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Headlines Headlines Headlines: Jordan Belfort storms off the set of 60 minutes, 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

The top stories of the days as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Jordan Belfort and his interview with the Australian 60 minutes.

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-- -- lot -- you -- easy duty of more than 9% of all Americans and by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment where shall we start. Say a little letting let me letting all poised to grow how are -- -- that's this -- -- -- all. I don't this is breaking news CNN's reporting. That the leader of that Muslim. Gang who in Nigeria some depth that -- Melbourne and over 200 kids. He made announcements and their. The ball converted. To Islam another. OK now the -- okay Stucco home they're good all day combined. And the -- they're happy where they are there again it's obvious you agree to weed out that they should be fixed technically it hasn't happened there where they're wearing Muslim -- dresses and Jack. For every bad man. That aspect of the -- -- All right side -- -- game what about we get that curled back out. You know scary it is when you're in the middle Africa or in your rounding up the girls to sell as slaves and you get -- -- How frightened -- that's the worst part and concede that the hash tag from the First Lady. Puts fear in your heart. I think for Navy SEALs would do more damage like -- so get it done is sold school these days. Has taken him well I'll I'll let me answer this so Will Ferrell assigned on the play Bobby Riggs in a dramatic has to be dramatic movie about the travelers is not -- equality know about the battle of the sexes. Match. So they're trying to test Billie Jean King. So -- vascular and we draft play Billie -- kept Gary -- but that it that it is -- -- That if they -- it lets -- a bit but -- Away bottoms up Billie Jean King gave via commencement address at Simmons as we talked they asked her. And she said I don't know best person as the plane she said my friends have said Jennifer Lawrence. I think you Jennifer Lawrence in Italy Canada and all the time -- damaged Emma Stone was also so hopefully it. Can I just say that everybody thinks that Billie Jean King was excellent -- speech Simmons and shall we Britain's move you use the thickest most guys never put it on to -- you what happened here. Actually she's America's -- I mean really you know I was driving them this morning as crews on the particulars on talent balls however -- -- know how to get them where the dollar has some negative -- Mara a folk. -- -- Tedious sets out to -- -- don't know sensitivity training. Is -- have you been on its boring it works on the Iran if it works no I haven't. That. What was -- Just like being in school. You look at the -- like brick yeah how long was that a lot on there for six months. -- one day. We we have you want -- what's inside company to open via Austin news. Yeah mischief -- -- and did everything. Saudi Leo I -- just the bosses are sitting up during the -- can just say that the -- and they -- excellent and I look forward to the room and why he might -- -- -- we don't know that's -- veterans whose is it easier to shoot from the -- He's from Pittsburg yet but from bought out I guess -- boredom Boston. Moved to Pittsburgh. Fathers the venerable Edward and a harm at it and thus it salt -- city he's spending Columbus always been around about Seattle was huge I don't know that it. John and out of -- Seattle affected Atlanta. I. They can't fire letting -- -- the don't know that they get that politically sensitive about that just failed. It was a shock. -- especially sent there was there some. Sent its apparel makers. He wouldn't have called a friend that friend that traveled the globe -- written about us you would never give it to the global friend of the show Chad's been rates. So long about -- hello to middays with MSD that's the name of the show. Much has been replaced with him -- mobile stay with the company. Amends is gonna be your new tended to post with Christian forty and -- alone and when that starts I think some time. In the next couple weeks to name the show is meet these with -- FB. Empathy and matter of pretty well so a slow said activity yeah. A good point letting him -- may turn to regret I don't know anything about shorty well I I am a victim I'm fully open mind with them like I was Oakmont -- was salty just sucked but I -- all ahead. I don't know what might look at vernacular if it. That -- that he could trust me wondered if you're reading about was terrific personally -- it's a mistake to replace him but. I don't make these calls colosio outlawed Tibetans -- spots filled in the era to you will be part of the intercom for good. What happened. It'll pay -- back. I bought it's always go to Texas Tuesday is built -- -- politician -- -- -- national no no place like it. Yet at that does not stop treatment and -- got to get dodged any thoughts adding people on any thoughts on the -- days of MFV boom rolls off to. You know. They should've gotten. Some it may be FF best friends forever or guide and all of that could have been told they couldn't hit -- -- an untouchable happens Ohio I. But don't look or play it for -- play sports you can do -- what is tonight I thought there. And do something like super like -- market -- at the locker we have we have to hell yes or -- so we -- credit for not doing that I desperate -- to meet -- with MS he isn't hard dean and -- -- from Pittsburg and you know adapt now. I I would derby her precedent that I had to -- that still shouldn't. She'd like -- I was in Kansas City. Immature for that up and come right that's expected to hit is that it -- very same thing. Right next service for Jimmy -- in the top spot maybe we'll do a great job but he's with two guys as a -- though he's in the go in the -- and goes from -- -- -- -- born here that's. Not going to be easy and -- work to be welcoming. But I think it's gonna be tough for everybody else I don't know he's got he's got good act to follow. Bottom it went up race. -- -- great putt. But -- to salt. Obviously that's -- extra day trip over Jordan -- -- -- so the subject to your favorite noble for so yeah the be seen it yet though. It is now may seasons have changed -- Way too early season he's gonna wanna talk about it we'll ask don't tell everybody -- -- -- -- candlestick was outstanding have you seen it yet. Enjoy coming to the deal would look quite right I'd I thought it was. Right I'd like to list I had ever. The money. That's an editor at it would get all flat but Almonte is just a candle thing and then. About dot bad dot why it's about you but it was totally play action and a but a I hit like you know -- and and bullets and that he -- on the Australian sixty minutes ago started to we have the sound right got into with the the interview which -- about. -- all for us this would call. So -- -- make. Client on the money. We can make money problems and equities is what what -- what do you want guys you know I don't hang up until the client on the buys or -- yes. We'll corporate and written and has that doesn't mean at the client is not gonna make money. In onset of a -- a market that gets here and you're here on them that's that's it it what the last thing is that apparently. You have an oral contract with fuel management the Fordham company is that an attempt to hide during. Next question. What time I watch what I thank you got a lot of nerve -- play. Honestly really. Honestly why else do it honestly I was the oldest friendly nice interview and that's -- -- treating physicians. And mutual. -- -- And he can see here is scum he is the lowest formally scam artists gamble kinds of people that he thinks you should between treated with respect. By sixty minutes like program where it was going to be friendly sixty minutes Australia's told me for at least it now we don't know which I don't happen. She was shocked that now we know what we don't seem doing a lot of interviews in the states to Google was not for this can't handle it appears -- and -- as opulent. Not a good live pictures now. Did you idol Heidi money -- hope not but. It's a fact that it. Right you got to see -- didn't do enough time he should have done much what you got to see -- I art fine but I have three and a half hours to spare I'll go see -- two -- of the -- -- could still like watch -- you'll enjoy it yet it's it's fun headlines brought you AT&T arts at what 77 point 7937. Dennis Kelly and meta analytic Clark is on board we're at Bolton the international. In the tigers' seventh annual presented by foxwoods phone calls next with the DNC don't go away.

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