occasions and you do anything up. Amazing and David Ortiz like he was really -- could last year in the World Series about that's when he made his. You're right that's what magazine that already. Did last year -- enhanced his legacy in ways that I didn't think was possible display of his career. We're good enough big topic or ours here let him and it is something like when you when those games all the moves. Red Sox yankees games wasn't hard to keep track of what day it was. Africa well they already it's the other we got home to the island an -- from the park. It's not get home at 3:30 in the morning and get up at 630 in turnaround in the back -- I mean I I so I never saw so many deer and coyotes wild animals -- all the everything without the -- that night you know I guess because you live in central -- that's -- -- well actually will McDonough had a different name for. -- in Jupiter he can't out. Nice place you got to about it simply -- Jupiter but hey well thanks for coming up. -- patriots lately and disappointments inseparable but there was a time when they were untouchable. In the big place. Okay it's. I remember standing there with both my hands on my head like Tom Brady like this is like Tom Brady with both hands on my head saying. I can't believe they -- and it. It was like it was it was like like changed atlas. Red white and blue confetti coming down and you Micah -- Brady no no no I. A -- very -- we might there I was just the world so I had been back to work exactly one month. My first day back to work with the tuck rule game. I'd been at Sports Illustrated and I left it takes some time my sister passed away took time off to two years off his turn off that was my first. We back -- the top out -- Turning these guys like dogs are already. I just remember saying this -- like him back. It was incredible. And it was after 9/11 a member of -- how high up my seats were Michael yeah the arena of one once split second I thought oh boy I hope nothing happens I hope there's no. Event because we were so high that we never would've gotten out remember what that whole week was like my war once it was like an armed camp it really well. Sisters JR had snipers on the on the roof the superdome. If you had to get to the dad I think the game was probably it was 620 years 645 try something like that but yet to get in the game. Thanks for hours. After two hours early to figure out a lot Dan you reluctant got there what you got there you know I'm Natalie in the Natalie and the -- Race on her this great game a great game we could have a blowout just imagine they are immoral for keep -- vote -- I was in the media center right in the game right spike the water blow from a two servicemen from Saint Louis schools carrying M sixteen so I thought were about to stick. And you did deserved it and you don't like it. Time now AT&T memories. Of that day. One year ago today if you did you realize when your. Bruins stage an epic comeback they've had a great track Ron was. -- in recent deciding game that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Oregon. I. Why. We've been quite. It's. It's. Com. If you say don't let's have a molds then what are the yeah. -- -- -- That's a great breakdown you know you understood what -- course right here. The finish announcers that was the finish to do it. Just -- because of persistence the persistence of Patrice Bergeron led to a unbelievable all that's what -- we do it in it in a language we can all understand just wants now. If -- via broadcast right now we don't have the right. I thought we -- the Canadians went and -- up when I'm gonna play for -- an opponent like that the TV the Canadian speaks with what I thought we. Like like the finished adults alike than just to be honest -- -- And what your -- today that. You. -- And the single greatest comeback I've ever witnessed -- that that's they were down three goals with ten minutes last. And as you watched it you almost couldn't like they scored the first we thought okay well at least that will be a little more right back I was switching back and forth net then they scored the second -- anything -- I mean maybe and then they scored the third went to -- it and I thought. I thought the roof was gonna come off the -- and I thought it was gone I thought I've never been in a place that loud. And the entire break between regulation and overtime. It never changed. There I -- who who does that date straighter. Understated. And how well. Our network announcer but I don't I network and network announcer you're you're talking about the game in the sport -- where you're from. I don't care where what that they're gonna guard your house that Jackie would lead in Jupiter we've got a little. Better at. You've got that game. But yeah. I don't. You know like erect a finished I was better -- you don't the -- services and you've experienced this because you've been part of it is. The tech Edwards isn't doing these gains it's just just so. Wrong for everybody it is wrong that might Gorman can never say the words the Celtics have won the exact champions exactly right it's not right no -- on -- still can't say. The Red Sox are World Series champion true that Jack Edwards can't say the Bruins are Stanley Cup champions it's wrong. -- -- -- Ottawa this is just wrong that was fun I was trying to get. It you got back -- Jack agrees and Jack I'm sure does exactly does that. Is that is is riding an essay right now. This'll be a little longer I have a feeling we're trying to just get you guys all pumped up for tomorrow. All is not lost yet. And and you know I I know it seems bleak right now but I don't think all is lost just yet 6177797937. As -- telephone number. AT&T text line is 37937. Dele Ali and Jacqui McMullen right back to the calls coming up exports radio WE yeah.

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