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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: Bruins/Montreal Analysis and Reaction (5-11-14)

May 11, 2014|

The boys talk about the B's recent success after winning 2 in a row and how they now have the upper hand in the series. How did they turn things around? The guys discuss the success of Rask in the last 2 games. They also start to peek ahead to the Eastern Conf Finals against either the Penguins or Rangers.

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Happy Mother's Day to you all Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns taking your calls and more a lot of the table today the Red Sox played 305. Bruins are resting getting ready for game six tomorrow night after the big win last night. Patriots drafted here. Just digesting everything that happened take a look at that Michael Sam does get drafted with eight -- ago. In the draft. And we go to Eric in Springfield to kick things off the smaller lower -- It would -- a real. There today less than I mean I'm getting up today and I'm looking at this news articles about the Watergate and the -- gap is an independent news story. Look all isn't quite they'd -- into -- -- Hockey player but he's also a giant bird and the dirty player. He comes in from behind strong bones at -- from behind he did in game one behind the boom and I think -- would -- check through about three or punches. -- that at the beginning airplane but a stupid water bottles were as like we tried to assassinate the guy on the. I it's our national solo where we went second thought don't take that too extreme no no one is no it is speaking about this with the fervor with which you war. -- So I'm reading news reports you know exactly -- seeing it all over -- did anyone talk about the part of Obama I. So -- you don't think it's a story at all. Now I think it's let me I don't picket the story ultimately. Okay I'm I'm not I'm just asking you seriously am I'm just trying to work with a year -- I know in situations like it's like to play UB ED editor. So aren't you you are in charge of programming it WEEI. Or Europe for my purposes you're the sports that are of the Boston Herald. And you're assigning all the stories you find out that late in the game. You've got Shawn Thornton scoring his one I think it into the face to PK stupid do you is -- -- don't write about that at all. I day yeah I would say OK Leslie the love story cholesterol the background about probably why they did this -- -- you guys -- behind when he comes in for a cross check and people are pissed off. So what you would always you would write about it but you would you would take the side of the Bruins to say he had it coming. What I would say is there was a a reason why this happened it just didn't happen in a vacuum right now like somebody just said hey I'm -- squirt water in this guy's face. It's because he he he thought he died he caught two guys from behind. And there maybe they're just trying to get back -- head you know they're not only at the plate in a penalty. Eric I I have I respect your opinion I really do I'm just simply saying that well first the ball. I didn't see it happen most people didn't there is no video -- And went and the way it works is -- the game is any or all coming on an elevator and you're getting greater historian it's very hectic. So I didn't even know about it until I was in the bruins' dressing room. And then one of our guy -- Steve Harris said Haiti here this and I'm writing a column about. Then getting a lead and holding it and so forth so this this kind of snuck up on us late in the game. And I didn't mediator Saudia Arabia well there if you go to WEEI dot com. DJB has a story and they've got video looped on there. With him skating by the bench it's not definitive. What you see Shawn Thornton raise an orange water bottle as PK sewer bonds going by you can't -- If you squirting him or not but to do see. I got to believe it happened from -- bonds' reaction. Somebody squirted. I mean it's. A bigger story water schooling environment and -- -- -- behind him on. Again you're going back to the point where -- start review that she shouldn't be talked about at all it's not the lead. Game story but let's flip it around like some months it's -- -- had done that if you wanna scored the water how big story -- that -- In my opinion I think it it's so silly it's it's not even worth mentioning honestly. Well I mean art Taylor look look -- all Bruins fans here take you Bruins had offers second. If the Canadians player -- to a Bruins player to be a much bigger deal. What respect you can -- it'll be up in arms that someone squirted water and asked we say and that's the Canadians do stuff its eyes big dive blah blah blah. It will Wear a story about PK coming up from behind -- Moochie. I like I don't have that but I have a thing right here in front of me