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The guys open the show talking NFL Draft

May 12, 2014|

The Patriots made 9 picks and none with more controversy than 2nd rounder Jimmy Garoppolo. John, Gerry, and Kirk discuss the best and worst case scenarios regarding the Eastern Illinois QB.

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Monday may twelfth. Is all about chances. And we got a bunch of different people have a bunch of different chances you know with an -- my voice. Have a chance to help beat Jimmy Fund clinic kids as we are broadcasting live at the international for the seventh annual -- the tiger's golf tournament. As presented by foxwoods you have a chance to help out we'll tell you I'll -- what happened later on his broadcast. -- ballot check over the weekend has nine chances. To prove that every single draft nick expert didn't know there but from a hole on a ground and he seized on all mine chances. Michael Sam had a chance to leave a lasting. And an oppressive. Visual image on the world and he seized that chance John Lackey had another chance to convince the Red Sox ownership that. They should -- that little minimum salary thing he's got going next year and give him a Gatorade is. What else all the Bruins have two chances starting tonight to advance to the Eastern Conference finals. And these damned greeting card companies had one Mother's Day chance to just right up our noses. For a seven dollar Mother's Day card and they seized that opportunity as well. Other than of course the Jimmy Fund chance to help the kids at the clinic what is the most significant of all these chances were looking at today. Boy is actually I'd say the cards the cards would you say yeah we certainly should probably. Probably -- about a birthday card and to Mother's Day cards on Friday twenty. Three dollars. Three bucks. Now be over here but that won't be the slumping right. Says it cost a nickel. Put those cards together to produce those guards and nickel and they're charging like seven bucks. The got to pay the guy who writes the wonderful -- at all. About the paper what about the poetry it's. About the romance this right that's true I could write us is -- you can accurate. I think Jared -- It could. What are your -- cost I paid 650 yeah I was seven bucks a seven times three is 21 plus you know little facts I have I -- to make that one of the things that much better much better and I you know the Chief Justice yes. Paul marks on a sponsor of the no but I'm sure it -- -- experts -- all agree don't trust -- And 23 dollars for three cards it's not right I. I have never heard anyone on them to my -- about it. He's got the fathers the mothers -- did it. It rocketed three a good thing to have good expensive cars 'cause you can't do what else you know as the can't -- -- -- to and dinner. Okay dinner dinner did you by the gifts flowers. It's all worthless -- mean -- -- all. The -- it's not that much is Acosta grow our auto -- did a medical could to grow in the Senate Leadership from the pack. All right our -- so greeting cards this is the number one chance. Jimmy -- Madrid on kids is gonna want -- brought -- so you got Bill Belichick just you know -- -- -- does best just -- with every pick -- laughter never -- Never heard that name -- mentioned by anybody that he never heard this name mentioned by anybody. I think it is hearted and I Kirk and I guess it'll October showed up Friday and Kirk and I discuss the first round pick and elected he didn't. I like it even more today -- even more today. And as much as elect the first pick second pick still makes sense he did it on. On Friday right yes second round pick that I've read everything that has been written the budgeting a -- since -- I still don't get it. I still don't understand that we talked about it leading up to the draft. When when he had did it would Johnny -- sell via -- he had dinner with the indoor water. And we try to figure that out it made no sense it's still makes the makes more sense and used a first round pick on a quarterback. -- using a second round pick on a quarterback you hope will never play. When you have so many needs needs he never filled mean. You got the list show me the safety they native is he on that list don't see the surely Qaeda in a no no no the tight end starting tight end is and -- If you bees who man. -- yeah and if they go to that is it's -- man and who. Well lately they sign freeagent items. Rule I don't know. More that we don't know. That they -- some carpet and cited tight end freeagent. We never heard of rookies yes that doesn't Alter that what you think a guy who didn't go I went after Michael Sam Wright appeared contributor. To an NFL team to Marv cook made hissing coming back to July 1 of all -- -- -- -- a -- I'm -- you like -- easily. He is you but you thought about Chandler Jones drove you nuts was celebrations. What do you see this guy. This guy is the ultimate. Moon walking dancer after every single play he makes is a Florida -- -- some. Guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Source because like our chances and blood just cut -- right we don't like I don't say much about the ACL -- an -- note this book and importantly it is a threat this is -- like easily assume that is sure. I was I -- this is it got a huge pop idol you and I passed and I and -- a bulletin. In that same piece spoke to a orthopedic surgeons said the ACL stronger or you're right I spoke to govern that -- street believes its second Tommy John thank what I -- -- both knees have -- ACLs in the popular proposal to really strong now the first pick. Natal since the world's second epic made no sense. And I know the patriots you know the guardians at the gate the patriot to. Supporters in the media are doing their best with this one but they're having trouble with that this struggle with. As Skype quick -- explanation I would suggest that it probably speaks volumes about what they think mamet's ability he has to command and do anything. If and when Tom Brady -- a -- orbit it falls down and chart which it you hear the silly idea of the trade -- for a second a third rounder they couldn't get a seventh rounder from -- -- -- they couldn't -- the leverage that popular she's a one year left for the steal picks rather that. He surprise. But so they bought so they use a second round pick the 62 pick in the draft from back. Back insurance is what it is it's insurance you know what is that the only way this pick makes sense to be the only -- this -- makes sense to me. Is it in that office if Belichick if these guys. Are starting to see it -- Brady's game that we don't see anything two years now he's -- sizable. Maybe maybe that. They think they are rolled the dice successfully and luckily -- years. And at some point it's gonna jump up and bite him in the ass and he's going down for an extended period of time to begin every single season -- -- the patriots will win twelve or thirteen to fourteen games and there's always. Have Tom Brady stays healthy right are right so so have they not dodge with the exception of late but Matt Cassel year. A bullet this guy's career this yeah they have it but the majority of anybody who thought that got dropped below was among. The top quarterbacks that was an and and had the ability the potential to step in and play. Thanks to open next year play -- runaway well like like Michael Sam as the defensive player co defensive player of the year he was the go won't debate. Award winner right right yeah. God -- what are the what does the Walter Payton award because it's like the division nine player -- year and. As what are we got the best that I. I thought that was a joke dude and -- -- it it it could gradually -- states congratulations -- grapple and I hope he does well it seems like a terrific guys answer man got a better look at quarterback is what's what's your best case scenario for easily picture best case. -- situation he plays -- his inner sphere about a year after that. Same thing you have to that same thing which a best case scenario for grapple this year. He'd -- she's dug well yeah -- -- after that what are playbook here hasn't died -- Europe about -- he doesn't play at all that's progress I want a 62 -- and ended Uga beats them you know that they still -- -- I don't understand the -- and they really don't because Brady showed how dangerous he can be if you give him some weapons on the inside -- -- tight -- give one tight -- He doesn't have a pass -- global policy of the -- gronkowski thought was week three or four guys that. I guarantee it later that is weak free agent for change the conversation is supposed to and yet now as it stays healthy while that's true a minute think that it -- Jeremy gallon. They have needs backup quarterback was not an urgent need and here's. The well look at the quarterbacks. There and you guys read all the stuff written listener mail lists that they. They might not know the budget Belichick. And polian and and and Ron Jaworski and all of these guys there's some. Foundation for their their valuations read some of these quarterbacks or. There's a reason they rate them high and grapple he was among -- he was on the list. But why not. Take the second round pick through the need safety time and it would have offensive linemen which they did later on event -- savage -- respect about. AJ McCarron. With a 164. Pick or my guys act met burger. Who had all the miserables. Would 178 pick and its way he had the -- seal. It's definitely don't accept that he stinks that we would get -- we have to get beyond. Because if