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Mut and Lou hate the Jimmy Garoppolo pick

May 12, 2014|

The Patriots should be in a "Win Now!" mentality, and round 2 is too high of a pick to be wasting on a back up QB who presumably won't see the field in the next 3-4 years.

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We'll talk to Pierre McGuire NBC sports network at 1 o'clock. And get more into the before complacency was what you wanna say a thirteen inches or so yeah from the is that when it happened on the ice. Would get Pierre stick on live from Montreal -- -- 937 WEEI your calls all day. -- the Bruins over the weekend what you expect an -- close this thing out. And I do -- talks and patriots here as well 6177797937. A phone number the eighteenth -- -- line. Is 37937. I. I know very little overall about the type of players in the NFL that the patriots draft this week and what a pain. -- know the names Dominique Easley Jimmy -- blow Bryan stork James like Cameron Fleming. On John -- PO. Zack Moore. -- at Thomas and Jeremy gallon it's like I know the names I don't know. How they'll progress when they get to the NFL level but I I just didn't. I don't like the approaches weakened -- that I mean that's -- might take away is that it's more or not it's not about the player. It's more about the position in the approach that they are thinking about the future and taken a risk in the first round respectively with Rob Lowe and easily. Rather than and it could get the same players. Because one -- was already gone but take Calvin prior and Jason Merrill the two picks the jets may. I NN a N a third round trading out of that pick to get a fourth than a sixth later on for team has -- one -- this year. Just like the overall approach. Of how they handled after handling free agency so aggressively cut my goal and -- Browner Revis. And a back off to plan for the future seems. A bit at odds the -- -- the patriots. Yeah and it's not about. It's not really about the the names of the players as a as a negative thing give -- the breakdown and Jimmy grapple can't -- Theo you know who knows. What he's going to be obviously thought enough of because -- was the all names team you know you'd look at the Houston it was a every time they drafted elect got. As the other guy you know me Dick clowning and get that the offensive lineman out of UCLA and was its who have so -- That my processor a file also feel they got that right by the -- get federal it's. It stick back give him in the third round. And they trade up and get Louis nix the third out of Notre Dame in Houston than it did they come back next round and it didn't savaged quarterback -- -- Pittsburgh heard his name lots those first by -- Hewlett. Yeah. Are those names you know for the last two months. It's it's I'm not about the names you know because honestly I I don't know you know Bryan stork. -- they get. That's basically trade out of the third round and they get this guy first and a fourth round of 105. And you know was it value were worthy if they stated stood pat -- -- -- -- in the third round. I can say well we're gonna take this guy anyways right now we did we get him in the fourth round so let's add up another six round pick is a -- the question is that the philosophy. Of the quarterback. In the second round. I don't like it you want a quarterback in the fit the sick that's fine guys at a four year deal right now Jimmy drop below I. You take a 62 overall. You drafted him right now. So much so there's somebody out vital for the next two years. You know he's gonna be the quarterback that we all felt maybe year three that are only your threesome happens. The one year drop below starting quarterback. This is what Belichick had to say about -- below drafting a quarterback this year in the second round. We took -- problem. You know so little time with him this spring he's got a lot of qualities that you know we have mark quarterback. That are productive player. A little different mobile composition. Hopefully can make that adjustment you know the situation we have a quarterback think that we. Dollars and organization that we needed to. -- that to some degree in the future so can sell that works out. Think the Caribbean earlier than late at that position. So I mean all that makes sense except for. I think your least a year early in May be -- given the way the contracts work out we did this one you're -- -- started -- your second round pick leaguer for around you -- a four year deal. Brady has four years left on his deal. -- -- -- not gonna play help us here she got to the quarterback too early into that point the this is the cut Joey. This is the one that. This is the one that really got people's attention when he talked about Ryan mallet. And that brought up Tom Brady in the context. On this is the one that I think people around the patriots beat raise an eyebrow at when he made this press conference on Friday. You know Ryan's contract situation as notes opposition contract situation as well thank you wanna I want quarterback when it came. And that's responsible and encourage him in the recession. Ponds age and it's contract situation. Situation is a -- is left on his deal. What what's the situation and we have a guy with three years left maybe that's a situation a year left -- -- -- I get that. He's four years left on his contract -- what. What the hell's the situation a situation is that nobody expects and renegotiate. It's a couple years from now everybody expects him to to want to renegotiate. Maybe that's the talk. You know you'd draft this guy and in it and it's not going to be this year. And I'm not so sure it's gonna be next year -- year three. We're gonna have this discussion on Sports Radio throughout Boston on year three. Should drop below be the guy. Should you trade -- Tom Brady unreal dogs you read this is this is having 662 pick this guy's guy. Bill Belichick's ever taken for quarterback off the boards fourth quarterback this week and all -- that's. But the reality and I get a they would you know wanna have just one quarterback on the roster because -- it's -- be gone at the end of this year they don't treat it before it's I understand that. The question is him. And second round -- garlic. In Murray in a fifth. -- Bergen affair in the fifth 66 round it would be that back up the next couple years know you went up the Specter you like him. Music and play the game in the NFL at a very high level into what number he leaves he's gonna be the