from James Murphy Boston Herald dot com. Saying that was probably in retaliation for us who've been doing that -- -- -- tried to check in game two with regard to remember that play well there you go American Springfield institute doctor Harold and go to James -- and and also as far as it. -- the exact line -- the move was likely retaliation the soup and ducking a poet and -- during the third period game to. The -- knees buckled and he missed a chunk of time before returning to the end of the -- 53 comeback win but the Vince said he wouldn't resort to such actions which apparently. And then and in this is another thing here and when is -- on. Yes -- and and again Eric I respect your opinion but when you say it's a non story this is again James Murphy Boston Herald dot com. According to a tweet and you send Darren to Gregor the week's hot -- hockey ops and safety department. Will investigate the incident but wouldn't could be slapped with a fine them. Well that makes it knows whether you like it or not not pleasant news if you're diehard Bruins fan few weeks of being -- was coming to him and so forth. But it is news and it's even bigger news when you consider the possibility of going into space and can display area actions or not likely suspension of course but some kind of fine. -- flying in on this one I find it laughable that the call America's upset that you -- punching looted during the game as he ever seen a hockey game. Better than that I would take -- on the Bruins any day of the week what a player. X -- the story is now how big of a baby was after the fact so much look like a five year old on the playground talented teacher after the whistle. An and I Texas as the next step to the story is that it was dumb because he was black well let's hope. Back -- by foot. -- that did that will be the next like. Oh that's -- and glory come out on -- story let's go to Justin in Dover, New Hampshire I just an. Able cheat and I played on their antibody but it's another thing it's like out under spartans are saying again. -- against -- anybody ever tell you sound like Bender from future and not like art here. Under huge -- Triple. I can -- I I don't see the connection. I am curious on it. But let what I wanna call I was PGA event you know the public sense that I think I can speak for every -- and -- the fact that. Eagle there he talked more tracks and anybody and whoever dropped the gloves the only one is ever taught. There's Brad marsh air and you hope is gone against them. That is. That was 33 fights at one game right strap and be it'll back to the bench. Now -- that was that was the Kevin Garnett knock on him that was -- trying to get a little background that was street fights in one game marching right. Yeah I think so yeah there's -- I was out of that or let me plot here so -- they would you and his teammates believe. Yup. But I don't think it changes the fact that again this guy has been the best player in the series I think. What I I agree I think is that the best player in this period by far but my problem with them. Is it you're gonna go out there and talk trash and that butchered up instead doctors they'll -- away and I don't think it's important. Resort to tactics like that this scoop him would stand -- weren't called like command and sent him you know the typical Canadian player in the -- Run your route and scare away bank and I -- are now the most from. Actually called just I mean isn't this tube on the classic if he's already teeming -- he's not our enemy and that's harsh. Absolutely a -- texture says Anaheim vs LA one of the LA players scored in water in the glove of an Anaheim player it's gamesmanship. But did anyone local report about it don't think so because of the way Siobhan reacted that -- a bigger deal. The humble fashion when the NHL dean of discipline announced she's gonna do an investigation. A little teeny -- the late Bob is on my head nicer to myself that's a new story. The to be just waking up this morning you're just tuning in here and sports Sunday would -- -- barking it has not been. Topic number one but it is a story out there and if you watched the game wondered what happened. -- case who bond alleges that somebody squirted him with water again if you there's stories and Harold. And globe and WTI dot com and he was battery acid and -- -- yankees game. W met it's always batteries right out of batteries thrown at me what were -- nine volts single a double way. On WEEI dot com again there is video in a loop of it and you'd it's not definitive. But against who bond says he was squirted the bigger stories in the game. How to Bruins won the game two power play goals. Third line playing well. Gillick gets a goal a great pass from group and Tuukka. Doing the job again I think that's when is the Bruins and that's the most encouraging thing to cut in the one -- shut out and Tuukka last night. Looked like that you