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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joins Mut and Lou, 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

Pierre McGuire joins the show to talk about Game 6 at the Bell Center. He says Carl Soderberg has been the "X-Factor" so far in this series, and gives his take on what he witnessed during the Shawn Thornton-P.K. Subban water bottle fiasco.

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Final hour -- and -- ID 37 WEEI your calls and -- dale and -- 2 o'clock in the heart. There with a boys talk and Bruins and patriots draft your calls and children. We talked to our guy who was there in Montreal you're gonna hear from another Montreal guy Tony Maher tomorrow. -- you're not gonna believe what he'd done his show today after go off the year with us. Try to get Canadians win the Pierre is there right now for game six Pierre McGuire NBC sports. Rocky by UMass online by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and buy nor full power equipment appear. Joins us on the eighteenth the outline -- muck Lou are you. Very good money makers and -- little. They appear how we -- buddy. You know or all of Europe a lot of read the headline. Montreal after game five but it was nothing the Bruins did it was the Canadians who gave them that game now is -- -- It was exactly what they did it was a team that I've watched now all year long and I thought they finally sort of woke up and played their style getting ahead obviously helped. What was it was the Bruins finding their game was the Canadian so that they did they'll allow that. It was a month -- who has the lecture talking -- not playing their best game it was a Boston Bruins playing a very good game I was very good beginning Luxembourg waited tremendous game and a good start. They had tremendous supplemental offense from the third line which Montreal doesn't have an answer for the car also -- Matt -- and obviously the Ericsson. Their penalty killing was very solid so appreciation day and ripper of a power play goal -- -- became where. They actually had a good thing that they would have been able liquidity initial shot blocked -- Gregory Campbell out. And saw it I -- quite frankly -- Boston played a very good game in Montreal while playing after their normal level because arsenal while. What stood out to me in this series here last couple days specifically is that third line ally at the brew. And tackling the third line it's in the bruins' best line here in the series and the addition of Frazier to that line. The results have been pretty staggering right the last two games the Bruins have five goals that line. Has three of those five goals including an overtime winner. In Montreal when you look at that line the last two games what has the addition of Frazier meant. -- or Bergen Erickson what difference do you see with that group these last couple games. That our board play in the utility to maintain a cycle and dominate defense and put to rest on the goaltender -- Carey Price because of that cycle port. When you have all that cycle play the -- got to stay really focused and in tune because you can ruptured just in no second chance very good view from any angle. So that's number one number two he can shoot the puck you can treat the talking and played no -- -- -- -- for about twenty -- get a there was a lot of velocity. -- that makes a difference but he came as a smaller team and they don't have an answer for -- also revert. Every series is gonna win this series every sure you need to have an X-Factor player somebody who doesn't get canceled out. Players or foreign ministers even -- sort of -- -- -- job of that financial -- -- exercise lies north avenue church still -- for. The depth of the Boston Bruins lineup that's the biggest issue that taunting them. It -- you watch game five to nothing for me kind of stretch you had much military and trust in Briere out Douglas Murray remains in -- -- with -- -- to me -- put. Both those guys Briere bullion backed into this kind of -- would that speed back. Well they're gonna put in spew a lot of but I don't think it's going to be tricky going out there putting in. A young reporter who was a crucial -- gathered from years ago. Who's gonna -- -- -- that -- all four -- -- On defense and -- and he's going to comply actually I think you should. In -- these are tremendous talent Conte forum put -- -- -- that he's ready to be competent player producers are stretched. I'm in terms of brain to process nor exactly where they put them. They knew what a lot of us were speculating about losing game five Boston -- remorseful bought. And most dominating game and they wanted to have an inch of that. They corporate approach can be that answer if you look and it's not his fault. The girls who decide on the present and -- from the fire they were that good. It's just a situation where -- like -- and start out think himself a little bit you know I get. The role of his team has some of the players on this team -- the younger player now. I can they -- right the ship tonight appears that a simple as they get home and that crowd can can get them. Locked back kinks with delicate times they really get out of the road game on the road and Boston game five. All of Kosovo's northern result about the crowd Montreal that's great to -- up from launcher on the crowd here is an excellent. But I can tell you right now you have to search pretty long and hard against. A crowd as they're news Bruins crowd was on Saturday part of the the -- crow was tremendously relieved that and in the community chocolate you can feel motivational additional questions. But in terms of in Montreal -- forcing game seven absolutely because it carried price. Montreal was not the same depth and roster that Boston has. But they have an equal to Tuukka Rask as Carey Price and -- great -- cent per game -- -- -- game seven absolutely they can. Yeah you're right there don't Montreal that kind of make him a big deal out of -- born he was fine. Coach Julien didn't agree with that I'm sure that they talked him about it what was your take on it is by being right there next to the whole thing. I was following play and was trapped in the park in her -- coming in toward Cuba and a home who's gonna make a play and I've I've been watching PK along current music what he does in that situation you get the park. And you gonna -- that you didn't spin the middle burst into the boards to avoid it hit. But he called and that and people from hockey Canada were really first started at. Make this part of his repertoire they called the CB do. I was rooting for in the spring weather the other leaders accelerate through the middle or or moved to actually -- the controller next option. As soon as supporting globe that I saw that he was angry. And that there was some water on the visor and I could see actually the water. But I didn't know who did -- I -- how it happened I just knew that you know he obviously didn't