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Game 6 ! Can the Bruins wrap it up against the Habs ?

May 12, 2014|

We talk Bruins after a dominating win on Saturday, and game 6 on tap for tonight.

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I was part of the onslaught Saturday as the Boston Bruins beat Montreal Canadian sported two. Took a three games to two lead in the best of seven. Stanley Cup second round series the Bruins can end things tonight with a win at the belts that are. And now I would think the belts and it would it would have been ramp up and amp up no matter what. But in the aftermath of Watergate. Went to -- thirty taken all my Seattle crazy rants -- -- aren't just water bottles now. I gate which they are making in two you know the story of the century in Montreal as we -- they would. In in the aftermath of that then I would think you can take kept up and multiply it by about six nets would be like. Personal -- keep waiting for any outward -- -- -- as his -- That's Q Brady I know I. Have a prayer out pretty similar -- -- else else from a fan I'm becoming a -- in the -- but in terms of water bottle. -- -- It's not a huge deal. -- I love. Why do with hockey's the only sport where stuff like that still happens happened last night it's -- last night Sidney Crosby's and ask Romney's laying on the ice. And and can -- was a regal Henrik Lundqvist. Skated past him and MTV is water bottle on Sidney Crosby's face while it's -- on the ice I love it. I -- you not only sport where you're still allowed to have some hate some animosity some little. Only your support to have hate every other sport you know basketball they're like hi I'm for the inaugural ball bodies of football there's. Nothing like that everything no hate to put its did you get a penalty about. -- talked about the way the game is manufactured. In boiled down and just generic. Hockey still has -- and guys like every heard of patriots -- And nothing fun ever happens I think. Having heard of part what got -- Bart Scott twenty minutes after the gap and it's over now gimme something on the book you want the Democrats. The commissioner eyesight is a lot about Randy Moss and square an official yet and the commissioner total to shore up before and after you guys but if -- talking about Bart Scott that Wes Welker. It is a marked man that's my point. The NFL wants everything all the fun taken out squeezed out -- like hockey goes through old Seattle but they don't -- -- -- 28 bucks yet if you if -- real. Fine if it was like 50000 dollar fine okay that's hockey saying cut this crap out to Stanley Cup Playoffs who want just the sport they don't. Hockey should embrace that it's what separates assize food and post game show on Saturday night and I'm onset with Andy prickly and Billy Jaffe. And we're gonna break and I am saying to them. This whole water bottle thing is blowing up. I mean this is the story downstairs. And were on the fifth floor dressing rooms are on the third floor and I -- everything commodities dressing rooms. Is PK -- talking about the water bottle. And and John -- has left the Bruins dressing room has talked to the media. And and they both looked at me like I had two heads. As the two hockey guys. Said. They were more disgusted with PK Sudan and whining about being scored about water bottle then being escorted by -- -- out. Know it's interesting that you -- saying that because I read Bruce Arthur. Earlier in your recommendation so Bruce Arthur Toronto sun. Our columnist Toronto -- used in Toronto star so he said. He was impressed. With the way. Did you -- on the eye socket on the I -- what -- not yet he's gold of the -- -- eighties and that was when they show the shot of a for signaled any laughed and -- is laughing and then. Evidently one of the referees look Bill Bradley stopped black pop up. Another effort like women started laughing again. -- on the ice PK sedan was screaming at one of the officials because I guess he wanted to penalty. Called against -- and that's what they were talking about the whining about it on the ice bothered them much more. Than being scored while -- -- but also are lining all right I mean at that point in the game you -- your goal you're trying to come back if you can steal some guests steal -- -- and I was just gonna say Eric reported the educate them. If the officials had seen it what would've happened. Nothing nothing -- -- I don't ergonomic and clutter up my gas but you don't think it would have given us Smart hockey for him to try to steal something there is snapping a heady player. I think you know what was winding -- like I part of that is that's like saying it's Smart to flop in dive all over the place and try to get power play. Fans and people in hockey don't like it. You -- -- and I was going honorable -- -- but I do all the time right but I mean let's look at Tom Brady we've spent the whole two hours talking Tom Brady. Now why it would essentially been edited added a fourth inning he knew he almost 98 it would keep an eye on it. And -- -- -- quarterback and hate him for sure plenty of great importance I don't know that not here they love him or let's call on -- honor for the Bruins when quote from it seems the water -- what's next I don't know I'm not in the towel off -- coming out this -- Michael I'm talking about that the diving and -- maybe you don't they don't think that's the honorable way to play the game they do what you don't dot. They don't do -- anywhere near like the Canadians say it but they also to correct some guests everybody as well there's a difference -- on the back over this. The difference between embellishing in diving yes the Bruins