got a faults him forget the. The calls that we're gonna get odd that Tom Brady is going to. It's just coverage it's year three and grapple should play. -- the patriots right the scenario we -- before they even drafted a quarterback was a match in the patriots. Saying the skies and a four year deal. We need him to play because what the figure out he's worth investing a long term -- up that will patriots are are looking Acropolis deal so case in year three for -- The patriots. Wondering about how to get playing time here. -- -- should we give an opportunity. Like that contractually. That's a major issue that these two guys both have four years left in their deal. Let the your put your self as an organization. In that position or after extended out. A fourth contracts up we isn't Pensacola when I played that sound again because edit bulletin text Derosa he was talking about Brady's contract you're talking about malice and I think he mentioned both guys contract here. Ryan's contract situation has no transition contract situation as. Thank you want I want quarterback when it came to that's responsible encouraging their rescission. Emission -- while quarterbacks and both contract yup you mentioned Brady's H. And contract. I just don't get it and I see the calls up there this is the the calls and open for that LB odds -- -- -- -- it has -- we can. Why I think this a good pick you explain to me like Japanese quarterback with four years left that I heard your roster -- first guy in today. Talking about it. If we talked about the age now and wanna do literally I get one into an -- by -- is a year earlier you -- And if people want salvage grapples could pick. Brady -- Watching this draft somewhere his draft party on enough Thursday night right Joey he was at Milford opinions he stopped and -- Friday. -- sit home and get the -- -- -- -- watch in the trap by a wife like that I'm not watch draft. But he gets attacks we took a quarterback at 62. Okay so in these last couple years the Brady window the one year you might have with the -- Revis you went double ACL around one. Quarterback from eastern Illinois in round 20 I'm sure Thomas -- Gun and potentially a guy the second round who you don't want to help the team next year actually hope is a fan he is a place Smith. While the -- and appetite anyone at three picks later. I I got to believe Brady was. Crap at that and I you know what. He's got a right to be pissed Angus picture page of right to as well write your calls it promise -- in a car driving around Dave we have. Hey guys this problem thing and -- legitimate the second round. And the warrior project and all that but I think people are underestimating how likely it is great to be injured his career at age thirty -- it is what it is now. It likely that you gamble or pretty all -- -- against him a couple of entirely. You see him up with double games this year really. This year you're out in this you don't know it is a lot about in the go ahead and that's pretty where. Yeah after that in your -- that lady not a young guy injuries. Mean how many quarterbacks have felt like three years with no injury no -- came early in their career nevermind and at 373839. Years old and I mean I don't I don't know what I told them out like that guy but I do think it's likely that they'll be good field but all -- the end of Brady's contract at all. It goes down the next two years the patriots gonna get -- suitable. I have no idea my crystal ball -- I would -- Out to say what would you think. I understand the whole well the web with Tom Brady you know a sixth round pick that -- 2000. Olson came up Bledsoe got hurt ticket the suitable wanna suitable yes. And that happens all the time. I guess Indian public and that's more than normalized -- at a I don't know what if the might might thing is I look at they've already done next two years. Jimmy drop below is not taken the promised land now you can point back to Brady and I get it he points among the guys rob expert look at get it. Maybe that's because there's a better team all around those guys they weren't asked to do that much on this team number he's asked to do a ton. If if Peyton Manning goes down is also while -- costs while -- in the promised land. -- figure it's -- proud to be no but I guess it's different here because the patriots. I know the next two years -- -- and I don't. Yeah it helps Keith and bad for talking about the quarterback situation glad Keith. A close -- teeth. -- I am really said here believe in. I'm leaving a meeting with is a whole lot you can't leave. They show on -- and what the station and built the council. Well. Our road yet. Analysts have yet and let's say I cannot I can clean the bathroom. He'd like nobody I know I can't you make copies I mean I won't adherents on capacity can bet your -- and that -- and summer -- -- -- summer summer -- you know basing your track record I am not female enough nor hot enough of that that is so it was a good employees are excellent points. He had heard -- our flag compatible would have -- today. About that is actually two story. I think it is. It I'll go to there again and again. Com. To get to the patriot draft hot dog I think this is it is I'm glad the last -- more on air to get target to disagree with it. I think to grapple. Timing is is really cool great. I -- it is big guy -- -- -- tease me about this Galapagos. Now. Come on Lou populate this -- allies Toronto crowd -- yeah. -- -- I think he is gonna. Play it. A great party in the in the in that you'd you'd get transition from Brady said he's not rated to go and now home. This year or next year. In malady it. And -- I I don't know -- it seems like mr. bill is really. Covered his bases quite quite well. Thanks -- our up against that there -- we liked that he likes it because it's a it's a year early spitting into that group. What he's been a second round pick and a guy doesn't play for four years and by the end of it you don't know he can you point. And now a guy you haven't seen -- threatened her in the keys over to the franchise. The contract thing is that in the bugs the crap we the most Brady's got four years let the -- Borges and you think he's not gonna play these years. The draft and God's gonna get a four year contract. I can't get past that 61777979837. In the is the phone number. We'll talk to Pierre McGuire 1 o'clock your phone calls on the Bruins and the patriots after the weekend next Sports Radio WEEI.

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