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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Draft Grade Edition - 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

We tackle four topics all around assigning meaningless grades to something we can't call for at least a year! The NFL Draft.

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And colleagues. We hear that you -- golf cranked up. Talk about guys -- -- getting ready to make that jump that the national football days for a -- brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. All right. Young man let's crank it up. The only eight picks remaining in the NFL draft the St. Louis Rams called Michael Sams and aim at 249. The rams have very talented defense events and Chris Long and Robert Quinn that being said. Will Michael Sam make the Saint Louis rams' roster. For week one. -- -- it's going to be tough. If you look at it this way they've got Robert Quinn and Chris Long -- of the cornerstones on. On the defensive end position they don't William Hayes. Good pass rusher those three guys going to be there they're not going anywhere. Do you basically have two spots left what one of them they called the DP are designated pass rusher. That's the spot that. That I think Michael Sam has to win. I will say this I think he's going to be hard to. -- be ideal beyond that he's a hard got to cut for a team. And plus I don't like to think like your -- Erica -- -- -- got a cup because he's going to -- the store because of the public relate certainly the story and they are -- story. You know they certainly embraced the story that's why but I also think he's that type of player I know locally everybody wants -- kinda making that comparison to -- group. You know productive pass rusher doesn't have all the measurable. And it worked out for Tedy Bruschi well. I think you need to give him time if you're invested in Michael -- at all given time to be who he is an undersized. Under skill to some degree in terms of speed everything you need. Good football player. Well I think I think well you've probably doesn't have time Tedy Bruschi would start outfit vs Michael stamps ever for a Tedy Bruschi. -- record setting up. Record setting defensive player at Arizona you have Michael -- SEC player of the year by his -- in college you're now. Half the college career at -- Teddy Bruschi. And the other thing is why I don't think there's been pressure on the -- to keep. Don't have pressure to keep up I dropped him argue -- -- going to tell me. That I went out there I think something that no other team did. And I have pressure to keep up maybe you -- just get the publicity or maybe but I but I still did something that. 248. And 200 or 248 other opportunities to draft Michael -- No one else. No one else did -- idea and somehow. I am and give Metallica I'm insensitive. Here you don't give a chance now you you don't have to prove himself as the Michael Sam's mentality works in favor of the Saint Louis Brett Michaels and says. He doesn't he's not trying to be a TrailBlazer. You want to be treated like any other football players. You know off seventh round pick to treat it. Not an upset that they make I think so ominous signal would say that McCain. I'm gonna disagrees that. Because they drafted and they can get rid of them. There was a little article that I'm sure you guys seen as well pre sales on Michael -- yours these are the -- already know what number where. But pre orders on on Michael centers before even -- number. I think that's what's going to be and by the way I'm not suggesting he's not good enough to play -- -- the team. I might make the argument was under drafted based on his announcement February plot. I think it's going to be tough to bottom I think that's going to be a tough one to sell I think it's going to be difficult to do. He's going to be difficult to make that team that divisions in the bottom -- that decision. Load and that defense at this is not a great place for him to get drafted by in fact you could make an argument. He's been better off not getting wrapped -- but -- about five teams that I think would have given them an opportunity. And I didn't see the patriots on that list by the way I actually don't think he's all that counted I think -- get drafted where it should I think he's a good college football and that happened during your good football player but it doesn't translate. And he might be a good place for that what you said just a situation that structure come in. Yet the other team have a DO long Quinn all of a sudden -- the extra guy on the front you're getting. Favorable one on one matchups you can win some of those -- chance to be productive -- your role I think he will be there any QB. Mildly productive but you guys wonder what commissioner was thinking the last round was winding down. Because I'm guessing that the commissioner not and I don't I'm not suggesting would make all our. I think commissioner was oh god please somebody get started please draft there was a woman from a believing yes yen in New York who sent out a tweet. Basically saying don't tell me that his announcement in February didn't hurt stress though because it did in proving it right now. Like it was starting the criticism. He's not being drafted because he's -- you know. Whereas I think. Doctors -- in the criticism. That would probably be justified if he had been drafted and not sign. But don't sign up our coverage -- -- -- a -- but. He what he was not an elite talent based on everything that they consider necessary. Her defense and pass structure and I also thought he did himself a disservice commonly said I'm just to pass rusher just wanna get after the quarterback just the past record to me. At that an epicenter itself on. I can play quarterback if you -- -- do whatever you want to tackle drop covers back but he kept pounding home I wanna be a football player. And I wanna be a pass rusher and he was sort of pigeonhole himself and it's something that he's built sport doesn't have the