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The Bradfo Show: Twitter ombudsman Turtle Boy on Subban tweets; Xander Bogaerts reviews first month

May 12, 2014|

Rob Bradford talks with Turtle Boy of Turtleboysports.com about his reporting on the racist tweets directed at P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens, while also touching on the venom between the Montreal media and Bruins fans. Bradford also meets up with Red Sox rookie Xander Bogaerts, who reveals some of the challenges he has faced in his first full month as a major league starting shortstop.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of the -- fellowship. Sponsored ads off by school system of close to the people who make me looks. And -- New England insurance. They have the most integrity of any company you'll find out there. Today very special Brad vote show you partner. The first gassed we will be tapping on the show is turtle boy girl boy sports. The Twitter a bodman -- the guy who broke down the case to bunt tweets. Also very very actually Bruins follower who gets into the Canadians Bruins rivalry. What specifically the Canadian media Bruins rivalry secondly why have -- in a -- threats like shortstop. Talk about his first month as in every day starting shortstop in the major leagues and some of the obstacles he has had to overcome. We'll get right to first up colonel boy oh boy what's going on. It corrupt judge -- or -- you because you. Turtle boy turns turtle lovely one goal or public girl wearing purple or ask about not familiar -- got this really -- -- spears statute on. That he would it be and her twelve year old boy. Are writing a turtle. It's very odd but it's almost become a symbol of what their arm from so I've got a terrible I gotta be honest when he when it comes assembles. -- boy -- eternal and it is a little uncomfortable like that but it it it's -- course there it's like it's one or things like it makes no sense whatsoever. And it's just bluster and the best way to drive. Could both fair fair that those -- making no sense. The list this go -- the timeline because that that doesn't Callahan show we're all riled up over this and and I've actually cited you quite a bit whereas they should have because you -- the one person to actually go beyond the surface level. Of these tweets that were directed at. Directed at. And -- doesn't Taliban's point it was a really we're really this wasn't a player this wasn't a team this wasn't anyone affiliated with the organization really of Philly with -- city as it turns out. But going back to when you first saw this drama unfold take me through what you did and why you want to do it. You blew it. Won the first -- a million -- and it's offer some type of official apology and I put myself why didn't -- There it's one -- the adopt him nearly triple. What moron in the mob being there are saying. About PG AQ via Twitter a guy and it all started of course confirmed guys out there. No particulars -- -- tweeted out. Something to the fact. On this out trending in that case on in -- -- now trending right on Twitter together and of course they are because. So is there a handful of people that we could -- idiotic things from their mom's basement you know people see that. And then they recreate the call them out and and and some you know more influential people between -- you know just when people start talking about these people. Of course going to be trying to and it of course daily circulation and because -- that which -- just utterly -- and nobody and nobody. Was trying to figure out aren't these people that are saying this stuff and it just start me and so I think it -- not that hard to research that. You find out that sources. You go to the Twitter you find out that little from them got rid of their careers are now because there's so embarrassed and stupid. -- you how pretty -- how many do you think actually. War we're doing this because a lot of as you point out a lot of this is kind of steamrolled. By a flow of people reacting to -- but what how many. What was the collection of people who were actually being proactive. In trying to get this message -- if I. Contact contact people -- ten dollars. -- -- lowered and people and of course the multiply our team and want to members of the Montreal media. -- then -- tweeted a 150 times a lot to me it was all over the it would just be allowed to pick on Boston allowed to pick on -- that is racist city because we had plastic riots in seventy. Bill Russell is. House broken in through and we are supporting over the last Major League Baseball can integrate -- while the crap on bought me like crap on us because. You know quite frankly we -- the Mecca of the sport's universe right now at the summit Serb attack near the -- you know and fifty years. All the winning and it's obviously going to be that natural urge them into a spot they're gonna try to find any and they tend to cut. And that's what they've done and they've it's just utterly suddenly there's one guy on air -- the tweeters. Who's this profile and we're just says Cilic he's just a killer that only as. Ago I'd expect us to put on terrorism right. I think that setting Donald Sterling the most in the sensible person I mean these people are looking for attention and then we know is giving it. Their call the Montreal the Montreal. -- boy I -- of the Montreal media gave a ton of attention but as you point out. It was bizarre that the teams start giving attention by reacting to it. Exactly and that's -- there for me it's like -- -- nearly. You can -- to up to apologize for that didn't do anything wrong it's his job to police the Internet would ensure that some idiot in his mother's basement in Ontario it and saying racist things can beat people why even from Massachusetts. From all over the country all to the public. The content to that point so he says there was about ten