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Dale and Holley with Andy Hart: Reachin'? Pats grab QB Garopollo early, leading most to label this draft as disappointing. 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

We discuss the NFL Draft from the Patriots perspective with Andy Hart of PFW.

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Where you surprised. At your eyes open wide. As the announcement was made from the podium. Radio city music call that the New England Patriots. -- their second round pick. Selected at quarterback a quarterback from quote unquote a directional university. From eastern Illinois. Were you surprised like a lot of folks seem to be on now on Friday night. -- you know oil was more surprised by it was more surprised that. That his folks were so gracious. To give their home films to ESP and so they can't actually show. I -- -- actually I don't throw game one of those videos off my iPhone I I submitted one of those for built a look at what did. I had events like that we are mocking. The year to Tom Brady. And -- mock eastern Illinois Eastern Illinois University. Three touchdown passes and -- 53. Great year. -- They play in northern southern and western. A any heart from patriots football -- in the house at the northern Illinois goats that take them and I am I. I -- and I'll tell you another part of this that did surprise even more than the fact that the two quarterback in the second round which I was a bit disappointed him. The other thing that surprised me is that for the first time I can remember in the Bill Belichick era. He said. We contracts to her. Right now you know we know the age of AMBER Alert for any of that stuff before I perked up -- -- they said the situation at quarterback. What situation -- -- -- -- what citizen I -- -- twelve goes out there every year plays sixteen games were good would edit. You know I ought to think of -- -- -- the situation room like something big happened to politics into the situation room -- -- -- we had a situation I -- the situation wise has sent twelve on the -- when we have the better quarterback it's all right. Isn't clear though guys that they look at Tom Brady differently that we do. Look at that they don't see Tom Brady has. The 2007. Version 20042003. Version of Brady that -- I think a lot of traffic out and say. I just around Brady you got you got you got one of the best quarterbacks in NFL of people still think he's the best quarterback in league. Well one of the top three helicopter quarterbacks in the league from out there you get receivers around him -- -- -- good that's what you should do at this stage of Brady's career. And I don't think they look at it clearly don't think and look at it that way. Well let me ask you guys -- chicken and egg question okay from last year. Did the patriots run the football because Tom Brady did anybody approach to order they run the football because they didn't want Tom Brady throwing the football. A little bit of both. I think we've seen they've wanted to be more balanced and Josh McDaniels has talked about the last couple years -- be more balanced they've tried to bring in a fullback. For a couple years now and they finally hit on it would James Devlin as a -- that the system and made the roster played. But yet there's no question you looked at the passing game and he didn't have reliable targets early in the year -- Cincinnati game you're going one of twelve on third down. There were certainly limitations in the passing game that led to the running game being a better option and it's been previously. I think they're trying to prepare. They're trying to prepare for. The the exit plan for Tom Brady and if you look at it historically is it's not gonna happen this year we're -- to happen next year. It's getting there they are looking at the end of the contract passed a Bill Belichick meant that the country the end of the Brady contract. If if this player drop below AZ is a good player. Then that's when he takes over if not. They they go with someone else but they think he's the guy but don't think it in -- look at -- just look at and it's just looking up. Some of the top quarterbacks in history. Know what the succession plan was for them okay we know Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers was drafted in 2005. It and start its first game until 2000. All the five to -- wait. Now Ron Amadon I don't remember this. You think Ron Amadon was a backup Joseph Montana. I'm guessing like 34 year or years. Four years as a back up acquire for a second round pick a fourth round pick he was deemed the bus. And Tampa 2361. Protect house expert from the back quarterback for four years. You're sitting there waiting John Elway. Tommy Maddox they drafted in the first round 1992 that was a bad tropic. Never worked out. In the -- -- I look at Dan Marino. You could look at it two ways you want to say the Miami Dolphins. Tabbed Jay Fiedler to succeed there Marino orchestrated to trying to fix your memory -- say they're still trying to. So and it's hard to do and that the name is. I mean you look at look at our. But if Favre in Montana especially. Gotta you -- few years to find that guy. With Elway they were trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and finally got it took Elway to replace -- Like Elway the executive to replace Elway the quarterback it was not done. Of those examples you gave. Only the Packers did it the way it looks like patron to -- yet draft that guy he's gonna sit back for a couple years and hopefully he's good enough to be that guy Seattle -- -- first rounder but I don't think they were they were drafting Tom Brady's replacement he may end up being at I don't know that we don't. I think they just which -- ship Brian all of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In his career. Ryan mallet is one for 417 yards no touchdowns one -- career passer rating of five point two what's gonna get better no. But he's also been the backup quarterback for Tom Brady for two years I understand that they were comfortable with him being the plan I love this idea that we gonna trade him for a second round -- Why the hell would anybody give you anything for Ryan -- I think he won't -- he was drafted with that intention there's no matter what race from what would you get a potential -- -- -- potential. Or you know you word you were crazy about a when he came out. Or when you look at the one guy in the league who would know him better than most Billy O'Brien may be the desperation of the Houston Texans. And and the endorsement. Of Billy O'Brien directs met there in Houston hey. Our coach this guy wants a lot of practice some of them. He's pretty damn good he's got depends would be good he can be better than anybody we have here let's go out -- even Billy O'Brien passed. Not good at what will find some unaudited Billy O'Brien Rick Smith maybe both of I I am I mean I think what you think is -- you'd think this move is a -- move or break it's a more debris look. It may or may not be a Brady move in the same way when they pick -- maybe -- thought he was a future down you know I think that's the difference I think they drafted mallet out of value. First