link doesn't have the speed does have the quickness to be just after. Yes we are Michael the two biggest names heading into the draft we're just adding I mean John -- -- Mining was taken number one overall play Texans -- though number 2.2 by the browns. Which player. Groups have a better career in the NFL -- -- -- close to me. And I I don't know how it's even question. -- -- the ref just told me if if the question because I'm -- and I don't mean that a thing like that -- -- -- how could you make an argument for -- element like good -- he wins in different ways it doesn't look like a book but he is a winner and you'll -- -- he makes plays on the football field he's a shorter version of Ben Roethlisberger keep plays -- is gonna get it on the field. All that there and supply Heisman Trophy and the crowd and has expressed an appropriate winner because he doesn't have in my opinion mentality I think we saw that from -- posted. Patriots scouting report. On dad's been in -- -- brother's best conference in college football right and all the stuff but the FCC after next right. John -- are not many but let me billion dollars to -- right eight straight at. Like Brad marsh and Brandon Archer are better today right. But he's a phenomenal talent. He's not live up to the -- Because I don't think can be Lawrence Taylor and that's the comparison impairment whiteout ice rocket -- what if I loved it yeah Lawrence Taylor had been able to play next JJ -- he might have been better than wise and it -- decline could play -- cocaine he might be better and you know and -- But you know it's -- and that's got to report to -- Let's say it is which -- is -- -- but I. I did come of the youngster out from a Georgia Tech they retired out of that that supposedly doubt that the patriots got the areas got to give them the report. It's just one report. So. Out of all this got me all this out to get reports. So let's they have twelve scouts get reports -- one of them weeks and one of them says. Let's say is that reported gone the other way -- Mandela is unbelievable he's better than Tom Brady Peyton Manning and -- darkened side. He will set records don't win twelve Super Bowl it's just once now. The Al tire could you know they're great he knows what these organizations what they're final report was what the college scouting director -- -- -- -- -- that was just one of the history. On the New England Patriots use their second round pick on Jimmy drop below is a drop below in fact the air to Brady's thrown. Yes. I think you'll start the first game of the host Tom Brady or whenever that is what my Jersey. Where those jerseys were numbers are gonna Wear the drop below three with ten and -- so maybe tenth number ten Grupo rate and he was very good call -- error. Well there announced artists and I get a kick out of Easley was asked Italian with the number 74 here. If it -- that was the number it was in my locker. And I walked in with a reporter Kyle Love. Yeah classy yeah -- reportedly left him with -- Jabar Gaffney was definitely -- what he's right the last one last not a great number number and I think it. Now with bishop sent twelve the know. Twelve to. It's almost perfect. It -- to -- they are and it's pretty adamant that Roberts for a we're trying to run it now this Austin Collie was number two outs and got. A -- the second best. I'm the best quarterback number twelve was probably second miss but that's corporate and some seven. Think of John Elway number seven you're a few we're number seven the pressure's on to get big game manager when you -- another -- That would be adjective to. That magically I would let it. And what the Michael bishop seven. It was so that would US pressure on who's the first PFW him and he shouldn't go -- awful trip wasn't me. No which they were -- that -- sort of got it signals there is the successor I don't know how good we've got a big but he is the next court -- you think it's going to be. I don't know I mean I I think they thought other guys were going to be it through -- and -- game and after you that's not an. Answer well here's your life depends on I think that they thought that other guys that they have picked. We're going to be that next idol and they've been wrong about I know who the first one no way this is the -- guy in drag drafted mallet to be about rate it and I have to go to trade -- why -- different than him because second round here because of the situation at quarterback and I can't contract -- -- that contract I don't know. I buddy -- agent contract I don't think they've brought Kevin O'Connell was going to be the next higher roll hunting is going to be the next auto back castle but this -- -- now is not knock knocking on that forty door. Plus I got this new boyfriend. -- you know how you can sneak -- A good candidate yeah it without -- with Europe with that Shelley sterling. Cooled off and. Time now for the AT&T question of the day in New England Patriots defensive tackle with two repaired ACL's quarterback in the second round did not address the tight end situation in the draft. So how would you grade the patriots draft. I have to go first I am -- ago. Considering I thought safety and tight end with the biggest needs and -- -- get one of those amigos seat loss. League's draft a month I'm not like Michael so. -- all these bad guys whose -- are we going up I credit they got -- fat guys pretty early on no thank you. I have I'm a little bit intrigued by wipe the running back I think he might be the guy who has the most impact early. It Kareem gets hurt or whatever and that that -- I'm ready definitely ready to play quarterback anymore there has been on the -- And now there's just don't see a lot of that are gonna help this year and in that way and finally I have. No idea if anybody can play so let's just put that. That there's this draft grades right now we're just all yeses it's the stock market. Some of these stocks are going to be great some of them are gonna hit some of them ruled it is we'll we'll -- But so I look at the draft