have embellished before. The Montreal Canadians die at the there was the one penalty call which he got against -- taos ski. It's still banned and he gets hit by -- cow ski. -- -- -- Like like. Like the sniper is taken out from the grassy Knoll was very well done it was very well I. I got I got to wait an honorable way to play in the first period of of a nothing nothing game look at one way. If I'm trying to come back and Marty pulled my goalie and I'm just in the last ditch desperation mode it's a hail Mary. I'm doing anything -- can't get an advantage of any kind and I can respect that I really tent and then to handle it well afterwards. Doesn't that kind of say. And I you don't have to do about brilliant and -- know -- you know what wise it was his knowledge that. You know highs around the league hockey players just thought it was -- I mean again my hockey guys who like. Respect a lot in an early exit honest to god and stuff that goes on during the game the fans don't see the fans don't hold out. And and this is like sold. Grade school. That that they were embarrassed for PK Sudan that he was whining about but wouldn't you also embarrassed for its on board for doing it -- -- it's a stupid thing to do correct. It was a super gas to look he said he said he caught up in the moment it was a dumb thing to do but I. It's the stuff happens as you said this happens was it was that last series with a stick. Went over onto the ice and and they totally miss -- with the Bruins member at that the surge Lester got out of I think it was a regular season game. In the regular season here where -- hits against Montreal. Was that against -- might have been yes they threw a stick on the ice in the middle place nobody -- it does stuff happen to people. -- honestly believe what do hockey fans honestly believe. That because Shawn Thornton's sprayed PK Sudan with the water bottle but the Canadians are gonna play harder tonight well you don't think I help a limit nation. Sort of makes you wanna play as hard as well what -- things. Two things that won. A in court as the questions continued to combat them about the water brought up a lot of what would let -- that's I don't take any credit away from the Bruins. They played a great game had nothing to do with the result of the game he's trying to tone it down tone it down tone it down I'm with Andy. During the game absolutely you try to get anything -- can't -- just the competitor if you're a competitor you. Do what you can for your team and try to win the game afterwards you put the perspective on it that you think will. Will call on the story doubt it didn't work for you bet the number two and Daniel Orton in Montrae here's -- you said. The honorable way to play a game or get ready for this honor tonight. 32 you're down 32 you're in Montreal. Your season could be over after sixty minutes or seventy minutes every five Harvard law however -- the game goes they would do everything possible. -- -- -- There haven't been diving for the most part of the series -- will tonight if they they showed. They're dirt dropped their -- Hardest to win hockey games in. Virtually any way possible within. You know beat the norms of the game and I think flopping whining and begging for calls those are all some wet somewhat within the norms of the getting to know why you do that. To win because you're not good enough to play. Straight -- that may -- the Montreal audience are better job to win I understand but my point is they're not good enough to beat the Bruins straight up. The -- as if it becomes a power play game they got shot. If it's five on five game they have zero shot all and they know that. And and so there can they just want to win and we got to find a way to win and if that means. You know flop but in the court Brendan Gallagher just before he scored the goal was down on the back boards I don't think he's ever gonna get up again the and then the play continued Lisa -- okay to get back up but he just front of the net tips on the ball. It's like -- Jones has what he's talking about it in the capital gold. I -- -- dollar Gallagher looks like he's going to die. It looks like he's going to. Then there's a miraculous recovery. And it got in there and -- any any -- -- in what you're absolutely right -- -- let me ask a question I haven't. Done as much research on the Montreal side of this has race been run up. Since race and -- who bond with some days and earlier wanna open and I haven't I've not -- and I'm glad about that but I'm a little surprised I have lives. As divers are there in ticket questions Bruce Bruce Arthur mentioned it in his column. And in east at something like it is not. Race -- race was a part of it but not racism. Or something like that. Again a direct -- jacket and he actually made fun of a kick out of beta part of himself with the with the phrasing. I'll get the particular phrase -- you -- that would be my president has it been a story like say he only sprayed. Black -- found a black guy right over the water. No there there were some reports. That have been knocked down this report that people were spitting on him. In and that structure. All the credit during the game yes are all rumors Robert always -- think he got -- Romanowski was. Let let me guess that was the Montreal media who theorized that. The same Montreal media who said -- Hamilton claims we've salt Carey Price that winning -- they're coming out when he didn't say that. You know but that the Montreal media is a bit unique. Now it's it it's the only show in town okay well I don't bilingual. No no not all but most. The Montreal me he's a little effort and and they do have a tendency to try to interject