go we expected and the guy who's the favorite to win the vezina trophy to ensure Reebok. As far as who something up that took -- Rask is probably when you when you really think about it the fact that these last two games he's been more like to connect we restarted. -- -- -- -- -- by the way EE was not that good game three and I I know that. You could say that's not the reason -- -- but. Other plays made mistakes there with a break aways. That was the so being coming out of the box but. Rask wasn't that good nickname I don't Q what other people say and they're they're a -- to -- two mistakes one. Was that sort of awkward past and Milla behind that mountain that that led to a goal because they couldn't get the puck out of the zone. In yellow one was him not and he said this himself. That he -- -- the stick out on the ice when -- penalty was standing in the us he was able to get unimpeded -- get that lead pass -- income was -- -- And score that goal. And I I didn't hear the witness say this -- and I was driving back Montreal. Hired -- mentioned that. Horton had called in and said that was -- the deal because the please when -- -- here and paying the stick anyway while that's that's that good job by electronic trying to defend grass but that's wrong. Because I -- come up and on web whatever level it is that the press boxes in at at the Bell Centre which is the while -- in professional sports I guess. And when that goalie paying cystic you can hear it all the with the arena he retail vehicle it makes a annoys. Even as loud as that building gets an up. 3000 feet up in the year in you can hear it's clear today so I assure you -- Bruins players between the Blue Line in the Red Line. Who were in that zone right there they can hear that there are older my animal OK with the wouldn't say that because that's what Francona he's always do depending its players and giving you an alternate reality to sort of get you off the -- The fact is he didn't play good game the fact is that he is played outstanding analyzed two games he needed that you you need your goal it to its take his game to a higher level. And he didn't play at that level. In game three he has played at that level games fortified. I heard somebody say this about game three Cameron who was that they said one of the big differences the game was a price. Price the only goals liberals got behind price for ones that he couldn't see and -- gave up several goals where you could see. On the break we get a break we'll be right back I -- Bruce you guys are up next 61777979837. It would like to join us. On this Mother's Day edition of sports Omnia W the that 617. 7797937. More after this. Well yeah I I think everybody who was in whose owner team including you notice that I think it was. It was more we see more in control. We seem to be put pucks in the red area as we seem to. -- in sync can you know and I thought we're focus for a whole sixty minutes that was agreed to green left her are heartened. There's a lot tougher times coming in there we have to be ready for next week. A lot tougher times coming according to -- Julian -- thought one of the things that was interesting. -- yesterday was that you know after five penalties. Were called in two games in Montreal at eight were called in the first period eleven overall. In the game and -- huge factor in the game and if you think of the way the series started but march on Apollo on looking so potent on the power play. He taught me there were going to be eleven penalties called yesterday I wouldn't think that was going to be great thing for the Bruins. But it actually turned out while I got two power play goals and what a minute and a half -- along with period 322 two seconds early in the second period so. So I guess that worked out well look at the Canadians that things -- to -- Eagles. Yes. Yes but. Again if I told going into the game yesterday that unlike the games -- more trouble going to be a lot of power plays. -- -- think -- -- -- liberal now. Now I I I I never know how that's gonna play out here so many different things in the obviously in Rask made this point going into the series going into game three in Montreal rather. It listen it's human nature that the home team is gonna get the benefit calls an all sports but that that is a psychological thing beyond that what I just that I can't explain it. But teams especially basketball against teams generally get calls at home I don't get liberal would you agree at that point yes. And that's as simple reality of professional and he's also what is it. What I can Connecticut -- -- Sunday or WEEI hello like. -- -- -- Mike -- Mike it's -- Well all right guys you tell us. I'm happy Mother's Day everybody out there looking into a mother. Don't wanna talk a little -- the there about the -- on water thing this year required studied in the well we all don't know -- orders transparent so. Or is