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Shawn Thornton on the game 6 loss 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the teams 4-0 loss in game 6.

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Our conversation with Shawn Thornton is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union by Norfolk -- or equipment and by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. As always on joins us on the AT&T line good morning mr. -- our view. We're told OK how much of a factor in your estimation how much are you can even quantify this. Is desperation. In a do or die game and the reason I asked that -- is. It seemed like the Canadians were the more desperate team last night knowing they lose and they go home the Bruins knowing. Subconsciously. That there's a safety net of game seven underneath you didn't seem to be as desperate would you agree or disagree with that. And it stated that there energy going in with the old life so. I think that. Our first goal you know two minutes and without I want Berry could go -- -- as well but that happens. That you're battling back to -- Thought solid Hillary's ought utter frustration we it's quite a lot of pressure on the actual opposite. They -- tactical map but from there. Well. I get -- I don't know how many. About hyperbolic we have a lot of often I thought that a lot chances but they well. Like Lucent iPad and an -- Want want that in 2000. They don't think like that it is what. Yeah. Yeah Specter about corporate -- Shot what changes psychologically and what changes X and -- wise when you're chasing as opposed even or ahead. You wanna stick your game plan directly and also change too much to be completely on track well -- Venezuela Laura and you're down by what are you. But -- I think when you get away from. Your system and your game plan try to push for another bullet when -- if he can get fit and our comeback -- -- there. I know you're sick of talking about the water bottle squirted one question on that show on. It was a factor in either the Canadians. Level of play that level of intensity of effort or in you're limited playing time that was. -- -- -- I don't know all the political -- I think. When we're on the road. We don't get the first change I think another couple penalties. I think that probably have -- through the phonetic air picked -- -- there's a couple shipped. You know we put his senate they're usually it is draws there are. Ourselves. Very hey it was your idea of -- aren't locked in here. He could change -- thought well but technically proficient itself. The pick. -- -- There on the left. What was her reaction within your locker room though from a from from Julian and teammates. I figured out part of the problem that I thought my pubic. Pretty quick bullet or witnessed so they. They didn't hurt it's a nothing thing for -- how would you like that there they are there. They shot in what ways do things change in a game seven vs any other game in the series and obviously the stakes are higher because you lose and go home I mean in terms of nerves in terms of squeeze in the stick in terms of anything that changes in game seven verses one through six. But part of it up there we've been there a lot a lot that -- -- that -- -- -- You have to get your bias the ways we're not squeezing your stick but you know that -- every ship -- be the deciding factor here. Playing actually -- -- sit at -- so. I like that we've got a group and their punched out there and there is here he's. I think we have to. Who recorder because a couple sources in the post stop those other policies and. It would truly great player a truly great teams the ones -- -- with that fear of failure if you can fail and one from sick well but nation. -- in game seven you have to deal with the ultimate fear of failure -- I think it -- well. I'll pick atmosphere failure your mind and pick your vote. Success that is the better way to approach property -- be afraid -- -- think -- -- to say on that challenge and pistol. What do you take away from last night because. Resign as -- was sand in the last seven or eight minutes this is this is no longer a bug game six it's about game seven. And we saw how chippy and physical and nasty cut there at the end the fact I thought include tattooed shoulders and -- Two year job instead of -- -- -- -- of serve that the bench minor did you think it might explode there at the end and do you think there's any carry over to tomorrow night. Now. I didn't cited figures are well I didn't it would set. The big man off but it doesn't get upset at all and so -- something happens. And carrying a moral. 87 there are pretty it had a topic anyone is -- carry over everything else that it. Pretty excited yet what. There was an angry Ciara. An angry Lucic and angry again -- gently on the on the ice at the end what what's the scariest. -- I think Big Easy is it so it. That. But a lot of it. Wasn't a single Canadian over 57 on the horizon and it. It that the they'll the. There we over rate and I mean I think the crowd was was good last night but do we over rate the crowds factor in the game even that place last night it seemed to me. A game four was a crazy at last at times is crazy but in the end -- just playing game. On the ice I mean does it matter a lot in hockey term Boston or Montreal tomorrow too we overeat that. He's seventh night. You know we passed the tests. In the on the road without success in the -- -- -- -- on the road and also you know -- out -- -- -- sentence but after the -- ours Pittsburgh. But for sure I love our atmosphere and we feed off that well. John tell me if this is an apt analogy or not hitting posts is like missing a couple of four footers on the golf course. When does that start getting into your head that you hit eight or nine posted across. I think -- all what -- -- well. While as a playoff series but. He just. But something apparently scored sometimes they don't put it here and just keep. Yeah if you get those chances and hope that. With pot luck -- turn the other way it goes in. There's nothing you can do about it can't get frustrated he can't. Well here and it just follows quote excellent that the word I would approach. Law of average ticket at some point. Did any of you guys get hit with a couple Branson. Last I. -- -- Anything -- Loan. It to court. -- -- -- -- It was swell classy to leave exactly Merry Christmas. Guy -- -- -- That matters that is part of the job there was a lot of stuff raining and you. There was a lot of well the ball all the way up the spotlight back and it. All that we elect. All right good luck to -- -- we will be watching John. On the -- on the AT&T hotline numbers which has brought you by the city of Boston credit union. By Norfolk power equipment -- -- Clark. You may not.

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