as a team building exercise eighteen vision exercised on one ability to. Talk about that guys in quarterbacks. They plots. It's eight plus. They drafted. A bunch of fact guys -- guards and tackles. Six. After the quarterback -- -- -- -- cooked every anything better in terms of the Michael -- I'll be a draft. You'll build a championship team. Yet Tom Brady is going to be the quarterback simply one thing I liked the thought maybe it's it's maybe the guys can't play. But the idea I like the idea. This is that's not where we were led what now what happened and they say -- -- suck up Dexter I connector here put a perfectly and another book coming out Dexter says maybe. -- says that. Find me. Thank. You will certify what by -- side senator. Save your money at -- I you know I was says it got there. Are you sensing plus hour ago the same place summits they see you too many medical quite -- already minus I -- but I didn't think it was that good. Too many medical questions for me a first round pick with. To ACL issue as a senator who's got two bad shoulders and it did just too many well if this works out it'll be good at if he had been healthy even higher. He's been healthy maybe otherwise would have taken them in you wouldn't had a chance out injuries and the other thing is. -- was very graceful drop below. And that he was very grateful Zack -- -- defense of and they got a pass rusher out of concordia Saint Paul famous football the first player who had ever been drafted from oil according to Saint Paul the website today like the whole website with him splash page -- -- they are. Using this but jumps in talent you know you mentioned earlier the SEC in -- Well you get a guy -- -- the Ohio Ohio valley obesity obesity you yes GOP's obesity and you get a guy out of -- -- -- I have no idea what their operatives are did you do -- jumps -- and level bother you talk to a drop below at all. And just on a copy yet ultimately doctors. There -- thinks. I think somebody should -- asked -- question that we can free past the nine game winning streak. Eastern Illinois did and to lose again have their nine game winning streak snapped to give Allison -- -- Is inexcusable. You'll have got the win that game drop below against outs and no action and this court. I'm gonna tell you that game was 49 at 39. You know his career record let's. 45 games he started every game he played 45 games. But it went thirtieth up. 22. But the good news is they sucked early in his career he led them to way. A turner insurgents have his head coach have moved on to a bigger and better at a variety thinks they had a fine season last year though Auburn Austin tree -- -- losses. There's that lull you to get a look at the schedule that I'm not gonna after I got giants' loss to Tulsa Oklahoma and then they. -- all upset loss to northern Illinois 4339 well you know how hard it is to played great. -- Illinois. Can't you can't possibly the cult I mean throw the records out when you go to the -- Elected he may be that that he may be the next Tom Brady he's impressive 5000 yards fifty -- them. Press the one thing they set about Brady when he arrived was at least he was playing against great competition for a Michigan -- they actually Colin Powell back games out and and bill ballot checked in the coaching staff talked about that. What are we gonna talk about its human grapple you know the other probably killed Austin 63 and a. But really I know we're teasing him about the the conference and competition how we didn't. Where it is and we've seen in that game halted but I mean that -- tees and let everything I think about other players. -- in the NFL who haven't played. In in great conferences have been successful on on. On the inverse and think about guys who have played in and great conferences every kind of leak and -- entering camp Cunningham is a great example. Julian -- -- can't add to the -- problem is Julian adamant seventh round pick or let's go to his school now Tony Romo all records. And that's a good story the second round pick there is no good story are expected unless he becomes a great idea here expect. Did you don't have to play the devout member Julian element would punt bounce an office space in the first camp out there's a -- from a seventh round pick makes for a nice development story second round pick are based on. -- the second round pick is football's mount office. So here's the good stories that are Joker story you're the good story would be that's down the road -- -- future good stories start writing it now Idearc. The business is. Pregnant again always again. He replaces he's the guy who were placed Tom Brady and was successful. Is that what you never wanna be the guy replaces the guy you be the guy who replaces the guy you're going got a guy yet but it worked at me after I. I wrap up I Aaron Rodgers after -- Worked out for him worked out great and it was supposed to be the number one over the place that has -- -- was a good story. But he replaced election legal robbery as a riser out of the great eastern Illinois. It can be done after -- Well that's the bottom of good opera some for some you're that that last guy no matter what you do. Your haunted. By you know just by his legacy by his by his memory. And the same -- it's not gonna happen with this story for a whole thing got and is it circled back to Ron Amadon yes Ron Amadon back up to Montana. And as great as he was in 1992. In 1993. What was what was -- well. You have it. We have won a Super Bowl like Joseph and you know what -- Super Bowl we're still gonna talk about -- it's a guarantee that's gonna happen to grapple you know I don't happen to Brady. People let's say Brady hasn't won in ten years Brady isn't as good in the post season rate is haunted by his own legacy on the -- going to be on Brady's legs. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T tax minus 37937. It's -- dale and Holley and candy -- some of these text messages I only wish I could use.

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