themselves which is why. Everything in the dressing room became water bottle -- No we won't talk about the fact that that the team just got beat 42 win game five and is headed home facing elimination activity -- with a water bottle. They were down two goals with forty seconds left. Are -- that's why -- try to steal call -- the. It's not a case of -- and how it's always everything. People talk about everything that that Su Banda. The way he. The way he plays the way he celebrates the way he dresses the way he the way he walks everything. I says it's always about -- Are the rights to brands ice time with contractors attitude celebrations the closest teammate Don cherry calling in Peking or whatever his name is to ban. It's always a panel discussion always an excuse to -- an opinion it's partly race not always racism precisely. Because they can be different things but it's hard to pinpoint how much. So that that was his mention. I never heard word. From the fans or anybody else about that in that aspect it and I think as it would have been. Even mention I'm I'm guessing Broussard around I don't know him but I guess and you wouldn't mention it hadn't been for game one right that that would be my point because of what. Happened previously in the series I wondered -- would be dragged into this because. Montreal's little bit reactionary as a fan base and Allen and and we're mechanical back over you know well plowed ground for about about the tweets and where they came from and and you know and an actual report. On Canadian web site at the and word. Was trending on Boston Twitter which was all so we're not gonna go over well we're not gonna go to ground but I put it over right now going to tell us get there on what -- died of a point here is. Montreal -- out there were enough real things to talk about. Without having to make up stuff to talk about. PK Sudan gets booed every time he touches the puck in Boston. But he has for years it has nothing to do in my opinion. With the fact that he -- black hockey player has to do that he's really good exactly in the same way Zdeno Chara gets booed every time he touches the puck in Montreal. And this goes back to the Max pack two ready yet it's not that they have an issue with Slovakian insert -- -- maybe they don't I don't I exile. It has to do with the fact that he's really good timing yet and that sort of get booed him assuming like god yeah. Which in fact there was a -- -- -- there was a thought out there that -- wouldn't play him tonight. Well that's another SH a formal punishment -- not exact globe wasn't very happy. He gave the Bill Belichick it's not were looking for kind of -- that you know I I I I feel like I should support my players but I can't support show on in this. He wasn't very happy just because it takes the attention. And puts it on that takes the attention away from beating the Canadians 42 taking a three games to two lead and -- and never once talked about the water. If you words that they know look Chara let John -- -- an optional member. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T -- line 37937. Dale and -- and Andy arts Sports Radio WE. And always this -- brings the best out of not a team and you know system going to -- out of your team you know so. There's there's no tomorrow. -- either teams so. He's gonna load Derek. You know the full of energy on the -- that you are -- it and and see what happens. That's David Cray chief who still looking for his first Stanley Cup playoff goal this playoff year. Has been the leading scorer in the Stanley Cup Playoffs two out of the last three years. And is still looking for his first goal. Claude Julien had a great quote today. After the morning's Katie said. If you don't wanna play game seven and play game six like you don't wanna play game seven it was a -- line pretty simple isn't it don't play you know. As as David -- -- just sadly it all out there tonight and make sure you don't have to play game seven where stuff can happen who knows. I got assess that on Friday that this series is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be and we haven't seen the real Bruins in in Montreal. Has looked like the better team at least through four games slightly better than the Bruins for a change I disagreed with it -- you did you did disagree and that changed on Saturday the Bruins played a complete game -- very good. From start to finish. Look like for -- that they were gonna run away with the game and -- nominated and semi competitive -- a little bit too late. But what all that said. And how how difficult the series has been you can say it's been unpredictable so I have no idea what's gonna happen tonight and -- something. Kinda cool about that. At the Bruins could it could win this thing fortitude to like they did on Saturday series over move on wait for the winner of Pittsburgh New York. Or we might be having a game seven here on Wednesday -- the series has been. It has been a little on even has been wildly entertaining. -- game -- game there's been no carry over over the Bruins did this last in the gonna do this. This game Montreal did this in game one they're gonna do this game to each each series has been its. Its own little of each game it's been its own little mini here. And yet if you look at. The record playoff record. The Bruins have the best playoff record the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year they won seven out of their ten games. Winning percentage -- can do this is 700 that's the best on the NHL -- -- up there there five on five goals for against ratio is. Far and away the best in the NHL in the playoffs so far this year one point eight goals for for every goal they give up five on five. The next best in the league is one point 39. I know people get caught up in the moment of lost they lost that double overtime. There's still the best team in the national hockey -- -- the best playoff record in the national hockey. All that said game 23 period was 31 I believe yeah and then they had the the explosion yes -- was the series close to being over. 