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SoccerCast: Bobby Shuttleworth joins the show.

May 12, 2014|

On this edition of the SoccerCast Revs Goalie Bobby Shuttleworth joins the show to talk about his career and his recent run of form. (This podcast was recorded before the Seattle game)

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Guys soccer -- I'm your host young Ben thank you to and from the don't always show -- two to six here on WB yeah I and I'm joy. By mr. shut out. So technically that we are heard mr. shadow Bobby shuttle's. How you -- aren't very good good good so let's just start with your most recent game here Toronto. How good did that -- to go there and come away with that result. Yeah it that we had great revolt broke. I'm comic on the road and get three point. You know it is huge growth especially in the league you know. You wanna try to earn every point on the -- parent take care of business at home so. You know -- -- charter you know you -- keep it moving in look entry point on Saturday or Sunday. Let me ask you question going back to last season you had a long streak of they're just goalless results and and goalless minutes. From I believe it was may eleventh into June 15 I think there's a streak of six games right. What it is your mindset during something like that do you feel more pressure do you put more pressure on herself while your in some kind of streak like that. -- Earth completely are you saying you know our our back -- and playing great pitcher out throughout last year you know everyone stepped in and that. Great job and not and that's starts you don't belong with our coaching -- during a game plan and everybody knows their role and you know what their job itself. You know it's to type of thing where everyone takes responsibility for themselves but also you know one guy. You know and that's -- back and act as their separate. What are you seeing in front of you right now on that defensive line in front of you right now. That is playing so well what are you seeing from them that's little bit different from how they're performing at the beginning of the season. Now particular you know other than they used games. -- -- I I don't think there's been a gamer. You know we haven't played well sensibly I think. You know -- everyone. Everyone stepped in and done their job and you know I think if they expect higher -- getting good pressure. The ball and you know that makes it predictable on her you know us in the back and you know everyone's done really well other democratic -- -- You know make things difficult for the other team. Now last season was your first real opportunity to -- get extended playing time. What was that like that transition for you after playing for years behind Mac. And then also getting your opportunity to how how did you feel about that how how was a transition. From backing him up to -- getting that opportunity. I mean I've I've learned you know so much about ourselves in the game from -- and you know I could have. After a better -- -- learn from now that was one of the best goalkeepers are reported Camelot and in all. I'm so last year had a pretty decent Robert Foreman. You know. Professional player everybody wants to play and never oh. I'm so excited get that opportunity and you know what I learned a lot last year you know hopefully I can continue to carry it and you know good games this year. Well he certainly have recently that's and that's definitely it is. You grew up in buffalo correct yeah and you played youth soccer threaten your life. Did you play any other sports are there. Played and high schooler played basketball. Color it would position did you play. Or dirt. Of the action with a 62 got -- point guard. Him when I was in high school and 61. Immediately powerful -- terrible error and -- it artist who. -- -- -- -- -- in my team. Support. Some grown up to buffalo where you end up like the bills and sabres. Yeah huge. Your skills and I'm not a big -- put. Say it proud to -- introduce sabres. Pressure. Karen Erickson do you follow it all with the Bruins have been doing. A little bit here and having a tough living in Boston and not knowing what they're doing everybody's such -- -- and you know -- got a lot of guys on the team from Boston so. You know I definitely hear your fair share well at the Groenenberg. You guys have a lot of trash talk going around in for that of the majority of the guys are from around here. -- trash talking going on behind the scenes. About our bills and patriots. Until I mean the -- in the perhaps not so much because of the altitude pretty dominant. For a long time now so. There's not much has tightened on -- mayor but we have a couple. We have some guys that well what our goalie coaches Canadian union likes. The Canadians so there's been a bit of banter going -- Oh they did not know that I didn't -- Brazill. So you you've been recording a lot of shut out says a culture at the top mr. shutout. What would you feel when a -- going on I know I asked you about the streak when he had a six game streak of and allowing no goals but when when the game itself is an action and you've got to shut -- gone and your team's got to leave. What are you feeling in that. You're not really thinking about it. The actual shut out so much. For myself sometimes just taken a play by play and you know trying to communicate as much of the players are means possible. Percent dangerous situations and it has -- alerts -- You know so they're McCain. Specifically thinking about that. But obviously in the back of your -- in not wanting wanted to keep your a lot of pork that's gonna it is about opportunity or. The game and get three points so. I think it's more afterwards when incomes. Into the locker room -- -- excited for the guys and -- and all that that we can keep clean sheet. You know -- target reported there. As Christians last week I asked him if there's one there in the entire world you want to play -- that's not currently on your team. Who wouldn't be in his answer is crush on Ronaldo skew the same question. One player in the entire world you'd like senator sure the field -- -- on your team was not currently on your team who would have been. -- Actually I have to say it probably I mean who were important pick them but probably you know Massey -- -- the guys -- Reno and he CA the colts -- great. In the Cutler that I was everybody wants to play what is one of the best players in the world so caught up -- -- -- How much do you keep your eye on what's going around we're going on internationally and champions league and the English rarely. -- I think. There's a couple of there's McLaren team that is watching. Champions -- -- most part. And I'm watching the commercial -- Every weekend and Little League. Not think it's important to watch. You know those those intimately Ecstasy. You know what about -- in the world are doing. Do you have any aspirations to take your talents. To an international market. Mean I think you. Any player wants to split the highest level possible and you know I think that Milosevic is a very very high level -- you know. I'm personally very focused I'm just taking it game by game right now. But I think every player as a desired challenge and so I'm you know it's it's. Possibly -- You know let our level. Very well said this. You've had some experience with the media to tell without. Now we come to my favorite part. And at the end of every podcasts here I'd like to find out. What your World Cup predictions and just to tell you mine is a little bit of a dark horse and your way. I have them winning at all I don't know where I. They've they've had some spells. Really good form. It's an insult America I still play up that hole no European team as won in South America. Who do you have winning the World Cup this summer. Well I'd be pretty incredible Paraguay's. Won the World Cup in Brazil again that would be crazy. I am I chopped off topic result I think. Clinger and being. Such a bit guilty being gone numbers and I think for sure that -- the talent in the World Cup. Who did you now I meant to -- this earlier. Would you look up to when you're growing up -- soccer here. Com. Short term required yet yet who who's that guy that -- poster on your walls -- -- there. Growing up I was. A big talk radio and come. -- nice to watch money -- You actually played you played indoor track very -- -- -- for awhile. So huge and -- am not seeing him in the World Cup and I mean he would step with -- Gupta. Interest and what about his time with the jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually. Sent down in in Connecticut national -- we eat eat we talked older viewers. It was pretty it was pretty funny about that is part -- -- -- that. That ever cross your mind. At any point in your playing career that maybe I could just -- kick in the NFL and make a ton of money just to kick a couple times again. I think that. You know there's I played a lot of guys that are you know kids. I'm -- the chickens out with -- in football and it's never something that you ever cross my mind now. We're back into seeing it just curious as I know a lot of growing up a lot of my friends who played soccer I've played football. And a lot of my -- it would -- him over to us as to kick resistance they could. They could crush the ball did the smallest guy on the soccer team to come on do the best kicker on the football team is that area to me. Well Bobbie I really appreciate you taking time and joining me here on the soccer yes thank you very much. Sir thank you. In those -- shuttleworth goalie. The New England Revolution as I'm now calling him mr. shadow because yeah he does some really good work back there and and that picture of him on. The revolution website. -- -- is phenomenal -- cynics -- the same exact terrorism right now not modeled after him it's just a coincidence but his hair is phenomenal. Check it out. Again I am your host young -- This is the WEEI soccer cast you can follow Bobby on Twitter that beat underscore shuttle. SH UT TLE. You can follow me on Twitter young Ben WEEI you can hear me every afternoon on the -- -- show for -- four. Again thank you guys very much for joining us are really appreciate it stay tuned for the next revolution game.

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