you have -- if you but OK then let's just let's just talk about the Red Sox because -- what did you can't talk about the draft if you say. We can't get in that because they don't like it like it is with the -- we we can -- -- to grapple with my point we started in the first round if -- if they think he's Tom Brady. Prompt yet it probably -- -- you can get away though it clearly they know he's a better quarterback -- all the ones are just mentioned. You're you're bitch is with where they taught him how early they took him. Well I think if you give it all three were available savage were available if if Berger were available and this guy drop -- available. What do you think build site. It's -- a handsome kid around hello buddy Ayers thing if you. Put them on the board to get a bunch of patriots scouts and talent anyway it is and you got Ernie Adams and you got -- -- Bill Belichick and all room. And is met number it is McCarron is Mallory is savaged his. Grapple I utilities a consensus the -- blows that can't miss it we can't let god now so good so -- but -- -- is subjective right there is. Some room for debate here so you take the safety you take the -- and you take whatever you feel that needs guys can play next year and contribute and help Brady when the Super Bowl. And that. You say you reevaluate the third round to say which one of these guys drop or gone okay that's Cameron savage. Murray. And you wanna do with a third round know -- the fourth. Berger was on the board in the sixth round. They -- got a quarterback. As an insurance plan as a back up as a guy who may never see the field later on and children feel the need. In the in the second round and you know what I mean I -- you'll stay -- odds -- he'll stay healthy right so we don't know anything about -- except for a couple of quarters and -- isn't it -- that his contract runs up the same -- Tom Brady's contract runs out to be another -- kind of thing and I don't open the doors to these conspiracy theories -- -- slipped to Brady. Who was that while no -- Verizon hot air -- again and I forgot that's true. I was watch somebody listless in the Brady's. Gonna play elsewhere because he's so underpaid that he won't play under the contract. He was itself it was on your network. Little -- Hagerty said it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he does not wanna play the last couple years -- would be so grossly underpaid the one out of here and they have to be ready for that possibility which is probably to me absurd. -- -- Got to -- said he's -- that play for the other go to Bill Belichick it's true it's told us that five -- -- wants to play at least fifties it was gonna be here until it does need the money to -- long -- it's no longer now he's the killing Natalie he's not bring in Donna -- her -- you know conducted rated qualified. -- went to the couple of importance on them that a couple sorry re not an object. He's not a doctor about. That. We're not out trying to say it's safe to say doctor Jessica -- -- -- -- still -- -- and we don't want them didn't want them on his kind without it but if I read someone's public smartly -- somebody like your profile board member wrote -- thing work. Within the patriots organization there's a belief that Brady slipped 1015% last year. I'd say OK I get this I still don't that meeting -- that two years look at two years. Isn't that Belichick doesn't fall in love with guys -- gently on the gets emotional -- -- guys or separately gently in the next two to three years. They won't be either a rookie or freeagent. Back up somewhere else. Look at say that's my next quarterback. That he had the Olympic or -- said he's the guy I want -- -- look at anyone else. I agree that the crop will be the next artist I don't think it's a good -- the car a -- all the quarterback they have drafted the bill was drafted right. All bomber misses for a -- for every single one is a missile guidance of O'Connell a mallet. -- -- to -- this point he was technically I don't I'm Brian Hoyer is. We'll see he'll probably be development lesbian miss. -- what is the start for a couple gets to start again. But I cannot but Belichick's really good at the first round. He's not so good after the first. Just just that -- -- you can look at the coach -- -- he's the smartest and -- don't forget Tom Brady in the sixth round of but I I trust him in the first round right. That don't trust -- so much later in the crowd that were excited you'd Q do you agree with that would you disagree I think he's getting his record for the first round probably similar to most teams' records for this round it's this record is his record and his record with the offensive line. The first round is impeccable. That's true you know it's it's Seymour words channel jones' Ty Warren you know it's