'cause I felt like you were down -- nothing you might -- -- and I'll probably still don't. Probably not not -- you know it with these Bruins. You can say that before Philadelphia. Before the Philadelphia series I think that's the that's the marker right there that's before and after so BF. And on his PP. And and AP. PF Billups Philadelphia spelled. Yeah I. Thought for flyers it would -- -- -- -- -- it -- Or maybe register throughout I think that's where appropriate. But they haven't they prove something. Because they've been a good they've gone down in so many series it looked like they were done in multiple situations and they come back. You know whether it's being down -- to -- Montreal. At home and in coming back being down to Vancouver in the final three games to being down to -- so. Oh with a minute to play in game seven. Being down to Montreal in this series. In game two yet they haven't exposed. I think they've proven to themselves. Although this doesn't bother us now the hot sometimes. Almost seems like they need their back -- around or around worries me a little that -- I -- it it seems like I don't think but I Jason -- let's get down a couple of goals I do sometimes thing good teams good athletes. That happens occasionally and I don't wanna -- lethargic gore. Looking past anything assuming anything but it's almost like. In the do and that's switch where you triggered OK you're taken my but I do need to start actually -- known here in the I don't -- they have that's not a good thing if they have let's get the calls backed the call 61777979237. Travis and New Hampshire next on -- and holly. -- -- -- -- Talk about -- -- in Montreal. -- You know. On the call hockey honorable. On. We've knocked it in a moment but I didn't. Back into the name why now why didn't you celebrate -- sports -- torture torture -- actually yeah and it's got. -- Gallagher Mike Gallagher is going out. I. I think that and and I'm not gonna pretend that the Bruins have never flopped before they have. And interestingly enough the guy who who was most often pointed to when you talk about that is -- random. Who hasn't really done a few years because he got called out on the carpet ball by his coach. And by I think the team president. And what they basically said was we don't like that crap around here any really hasn't done it since that. But the bottom line is as a fan I mean I know you wanna win honorably. But the wind comes first there wanna win honorable. Yet the trouble word out that's an anti wanna win as a fan in a -- Montreal -- if they need to do XYZ to beat a bigger better team. I'm rooting for -- that advances you can happen. Yeah like I think that the Montreal Canadians Herm Edwards as though I play to win big and I do think that the Canadians and and I think that Michelle Terry and understand since. That that five on five. They are not in the same league. And Dale Arnold has convinced me -- and and they're not end and he knows that I know that it's not like I'm some genius he has so isn't that good coaching and good playing to try to figure out -- way you can win the -- well it's funny because before the game on Saturday. Claude Julian was talking about how. Well officiated things have been. Because there had been a lot of power play tries they've ignored a lot of the crap. They really had allowed the two teams on the ice to settle things than there were coming at -- -- then Michelle Terry and in when he answered the same question right Ludacris French. Didn't answer English in French she said well I -- Claude Julian does like eternal power place. Because he knows. That the way the Canadians beat the Bruins is with the man advantage. She laughed at his -- was great when someone when someone asked him about the officiating it just went on line with just -- answer was. A laugh about it but I can see why. Both teams. And both coaches would like the officiating a penal colony that. If you can essentially do whatever you wanted to although Terry animal like that at all well has been getting to get an advantage right. What you want. In this situation. Where -- Montreal needing a man advantage. They win. They win game one. A power play goal in double overtime yet but have they when they but in double overtime right in double overtime and it felt like. I can't purchase and -- -- that if if it's 515. Advantage Boston. But even the game Boston one where they needed the must win game in my opinion game for. Game four. Power play his game four. I don't have my card front I don't want to gain yet there was there there -- many but did -- -- there was a lot so. It in game four game five there's a lot advantage Boston. I mean Boston with a Boston with a game -- game four. That is I do they or even. Or even game four Boston -- I don't think. It has been as obvious in the first five games of the season a private games of the series. That Montreal needs the extra help to compete with with Boston they want to I think it's been an obvious than ever money one -- that they want without an -- they can't win without they haven't won their game without a. Not I'm saying they have won two games about the only way they can beat the Bruins is with the power. They can't win five on five they they they can't win a game they can't