an easy sport goes. They're accommodating. Really think the play by placing. That one in the crease interference. Would grab the guy I've forgotten the play by play guy was saying. I was Kenny Albert last night. Yet he was saying he wasn't even in. The crease all the possible when he was thought what in the crease right -- -- Yeah I thought that was a dead on call. I thought there was going to graduate their property and I also like how he got it rested react to that and remember that in -- But I but not not about what you know the rep saying the Portland accommodating -- -- you can remember even promote all eleven and Stanley cup series. That penguins this toll. Of well Vancouver. And it goes on and I would Boston history -- -- complicating and but he has take care it is because I at least we know from watching Brett and Jack. The president completely impartial. Day day our hockey. Generated talking no matter who's playing America the home team will await team is evenly talk of golf has always. Or not. No it's. Not you don't think the Jack and brick or Boston centric with the delivery. Well they have the people wanna call it might well play. Of the opposing team say they actually expressed it as well they do with a with a broad seen. I I think Jack and Erica great they they bring so much to the game works an old friend of mine from thirty years back and a big fan of his and a good friend his. Is far is the NBC sports. I can't speak to that because RB -- epic games and not watching them. I'd I did watch some of the late game last night when I got home and watching some of these games I haven't had an issue with broadcasting now. It was Kenny Albert last night I don't have a lot of experience with him I obviously didn't hear what he said because again -- -- the game. I think Mike Emmerich is the greatest hockey announcer. What the possible exception of what -- Kelly I mean there there -- some truly great -- -- -- -- keys in the very top Echelon. -- See your amend your signature to that agency what does what. What would tiger. While I have aged beyond right unlike satellite and -- NBC is great speed but what on NBC sports is not a state. This is incidents. All of it while you can definitely his book -- check -- on that I've got -- that we that does which does and I do. All right all right that you ultimately failed on that point. Of it is at it it with the respect to the caller is that he. 88 thing in professional sports you always feel. At the national announces have -- then -- your team and again you mentioned before about fouls being called human nature -- it's human nature would that -- two reasons why stoppage of bark about all the time named. But he used to say Red Sox fans say they hated him he would say he got in every single city went yeah. Especially when the cardinals plan because they absolutely gender. And grow up personally -- just haven't cardinals log on his Athens found out about that -- -- he has. He is a big -- guy why wouldn't need -- and I think that accusation no no but my. My point is he Mike was saying two different things one ABC and NBC's coverage is horrible and any Hussein was Montreal based just like it was Vancouver based. A couple of years agreement as a matter of fact -- -- McGwire has been number ones homer in this here I think I'd be 80 boy it's. I think NBC's -- coverage is great a lot of sad that they believe from one game to the next. -- bring on the set up is awesome. And again and -- I have a history might it was back to me merit is back in the day. And just I don't -- about you but when my camera to doing your game. You feel like while the schemes of Korea are important and I thought yeah because Mike Cameron is here he does had a big turned fields of the game and end when when. And he brings a level of excitement up and down the ice not the one team -- the other now. Callers can disagree instead although he's in the satchel of Canadians and the Rangers or whoever. I I don't get that sense. And you know is is is -- jacket brick go when this guy thing though they call it on the middle however you phrase that I'm paraphrasing. But -- let's beat candy jet Jack and in -- of enormously entertaining. Yes let -- there are like they've got that flag when they're up there I mean -- just that's what that's the way it is with hometown announcer. Dexter says guys I'm living in Philly these days that fans called local shows there -- of the same broadcast accusations this happens in every town while while -- expect. I've been fiddling with -- -- for happy hour kitty kitty big city it if I was that a new HD set. They go very excited launch of virus although we're very excited it is going to be -- and it's not a big egg rolls. -- -- This last last week Friday night or did I drove by and thanks again and a big ones huge in big state government intends Davis Square making it grow there is growing and