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The Bradfo Show: Dr. Dan Quinn explains expectations for Patriots' draft pick Dominque Easley's knees

May 13, 2014|

Dr. Dan Quinn of Newton Wellesley Orthopedic Associates joins Rob Bradford to talk about the ins and outs when it comes to the knees of Patriots first-round draft pick Dominque Easley. Easley has undergone ACL surgeries on each of his knees and pronounced himself 80 percent ready during his pre-draft workout. Dr. Quinn offers an idea as to what might be realistic expectations for Easley.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another -- of Brad -- show's sponsors as soft -- most distinctive clothing and hope doing the insurance today. We have very timely podcast going on and and thankfully for us we have an expert. On the subject which we will be talking expert is doctor Ding Quinn of Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. Doctor Quinn are you. I'm great -- Larry it's great grades -- going to be talking about. ACL injuries and the reason we're going to be talking about those because they've been in the news the last couple days primarily because. The patriots took what a lot of people think is a gamble. In Dominique -- their first round pick. Guy with tremendous upside tremendous talent but has also had to ACLU in it surgeries -- me. On hit both of his knees. So dark secret first of -- The ACL injury and the recovery from. How far has that come over the last few years because what you hear when the draft is going on and win people putting a bright. Outlook on this was well ACL injuries are what they used to be and people are coming back from quicker how much progress has been made over the last few years. But you can probably. Preference -- was -- come back. You know I think at this point. People are pretty aggressive about how quickly. We get patients back do restraint and exercise. Think initially maybe 25 years ago we started doing his. There are so concerned about. You know loosening the graft if you got people moving too quickly but the over time. The results clearly show that you get people doing more sooner. You know -- you can't overcome some of the biologic constraints of the healing process but you can get people. To be stronger and get their range of motion back -- -- -- them might just get them get them back on the field sooner. You relocated from baseball terms we look at Tommy John surgery in. And has been almost classified as OK you know you get it no big deal there's almost been a proactive thing in some respects now ACL. Surgery I'm not gonna classify it that in no by no means. Buy it has this become more of how much more return key operation has this been -- the last couple years. I mean I've been there have been some. Change in the technique that might in the long run improve our outcome. -- possibility is that an atomic the plates were we put the graft and that we at least seated. You know has been shown to be I think that you were putting in a better place. And that's something that sort of resurgence Pittsburgh helped out. Determined forests and and the guys -- -- in town does some research on you know where we put these things and and you know trying to. And trying to sort of reproduce normal anatomy and hopefully normal mechanics. But doctor Ding Quinn of new Wellesley orthopedic associates -- this talking ACL injuries. Now when we talk about Dominique -- the patriots first round pick it's kind of unique. No way because you have a guy who not only had one ACL surgery but he's at two in there on two different needs. When you hear about this doctor and you hear about a guy who's had. Had this problem on separate -- separate occasions. Is there any common thread or at any red flags -- say all you know structurally this might be something wrong here. No actually -- think you know but it's it's it's not terribly surprising it's -- acute care vote means that you look at. Look at somebody is torn their ACL. And whether even whether or not they've had in Vietnam. And reconstruction on the one side you -- -- probably somebody who is. You know putting a lot of high demand on -- knee you're looking at. Probably. You know anywhere in the neighborhood of 15% chance of either. You know reach hearing -- the party but he had operated on or even turn he's the opposite side. It's not exactly clear why that that elevated risk exists on the opposite side of the it's -- -- and win more than one research study that it if -- both sides. Was it over over compensation. And does that lead to it. It hit it I you know it could be muscle and our could be an atomic they duration. It could be you know root system the ligaments that you begin with it's it's really and nobody has a real answer to that question yeah. So when we look at Dominique -- and his last ACL injury which happen in September. So he gets the draft and he's talking when he went through his pre draft workouts in March that he's about 80%. Knowing that he did this in September. And we get to march now we look at the season training camp starting in late July. Does the narrative of he will be ready there is advocates are concerned. Realistic gore is should we look at this as still it's going to be a slow process