does take that ten. How many people what where they front gimme gimme either the sample site where they were from. I've got one from these factors wondrous from Ontario -- this from upstate New York. Are on a grand total of one person from mass that you that he was you know looking from Boston it was a teenager from high school -- oh what a high school it opens. People that article can always think before they speak -- of course it's like it to hold all -- him accountable as utterly absurd. So what you started going through this as you point out you eat it eat there's a direct way to do just to find stuff out and I give you a tremendous amount of credit. Because you're the one who did it it's amazing that more people didn't do this to say where are these guys from and the Montreal media to your point. Listen we understand the dynamic we understand the feud. But take two seconds to do this do what you did is that what pissed you off the most of I know that people from Texas and everything else in the Bruins reacting. But the Montreal media did that pissed you off the most. Absolutely doesn't mean in order can go Laviolette. Typical Montreal this is what you get from that Yahoo! is. And they want to overreact and respect doctor Jack Carter who worked and all that and you know you go on Jack -- you you're column the next day. You know and now they bought them for their recent tweet. And I told him out there on the reassured but now -- -- that this is what they do -- And they can -- this is what people don't want there to do what they wouldn't in district stop. If the people they're -- reactor in the way that they want them to -- -- absolutely and you know who bought the globe to offer almost the official apology but. Odd you know condemned gosh. For the type of behavior we didn't do this in this brilliant about -- watch -- article correct -- And I hit it good and addressing globe the same newspaper that allowed to -- To write a horrible terribly offensive. Column that they after the Red Sox won the world if we -- the parade and we put -- don't put the trophy down and finish my partner on. The state quote -- that we feel that aren't the same newspaper that -- For its suppose -- history of racism and it just. -- -- Writing a blog independently and then all the resources out there that they could and I get more homework and amnesia -- The allies as they got the point at -- takes two seconds and let's -- gets caught up in everything else but if you're gonna dig in. On a column on a subject like this. It's it's just baffling that more people didn't do what you did but -- boy you did a great job awesome job or the day it is so let's stick with the Montreal team are right. And read it because. You are absolutely right -- -- they're playing to their audience the the the media is playing to their audience that was a lay up for them and they write that without doing research. We understand a lot of times that's how works but when you get called out on it like you were able to do then you lose credibility. Second stop bomb is just a reality so the next thing which was something that just happens -- last doll will arms and Saturday night's game. Which was that the case Dubai I'm right in the middle of it again about the whole water squirting thing was on board and so what's your take on that. You might -- and it simply water get over you know it's like if you shot sort of job is to instigate. I -- important not a skilled hockey player we all know that for par I would force my parents would say that we at. Topic about fort -- hockey. We just solid I got it Douglas Smart their -- -- guy is useless he is a liability out there. Any hamburger. Flippers -- is too good too -- don't score on the fort. And so acute it's sort of job in the limited time to get the key issue on particularly game when he threw some more. Big deal I mean he shot -- teach our oil and -- and and not get what. It's way -- -- -- -- Tuesday it must have been battery acid right you know I mean you can help rightfully got a little wet. Amputation on the top guy he can't go out and you know -- -- -- I don't know what I expect to until they get pushed up and went decoding quite the referees because -- -- and what they've been trying to do in my Treo. Cry and just disgusting of course. Why aren't here. No I yet. Surged on Twitter for. Child born racist in play until. You got a million different we hear from literally all in all over the place hearing from the -- from you know the most recent addition terribly sport that we wrote today actually you know. Call them out of that you know it's -- actually -- every member of the Bruins. While -- Orangeburg symbolic order in -- aspect racist thing classes Boston I mean it doesn't that we can't hear from people that race. Born so is -- racist -- unfortunately -- around it. I'm actually generally believe that he -- wore him because it is like black people. Can can win suggests that -- we just take two seconds to to them whether it's Montreal media whether it's that did the general public. It just watched the game just watch sports and watch what a great player PK -- bond is as people -- surrender it's gonna get into the middle of a lot of stuff. And it it's it's just to come back to those columns in comments that happened during the tweets last week. It's a lay up turtle -- boy. It's a -- up right absolutely absolutely having your fictional god. Watching right now is a special special hockey player. We've never seen a player and typically that dominant. In the policies and so logging what you're doing to the Bruins are now -- and see how he saw that flash and blessed at that -- uniquely shoot. I don't think he just jumped. Up and down on the right for him immediately Pataki I mean there was something special but watched how he burst out of Oxnard we're watching these special. Special active player one that I would. As