women's. Hey guys don't -- I'm threatening the Orion and and I hate that I I have to confess I haven't. Contain him much attached to it until recently caught -- Thomas who thinks he's been. He hit a lot of criticism last year for it I think candidate that is in newspapers that there could see he really. He it expands minutes and an in any game killing penalties. Okay. And this very interesting in his career that I've noticed that I think and noticed it yesterday I the last couple games got the run. They'll have a well there. I think that if he was like 16. On on his. Defense of guys and his team has been. -- not admit -- so yeah -- -- He's very good at artists and what -- give him that much space by the way it was sickening watching. That the guy on the just in front of the line winner on the power play Alex stuck on the call them centers and over to PK -- don't -- them. If they had someone who got close to those guys I don't think that was devastated. -- activist. I can't incident at him one of the leak assessment that he does not heal properly. He joked about it but not spent a lot of time in killing penalties -- -- Thanks for. It's not accurate to say that affect Gregory Campbell on -- -- populate buck. At the end actually did a really good job once you've -- and any drifted off him came down. Towards the center I think -- Gionta and they are on the goal. It was actually Patrice Bergeron who was out there wouldn't you know legs together trying to block it and ended up screening. Our Tuukka Rask social bonds scored so they have decidedly put someone on now -- -- out there and -- Campbell did a really good job for. 6177797937. Is that number to join its its Steve Buckley and -- -- and a sports Sunday on WBI in Boston you can text us. On the AT&T text line. At 37937. Several text is reminding us there is no longer crease rule. And the NHL so that penalty should mean a goal should have been allowed and it was. Another text says TV showed a replay of -- flipping and catching the water bottle with a rotating forma. Forwards -- bond was skating by he might have done it intentionally wants DuPont Circle back then laughed. TV only showed the laughing portion on the subsequent replays again he just tuning in it is a story of what went on. The NFL NFL NHL said they may we investigated and that may be penalties but somebody squirted -- -- -- according to them with water on his visor. And it's part of the game story. And I give you one more text here. This is from our recent Portland Maine. What's to Philly now but I grew up in -- Portland in 1978 at live next to Mike Emmerich who would have been doing the mean parents as an aside. We would place street dark and I got my two col -- gold -- that I never knew how cool that would look -- the -- A couple of that you autistic kid in the driveway playing you know that orange ball. And you play street hockey and my economic zone that's pretty cool exercise she went on to BA red riots so well organized Visio. So -- is awesome I wanted to complain Boston because you'll never win a cup in Montreal. Korea Syria Bruins all. -- overrated distinguishable voice but not great on the call makes up words asks elementary questions -- relevant historical references. It is named chuck -- at Carolina is that on. These saints and Carolina. Is the best. The state of the Broward Mike I mean I don't know every announcement in NATO and we know fuel Americas and Europe games you don't know -- I think my -- pretty good I agree with -- -- that he like when I -- Pat Summerall when Pat Summerall was doing a game it brought. Up -- -- it was a big game to occurred -- Was the same way Howard it was a big game Howard Cosell Howard cut yes Howard Cosell yet he's given meet Andy get a break amino console. I did see him once and I was shocked how big. -- is huge is a -- unit. You may remember that he beats floating about -- well Monday night baseball. Back in the -- seven -- early eighties yes and it now heroes yeah and so they get a bunch of such yankees games and I'm just a kid coming -- port on the cover home games. -- -- metal press dining room which is now with EMC club is. And you'd walk in public to sell would -- first a voice like six foot four. And he had those brilliant double breasted dark blue suits on the white you know screaming white shirt and red tie. Hero you know that thing -- where -- and the -- and and he was John I enormous. Any any was loudly that I had to say how are you doing any -- -- arms of and boy you talk about a guy that could take over Rome good heavens and when Howard Cosell did a game the game was that much more important as who ultimatum. Sports Sunday more after this. Yeah we. Game four is a big game and tightening and feel he had. Win as a team and try to come home and build on that -- and is -- the it's great out here try to just just. Is that -- here and that we did that person who has