going through training camp and don't expect much right navigate. Well you know I think -- most. Most or repeat this. Will expect about a six month period of time before. These patients who had surgery get about 80%. Their recovery done on the most that is many constraints. So EP probably won't be at a 100% strained but I think that he will certainly be. You know able to participate in progress. I have to imagine that he'll be ready for the -- And so two different things I -- touch on in regards to the actual people who are going through this and recovering from a you mention Wes Welker. Agent Peterson another one who just jumps off the page in terms of coming back in producing. But those are smaller more athletic guys guy like -- -- easily above 28562. Probably gonna get only bigger. Does that have any effect on the approach the rehab just having a bigger body like that a bigger guy having to put -- weighed on the -- I think that's good point in other couples pieces of homework that. You know I'm sure that the the medical staff had to sort of looking into. If you look at patients in the or out ACL surgery. On an NFL players in if you look at some of these players have been some research done. On. What each particular injury -- -- you know and its effect on their longevity in the league. Industry interest and -- is his future here ACL. There's definitely. Of course significant effect. Aren't certain positions in and do you mind as one of them. If you looked at. Sort of longevity of careers there's probably. The only thing you can prove is that potentially -- -- -- linemen. NATO reconstruction might shorten their career. The other piece of -- that they probably -- to look into. Had to do with whether or not there was cartilage terror meniscus -- involved in the in the surgery because that has been shown to. Shorten careers. In in certain players. Well so would you hear about Dominique -- and the end and the first round goes by and view we had the milk Cyprus of the world. Talk about how much potential this guy had. Spot he's had these two knee surgeries from your perspective. -- if you were just average football fan or if you're sitting in your living room with a bunch of football fans in this tickets made. Do you say you know what. You shouldn't be too too worried about this and this is a short term thing not a long term thing or is it one of these things say you know they took a big chance here. Well you know I think if in the end -- -- Interest CA catching on access to this information but if you had a chance to take a look at his knees. And to examine their stability and take a look at his -- reports. ACL reconstruction I think -- -- -- to feel pretty confident that. -- he'll be back in the back playing. And you know as long as meniscus is in good shape. You know I think. It's probably. He's probably many awards consideration for something like -- analytical perspective. Well doctor my last question is -- in regards to talk a little but the ball body type and how that might affect. The ACL injuries and recovery time another guy the pitchers are keeping an eye on is a free agent Will Smith. Who they sign he's 33 years old played for the saints a bunch years. And towards ACL in August. Now he's coming back. Now we've gone through the recovery in the expectations. But how much do we factor in the -- as well the lesson I mean 3333. To me that's still -- young. But comparing to a 22 year old to a 33 year old is charity thing we should be considering and in regards to age. You know I think there's anything that's really. Followed patients. You know deciding it like between the thirty year old but there's no question that you know -- Reconstruction used to be done only on active young -- that they're -- they're done older patients as well on the results tend to be. They they they look like there are roughly equivalent so. You know hopefully that translates to. That could have come from well. While highlighting a one more question so when we used to watch when we watch it Dominic easily go out there and training camp this year in playing for the first time. What should we look at what what sort of action should -- gently with Tom Brady is is it was simple there is. It is he being shy around the pass -- is he bailing out image that says human nature and that's mindset but when you watch a guy like easily. What kind of movement should we be watching say he's doing this better or he's going to be doing this better down the road. Serbs say -- -- you know I was fighting off blocks -- the you know how strong is that you which side you operate most recently but you know as. To look like he's showing any weakness on that particular side which would translate towards you know. In being pushed around will be one direction more than another. Ball doctor -- and I really appreciated. Your -- ACL go to guy. And now hopefully might my basketball career will not them we meet on the road I don't -- jump high enough for move fast enough -- that happens. That's Eric. -- -- I don't know I appreciate doctor Ding Quinn -- wells the orthopedic associates. A associates once again thanks for joining us in and I'm sure will be targeted on the road.

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