think it was some water. I'm home record report to you didn't spin on that is not true at all the original slide and hurdles that from anybody. I'm more as the water you I didn't know Musharraf but obviously you were shown. He paid the price -- paid a -- -- -- here here's one that -- from her head coach and NHL. They rule all while slashing. To -- ahead. Cross checked into the -- And spear into the midsection will -- -- that is Clearwater somebody you that's not what those are my words. Those -- the words of somebody that coach in the league. Is this the same thing in the equivalent Pierre is snowing a goaltender you're just not things you're not supposed to do. How often do you see this happen on the bench. If it happened -- a lot but it happens over the course of me -- till it happens. Sometimes not on purpose believe it or you probably want a clean water bottle up before you drink from it. You screw the water that sometimes that happens were doing before when you're doing -- didn't realize as a couple Mariette. And waters they don't do it sometimes leads to some misunderstanding that. In this case obviously lose lose I guess they feel it was done on purpose. Shots while we took his medicine -- and I don't think it's a big deal quick frankly. You know I I agree with who you're talking about force in the Bruins -- play their style not worry about taking penalties really killed the first three early on you guys pointed out did a nice job pay attention -- the PK -- -- do you would you expect much of the same in Montreal we think they're different team. In that building and they are here at the guard. They're different team and they reported they play it much harder brand termed apparently management. A home and opinions that aspect question of warm at the end of the game. When we're seeing on the -- bench because they play them more physical. Attack and now in Boston really comfortable playing -- one to provide that for the fans. When they go on the road try to get to cry about it and I thought -- really did a great job in game four pick in the crowd out of it and -- -- -- now. If they get a lead we believe -- brilliant -- it's the only place along but I have to say cooler on the boom you're gonna play game with a dog -- Russians against. There's not a lot of second chance opportunities for him to address. And they're gonna play probably reached barking -- sort of stick Clark owns the wire. NBC sports is joining us dimensional -- penalties there were six power plates. In the first period Saturday night there were five total and games three game for any feeling as to what. Kind of officiating will get tonight for this game six in Montreal -- -- the so that the -- aren't you know I'll have. Games in Boston started with marsh -- and Gallagher pushing and shoving one another I think that they're gonna wash our culture officially yesterday when I was doing the ranger. The spurs -- them and they said that's what they gonna watch closely all nonsense and shenanigans. I think it that would happen to start the -- -- -- matching -- -- in the try to slow and take pictures that you and so would battery Comerica. I don't believe that not -- to -- the -- a -- they just don't want all the slick stuff they really don't want you stick violations. You know Pierre the other the other games going on right now Pittsburgh re exhausted there is a game seven -- that was so good early on in the series. Last couple of games -- how do you look at this DC Pittsburgh still moving on. Or is looking Lundqvist obviously tickle in Italy as last couple. There's the -- into the -- good question of the abortion thing can happen with the New York rangers' short to really important to bring him up for it could -- redeeming factors -- -- On the pole award -- -- insertion of Boston college's Chris Kreider and Central America really provided and fortunate can speed. And side it's costing all of that for defense. Who landed improved to gain tremendously in the last two games. Deemed by the accident the novel -- truly help. But really the more recently. Unfortunate passing of his mother and galvanize the team they have rallying cry. And they are crucial because this thing with Marty -- lead supportive in this family it's amazing -- -- helped write the New York -- have become. Because of the strategy and Maurice in the -- mother. And then before they like clip that you just salute to the goaltender that actually phenomenal pit stop shortcut. And I think inclusion in beside the point of the game with no deal -- -- -- -- go to the Rangers learned. But the other people are involved -- that you actually you know play doubles right now. You know the -- thing that I -- I wanna establish a -- -- huge concern doubt and fear. The penguins are clearly concerned they definitely have got an Arab saying there's a little bit of fear of going to games so. -- not sure if you were there but other reports from Bruins skate today is that after the initial practice for the first time in its comeback attempt. I Dennis signed Burke took light contact. Took like contact after practice today. I you've told us that it. Yet maybe a feeling that Seidenberg would come back next round does the fact -- -- contact today is that. Solidify what you've heard coming out of Seidenberg can't present change in any way to contact his timetable. We're coming back for the Bruins here in that report this morning. All of munitions -- would force and solving right before the game. I would say it was a very good chance that you get the -- And sort of progress that he would be back. For that -- They've been very good chance it is 9190%. -- of course I don't -- those. You know numbers at bet that I'm not gonna get the headline 95%. Chance -- play and then throw out there. I'm but they're not. Burnett all right so you're you're there tonight for game six are you will -- going to be in New York -- -- for game seven no matter what. -- investment not a lot of other Pittsburgh regained its evident that there's several Boston Montreal -- Boston 1000000000007. The myth about young that young defensemen blue blue -- and he pronounces it written more and more useful. -- elected. You'll learn young guy get thrown into the fire languages now it's ongoing. He'll probably do it long and I think grab yourself and be loud and -- -- -- you'll that's not multilingual. Let's not go too far I've no idea we -- that might have been -- but he. I thought there -- great stuff is always I don't have fun tonight in game six and no matter what will talk to later on this week. Are really killing and they saw a picture but. There's really guys. Here wire NBC sports network joining us on the eighteenth the outline he's brought to you by UMass online Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and nor folk. Power equipment so we talked to. Seidenberg Saturday night and thinks there's a really good chance. The Bruins advances Seidenberg combatant. Well.

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