you know it's -- -- for. Second two. You know we we have to get them we'll check back. That zone time and some big hits and -- the crowd of readiness that you know we. We need to use that in and we did. And now now that you've gone. Jarome Iginla. Had a really nice goal on a phenomenal pass from -- crew. Ruins of the big -- to -- women nodded to Montreal a chance to close up the series in game six on Monday night pocket that has been a lot of talk about crate G. Again law and Lucic and that they just have not produced I mean you're expected to produce when your top line. Don't look past this series but looking at Pittsburgh one of the differences. With Pittsburgh right now as their top -- is produced at a really high levels so. They eventually need to get some production. -- can debris was continue to go on and not get production from the -- Lucic in line. Well. I think they can again we talked about it earlier date look at the -- played 2011 and they want one but when in the Stanley Cup and you wouldn't think that a virtually nonexistent Powell -- money team would end up leading to a Stanley Cup so. Weird things happen in the postseason. Something to keep demonic as does the good news that front is is that when me. New opponent arrives at a new series arrives things tend to be different then and let's go back to the power play I believe. Montreal was. To put thirteen on the power play in Tampa Bay. And they come out score a couple of power play goals in game one against the Bruins and suddenly -- power play it was reinvigorated so. It'll be different match up and that could mean different numbers different stats the different lines so. I would -- but I but I would not look to Pittsburgh just yet that any more than it would look to New York because. New York came back with a big win the other night in Pittsburgh so. I think if your broad -- you wanna get this series out of the way first before you think of exotic matchups the next round. I look at not the shots on goal the end all be old but -- Iginla took one shot on net. Yesterday -- she took two and Lucic took -- Conversely. Bergeron had four. Are we Erickson had read -- -- injured one I wanted to steal replanted to get a chance to see it. And in maybe it's Dextre can help me out with zero pass. In the corner across the crease and -- it was kind of like a bouncing puck. And I don't know if and I think it was again with the fan on it or did he just was he not -- -- -- -- settled on the park -- just making all this up. Don't know I do know that when I saw the replay of the -- -- goal was even more impressive. Because that past was not -- -- it was flipping him bouncing and he actually. Not that a little higher off the ice author crossbar after for a Frazier rebound in game four -- trio hit it you know. The -- thing gets frustrating at times because. He we all know he's cam really ask I mean just the way he plays the game rock soft on. And can't even said that however there are times when we see the best of Lucic. Heatley -- seven hits yesterday he's knocking guys all over the ice and he's got this heavy shot but he's threatened to score when he doesn't see the worst of Lucic. He's not shoot in the park parks are jumping over stick it feels like he's got stone hands doesn't it and particulate it comes and goes with him. When it comes to his finance -- biggest hands game this is where I fall short of the nearly comparisons for a lot of reasons Cam -- -- phenomenal hands. I mean he -- he -- that would punching guy in the base but also not a park out of the year. You know Lucic just -- it sort of comes and goes he has good days and bad days that -- -- -- Our -- nearly a good days bad days but more good days and bad right I don't know I'm always always. Is hidden terrorists comparing. Current players legends and -- is clearly a legend. While he's done it himself I'm gonna go -- that you know that was part of trying to given them some confidence but you know I say nearly ask. -- because -- size. Rock them sock from -- and and when he's on his team. He's a huge factor in the game -- just thinking -- -- they get a chance to close it out now and again the first line has got to produce. It's great that sort of Bergen and Eric CNN and an all those guys produce last night and Riley Smith. And did a phenomenal job the second and third lines but you know they need more from their first line I exit. So going back to the point I -- a few seconds ago when guys has brought you are correct again a fan. Next guy says oh it is -- it is I was it was -- it is but which it's tried to bat an air pass across the crease. Know of texas' again that was trying to settle apart from a quarter. The carrot pass across the trees was in the middle Lucic couldn't get to OK so -- the tulip. Bouncing pocket with by -- I do remember gimmick getting a part in an open net and being shot. And it was apparently about