round talent slip to the third round. We can work this -- for two years are -- to what you said people are hoping for a second round pick. It never worked because he never did anything to impress. Anybody from the outside we never did anything pre season when he got to play no regular season he didn't get the -- if anything he strengthened his resume of big strong -- not very accurate slow reads. Things that. -- necessarily enticing to other teams but if you look at it and and -- apple brought this out himself with his columns to -- and -- player and all that. He fits the mold of a patriots quarterback. In the modern era you know the anti Drew Bledsoe it's the Brian Hoyer the Matt Cassel the Tom Brady's they're guys that may not have the strongest arm. May not be the most physically gifted it's -- pocket passers. But they are the guys who can -- -- fences. You rid of the ball pretty quickly you -- the ball pretty accurately and that's all their apple so that's why I think there's a difference between the intentions of mallet. And the intentions with the grapple -- -- -- -- view that that it is entirely possible that if the patriots don't take Dominique Easley. -- -- pick in the first round it's ounces those Seattle might ought to be about okay. If they hadn't taken -- drop in the second round. Is there -- out of realistic chance and and I know you don't know what other teams good. But is -- realistic chance that somebody else would have taken them before the patriots picked in the third year that the rumors are yes and wanted to. In the top of the third right all right and if they had. You still could've found a quarterback right but it's not about finding a quarterback it's like -- they like Jimmy grapple they think Jimmy grapples really -- it went. I think they think he's really good sooner rather than later -- win I mean as I let's hear it three year not to start as early to be back up this year and then who knows what into three years down the road so wouldn't -- been better off if you're the patriots. To get a guy who can help you right now it depends not a -- are you gonna get you. -- a straight right franchise quarterbacks do not grow on trousers and how -- -- next I think anybody thinks he's a franchise what I consider some people inside the building at Gillette Stadium that think he's really game or. Or if not a franchise quarterback like Tom Brady -- around how old -- you don't come around very often. But -- a guy capable of being a quarterback on -- on contending team. If you don't find one where you find that quarterback. This is something they have to think about it Louisiana serve as I just read what these guys these four hall of fame guys. But not they they try to do it in different ways how you find that guy. The teams that are just looking for a quarterback. Don't tell me there -- guys out there in the dark I respects and he looks at them saying every year well the last one -- gonna find a quarterback Minnesota. You know these teams Tennessee these teams that draft a quarterback every. Three years and can't find a guy who can start in bill looks at that says I think discussed pretty good I don't wanna become one of those any any said in his press conference. Better to do a little too soon and then a little too late and what their wants take him. And I wonder what's the best way -- -- know the answer. When you're looking you've got a guy who got an aging quarterback not done but eight -- 3737. When the season's start. When you have this guy is the approach dale to. Wait for that guy wait to expire at the quarterback and I thought about it I. -- to work its -- helping -- right now on -- one -- -- his career to expire and then you start looking should you start looking and you think. He's got one more year left do you look at the end of this contract. He's got you know I think about it -- you absolutely have to what's the right approach. For the succession plan what do you think the right approach. Well I mean realistically. They used a second round pick on a guy that I never once the on the football field for the next couple years realistically troop I don't wanna see and touch the field in the next three years. I I I I've got no indication that Tom Brady the precipitous slide has begun. And you know he's he's got one foot out the door here I've had no indication some people -- all this sounds like Brady when told Belichick he's gonna retire after this year. I don't think there's a chance on God's green -- he does that the so they they they spent a second round pick on a guy I never once he touch feel right. That's a bad thing for me what happens if if if if I think they've got a chance to win now and I do. Are what happens if you -- see. In 2014. Let's say you see him in October. So you never wanna see him. And I think most reporters you know -- thing you know when a quarterback competition right now who's going to be the starter for they want. I don't -- that I don't think I -- if you see him. How do you feel about the patriots chances model I not want at all. I think we set -- before we said this before not monetary I was I was dead wrong. Didn't realize -- at the -- and a lot of people were were -- going into that year going into the 2008 season coming up an undefeated regular season. Caps. What they get a look at Matt Cassel. You're not going to be very good. You don't have Tom Brady your season is over and was I was I was totally wrong about it. I didn't see eleven and five coming with the Mac council. You think this guy can be. If you have to see him and when he fourteen here's the question at the -- when he fourteen can he be as effective as Matt Cassel of one and 2008. And I doubt it well artists stage and the team around him may not be as good as it was in 2000. That's the other -- and I pretty close Randy Moss Wes -- you had a pre -- good offense. If he stood to Harry Dobson is not a got a better even though it probably haven't been probably a better 2000. And 2014. That you had in 2008. But. It's. It's one of those situations where it's uncomfortable for people. To think about. Tom Brady being at the end. Well I keep hearing is that nobody believes that the patriots see a different player. Then than the pentium think that the patriots think Tom Brady is nearing the end. Yeah close enough into the situation at quarterback John. I don't think he's done like said nearing the end -- they're culture here now now looks define that term always say. If you give it. Forty is a reasonable expectation. If you're looking at Tom Brady beyond forty. I think that's bonus work forties exceptional. Mean -- updating -- marriage if there's only a few quarterbacks who were really. -- I'm Eddie I'm Winthrop comes up that's the feeling that if I think security -- the feeling anything beyond forty. -- -- all right you're saying your prayers at night. All right let's say that he's got three good years just for the sake of our discussion okay three good years. Do you think that they are at least. Challengers for an AFC title yes yes yes. And do you think that that challenge would be better off with a second round pick who's playing for it depends almost to a second round picks who stuck in the in