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Behind Enemy Lines, Montreal: Canadiens for Game 7, 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

Mut and Lou are joined with Tony Marinaro of TSN Radio to talk about last night's Game 6 loss to Montreal at the Bell Center. As expected, Tony gloats and sings and plans to visit Boston for an epic Game 7 in Boston. This will be the 9th time these two franchises have squared off in a Game 7.

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Just this little. And I would like to -- with this group. We -- perfect crop may give us this moment got credit Charlie Sheen among sure Connecticut conquer them the cup. They've got to assist our prayers and prepared them from Orange -- Give them different can certainly it puts a vote victory that would do credit to Montreal. For a proper. -- Make up their soul and bless okay. -- practicing Catholic myself. It is sad to hear Tony -- have so little faith. In his team we had to bring a priest on his show. And get the help of god in Montreal's game six win we go to go Montreal TS and 690. Tony mariner with their Tony had that yet to get a -- new ball which -- you had very little faith in your own team last night you admit that right. I actually got the priest and so that the Boston Bruins keep it close. Let us know we heard the prayer the prayers for Montreal the prayer was forced their health than their ability wasn't there. Health and -- saved them from injury because in Montreal we know that when the game gets out and the animals escape from the zoo. The baby giraffe. The bear. You know the animal. What happened in the game what do kick started that in -- game don't so let me rescue what do you think started at the end -- -- trip Ciara and a game lookup shot. So that was the only trip in the hockey game out of a sixty minute and that was the only trip you want you wanna know what started it. The -- are you you ask -- what happened Bruins do. Every they lose I thought I rescuer to get a game that's rushed to an afternoon game every time they lose by three your floor they have to punch somebody. But you know a lot credit Zdeno Chara. Six foot nine punchy five foot nine Michael Weaver who believe Jon Scott came along he tried to play. Pacifist. John it's soaked in -- touch anybody because there is the difference -- after the game Chara talking about the -- cut shot. For more often ignore quote that's just the battle he wasn't. Squirted water in my. Permitted to have somebody do something that couldn't CP peso bond -- Markoff. You trips that isn't a cop shot he is in the air typical Montreal typical of what I know what -- guide through. -- said it's just it's just hockey just a battle fought a battle which would Awad yes sure why it's called whining again. That's -- head coaches go to this thing that he left Montreal he lost his title -- gentleman. Table these coaches who -- the media mobile these coaches you would admit I have used the media to try to probe promote their message in this series open area and Juliet. Yes there's some gamesmanship. But this is. The Boston Bruins -- the following their president. -- Exactly. Exactly it at that's the guys burger to show -- -- We are. -- look classy -- -- is being replaced by the way your fans that you'll get to where you're staying what you're fans at the end of the game last night yet John Horton came on the station today -- Sunni thrown at him on the British. Are there -- beer auto auto bottles are on the -- to talk about your classy -- were very upset at Sean for the other night so explain. The classic bands of Montreal winning with zero class. Last night Tony marinara remember when some of those racist tweets came remember what I told you from the auto finance member what I told you -- I said. Two or three idiots find them in every city and fortunately member of that yes I did say. Bostonians are idiots I didn't say that's the Boston Bruins fan base after -- two or three idiots. You find them in every city and those guys that threw the beer last night or whatever they did those are two or three idiots. The Bruins I think they're idiotic to resort to violence all the time the Bruins fans on Twitter. As soon as I send that text message saying or tweet saying that Canadians upper big goal in high school or Canadians are winning. The he resort to violence as well I don't think that's overly Smart but the people that threw the book -- they don't they're idiots those -- as for the two innings somebody just wanted to -- for what he's worth a. Here's the thing you know I know you -- -- red Jersey blushed right -- -- the as you said the blessing was more for the Bruins but apparently you you -- richer and yet a red Jersey was that was actually -- Did you see the YouTube video by the yes I did. I -- Dahlia for you look really good that was it was public Richard. But I I believe god or the heart goddess is the Bruins fans but it but more importantly. No more what he's a hockey for and he wanted game seven he wanted to even it out he -- game -- we all -- -- wage should be but deep down he is a broad. Listen I go to church every Sunday. -- go to church recent. God is good. And bad. Bodies. What makes the Bruins back don't you guys to use your the big bad Bruins kids. Yet. Bruins are bad. God is if you buy regularly Montreal Canadian Stan you like this story line of the Canadians -- the good guys the Bruins the bad guys and you look Jiri and they are. Yes atlas atlas and the Boston Bruins are the bad guys compared to every team in the national that -- there's some people that are men and if some people put but it that would what I do it -- shot at all me and we appreciate man. -- demanded America. Man is Kerry price -- Tim Thomas one shot he buckles he leaves them alone. Benoit -- accused in the creek she -- shot he falls he drops -- -- Malone you know that's a man. A man is not Gregory Campbell Wheatley in the way. On Tom Wyatt a man is not. Boy -- wailing away on inspection or this guy we -- when the fight is over and the guys down there's steel Wheeling away that's not a man is is Kevin -- -- dropped out mold with what I don't know -- want to actress who -- as a response to press yes and where men yet as he can cut the guy who ordered this last two times in the previous two years for -- up to apply it and thought they had I don't know. That was -- about that. Okay but here's the deal. When Sharon wants to fight guys that he's a foot taller than who are not fighters he's not a man. Why does any flight Jon Scott why