win the series without. They they just can't edit it if if they're so clearly different in that regard that the officials don't call any penalty advantage Boston. Because they play five on five on me just get this. If they don't calling penalties tonight to Montreal and again you know in my opinion no. I don't think they can I -- I and and part of that is five on five advantage is clearly Boston the other part of that is to focus back. Tuukka Rask is once again one of the two or three best goaltenders in the National Hockey League. Which he wasn't early stages of this series admittedly so we wasn't he is now. Don't know if it it it then becomes a five on five game and the goaltender at the other end is really good again. I don't think they have a chance that it's over tonight I do I do -- I don't know if it'll be five on five but. The fixes in a tyrant text well let's just fixes all that amount I know that that was Harry sinden and I -- ten you know they're gonna get all the power play dries up there. 6177797937. As telephone number -- four back to your call Sports Radio WE yeah. Some water on he's gone over well against us right now whose daughter -- -- water off my face. Well I guess that's there's a maximum had a good time. And her employer. -- to go start the thing about them. When you know do you know that's not. That's not the thing that we appreciate that scripture. I was Michelle Terry and by the way not -- Julian talking about it. Figured you could always tell because he's got that breathing thing don't. -- -- Darth -- -- that Darth Vader French Darth Vader in the middle of it I. A surge question though is is that the strength of the NHL players association or -- the -- so. Like I pay the fines. Well why defines not have finally born and -- infraction was app from the day's -- And now if if he was Sidney Crosby got the same find it to -- a lot more money 212800. Yet and that's a half a -- -- days. Somewhere around and natural thousand well Wednesday. Well they don't get paid by game day they get paid by. You know the the first day of the season the last day of the season -- like teachers yes same sort of thing so half of today's today. His pay is somewhere in the vicinity of 5700. Dollars or something Friday by the program that I'm them fine so -- for that. I mean they're -- -- a further four or not right you know pat cash eating anything you're not. Suppressing anything it's like already scored. -- -- two grand on dinner. My guess is it was probably worth 2800 dollars just to get PK -- all riled up. I agree with that but the fact that his coach doesn't like I'm not so sure no I think I think in hindsight he's thinking okay. Although I I don't I also wonder of load has to say one thing publicly. And another thing privately. Mike I don't think -- blob that but I also think that behind closed doors close -- and it and it for what the -- you think and act. Publicly yet to say some than I wonder just no comment when I got you could yes he's got a. Italy Italy -- -- -- taking care where we're focused on hockey but I don't think I guess I don't support it on the you know code Julian better -- anybody. Help as well as anybody in the city. From what I imagined him to be of the counterculture imagine being. I wouldn't think he's too excited about -- I don't think -- blood in it or even. Privately probably wouldn't talk about it because. It's that was stupid. -- I don't you don't think he gave -- an -- about it but that's what I think it went well anything really come and I I I don't think it's like eight or getting here. You know and -- you ought to -- -- and he sits across the desk from amend. You know thrashers -- verbally for twenty minutes I don't think that would have been involved I think would come in it to win. You know now we -- -- -- -- -- down about this stuff coach and an even when -- talked to the media yesterday he didn't apologize for doing it. He apologized for taking the attention away from his teams went over the Canadians he apologized to his coach was an obvious how that and that's and I think that's what I want okay what is what I do I think this being an ominous -- when my water bottle but coach didn't like its -- -- Out on the list of apologies really exactly half. I'm sorry you have hurt feelings and I don't think like that I'm sorry that you're still sensitive if. I offended anyone all I love that one if if I offended anyone I apologize clearly my intention to offend somebody because -- -- -- from the -- I -- good and lost 6177797937. -- in Cambridge are next on dale and -- They -- Alitalia joins us. They to a couple of points I totally agree with you on the whole -- borrowers who was ridiculous and they'll sources so. Was in the weeks and you know it's such a minor infraction. You know so many -- bigger things go on the course of the game. What I don't agree with is the point of -- you guys have on the pushing of the net. And lose game three. -- game. I believe it was game for the game yeah I was the end of game 30 introductory yet there -- on the air on direct yes direct entry. And there were eight seconds left. From my viewpoint -- he was that the point winding up on a -- from Chara. At the net went off and they were sold it at the Bruins should have been enraged about that it's great -- -- that. Mean they might have they have gotten a penalty shot. Job by the way. I agree with you about your gonna say that it be. We said it was a a big deal when you don't think it was a big -- -- it was a big deal -- a lot oh yeah our our public you know -- -- on the same page there yet but with that Bobby got away with -- Yeah he definitely did I just thought that maybe you