the closet so. We had -- felt we had this conversation before dale before the draft started. And I said you are if you had if you had a quarterback was escort degrading system. So let's say you had a quarterback and game were great of seven point five out of nine not to note since. So seven point five out of nine let's say that's grapples ratings but the patriot. And the next best tight end. Was a five point nine still pretty good pretty good rating and -- important part is damned good system. What would you go -- you go at the five point nine tight -- Seven point five quarterback -- got a quarterback. Yeah this is that we had this discussion in the past. I'd rather go with the lower number but can play for me right now so the Packers -- the pick up as the Packers would have been better with a first round pick who played a position was on the field. But it's hard to look back now into the Packers screwed up that one possible Aaron Rodgers they're competitive every year with -- Aaron Rodgers right I mean that's the same but they weren't competing for. What we perceive the patriots are competing for a Super Bowl championship the other drafted him. Oh I think there are shorter when you're picking up what items although next step out of line you have Brett Favre yet. A first round pick could be the difference for 2016. Playing deep into the post season and -- -- -- -- -- play for three years in play for prayers because they thought they had something there was something bigger he had to develop not -- I don't think there's a single -- expand or organizational. Person that would say we screwed up pick up I think they love the pick and they sure take what they got out especially right what's the patriots wanna do. And the players -- -- -- players a look at players and I'll take the chance that. If he doesn't work out for me if if he's if I'm so I don't have to go to Jimmy grappled for for three years. Somebody else will see that this is a talented player maybe second flip them for a first round or high second round. And if I don't you know. In the Steve young and up is going to be Steve Ron Amadon patriots QB and patriots are the pictures are very fortunate in that situation he didn't play. And those four years -- the back up because Joseph Montana had some issues a fact when wing Ron Amadon was his back. Was an NFL MVP of 1989. Was an MVP and all of a backup which -- no -- at the time. But he's become an -- that's a great game one of those great games -- against the patriot we have perfect quarterback rating and -- remember that maybe you're in the games then. He was. The eleven out of twelve. Every touchdown passes is -- no other things you make fun of him for not out -- members of -- on tennis that I mean coach Ron Amadon stats but that but reporters. Eight. Do you have a good player on your roster and there's going to be used warm somewhere in there for you for somebody else the best players you think this guy. Is -- is the very good player you may -- hero. Maybe he's at at flat out bust but you have to be true you're grading system have a great system just gonna go away from a -- Seven point five and six point fives on the board you say well we need to go for the area of need Atlantic a lesser player because I need somebody to fill that spot right now I don't think that makes a lot of sense. And it boils down to the simple is a good. Like every other in these orders -- Aaron Rodgers. You will you won't criticize ten years Gerald RIP young look like an idiot right chances but he won't be either of those guys but that's gets into recent history in the quarterbacks they've drafted you go back to Ryan -- most people think he's the boss Stephen as a third round pick. Kevin O'Connell they said he was a bust of the economy -- later. They haven't been all that successful except for castle. Why are they cut and now people -- pretend he was better than he really was when he was here they haven't really developed back -- quarterbacks very well most of them just kind of pain and you know road Rohan -- they get cut they disappear and go away. So it's also gets into your trust of their ability to -- a quarter. Here's the other issue I have if I looked at every position on the team. And I listed them from position of most need to position at least. Quarterbacks my position at least eight. I disagree there I think Tara I tell -- only what your position of I'm not talking about punters and kickers -- and a long snapper. The quarterback position coming in starter. Very limited need be -- need -- back what's your position of great I thought they would take a quarterback in the middle rounds like that. An update took quarterback two rounds earlier around -- I thought our round on what was your position of -- position of greatest he was tight end tight end -- safety women to positions they ignored me. Yeah. That's another way outwit the on the and is a good thing you know like this here I come out yet W. They must think ground and be ready to go Bronx fine we don't need a tight and we aground on the field concept I don't believe that new globally -- regularly that. I think -- The final four teams last year on the fourteenth and an Afro so we got we got Sampras Cisco Seattle. New England and Denver. So great it's named for India. Is. You're really it's a stretch. To say any of those greatest need. It's not clear. All excellent for relatives. Out jaguars -- gets it out just gonna effect it. Greatest -- for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In greatest need for help 49 Ers and Seahawks and patriots is different so. The greatest need for me -- and the patriots will be defensive end of the -- to ensure. But those guys were relied on so heavily during the 2013 season. I think you need another guy another competent -- -- -- -- the rotation. But maybe they collected -- greatest need defensive line. -- unit body your -- either none of us know what I know I thought they would ever told you and you were here when answered this in the Lane Bryant yeah there. Plus size draft you have to Jordan Carter beat up our guest but they took an exciting fact. He's pretty exciting probably looks about oh he's exciting I like portray my car to get in there dances and you're upset today. We hear you're a good -- not that we celebrates -- does that become the CEO -- -- -- -- and in -- -- about to putt well on the guy who like football as much as they like guys like folly likes football. And it just the little real here and a nice knowing you Matt -- we're not talking Bruins. You there bring that up I'm not theater I'll tell your voice solid my guys in my voice for allegedly gave them. The spoke out and assure. You're not under she does such a pivotal wrong wanna see the what I got tattooed on my -- I -- absolutely is excellent seven I artists come from the 837 as telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. We dive right into the call review coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. With the 67. But it is 2014. NFL draft. Your New England -- mind going to the patriots. Still -- Jimmy garage below. Water. Willie McGinest was trolling jets -- -- I -- I and I applauded import first ball. He said evidently