does in Milan Lucic when a guy his size. Always trying to pick their battles like this all the very least doesn't wanna fight you guys here's why Ronald Clark of the guys shame and all this you know what it is is that the Boston Bruins sign jewel -- Because this is a guy that what is forever gentlemen the National Hockey League. He put on that Jersey and he beat -- one N -- Now we still annoyed by the what the Canadians -- what a shame is that you are explaining you are trying to explain just what men are when at the end of that game. It was an act of children of babies who tried to in any schoolyard critic and a playpen. Hit the other kid that goal was in May this wasn't pretty much a bit left for ten minutes last night Tony I know the real man. -- someone if you -- continue some references -- 500 but anyway that's another story for another day here's the deal I called the golf clubs this morning. There are no reservations for the Montreal Canadians are you sure you have the right information yesterday when he was the number I don't want a royal golf club was a good to great spot absolutely and they had -- -- for the Canadians. They did you dates are about given that -- -- just get ahead of the schedule little bits of maybe during that period in gold that way. You know here in Montreal -- a big Fella. We know mark that no worries for inaugural regular wanted no part of him. I don't know the diplomats -- that even which city even though would mock up big -- -- -- in the he's -- them. That's something he's not that big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's a slash in the cap from Weaver. Now you be listed at -- don't have to -- Oh I slash U but I'm solvent -- don't touch me it's not fair. They just slash my guide -- -- -- dollar and eighty pounds -- sort that it has let him slash images stayed awake guys too bad cop if you wanna do that man out to think that that was the only slash and -- -- and it's either slash. Exactly but after didn't trip in a cop shot -- and slashed by a little rat after the whistle. Or take get off and -- feels -- -- -- -- is up already with the trip was like oh no it was a trip has Tuukka -- made his way to the -- should let -- put up -- pretty -- He -- there to get arrested the dive. Yeah and let I want let everyone Boston -- satirical work Belichick. Yes -- penalty the beauty of the cities we don't stop. We don't believe. That's the beauty and so. You'll still. Idiots and we don't stop -- or believing in Montreal -- and stuff. Here comes the thing. Yes of course don't yet know if you're the voice it's gonna hit it much of anymore guess what I had the throat let's do. A -- -- -- my staying at exactly how many can always have to break. Well we're gonna go to while little -- -- -- -- -- and listen listen I don't know -- stage in my -- my kids -- -- -- I understand. -- Condoleezza betterment for all of us please just stop Los Angeles to stop the French have no idea Connolly is. The French come -- -- Italians and in in Canada. -- know you don't like on 200. -- more than three words. We're resolute with the language argument are you coming to Boston fans are texting us on the ATP -- what are you coming to Boston tomorrow we still have to have confirmation but I would -- at 99%. I don't blame -- would have -- either. Well listen we know what I would have spent the money at a hotel on a flight -- you you knew the -- six probably was going away now it turns out niceness that Laura and I will be in the stance. And I will be wearing he had -- Aaron -- White or red. I will have a red one alpha gamma and finally when it probably should consider -- -- to be -- Wagers two more units security. And securely and I would listen up because the Bruins fans are gonna resort this -- -- -- team. All right then maybe I do need security yet this. Who knows maybe in my -- spies were shot -- any marriages punch me because instead of seeing a lull. That's justice that's the -- way I could distribute pushing down and look around go one and I'd do. And you what did I do when we spoke the other day I think I told the way it was going to have to lose five and six in the wins item. And the dangerous animal. You guys I'm telling you it's gonna happen you're gonna get eliminated your barn -- you ready for that they've been down my throat if it's. James seventh happened before 2011 that's the last remember games have between these two teams I understand -- The guy now is not the guy he weighs three years in real. Life. Boston. Can you so much fun. Like him to let me know me very prices head down we will. Gee he is seven and the senator rice and John Gordon hunt. -- water -- a lot of mean as much experience with wells at the end -- Mark Clark off say one thing one of the two ends up in near what I do. -- Arts are you going to be in studio tomorrow doing your show from our studios in Boston the plan is I will be doing my show from WEE. Beautiful immoral and Thursday that's the plan beautiful. Analysts something falls through but I look forward to. And I will give you guys advance warning I -- even better looking person. -- and I saw the YouTube Tony I saw the you to receive better look at continued in in person you on YouTube yet maybe maybe mix -- a salad not to make it always would be. I -- a solid maybe it got to be a salad shot and not only now you know what I'd rather have the shot and -- And we'll let you read -- names can only hope I hope we see it Tony Oxley. Tony you may not -- area right. And some are hiring and a minute and get regain -- You're right you're ready for a they gave seventy. That is ensemble cast. But here Tony -- harassing into the background is brought to you by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the they would take over 47. Off of 93 great people great experience always a great deal and by -- their place. Of Wilmington can be so much. Really is going to be so much fun is zebra you document Thursday morning I -- I wanna Beardsley says 99% chance. You novices. That make -- Canadians about Canadian lay off gave big game and then guess what do you blame on garbage execution date and make the reservation. That. Course now may be exactly what -- -- on his show to pray they still a Canadian dollar and because they have no idea gonna win last night. They still to work on the reservations part of it they are -- is no flight and a hotel that's -- look at. The state our house has promised your call 6177797937. Is the phone number eighteen tee decks on 37. 9837.

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