a -- for -- get a chance to see that you know what happens in hockey. Is that. It's not like in baseball football they stop after every play and you get a chance to see a replay the game keeps going and appeared in the middle something -- -- we see the replay. I'll try to get up early today and re watch the game mostly because it was so much in that game last night. Yeah when you go to a game and -- come back and watch you see so many things you don't see right yelling at the game. The thing about this series Max patch ready continues to be nonexistent. For the Canadians he -- six shots on goal. You feel like Max -- he had six shots on all yesterday. Well I mean to the point that I'm surprised that he had six shots against yes so it. Yes sorry but on every never recovered from a charge sheet -- Little joke there. But what he continued the Bruins continue I mean as we talk about the lack of production from the bruins' first -- factory he's almost. Effective goal scorers in the legal Hewitt thirty angles and he's been a non factor offensively in the series means Ted Koppel moments but that's about it. So from a Canadian perspective same thing. I mean they're gonna need to get some production here in game six don't we all just because of the way the Bruins have done this. In playoff runs the last copy of the all expect them to close the series autumn in. Expected to be Wednesday I expect a big game seven and we do you know I think they're. I have I have to I have to say actors I had I have Bruins in seven. So now I mean I what what makes -- mean maybe the bronze went in six maybe go seven. What I can't atom is that there were a lot of people thought that this was going to be -- at five because of rose a much better team and and -- it wasn't just the history. Of Bruins Canadians that had me saying it was gonna go seven because after all. The recent history in my chemical backed it right then in billable and all in on John Ferguson being -- green. I'm just gonna go back analyzed 1012 years were in recent years the Bruins had the upper hand in this. Traditional post season rivalry. It it's just I looked at and and again I I have to say regular season post season three different piece I do want to stand. The fact of the matter is that this past season. It was just you know Canadians were up tempo against the Bruins and Rask wasn't on his hasn't been as best against the Canadians. You certainly has been lost tonight an outstanding he's been that guy again right by agree he really eat with sort of shaky. In the early games particularly games three of Montreal so he he's bounced back with a vengeance that's a good sign going into game six. He seems unaffected by it whatever they can throw item at the bell center in terms of bells and whistles and little kids with torches and all that. And by the way -- himself has said he loved playing out there. He gets into it he says is no better place -- apologies to -- -- -- Your goalie Tuukka Rask was telling us the other day at the garden before they headed up -- for game three. He was saying is no better place to play hockey and up there and so do that what you will. I texture says when you're talking about catcher -- he struggles. Don't forget to give credit to Chara and Bergeron. For what they've done to him and that has been the strength. Of the bruins' cup runs in the last couple years is their defense. And -- forwards coming back. You elicited WEEI Butch Stearns is Steve Buckley on the sports Sunday. Again it's Mother's Day weekend Red Sox play at 305 today would John Lackey on the mound looking to go above 500. I'm Robbie Ross will go for Texas before we go to that. Top of the outbreak -- touch on the Red Sox a little bit -- Dustin Pedroia Alex spears got -- article on WEEI dot com about this. The Red Sox are nine and four against lefties. The second best winning percentage in the American League and since Dustin Pedroia. Has been in the lineup they're scoring. The lead off hitter and -- lineup. And that's been fourteen games while they're only six of those games or scoring a run more a game we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. The loss of Ellsbury and how it affected the Red Sox -- seem to have righted the ship with Pedroia Victor Reno were -- and Napoli one to report. Wouldn't you say it heading in the right direction liberals. Were you I would say they've righted the ship but I think the head in the right direction Celtic capital what you said I I think they are definitely figuring it out. It's a lot better than it was opening day when they didn't have Shane Victorino -- and they had all kinds of question marks about leadoff. That I I think it's safe to say they are not going to be as solid lead up throughout the season. And that's not exactly brain surgery. They don't have Jacoby Ellsbury is helping Jacoby Ellsbury at the top of the order made them a much better