where and his wife for girlfriends sweater I don't know where he got it from left. Army is there a -- sweater that looks like that I now that the -- -- I did it for all it was a bad look at all had sport -- on with the that the logo in the middle and an error not a good -- when he's usually looks good he -- already he's -- -- turned -- usually I'm guessing that wasn't -- you know I think they pulled out over his shoulders right as he's about to -- one. He paid for but he was -- he was trolling jets fans and I got a kick out of the -- and one was right -- Get to the call 6177797937. Robinson's wants it Europe first on dale and Holley. They got -- I don't feel good and -- and I'm Michael I I called because. -- Like pilot sounded like you were dead set against the top pick in upon upon hearing you should have been on -- you do when -- -- Pretty property impression that like. And again it was missed so outlook. On what goes against that. What you were talking about waste and at and you don't -- -- if you -- -- that was -- and he -- -- got you got the voice is confused I was not the W Carter and not you know rob what I said was I was teasing him about the I was teasing about the video but -- said about -- in the pick and never -- to see the guy and on and on it. But what else. Now know did you question. If Brady does get hurt this coming season we noticed you right -- what I can you go up. Well I don't think that's a -- I think there will be an open position for the back to quarterback job in training camp. And I think they like grapple enough I would not be stunned if he beat him out now I know they they prefer not to carry three quarterbacks but I think a drop below will have to be -- out. Right but don't carry a recorder actually yeah the Brady got a -- no they were carrying. -- four. They're ordinary for the first year that urge you -- second year history if he'd been out on Iraq justice for about perspective he beat out. Brady was quarterback number of war. Not quarterback and reporters on our route -- -- on a -- direct backed the Brady was quarterback number four in his first year. In his second year he won the job -- -- from John freed up pretty Charlie camp well paid veteran back yet so number two what purported to and one Nazis but also. So very different time. Back right and almost everybody carry three quarterbacks it was just a different before there was such things as starting nickel corners and it was just different different time back then our rob. So now. If you take a look at the patriots. Our roster right the team that they went into the play -- -- team that they basically made to the AFC championship where. And you compare that playoff team roster -- All of the other team that made the playoffs in just those teams who will will will stay out of the quagmire. -- interesting. What. Team improved roster. From the -- the Super Bowl ended today the most. I I would have to say it's a toss up between the losers. I would say they're losers are both AFC teams the loser in the Super Bowl Denver and a loser and AFC championship game the patriots. -- -- member of -- -- I think Denver did a great job getting lost Eric Decker a top receiver but -- they brought in. And they they brought an Emanuel Sanders they drafted receiver in the second round. They brought an Aqib Talib. They brought in not the markets where. They brought in. The safety from Cleveland. TJ -- -- did TJ ward I think they did a terrific job -- short. And you know they lost The Crying Game their running back but. All overall overall I I think Denver did a great job and look at the patriots you know bringing in Revis. Bringing him Browner. They get those two team. Everyone got analysts this weekend said the Denver has actually separated themselves even further from the patriots -- this offseason sockets are yes I think that I. Trouble -- that you know looking at the way their team is you lose Marino. A minor loss but still lost you lose Decker who. Again a secondary target but a very very productive secondary target in the offense. You get to leave but I know a lot of people that watch the Broncos think. Rodgers-Cromartie had a great year last year and that there's a minor upgrade if at all would Talib or Rodgers-Cromartie. And Shaun Phillips you Lucia on Phillips who had a nice ten or eleven -- season. If the markets where can't play. You might not have upgraded there are so I must say I'm. The -- upgraded its safety TJ ward was a nice up pretty good value -- that was definitely an upgrade but I think some of the others. You know Monte ball -- fumbling problems will now all of a sudden you wonder did you is your running back OK so I. I'm not sold that the Broncos did anything great -- outsold by the way. But the patriots if you wanna use that barometer just the roster they had last year to end the season not including grown to Wilfork and guys coming back. You got Revis he's better than to leave. We were raving about to leave when he was on the field -- the question with Talib was Kenny stay on the field everybody said when he's on the going to be changes this defense he's -- shuts down. Vincent Jackson he shuts down Jimmy Grammy shuts down everybody but I don't know anybody who doesn't think the guy you've got is better than -- -- hell but at his best which is when he was on the field and -- if we're gonna be consist aren't so we thought I know I was praising Aqib -- when he was on the of course when he was -- in September. I said we hadn't seen a -- like this since -- and I'm not ensure tide did some of the things like take away a tight end like Jimmy Graham a colleague Talib did condit's side. It's called and I don't believe I was wondering since I. All got out to be consistent -- -- he was great when he was on the -- not know this is not -- it's not that -- on and on to leave when you say that the upgrade it would -- so to -- that is best -- -- had his best recent letter read at that significantly -- upgraded but they've -- much did you go from using your scoring system seven point five -- eight. Did you go from six to eight what is the difference between. -- at his best Rita says there's pretty I mean it's pretty significant but but back to appoint a revisionist history about your. You were praise and -- I love -- and luckily I love not to leap interviews especially. I would understand. Back to the point of it in the -- to -- question how much how much they improve who was most improved once again you're talking about teams that. Where were playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl or playing for the right to win a super balls so you're not going from the depth to the top. I mean it's already hard where you -- -- rare air anyway in improvement. -- for the most part improvements are subtle with teams like that. Actually see a noticeable appropriate but the Broncos and patriots and 49ers and Seahawks with typical I think the Broncos and patriots pulled off. And if you. Go from where they were last year the Broncos were significantly ahead of the patriots. As they kick their butt in the AFC title game and the Seahawks were significantly ahead of the Broncos right so I'm not sure either team did enough to close