know has said that he was worried about the the rep or -- worry about his safety think -- now the arena but. No I think I think that if if I'm not mistaken I think Dale's point was -- -- to call a penalty shot in -- -- -- -- it is it is it consistent with the game is that something that is that in the spirit of that type of game the game being played at the time. And I don't last week you said it would have been consistent with the type of game that was but. I feel like we do that on purpose and there's no question in my mind it was intentional. Now there are other guys who I was not intentional other like official I saw -- Paul Stewart wrote about it. And Paul Stewart said you know I don't think you could say that he did it intentionally you when I look at -- same thing Michael I thought he did it on purpose. Paulson -- out of pocket not being intentionally then it is try to get to the pocket you know return to try to get to the pocket open net got. -- there artists yeah I know. Nobody went -- -- -- mold of -- I I I could -- direct and edit it got to tell me that that indicates who bands like just like awkward clumsy guy. But a professional hockey player -- no one around the block a good fit what that it would move on sorry c'mon you know Ohno might. I I believe he did you believe he did I ask if if and if that's another official and I visual set up by then. To -- look at it and say OK the Bruins are down by a goal eight seconds left in the game I'm gonna -- -- penalty shot in Montreal you but see that part I don't know. You can't take that into account. I really easy to say that but. Oh come on. Actually gonna get assault that -- out I I didn't meet the joke I'm that's how he left the guy -- that's where you thought they'd get an official would have to fight his way out of the bill actually does happen in my. Some high school sports you know. Mean there's been a lot of documentaries that in certain places Florida's in places. There have been high school football officials assaulted on the way to the car to beat up in the hospital over the weekend Mitch Williams. The wild wild thing. Got -- ejected from a a baseball tournament that his son was playing because he was verbally assaulting the umpire the kids in the tournament were tenure -- He called the umpire and MF her and an apartment now down ten year old kids. And they chucked him out and and now you know Mitch Williams is saying I don't know the it's the umpire who took things too far it's. -- -- let me ask you you're accuser -- older than -- I think art music has -- -- -- it's difficult and you hear these stories all the time is difficult to. Restrain yourself to contain yourself and just watch. A unit the sports event without. Why are some -- trying to relive your year. Your dreams. Trying to make up for what it's all an excuse -- at a major here. It's not like he needs to live vicariously through his kids in that -- exactly he actually had glory days. You know they go to Arizona well -- and cheer for your kids -- I don't you know I. I've never understood that -- -- ten years my -- stepping out I've never understood that mentality but I've seen other parent not like this you know not. You know calling the them umpire and -- after a while that I've seen parents acting stupid at that school sports and people removed by cops and games I was -- at a I had a teammate whose father was removed by a police officer from the idea baseball field my daughter playing in day in hockey tournament on the case. The assistant coach got removed from the bench by police as -- coach the assistant coach removed. For growing at the official yes okay. So the answer your question is yes -- see it -- difficult. It. It doesn't seem difficult to meet your TU but I think it's just enthusiasm for little -- I don't know I don't. Goes beyond that -- is somehow if you're asking me if I'm better if I'm gonna believe. An umpire or Mitch Williams I'm gonna -- the umpire for some reason especially to see the pictures. Where Mitch Williams is right -- base there's picture all Alia on this day and age can't do anything. Is it -- -- I'll tell you the truth the videos much clearer than the Jimmy ruffle stuff I was watching over the weekend. I mics and -- marks in North Hampton remark NATO. -- go to the progress I've met. What are -- patriots. Yes well I saw the meta question. It just seemed like every year. Are expected GM doesn't surfaced of her coach. I know. In bill we trust what -- the coaching mixed. Players and you'll -- looking -- me including that the about normally you have positions that didn't normally. Play in the past but. It -- it true that the draft. LA -- -- it shouldn't you guys but we kept a -- -- you know who -- trapped but Serbs think an entirely burned a couple of years ago that matter or we all think -- should check -- So I. Mean he's wrong don't know and it's good that the crap -- it to -- the fifteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On it that the best out of even our -- as volatile market analyst at two point yeah. Whoever the best actor is in the league let's say it's Ozzie Newsome. Let's say it was Bill Polian when he was the GM of the colts it's still or -- or -- Ted Thompson agreement whoever is. They're there their best days -- party. 