a current in love nothing more than to influence where law it would make my day you know and we're. -- about the Montreal media and and we -- or diseases some sort of stuff was gonna pop pop and that's what made -- series great. But you know as we as -- are on the costs. Of elimination of this series ending in May be wall but if it does and you move on to the next round. Aids is it really will be left behind saying that was as good as is gets that that animosity that. That victory all that passion. B is there another series that the Bruins can happen going forward. That it's gonna match anything like this because we talked about it we get all fired up over the Montreal media and how stupid they are now -- everywhere but it's also mean we're talking about it right is. Is there a rivalry in sports but in the fact yankees get my opinion he'll -- it -- that. You know that this is a culture clash -- bosses that area culture as a group -- you know it's like what do you view the sport hockey in the entire island if way that we view that we Buick as -- hard hitting. Blue collar sport in they view it as a place where speed and -- -- reign supreme in the genuinely disliked the way our brand of hockey. Where the Red Sox and yankees you know we essentially -- -- type of base all it ultimately that was run in level like we. Like Barack the Yankees the New York police is never have never threatened to invest an indirect play to try to that I know well bill are you bill -- might have. Been on the cusp right there I don't know where but you -- that yeah it's great it's going to be it's great it's it's the something as little as a water squirting. It can't get a kid. In this did people so riled up it's great is apps would get a. As you know and like. Except for the big news -- it's -- in this series is gonna win Eastern Conference -- -- the 213. In the tree and I saw what Hillary every game that Pittsburgh Columbus series. And it is a garbage team like he will be lucky to win one game against the Columbus. -- and nobody nobody on this team. They came back. What -- it's to beat the and what they're going oh -- ability to -- -- -- skate circles around them. So ultimately it's I mean I -- watching the western part of it. We're gonna get -- I mean you get to -- western is Stanley Cup final. And it's anybody's match but I -- we don't feel the same passion in this week. Towards Chicago and I look for every reason to dislike the black car in the organization -- -- -- I want yeah I would like. I know that's that's a shame we never like that capsule. But -- -- -- at -- you know it's so distant wrap things up here at -- boys sports is is turtle boy the turtle boy of terribly sports. So this this that tweeting thing with -- and obviously got the your side a lot of attention. Give me something else to me and other posts that you guys have had -- you haven't been around very long only a few months right. Correctly correct so give me another post it might slip through the cracks that we like. That it is green -- that are that -- should -- got a lot of tension that was really fun to do well out in the -- last few months. I don't know I actually had a they're they're they're one Blair. Clinton said. EU women's basketball coach all things recently had to resign because she was only her players and -- happening iroquois class it was -- -- we'll get in the wicker -- they're probably cry women passport. Yet to actually step down because -- girl. Any -- Cooper is suing him because he was bullying her and you know -- we can't know. And -- immediate Boston Globe and actually criticized. The -- that book which you for being too harsh and you know it's and that is -- So what is -- what is going on in the world but that you know a coached and it comes to come down hard on their players anymore. And now they can be sued by them bird eating -- -- their feelings and you don't hear it out there and so a couple stories on post your incidence. And they got a lot of attention you know as the year. Students in the alumni will be kinda out in holy cross the same thing and so. He's the type angle that we liked it we let them find these stories that like. The media is only showing one side of and basically just at least because of course the people of this is that what the people. EO this is what they want to hear that what they're not hear it from the mainstream media and that's kind of our niche in the sport like -- -- it's go. Well I've had bigger I think you have the clear thing is you have a passion right you get fired up -- stories and and that goes along way and you know what else goes along way just following up and making extra effort you got -- -- I've knocked it. As part of the mainstream media I know how difficult it can be and sometimes you caught up in stopping you don't. Hit what you wanna hit and a lot of people working tremendously hard but not everybody in the mainstream media has the kind of passion that you're talking about. And so when the Canadians the Canadians might leave town they might be exit this series. But your passion will continue throughout these playoffs and throughout the sports world that's what we love about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that they should be the other side of the issue that people are too afraid talked about that's why people like. Awesome well we'll obviously we're gonna talk to -- on the line. Really enjoyed it doctor -- really enjoyed it and the general regroup a little bit and will reflect on the next controversy is next thing that's gonna get us fired up are appreciated. I felt great and -- appreciate -- Next up in a boat. It's who has just completed. His first month as starting shortstop and the major weeks congratulations -- thank you very much thank you. So I guess in simple terms is it everything you thought it would be if this is in the World Series and we understand