the gap with what they were pursue. Marks on the self on your next on. Alan -- at a good happening guys I'm mark I like that it. Brady has for years -- that Patrick and I opened it gonna see all four what do you base that on the B two. And you you may actually lately just Marc what you may sound -- -- based on the fact that the paper's history when we no longer think if you came. Benefit and -- -- in at let's say that much money they let veteran players go one not to -- talk about Aaron Rodgers and -- are. And the Packers let our control that situation is that the Packers take control and exit what we need to do progression of the future where I think the patriots will be that the one problem. Your theory as he signed for nine million dollars a year. So nine million dollar quarterback in the NF -- -- -- guys who throw like ten touchdowns ten interceptions he's not making. Twenty million dollars a year on the back into the deal so that is the only fly in the ointment could Brady himself has said. At whatever point they think they can do better. It's happened everyone they will shoot me out of town they will tell me it's done he has said that a million times and I believe Belichick would do. No question that our value. Probably got two years -- -- put grapple on the bench for two years as opposed to three years premiere mark -- situation. You better damn well be right if you -- Brady out of town put. Rapidly in the right -- we're starting cornerback would probably not think that but then you'd think it would -- it would. Montana playing great also evident at Cisco while he did what are playing -- so other than green page. He did I just think that. It's history dictates that -- start and finish his career with the patriot. The mother and a one though is the more direct comparison because Favre. Favre ran himself out of town by sort of jerk in the organization around I want retire not retire all this stuff. Not was almost -- salient in not committing to what he was going to do for a certain period of time. And in. Joseph Montana case yet injuries you start to Wear down if Brady starts to Wear down back injuries and he's missing right time. Well that makes bill's decision much easier but it -- state he's only been hurt once he missed an entire season. And that he goes out there every Sunday Monday night whenever you need him and got through and plays pretty well and then when Brett Favre went to the jets he tried dirt of the people around but he. You know that that got him to -- jerk that you already I want them to our supper he adds up to get their -- -- did hand in the did Bill Belichick. Yes Bill -- Will find out when we come back. He's got a lot of Paula is. You know we have mark quarterback that are productive player. A little different mobile composition. Hopefully can make that adjustment you know the situation we have a quarterback think that we dollars and organization that we needed to. Interest. To some degree in the future so can sell that works out. -- think there'll be an early -- late at that position. -- it's very exciting I don't can get being able to go to Boston overcome armored -- market thought -- All the coaches and all player you know very productive -- a guide me a young player got a lot to learn and I know that I'm excited about it. Was not as on Belichick -- as Bill Belichick is ever ban little forthcoming from like. Up up up up up up. Prefer to clam up Lebanon's future days I like consistency and I'm used to in saying nothing in. He said the situation we needed to address a quarterback enough for my -- one -- such a situation. I mean this situation we know what I'm at something right after that. About addressing it as an organization in the future. But it was it was it almost sounded like -- the -- -- -- can play the first. A couple of lines there was something else besides the situation at quarterback that jumped out. He's got a lot of Paula is. You know we -- quarterbacks that are productive player. A little different mobile composition. Hopefully can make that adjustment you know the situation we have a quarterback think that we -- as an organization that we needed to. Interest. To some degree in the future so -- or. To some degree in the future. To some degree now. There certainly you know with something we have to address to some degree in the future. Portrait in words yeah because he never gives us an organism they show up. What does that mean who was trying to run him out of town in the organization. Organizer nation organize. Ali what I think he's got a quarterback. We're not looking to replace him right now eventually they will come where. We'll have to think about replacement quarterback right now we -- not Pickens about replacing him what you think about this. Sometimes where Tom Brady has this practice. There are times were Tom Brady has been managed. In training camp and nobody bats and I like -- -- to pitch count just throwing that with what Brady may be. They know that it it has become. It is taken more maintenance. In the last two to three years to get him ready to play games. And in some cases maybe is play games that. He should have played last year remember the mysterious forget about the mysterious hand injury with Tom Brady. Tucked in between it and in those situations. I didn't wanna play. They would like it have gone to a quarterback that they trusted in a game and it's clear that they didn't trust any quarterback. Not named Brady when that situation -- it's clear you can read it I think it's clear that if you know it's clear. Because they spent 882 round pick. McNabb and now we're connecting a few too many dots Ryan mallet is going to leave at the very least at the end of disease in every agent in Italy with the third as the third string quarterback. I'm sure I'm with my eyes aren't going to the -- -- I and the second round I actually think there's limited chance that right now to be nurturing quarterback I'd be limited -- I can you limit Egypt he's gonna even be well I think you're right there's -- I think he's lost. I don't think he's going to be -- -- quarterback if he loses in August he's out. What is a contract situation as a third rounder they can't last year certain -- -- certainly didn't hit a accelerators with his one of four ask why why -- point two career passer rating so I have -- he's he's he's easy on what -- they wanna play of Brady was our US -- at first you don't wanna -- now a second string quarterback. I hear ridiculous and bills that beginning of the show I don't wanna see you again. The most teams feel that -- about a second string quarterback not looking forward to seeing him. But a third string quarterback. You really don't want to see so you never got a lot of them but you're never gonna find a third stringer that you love. They're generally quarterback -- three years usually add value by one I think you might useless position. Now I think when you when you're starting quarterback is is 37. I think you probably need a third stringer and -- a third stringer plate. Well last year. Where -- ever separated by a lot I don't offer up what and when the patriots. A third string quarterback now. Articles that you got castles and I guess