35% maybe amend their drafts over well yeah overall should be high order some drastic blow out of the top absolutely killer whoever your favorite raptor is. They have some drastic moment that's unbelievable and another drafts -- But he when the smoke while they picked a democratic Egypt and I don't want it to overtime. Oh -- -- a bit more important question for you guys it is. There's always been its association with great Belichick and Brady goes -- -- -- now with the extra thickness director Robert. Our report is that -- -- more to -- so I'll Belichick's. Long term. Aspirations Latino. I'm glad you brought that up 'cause I certainly think you can read it in that way I -- -- one great point we talked a lot about it over the weekend if you're one of those that thought well you know they're just gonna both ride off into the sunset in four years whatever that's their plan to both gonna go. -- -- wise bill drafting for the future post Brady you know why is he thinking long term why is he doing what dale won it's some dame players in the second round win now now. So if if I think you could read into this bill's plan on being here in the post Brady era and that's his quarterback is there any chance. A news conference that there's a chance the Bill Belichick -- the part of ownership. Are you allow or in the unanimous I would say no are you allowed have a piece of ownership as an NFL coach. Question I I I don't you think there's anything that would preclude it now. You can't you can't slip a little piece of the franchise your quarterback right now certainly my salary cap rules would prohibitive for player but for coach I don't I don't think neither is anything that would -- -- because we keeps. I'm not in the recent -- questions I'm not sure. That you know drafting drop below means that Bill Belichick is gonna stay a long time and and Tom Brady is is out the door and -- and villas and a Tom. I'm going to be here for -- long -- I don't know already gone but I'm going to be right here with the patriots maybe. Say he could have a job beyond coaching. With the New England Patriots are stake in the in the paint is a stake in the patriots without being their coach. Or -- maybe there's not a selfish bastard like everybody thinks and that he plans to leave for Brady but I got a far and I got to leave the organization. In good shape that's just my role. As the head of football operations here so even though I won't be here I wanna make sure they're hooked up when I'm gone I think it's. More towards the latter I think he just he does it sounds good but he does what he does if he was leaving the right I would leave would -- be more worried about. OK I got three years left -- whatever however many in L I think that's the economics major in him he just does the right thing and their apple was this on the board and we need this and we got to think for this and shorten long term. I just think he does what he does. And I think he wouldn't -- ego and all those things that timeframe the window wouldn't get in the way AT&T -- -- -- you. Jerry Jones and coach of the cowboys -- -- -- -- it's just about that on the letter highlights here affect a lot of our work 7797937. -- telephone number dale and -- and -- art Sports Radio WE yeah. I've been here when it was Gloria old days and I've been here when it was and so having said that. I won't -- Oreo. I know sometimes supposed to talk but I like him he's musical selections. I just like to listen sixth -- -- it was this and it. Alter that might stop Alter -- -- different cut off the album and wanna recommend but that is buys horses -- mine while no I didn't know this -- the album has pretty good taste in music whoever likes these the guys who did the entrance music for edge in the WW. That's the -- those CDs that they. I just recommended it and I don't know but I mean like the Debbie -- music CDs that humans now okay. Now happening on WB volume nine yet not much -- did you catch the draft though they were getting some of those chants from the crowd. Yes you know -- -- Watson on Nokia thing yeah yeah not a -- Now no there was members it was from a few years ago. Well all that analysts -- and old yet -- that's its most open wrestling usually does that when any rustling has encroached on this media event that is the draft and lock up music to -- You couldn't keep up the Euro as. Anybody. In the draft in New York now. It was evidently mcginnis. Who would do it. You would want it's been technical -- on radio city music all things and York some hanging around. Hold on to jets if that's been at all in dressing up we hit the Broncos guys -- We hit the shot again of the -- -- -- to the rules. Have you been one. -- through the draft now. And in the funny thing is the if you're at the draft. Where the team. General managers and there are -- Jimmie are -- out scouting directors. There in the in the draft after it was that is. Usually exit out -- represented about reorganization. Diminish what they don't like Ali and I like the second or third on the list. So sometimes they'll tell. IR repeal one. They have a draft pick. And then the trade trade trade happened. It's. Happening which. Mystery over the cameras out. -- -- line. What's happening here here here not make. It make short excuse and it's tight so the the not revealed on TV. Reports should be. We've seen instances. Vikings who missed likens its success occasions like a sheet of paper up to. The podium on. It and it close a deal to. Remember the ravens and -- That. A year ago. Oh it was that time Jerry and the bears. Deal -- and there in the bears called me and there's technical. The -- it was -- official -- Here. -- -- -- -- -- Now I know Bob -- trying to get the draft here. A lot of assault story where he wants to bring the draft of Boston I would go see it here but isn't that now they're talking about having round one in new York and in two and the re whatever elsewhere are turning to attract your -- -- yet. And now they wanna expand over four days. In wanna move it to memorial weekend. Yeah you nobody's on