that. This is in the playoffs is in September. By this news beginning -- seizing going through spring training going through a first month as a starting shortstop and visually what have been line. There's -- phone a lot of ups and down you know tennis and the consistency. Offensively and defensively. Conference between you know -- -- got a chance is -- whether that's any good to routine you -- McCain gives him -- assault -- As -- -- on the list but. It's we're when we threw an economic assistance about. We talked about in spring training you're petrified about the cold weather fair. Yeah I mean this is not easy so I mean is the first one is definitely a grind an important events is so I kinda knew what to expect but. There's so we're now with. What's the first games of this year so -- in Baltimore was okay that first series Baltimore's okay. What was the first game you remember it being like Darman. You know knowledge you have to go through cold weather but I have to do this quite facing Major League pitchers. At home on the at home also of the White Sox licenses vehicle that's he's over there it's also. Those -- -- could see the first two games at home with some vehicle got a few games against the brewers that was. -- boat -- without lights -- -- you also get in the caps with who is with Major League Baseball pitchers as well and and I don't know what -- of injuries you've had in the past who was that one of the most painful things that you do -- gang camp and you know you you need your legs for the season you know N -- of course again it. The death that it is -- -- so I'm you know get hit in Miami and or any amendment my triceps and they'll be fine would be legs that's a bit. Itself do you he throughout you're playing your young guy obviously graduation of a young -- they -- -- that. Who -- throughout your career as a baseball player have you really haven't dealt with too many injuries have you too much. Offices that way. I try to keep dividing its shape -- with a lot and it's him and a -- said this attitude about it -- responsibility has some in the Lhasa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fielding him and is it one of these things that you realize okay you know this is not only a season this is not only. Over on -- games which I'm used to -- this is a Major League season. Yeah. You get in the best of the best every night -- adult balloons team the best piece in the best excellent man on the yourself. It's not an easy to get itself in -- big leagues and I mean my in the evening at a few we refute this but a big he's everything is so. Social specified. That today you you're you have the day off as just a down day just. When I guess. I mean where you need to do is it one of these things where you really like to play every day I know is I the man. We'd totally be missed most about. You can speak -- positive -- and so on the conventional -- game. So political Angeles so I mean those guys that we've always going to be these song includes -- -- so that's the only phone. -- -- trusting because you know we see out here before today's game take me through some of things that you. You can go of their -- more of those. So if you it will accidentally it was -- to -- so. I it toward him. -- -- -- -- what -- source specifically -- -- some of the spotter was out there with you and -- so what are some of the things that you guys are working on specifically. -- -- -- -- Here's the preakness. It that it was the responsible. Attack in law via -- -- so -- also this working all over and over Aponte I would imagine we talk about this. Throughout the course of the last week or so just haven't had a lot of good politics but guys accuse you literally had to -- too much time. Well with like money. A couple of them in my aunts uncles is the only point one what. I was like -- and hopefully -- -- this it. In terms of the image who will go back to being a Major League players first month of the season. When it wasn't what was the coolest moments Torre who was the this is pretty cool I'm in the major leagues moment and we. The ring ceremony against Milwaukee. -- assessment of days ago loss and they those policies but I mean it exists. Agreed to effect on the -- CA. Polarize people's shoes. And in another year Jeter guy and do you -- your chance to meet him. If you putting games the when allotted you. What was on the street in the Major League moment what was was there a moment where you realized this happens in the major leagues in non. In the Miley and whether or maybe it's a pitcher that you face says -- you know while he's strong and he he's thrown me three. Our coach to pitcher. I mean for -- it's icy days. Activists on the yesterday got to slide -- This city and you know what is the BBC you know it's a few moments on. Don't want -- One of the things -- -- and Jackie Bradley about is talking you mentioned David document him talking and Dustin Pedroia of oh. You know you go back to Pedroia Pedroia had a terrible terrible first month as a starting second baseman in the major leagues and you talk to those guys -- us about. Doing this in this is just the beginning nose -- you. You don't need to panic. He knows those memos that reminds him that this month. Toomey he was he was doing good than any this field. Which is -- you differently even then you were in September and then in the World Series last year -- It is. It's. Song. Square -- about my fassel's -- and you know Austin it's here last question is what do you think you'll be doing better. And July. An audience that you are right now to the ball the other way it. I just can't seem to sign this and that those who. The school in the we on a consistent basis enemies that it took -- -- on this little oasis awesome that he's doing. Time I hope it was -- experience for you I reparation you apparently they viewed.

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