team -- -- I think we all myself included. I wanna say who pulled the exodus of Jacoby Ellsbury of the Yankees but I think a lot of people. In Boston. How can I say this. Did not warmup to Ellsbury they didn't hate him but they didn't embrace him and I think -- three. A he's he's he's he's not he's not god knows he's not David Ortiz not gonna be out there type fighting everybody and hugging kids and all that he's more reserved. And I think he backed off a little bit in the aftermath of that whole business with the rib injury and how was diagnosed and who said what to who wins whose feelings were hurt and so forth. And I think you backed off a little bit remembering him up in Toronto with this piece of paper is talking points which she was unfairly criticized. -- at once again story right isn't coupled with the media he wants to make sure there's a right embarrassing and for everybody. Wasn't embarrassing for him. The whole the whole Walsh was -- was just like. You know -- take up the paper and talk it was just it was embarrassing I mean it's part of the reason he's gone from here when -- -- initially been taken up the paper no I don't it was just the whole thing was. What did you say that. I see a guy. And and and and Ellsbury is no favorite of mine I should say it would we have no relationship okay wasn't like meet Pedro AEA you know. -- you know guys that you get to know well. And I I think like every person covering the Red Sox are any businesslike relationship and Ellsbury. I don't think anybody hated him but I don't think very many people go up particularly close to him. It's far is the incident and was sort of going off the tracks here but as far as used to but the piece of paper and it was an in Toronto what it was doing a show here. And my attitude was here's a guy who is a not real low equations with the media perhaps not comfortable with the media. It's a complicated. Topic we're discussing MRIs and X rays and eight timeline as to wind this happened and when that happened right in the interest of getting his story correct. When he spoke with the media he jotted down some notes. And had -- in front of him that apparently didn't go over well with some people my attitude was given day -- given beat. Is is his comfort level with the media in his interest in getting the story correct would help loving and what -- -- that something wrong. And then have to backtrack a couple of days later people would be turning against him so not only did I not have an issue with that my attitude was good for him for wanting to get it right. Well my issue was. He wanted to get it right in the first place because his courage is being. Question. Publicly yes and I didn't talk to him about this from elected to why did a 1000% confidence. What I believe. From covering him for a period of time in order a little bit -- and feel like the team had his back. And he felt like he had to do that into your point -- here's a guy who whether he's ill equipped or whatever that's not his comforts. His comfort -- was kind of stick it to himself being a routine guy sort of stick him out there and to have him have to do that like I said to me it was embarrassing. To do but we got on -- because of Pedroia had a lead off as we go to the top of the hour let's tie it up with this I like Pedroia in the lead -- I mean when you look at this team right now I don't think if you asked me -- I think that's his best position heading no but I think he's their best lead off hitter right now would you agree. That doesn't mean it is the guys we have here right now I just real quick quick text -- which -- debts position and make him the key to lead -- -- the question is where you plan. -- I don't I heard Alex still big thing interviewed him a couple weeks back. And I don't know that he has opposed to play shortstop because there's a reason guys play second base because. I I can -- police say the most second baseman our second baseman because that's why Jackie Robinson played second because he didn't have the arm for shortstop. And so. So I don't know what's gonna happen McKee that's because Pedroia is completed second baseman for a long time and I don't think rookie -- complete -- that maybe I'm wrong but we'll see. But since -- larger question. That's the best setup they have right now. Open -- about a company or get Red Sox at 3 o'clock today butch and buck here till 1 o'clock. Leading you up to believe data -- card coming in at one the take you up to Red Sox pregame at 220 as we. Head to the break the Baltimore Orioles by the -- have won five in a row -- for their second. Three game sweep after sweeping the -- to go for the second three game sweep against Houston. Today they are six games over 500 and leading the division now Red Sox -- three games behind them. At 500 so what you -- -- more sports Sunday after this.

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