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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Casey Kasem disappears 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they talked about the disappearance of Casey Kasem.

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Headlines is brought to you by eighteenth -- they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network -- precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment remember. Say six weeks ago saying attacked this Casey case historic yes this is Stanley battle right for him. It gets stranger we learn yesterday. A judge on Monday ordered an investigation to the whereabouts of Casey -- him after an attorney for the -- radio personalities wife. Said the former top forty host has been removed from the country. Removed from removed from the country. LA judge judge Dan Murphy ordered court investigator and -- protective service to find -- where case is being treated. And report back to the court case now 82 suffers from advanced parkinson's. No longer speak has been various medical facilities shows him by his wife but -- to complain have been unable to see their father daughter sought a. Temporary caretaker status should be dead and now they don't know where Casey case is solidly the wife there implying the wife. At him ships somewhere that is what they're exactly that -- freezing place them yep out of the country. On a -- yeah. Yeah beat the revelation Braga -- protests really cases what these. Votes but by all accounts he's a real hole. See when you come out of those up -- Numbers man is impossible to make those transitions. And you gotta go to somebody dying. You know they do this will be a time I would definitely do it -- We can come out of this where can I don't understand it is kind of thrown. OK I want a concerted effort to come at a record that is enough. -- record every time I do best dedication. Do you make an arrest warrant and why it happened at the pictures I was supposed to see this week. There's a guy and time I want somebody uses and cannot come -- and good. That is that's -- camp the dog and. It's fair to let people get yes upset -- the producer's like no that's true but I can understand or is comfort are recognized thought the summit would I recognize that. Some extent it's produced -- -- it's not like we were lucky in that we got to get a good they're good is pursue public -- so we don't know where Casey casement. It's something Jerry's kids do -- were were were told her if there's money that's exactly what is this book here -- area. -- clay it is just the Oakley can Corson and -- -- -- American Idol and you know he won. But it's that we. It. CNN news. You know it yes yes he is our preferred the company. If he's running for our congress in North Carolina. And he's probably -- runoff. The vote last week was really really close to -- also -- The democratic. Nomination. In his congressional district it's Keith Crisco 71 year old business. It was knock it sees couple hundred votes you will not concede because he fell down stairs died yesterday. If the age of 71 to play again this Aikman have an alibi I can -- it taken. Yeah -- was his home and Briscoe yet he's OK you're trailing last week too close to call fell down a flight of stairs and that's why that always scares. We recently as we -- it upstairs now. Think everything for granted like -- -- -- that's true to be over and heart that's a bad way to die -- the next snaps it's over. You think about that when you walked on this nobody be assured them pretty cavalier going -- to think about when your running out of the roads. That's why do you think about them more of them got nothing much -- risk getting run over by Carlton ball and -- -- sought again this weekend sought again this weekend of the taxing anyone running -- right front. Did you would drive behind me and I started yelling at some lady outlook on the way to the Jimmy Fund -- -- week. She was and she was -- and we -- -- who's on slowing people worsen traffic that thing but it's something no doubt -- She was texting away oh my windows on matters by the attention of the road. And she just you know gave me a dirty look and kept on text. I hate people -- continued top Napster or atop it and just happened last night as I'm driving home from the international. I swear to god as my witness I'll -- there was a guy on a motorcycle. What motorcycle. And it was standing up like you know a deacons to an optimal it was a Wheatley the -- wheels on the ground right and he was and he was standing up like stretching. On his motorcycle and he was texting on his own. Animal that is -- he'll probably died out and you know -- to scuttle scratch. You don't happen. In New Hampshire in the story -- -- gonna -- -- in covering and now making public I was prepared to do that I don't -- know the -- -- that when you lose a son yet. -- -- -- I guess he was father revenues domestic -- neighbors called police a cop shows up. They said he part time cop got whatever out walks in and the kid shoots them. And then he. I don't you fell down and -- there got on the house would have the case may be swat teams show -- -- police surrounded a house low blows up -- the most amazing video no kidding photograph. Mean he blew up blew up somehow -- out and do you blow would know. Matt Damon in and one of those Bourne movies. Just. Hold out the electric gas pipe thing right. And they put the poster down with some newspaper. Hot so when the news in the post warmed up that the newspaper newspaper that the gas. And he was you know just just out the door -- it was cut area on the street he always gets up and seemed so simple. Yes