I posted that was only and I guess maybe. Maybe in 2000. Bishop. The freeze play that now the houses. I don't think a third string quarterback has played here for a long time telling you you don't need a third string quarterback if you get to the third string talk a lot of bad stuff has happened yet -- you gotta have insurance act. We -- last couple we said earlier that the cut from Bill Belichick was about the most on Belichick -- comment that we can remember. What might have another one to. Did Bill Belichick. Take a shot -- Bill Polian. Let's be honest is always liked talk about the patriots in a certain way right. Let's let's see if if if we're gonna Parse this one as well. You know -- organization. All. Don't think that we would put together occasionally and in Apple's. Won and lost Manning and go on and vote on sixteen and one assist in whatever was -- -- really or look for. You know unfortunately we lost on 2008. I don't know the players that stepped in and -- won eleven games so. -- -- like we wanted to competitive even if something happens when a player in any position so. Think that's always important and know when you're gonna need it. I'll that we do have to go one on fifteen if we had an injury at one position so. Well what sort of par I thought about it ever done I remain there was actually a good phrase right after that. Other people have different philosophies like there's other teams that prefer to go one by the -- it was two and fourteen. He start with -- sixteen and one and he did he get up to one actually did win two games but. You know they did end up like they also generational talent -- at some point it was as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow maybe you'd be okay with when you -- -- -- to a -- I'm not sure bill would go based on the tone of that and the fact that you actually have to lose fourteen games. I think he takes that as a -- on -- lost our quarterback we won eleven football there any team should be able to win. Even with a single player going down I think that's how he looks at. All the quarterbacks played notices. To two point and in the that if the committee to answer question of three quarterbacks. 2000 out so Bledsoe started all sixteen games but. All those quarterbacks off four quarterbacks all time that your. Oh that's right Brady please -- -- freeze bishop Brady. Briefly it was at Thanksgiving break passes went for three. Does that count. Two and -- passes like Michael bishop to nine for Easter 21. I think one of the interesting aspects would be looking ahead would if -- apple makes the team if he's Rebecca does he play. Does he start coming in in the fourth quarter of a game when you're beating the dolphins by three touchdowns because mallet has not played a -- they have not put him on the field a lot does it change under your idea where. You know Brady needs to be managed even more and we need to be more prepared for him being managed in May do we need to get -- some of those. Mop up -- to get him ready for whatever the -- is going to be. I think it's good question and it's one of those. This is one of those draft picks. That I would guess that you don't like and me. Which she. You appreciate it when -- needed just like -- are so. If you get excited to get excited the -- insurance bill for anything car insurance -- out biggest scam ever it's like college oriented advertisers and yet we don't. That. We yes -- but you know you don't like it. Into the -- Same thing overall what the quarterback in this draft you look at it that way. And then with the fat guys in this trip. Games are won by fat guys -- quarterback. Comes down. You have who has the better for. -- -- -- the other -- talk receivers and corners are running -- all that we -- But it didn't matter how good your quarterback is if you don't have receivers and running back. I'm not sure I agree with this -- I do I do I -- -- and quarterback ever franchise quarterback or your quarterback and you've got back guys on defense who can. Real constraints that line of scrimmage you -- here's the line opposite delighted to hear that back I don't want it to be dart back. And -- continually push you back. That's a good -- on offense you can protect your quarterback and you can impose your will on the defense you're in good shape look at it. Look at Seattle. If Seattle and Super -- Examples of this Seattle re establish the line of scrimmage Denver. Best offense in the history of football. All we got -- and we got Thomas got Julius Thomas and Peyton Manning. And you know at Seattle's then we can to get you we can get to you weaken beats you up we will. -- you including Kansas Packers. Defensive linemen have to pick pick not exactly guys -- -- not a fat contract. And Magellan defensive lineman. -- signal OK if you if you put them all together I -- Israelis cannot just look to me it's about Anderson tackles. And quarter ends and tackles and the -- guys in the middle I think girl if you can. I don't think so diamond does not -- thinks that's like guards don't go in the top of the draft that probably everybody wants and and tackles ends and tackles 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text -- 37937. It's dale and -- Any heart from patriots football weekly is here I know could -- around on a shirt Sports Radio W media. Our number -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael -- joined. By -- -- from patriots football weekly our third man in today. Can ask your question -- certainly view. I don't know who are getting the weather reports from but is it giant fan as a giant air conditioner over downtown Boston. That's not 74 degrees -- -- 84. It's at seventy. But I did I misspoke I say -- this a lot of it has 84 on Monday 84. Efforts at 74 I was gonna say flat out -- no way. It's -- probably -- of the forecast they gave me said temperatures in the high seventies but I said but it's still 84 degrees out there. -- forecast called for a certain range but their party and a blown out the water in 84 maybe. It may be approaching 8788. According to this phone my friend. -- -- John Dennis on all let me check to whether Atlanta check of -- -- in Guam my sources that right now -- 85. So forecasters just as bad as the draft next. Pretty much actually except for this back at this track doesn't quarterbacks. -- the draft outlets are you started off that's how you build -- -- -- -- the quarterbacks have know when to throw toward him the ball to wouldn't matter. All for the -- with a great ones. Look at all the great quarterbacks. They've had to deal with a bunch of different receivers. Not just Tom bring you look at all of Abbott but I I would suggest you do that have been successful with flotsam and jets and not not well. I think the great quarterbacks. I think quarterbacks make the receivers more than receivers quarterbacks and I I agree that make them better I agree but you still gotta have some talent at those positions are you not win. Quarterback who has won. With sub par talented -- -- of the art school went too strong Russell Wilson. I don't think it's -- par and what. But to your that the point and not tax cut their defense is pretty good -- running aren't and then actually you're