Vince Wilfork -- it's great equal speaking of that public defensive -- Chandler Jones and I guess if you're -- Ninkovich -- -- -- Do they have that are fully healthy upon Nico Kelly and now -- just -- know it Will Smith knew he likes the Vizio does he really does which is why I thought that. McMurray my guy was going to be his choice I mean you -- if you should be right now in the second round pick was was spent on the saved -- attendant. What will it CJ Fedora which go with number. So they spent it on a good tidy yeah that tight end. Like a pass catching tendency. And then the sixth round of the fifth round. They get member are you saying that makes more sense that burger is big strong talented guy with a bad. ACL and it failed drug test perfect. For its failure to have to -- -- patriot he's got a torn ACL on a bad drug test yet and other teams are freedom. That I thought the more. Quit red flags to pop up around member of the more likely Belichick was that they -- that's what he does. -- -- scared but that -- sample was -- no no hell no I mean he has I don't think he's killed anybody so anything short of that but he's still on the board. Right killed one person to stop three. I volleyed the sixth round. That bit of anybody I went back that through the Internet and tried to find all these mock drafts put some buttons pushing buttons went on the Internet they gondola after it. They are slowly -- Not a single person in any mock draft I saw. Mentioned Dominique -- -- drop below Bryan stork James White camera Fleming John a lot PO. It's a fish not a lot and a black being black gets a lot you block and a lot PO Zack Moore. -- -- Or Jeremy -- not. One -- those names was mentioned -- would not by -- was we went over this Friday's -- was a couple of guys report of a -- -- nailed it -- that he and it's not only say that we're gonna pick me explain why he was super from Belichick I guess who was the only good under -- the way out there's a couple of so there was a couple of people that had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever eaten. -- that -- productive -- it's all about her future buried this may be this close to. Get back to super -- they were in the final four. But it is also a team it's sort of went -- free agency uses is a weird reaction to what you know as opposed to guys who can help you would do -- other sports are they going for it or not. Right and I understand you know -- take projects in the draft pick the guy. The 62 pick a real pick. Cool fingers crossed for them doesn't play for years because like the contrast yes and evidently I love the idea that he -- they can trade later on polio like ballot I don't. Thanks a lot and something's gone wrong right. Vince hasn't a Mac aren't silly doesn't go I think Vince is days of plan on third longer right I think he plays. On passing downs sure right away -- rare -- point by you by the way thank you free agency. Was about them here and now the -- was about down the road right down -- which it's it's it's strange you look at the quarterbacks who went. Let's say the first four rounds Jacksonville to quarterback Cleveland took a quarterback Minnesota took a quarterback Oakland took a quarterback. Arizona took a quarterback Houston to the quarter that mine and the patriots quarterback that usually teams if any of those things just don't smile that don't need a quarterback by Houston. Used to it yet bright and every other team has a need for quarterback right. The pictures don't I don't I don't I don't look at the team like Hughes took. These teams they all need quarterbacks more in the patriots yet they could wait -- Houston had three -- four guys to choose from may be -- -- one maybe Logan Thomas was another. They were gone. So Houston -- brand what would Tom savage she didn't -- -- marry my -- to one guy and a backup. Is Rebecca -- because O'Brien has a great relationship with now that's -- -- it just gonna trade but all are proud all of them chiefs angles Texans cardinals all have more than need. Pro quarterback in the patriots get -- all if could wait all could remain. Patient and not and and titans help member might start for them and they waited for the sixth round to take. 6177. And -- 7937. Dennis and Callahan and -- broadcasting live from the international in -- Massachusetts great weather forecast. But the seventh annual -- to tiger's golf tournament to benefit the kids at the Jimmy Fund clinic will tell you how you can help. But even getting their car and get better play golf since we are sold out after all -- to the Jimmy Fund kids we've dealt Bill Belichick Michael Sam still to come. John Lackey Bruins two chances to win one game. And those to him greeting card companies will be right back.

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