board except the ratings and TV ratings went through the good but you know what that last that was mainly the first round was mainly man's ultra. -- I mean it was grant -- -- Or more years than not you have some sort of grabber whether it's two quarterbacks marquee quarterback who might slip -- -- some story because they just spent the last three -- tell -- there was a story making that can make. As a sorry I think next year they bring back Ray Lewis should have acquire. Another -- on. -- acquire with a big with a big robes. Will -- for you know I thought if you're gonna do entrance music players yeah. And we should know the entrance music as a view so that when we hear the music kinda like the old wrestling when you hear the music you know what's coming juicy that they do at Fenway now. At Fenway now is guys come up for their their walk up music they actually put it up on the score board is people want. Right I mean you know when bit Shane Victorino comes up -- kind of what it is right. But now -- everybody as they come up they put the name of the walk up music in the -- up on the scoreboard because I think like Houston people. And and the other thing is they are Smart they'll sell that the catcher go get this music now iTunes dot count at oh victory you know the pressure he can change no he's -- it may be sick of the song and Bob Marley is his favorite -- But he just wants -- changed to a different. Marley song like janitors -- -- done public and likes to thank Christ Brokaw. Garage -- And you know -- texture here says. I'm having a reason to have lockup music is on my bucket list yes it's true the -- I'd like to cover reasonable aren't you push guys to hold. Challenged I think music of -- the man the one from the the beaded. Headphones commercial. Having dealings and big and adult black kids to be picked up in -- -- Believe me. Believe me the -- tonight. I've never engaged Shane does wanna change. Very. I don't think the fans dancing along on the wrong. Here and I got here. -- probably wouldn't allow the. You now and I don't but what does the marijuana policy in Nevada and then well I love that about steroids and got -- -- it right. Generalities can do it -- on the cellphone hate him I don't. Okay doing -- -- -- -- AC/DC. Early introduction that so I had no problem. It's an election -- that the unless the rules have changed the coach coaching candidate ownership stake in Korea are entertained. Yeah Marty when he went when he went to on the -- and the reading capable litigating equity ownership. Well there's also you know Paul Brown home. Who created the browns and the Bengals but that was the -- salary cap I'm not there's a lot more rules I'm guessing in the rule books than there were. You know 304050 years ago but I I I still don't think there's anything that prohibits the coach from being part owner. Right than -- -- hear it for you that the he was basically go checks roll in Washington at that time. I GM and coaching they give him equity ownership to make -- mullah I don't scenario why unless there's something in the rules that nobody is aware that. Yeah I think the only thing that would pressure or an ambulance that prevent that is the craps not. Wanting to do you know -- a family run organization between Robert Jonathan in the other Brothers -- and Josh and everybody's so. Now you're giving a share of the team to. In him and break it down discount alters the landscape did the did the Broncos give Elway a portion of ownership when he took over when he was -- -- are probably couldn't they did. But it wasn't oh yeah I was they got a product. I think they did give him went when he came on board as the president to get an ownership thing I thought he got something and there's been rumors. There were rumors for awhile that. Somebody was going to the Panthers and they were gonna get some ownership rights and there's definitely been rumors some on 99% sure it's it's allowed -- but I remember a rumor you're talking about maybe with our power to them they got a house has got down aren't out ownership stake he's the perfect guy. And I think though these are billionaires. They just gonna hand over a piece of multibillion dollar properties to this that's a big jump from giving a coached ten million a year let's say to. A portion of a -- point four per cent billion dollar franchise that's a big jump then. I can't see a lot of owners that wanna do that unless they were trapped for you know they want to divvy it up in money and they couldn't pay the guy which is good -- award. Like for hell of a reward you really and I'm using like Tom Brady long in meritorious service no you know they they shipman's car figuring. IBM (WSJ) bought cheap cheap skate. Hotel room at the Renaissance anytime you wanna come down credit that's DB -- well rehab center out there I got it he gets me occurred just. -- the access in this and lack of the lack of of real world real world parameters for rich people like Brady this may be -- but the fact is. The guy built a mansion. And California. And then turns around and flips it. Doesn't on flip this house so -- get closer to Dr. -- and build another mansion is building another mansion. Embossed in it makes you wonder if he's going to be here why it why is. Why is leaving the California plates and then putting all of his chips and Boston. But a couple times with. Tebow like three -- three the Brown's -- that prompted about. A -- and -- state Felix has. That. The doctor for his but the point 3.2 billion soldiers -- -- -- -- wondered -- -- the paperwork signed before the apple announced that doctor -- -- Out of pocket and.

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