right and they're not great but you look at. His number one receiver -- was a Golden Tate. The NFC title -- exactly uncle Albert -- right. In Golden Tate took the money coming in the great situation go to Detroit recently got public Alvin Johnson -- all other element over. What did the Golden Tate who's gonna Cris Carter. Public to remember -- remember Chris Carter at their receivers are pretty average or not great. Golden -- and Alec you are Cris Carter are gold -- you out of your Super Bowl ring that axle -- caught off so. He's basically and I don't know what you we were number two receivers all of them were pretty. It fit neatly put Detroit to become an effort to hurt. But it I got my -- them get money -- get paid but I think that's a good example Tom Brady. Tom Brady in 20032004. Deion Branch Troy Brown. David patent David Givens David Givens. Not sub par are you mean by any stretch. Not only mine but not only. The other the other thing and I was half joking this morning during a conference call as to the most important guy and the patriots organization this year. It's going to be renewed medical director guy who replaced Thomas gill. Does the guy you took in the first round coming up to an ACLs the guy took in the fourth round Bryan stork the S senator from Florida. You read the list of stuff I -- that shoulders he's got this he's got that was a medical exclusion at the combine because of -- -- and and you know I understand it is tells Ben Watson's is -- his brother's cousin that they signed -- Watson. The heart issue. For which he's had two surgeries rapid heartbeat that he quote. Thought was gonna fix the problem but didn't he still takes medication but occasionally if it's hard it's going too fast he just has to stop. -- what that's -- play like. You're an undrafted rookie you might get one chance -- an eighty yard touchdown in your career in the pre season. What are your on the -- -- like 5043. Among our best stuff -- think do you think we -- -- the authorities to park superintendent Bill Belichick and the rest right now just that as this. Honest to goodness. After this I love this -- well you know if it hadn't been for the ACLs Dominique Easley would have been you know a top ten okay. And if if the hadn't blown up Walt -- he'd been adopt and picked -- -- is one of the few things Ryan stork what have been -- much higher both -- shoulders weren't screwed up one of the few things agree Paul -- has taught me in -- ten years were with him. If his pot at testicles. Should be his uncle. Whatever works for you and a text to point out Michael in and following along with your idea of team building. JaMarcus Russell what was ball fat and the quarterback that's -- you get everything wrapped up into nicely done what I think package there on the cell -- Unix and Elena holly. A little bit Rick Solomon. About football talk can go wrong wrong -- imported -- Larry. You're right I'll take any number the lightning round. Exactly I'm a question then a couple of points first book you talk mostly gone what really would the salary caps. They can't too extreme young's situation now because if you make good. Coming out of Republican USF -- and an experience -- they are so I mean they want to look at every great college unknown. And so little willingly -- -- the money to have him sit there. But then true. -- mr. -- -- the bat good opinion of patriot quarterback by not being as good. As you look when he played for the patriots that he's. And -- let other quick point here in the new -- commandment would be basically torture and beyond what the victory but the bottom 45 and look further injury. Who's in New York grapple -- will be called. -- -- certainly be an active for sixteen games I don't think there's an open quarterback competition for 2014 rich or 2015. Quick for the back a position. I'm talking -- for the cores that can be Richard shore and do whatever he can't play. They don't that's where we disagree to the -- -- a chance he could win the back closer -- -- they don't want him to play. Correct. So yeah I don't out and and I wanna see him play even less than that so. I will say one thing what might change here. If the patriots do have a blowout situation. I wonder cutesy to back up play more than we happening that was I think you would if he's the backup. I think -- place in the past it was you know if if they were up fifty to seven against Washington Brady was gone out under senator I want all the ball around a lot but he was on out there. I wonder if if if a drop -- the back up. If they get up by a lot or god forbid down by -- On if you see -- more than you normally will do to the situation at quarterback in the age of the quarterback I think you would considering how bad under our bill bill quote. And how exciting is this now for the pre season finally you have a reason. To really all then to be all in during the pre season games. Got -- think it is yet Tim Tebow last year. Some little thing that's a reason you have -- -- they. They're rated everywhere but they were -- them that much they have one of the game three -- the last day war. Where he who was that receiver they hooked up on a couple touchdown passes and everybody was. And like and -- what tocchet played played out exactly -- Johnson Connecticut you're next on Dele Ali. Take good afternoon gentlemen I -- -- You my question might. I mean I don't mind yep that's jets in a quarterback in the -- around obviously you know -- -- eventually retire. And now with a guy that come from. A small sport cricket -- came from the same school Tony Romo. Tony -- and Sean Payton broke all the records. Call out but I would say I know that I didn't. And adapt to with a little shallow after. I hit some are low enough threat or where it go in not so different chanting. But I think -- they. That's what you need that they should dressed. Insurgents at their current kept coming back from major. On major knee surgery and in this case in particular that. That. No I know under -- it is one of the first round that -- I know it you wouldn't necessarily hit the glass either -- I think -- entire arc kind of one on your side of the fence concerning the tide in position and I'm not saying first or second round I'm saying any tie it and I looked over the numbers over the weekend and I believe in the games before gronkowski came back. The tight -- combined for five perceptions on the patriots. I thought it was less than that but I think it everywhere five. I could not say how much and by the way when he went down again I think from -- -- through the end of the year was like fourteen and some of the throws were bad if you remember. I'm drawing a blank Assad felt was playing in buffalo and and Brady threw one to him that was a little low he tips -- up in the year ends up as an interception so even. That plays were occurring off balls thrown to the tight ends it was nonexistent and that's why I think tight end is even more of -- need and safety because at least as -- you have to run our guys some on the left right here right Patrick Chung once started here. Behind gronkowski right now you have Michael Coleman now a new week. DJ Williams let's be honest his attack. Right and and has a