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Adam Schefter on the draft, 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

Adam Schefter of ESPN joins the show to discuss the NFL draft and some of the picks the Patriots made.

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Joining us the AT&T all on different from ESPN -- -- show after joins -- good morning out of how -- reported. Is this well where most people plot to -- would be drafted effect I think I heard about half the people say you might be drafted at all is about what the NFL. Brain trust thought would happen. Absolutely a 100% and moved back. That there's a real Cherokee into the dirt track that at all and that. We make our tradition of ground. Christian portion hours in the balcony registered and you know began -- changed. On the week. This generation security and Michael -- right now in this round. And mutual interest but now. Just not particularly not a good date as of Pashtun. Market a war architect Jacob. And I spoke to -- the orbiter which were mainly ethnic and Michael -- came out with this announcement. And simple majority discussed potential interest. I don't listed as an only tracked it created eligible -- -- -- where it didn't do anything else is almost out. Again it was productive last year or the British call -- a lot of they've been recruited that technically is playing at this site. We didn't check for the Carolina presumably graduate. Big east are -- when you're at -- attention that it will -- your questions not only Italy's well. You can put that question and JR call this sort of -- you have -- what do you mean the most decorated coach in the country undrafted. Beyond -- commercially. A linebacker. Just -- I don't. -- tell people most people are out of the book that are attracted only 200 and it should sort. -- They Adam. Other than the QBs when the first round portals -- Eldridge won there was a handful quarterbacks five or six guys. That I always saw a lot together met burger McCarron Murray. Savage and a drop below did you hear anybody before the draft. -- a mentioned Rob -- is a guy who was better than that group who was the best among that second group of quarterbacks. Quite an accurate count I look -- Williams don't only thing I want to keep coaching grew up a little -- first round draft that. -- -- -- An official -- -- the year just to become it's been well I was gonna go around one. That -- -- bad people like -- and there are people who used intentions. To take up orbit around till the patriots got a -- authority. Direction. And you know the bottom line and if you Google apple can't tell you don't know that our New Year's period. It's everything out there and he didn't -- -- -- which states and it doesn't that people question had to wonder about it and approaching that bullish. Boutros should welcome to beat Joseph are people. I guess I wonder why -- keep your quarterback get -- -- -- -- packaging this year by the bad guys. A huge. Supporter of the patriot organization an extra twelve years the -- wonder nobody and yes I believe that. -- -- And I situation if true the majority seemed to put a -- -- they are largely -- general assessment. I think you'll like man you know. -- -- -- who uploaded that. The best. Of all the -- national. You know Mort said after that after after oppose the -- Amazon he said the patriots would have considered taking men's cell. Had he been available 29 re hearing that as well. I -- surprise you know I know that you don't like Jim and I wonder if you -- go by Bloomberg show. Which has huge argument just I don't know who aren't like that you try to -- a demand not at all not at all. What and -- -- Those reaction down there at a -- -- front row set when they made their first pick Dominique Easley -- -- it was -- surprise in the -- on their New York. Yeah I don't think should happen to look like -- is there an -- appreciating and mental outlook know what they -- done. And I think that the picture which included a chance that they are traded out. -- but I I think illegally. There there are great on him and I realized it. And we're not -- -- interest -- -- were not for this sort -- that I might have been a little -- okay. But they aren't established are very get out the player. Are they usually got no way and pushing down chilling launch -- -- -- the if you force but -- because you impatient when there's an aspect that mean that but again. There -- -- debate in congress -- embracing don't take the image. They risk being punished Al acknowledge -- you -- not just production. Whether they are currently. And it can be without absolutely required -- future and that the democratic. They now that the draft is over. -- the draft is over -- downtime for -- got some time opera will would be doing. But couldn't get immediate negotiating they're like local -- -- that. Yeah I mean -- There's no doubt and counter it and yourself from last year weren't there yet again operate now and then there -- was -- True there were there about four -- joke. The one thing you never know in the -- established when things Lara but it would seem to be entering what would be. Quite a six week period in a policy in. Well I'd say that the world which is cheap debt in terminal that differed. All right Adam -- -- a little fishing any do you deserved time down appreciate the a phone call the conversation today as always my friend. I'm Adam -- with this -- on the AT&T hotline.

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