that is simple -- CIA let's say a car blow up. Caught fire and blew up in the garage which then look the whole house and early in the house and -- pictures and video out so there's a car in -- right car caught fire blew up the house -- belt off the foundation and the little thing we haven't -- -- gas well gas tank in don't know. That picture. It's no record he died right yet you did and father. I believe right -- as anyone on the stretcher he's still alive all right. The Korea Syria -- real quick final one here -- Keith Luke is. Luke. Know people who know you Lucas 28 was one. He died and prison yesterday. After suspected suicide apparent suicide he was he convicted neo Nazi killer. Who appeared in court the swastika carved Falwell -- America propagate and committed suicide he was serving two life sentences for murder and 210 years. Rape kidnapping of the crimes have been like supports its response and responsive. His prison cell -- surely after 1 PM on Saturday. Officials told herald. He was rushed to let mr. hospital transfer to UMass memorial -- died two days later. Suicide is suspected foul play but still under investigation. Look at tried to commit suicide in the past including 2010. He's convicted last year we went into a neighbor's home repeatedly raped shocker in the rationing would be charged. -- the woman's sister when she interrupted. Shot killed an elderly homeless man fired a proctor police to remember as he fled the kill himself yeah that'd they don't have the story. Louisiana he yeah. Right luckily we commend them up -- -- prisoners want certain things like to die in particular coming right out but he was bad -- and then come around he's at the wrong message with a swastika sort of long -- -- -- since the counselor forgot about the hard to get the job and Syria computers and like Jordan's are seniors to do it two -- seven -- Georgia is the story from Harvard last night the you know they were planning any black masks on campus was very controversial. This satanic. A temple. From New York didn't -- obviously you know hundred kids. They -- that be cool because it's worship say that adult traction nationally. You know how this works I didn't even know those two weirdos and artists into a masks. And the pretend. They replace say they please -- let's say. That to amass so it's not really say we're speak think it's a mockery of policy we'll. We do yes like they pretend something is authentic something else on the hard -- and that's all right do they really do that got moved off -- obviously the -- well good move off campus in the latest from the Harvard Crimson the that was held at. Hong Kong -- Chinese threats -- to the gentleman's place. The -- that's another Hong -- and -- for a little -- -- -- young when I was a little say I was a -- we got the equivalent number of we went to Hong -- really immediately and number six in the costs three dollars -- -- domain with an egg -- sounds awful -- Great. Way to act. -- like Olympic -- -- -- pretty critical penalty and go back there and we might have on his plant some bad memories that's true it is a little. CD yeah. That much anymore anyway is distorted view for a sovereign credit in about fifty people mostly dressed in -- in some wearing face makeup. Were present for the ceremony consecrated host. Was not used in the ritual. Four that was that the people attending four individuals in hole woods and one man in a white suit at cape and the horned mask. -- mass were active in the proceedings as well as a woman. Revealed to be wearing only lingerie. -- The ceremony began with a narration on the history. Underlying satanism. And the black mass ritual. They get a hold restaurants over owner Paul the 11 o'clock last night he said he was unaware of the ceremony. So what exactly people gathered in the Chinese restaurant and you. Worship Satan as opposed to a thousand people gathering some buildings -- -- -- god that's include the right thing Tuesday. That's. Really thought that it would be evil stuff that -- that. And warships hole to its war lights horn man that's a grown man I believe it's. Yeah laughs Q really. Fifty. Statement made. -- hell that's. All. -- Eight. If you walk and hopefully we'll go check and a woman on. The woman from mr. Ford awful policy see where. It was a curious. The only story -- -- Pretty nice FaceBook page 54 likes. On congress. And the rest of state Porsche. Had. That's headlines brought to you by them and people. Stock and -- people Albany. -- -- Overtaking what's cars. Would be in Albany that you had this tire blow out now and get the gravitational pulls. Out tires blow drive but it did it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk. To call our legal. Meals are. As well after yesterday it was very long. Ago. -- -- this morning. And it's pretty cool mr. forty kids -- I that he pretends -- and it did this song -- Man. -- -- and you know it's it's. It's this is -- -- and I thought I wish I hate I like to agree I would love to see him. Here's. A little time off work. You sleep like a big balls on the table for kids see you tomorrow hopefully five weeks -- -- that one -- and pick one -- that 11 -- -- but he. It's he brought him. Good point and it's on -- 73 now I'm used to. Help your favorite clubs -- -- with. You start to question. I might because racing in the street and -- Sleep the next. And pushed -- -- and seen them it's and you know. Hates this. World. Single. African American single maybe 23 females it's everybody's 53 year old. Overweight -- it's crazy that. Monkey's off the area and -- 779. Class that is not a single black hole. -- -- -- You can.

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