couple catches now I know Keller was in May be there's still a chance they signed Dustin Keller but. Oh by the way he's coming off his own blown -- in the you know three torn ligaments last August for the dolphins. I think there's a whole -- I'm gonna continue to be an optimist this means that they think ground is -- While it could be that because I'm goal could mean that they've been punk -- is going to be ready. It could mean that they're gonna sign somebody else. We can we can take care of this without using a draft pick in effect as -- a bomb or could be they see the improvement of somebody that. -- So it's. Don't even have him to double as he signs on our -- I nother problem -- -- outside of the payers may yet he might be better this year but he won't get -- -- -- -- at all Hulk. You'll be up to the point building Matthew Mulligan from Maine -- are. University main things that -- to set foot holes and yours is great thing I think it -- a lot of interest. Office. I mean -- -- asked us that means you have that. And it's that means that you're gonna happen victory after victory after victory brought. That means you're a belt for me and I get some publicity this has. And I'll be saying all this stuff but he insert bear in certain date instead of great organizations are what are the smartest men aren't addressed matters -- -- 6177797937. Chris on the cell -- crests. Great Harry Harris. I got I got a problem with the others dictatorship where. No they haven't had a strong safety since we're Brandon Meriweather a legit. Good tackling -- and say we have an -- That I would exclude merit would cause this season it's not that when he was here Rodney Harrison will be a guy I would take him. Over Steve Gregory out segment Mayweather -- Gregory every single day. With that. If you look at that last year's team. The biggest problem down the stretch for them was scorned -- down in the race. And they've gone through free agency. It wrapped in it and not addressed that problem it's still a problem when it walked -- if you -- -- -- -- but the problem. How without possible if you got Tom Brady how you're not going out and didn't record you know going to be a direct quote. We don't do. That's the summer. Their -- foot seven -- What it at a tournament and it's incumbent -- -- that -- walk up the free agency reported throughout all of what I gonna do. Three rigs is not over the good part of free agencies over there but the airport about. Red zone target there let's just let this go back. Circle back when the red zone problems start the -- -- problems start with. The absence of Gradkowski right -- -- -- so what you're talking about is replacing ground how do you replace ground. You replace -- but the draft. You're coming. You can come closer to place him in the draft and you can with Michael Coleman -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- create -- -- -- family member. What he had 789 right that -- have doesn't where I let the red zone right play we're talking about the red zone and he had about four of them in one game. Start uncle Christian but let -- do we have a record Ellen -- touchdowns and one game I don't know not right now detect novel. Christian Fauria and have a better chance yeah I think he might do well and one -- -- -- other than that -- I just talked I think it's tough to replace those guys. And already they haven't done anything. They haven't done anything when it comes to the red zone and in terms of the tiger and spot is Brandon looked out the answer now. So yeah I mean that's that's an area. Like edited to say. What -- are going to be. But that's where you get back to second round pick help a team that's competing -- -- -- Jenkins or the doorway to one of these guys I don't know they'd like or would have liked yeah -- Notre Dame. There were bodies available now you can argue York. That the quarterback was just so much better value so much higher rated we got to go that's why they -- the border horizontally and vertically right the -- -- get the best talent. Available but there were guys you could have at least considered at in the second round or third round and chances are would've been an improvement over what you have right now. Yes there's there I think also when you look at the -- the practice. You guys -- I love the draft love talking about it -- thinking about it always -- But I think this is the time where -- draft. Those draft choices are. -- they get the most respect right now. Week before the draft a few days after the draft draft choices are lovely but it got to look at it this way. People today are saying why not spend a second round pick third round pick fourth round pick to get Tom Brady some weapons. So last year I tell you what. That last year while Eric dobbs and me I got to the second round pick. It can't hit stock has fallen because now you actually think comply right. You know you spent a second round pick last year for a weapon for -- he's been a fourth round pick last year for a weapon for Tom Brady but. It's not a sexy. A year after. No question the only problem is it tight and there's not that. If I'm wrong can't play you do not have a tight in depth chart that is. In any way impressive to anyone in the national football fans opponents the tight end will be a non factor in the offensive Crabtree. Not out there as as -- and -- I love your glass half full philosophy. I don't think he's the beginning of the season that's very I mean he himself is saying I'm gonna take my time. I'm gonna make sure it's gonna try. And it's -- We don't play into September well you don't have to even look at a permit me to get Dennis Seidenberg outfits -- -- to actually got to take delivery of the cyber examples I want modern medicine the -- surgery in January. -- abroad they're fortunate enough to advance in this series with that's what five months so from now. Did the judge I -- he has almost as much time from now till the season as all the time that Seidenberg as you. If he was as tough as a hockey player -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just saying our hockey players a little other worldly in most people's minds they I mean like you know Patrice Bergeron playing game six with a broken rib and punctured lung and a separated shoulder you know that's tough football players to you don't think cut off fingers and get a little you know -- drugs -- up for popular I think he is hiding in if anything. I think that's been his issue. He still tough. He he takes on -- at C. The puts himself in positions that sooner or later are gonna add up and and knock him out of the game and that's what we've seen happen and we know we -- to work out and put the -- -- together after that. To -- and I saw that our problem earlier in the playoffs who's in the basement. With a hockey stick and a puck and was shooting at some -- guy with a net ms. -- matters. So he probably does have that hockey player mentality -- And I'm -- rockets and Latin up either when he issued this sport guy. 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. It's -- -- with in the arts Sports Radio WE yeah if he was as tough as a hockey player whoa all.

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