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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: Reaction to the Rams Drafting Michael Sam

May 11, 2014|

Butch and Buck give their thoughts on the St Louis drafting the first openly gay football player in Michael Sam. Buck offers his very pertitent opinion and thoughts and relates the situation to his own.

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Yeah in all of whom were pretty good team when we have to leave him it's a three goal -- to believe we we try to play the same way it. And I think today it was a pretty good example of that whenever. You know except sit back we just kept going and playing our system you know gives it celebrating on Natalie Natalie for sure. Tuukka Rask not a good game for him last night you give up a late goal that was. I thought a rocket by shoe bomb when you saw the replay it sort of Tipton. Jumped in all over the place mention that because. You know -- can -- give them tools to games up to that point and when you saw Stu Barnes scored a goal as a -- annually. Enough time for them to come back in this but they didn't Bruins win convincingly Fortuna game six is. Monday night. Afternoon. It is seen those those shows that you for the game starts have been did -- -- -- up on TV they did the did the whole problem there you wanna talk about that so let's go to and I just. Over the top and is this at least I don't think it's over the topic yet in all you Michael school John -- the -- no McCain if Internet. But that that wasn't over the top and he keeps you like it but it was you that was the definition -- over the over the top means that it like it. When he gets over the top that's gonna roll my eyes oh I know is if you if it -- if he has won it. This is directed to you but to listen if if you begin in in the discussion but I -- -- -- -- -- number 008. And dried and it if I ate cookies to -- it if if the discussion begins and ends there than okay hold on -- -- If you look at it what it is. It's the -- -- doesn't 1421. Century and a into arena is where. That that's the pre Gillick Orlando girl in a late 1012 years ago -- it relates peace. And now in -- is all smoke and it's just noise. There's nothing clever about it it's just let's make as much noise internal lights out internal monitor and spotlights. And it it's just some college kids that neared -- buttons. There's no creativity it's just a lot of stuff all the macho thing was creative it is not only created it is choreographed Donald observations show. And it it's it's it's a Vegas show with high tech. Computer imaging. Three dimensional images going up -- on the ice the ice turning over and and all of that those who haven't seen it turns the entire ice service into a video screen. And it's not the US seen. Dryden in on Conway and all these guys on the ice doing things. In such it's just amazing and don't let the whole place on fire and then a little -- skates up the eyes of the court he's about ten years old little kidney uniform. And he goes to the four corners -- -- senator rice and holds up the ports. The side the side felt northeast west and -- it down and when need. And he brings a little ports down to the ice surface. And the price ignites. And goes up on on the dasher boards and and the whole place becomes a cauldron. And it's just it's mesmerized and you can't take your eyes off. Hope when you say over the top maybe we can discuss what the -- over the top means to me it means like all right enough. And outbid the buildings where I sit there from the second the stuff -- I think some of the Celtics to a few years ago was was it was just. Well it was just turning lights out turning them on and little spotlight that a lot of noise and and Kevin Garnett thing. We're out but like the Canadians than what I liked about that would was that they paid tribute to the history. Of the Celtics and in the south as Canadians are analogous to the greatest basketball franchise and the greatest hockey franchise so I did like the fact. That they paid tribute to -- both Canadian Soriano Gonzales -- -- right. You know we had Johnny most in there we had bird in -- -- -- mixing up Celtics and Canadians which we think it might say about hope similarly they paid tribute to exaggeration I like the way -- Canadians -- Homage to history they have Johnny most and and that's why get mixed up a book by it's he Johnny most -- the -- health and it is that a lot of awesome by the way. Checks out a Canadian people. -- guy he's. But when he did not say if the F imposed. And so -- urban legend. The Johnny said that there's a famous story that -- most did a Bruins game and and it someone hit the post and he says that the we proposed. That the government that it happened. Texas says -- -- pre game is dumb do you I'm capital the UMB. Not -- has put as much like the brewers two in the series -- and text. That the Canadians in game six mark my words the fix will be in for game six let the diving begin. -- diving by them this hysteria. There was I'd gain and who core -- got sent out firm against the hook. What he he was maybe in saint -- cope with the guy again who was. That was a dive of epic proportions that was a dive where you at the -- should just -- the guy but when Oprah penalty though. Tom as a close and in the final hour let's talk about the really biggest sports story that streak in the nation right now is Michael's -- drafted. With eight picks to go. In the draft he got drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Twitter is a buzz. President Obama has congratulated him plenty of articles up their -- read about it what was your reaction buck. -- -- up the Bruins game so I I wasn't there live when it happened and I did follow it on Twitter and various other web sites and so forth. So -- go step by step RB some very happy. He's part of the crowds part of the party and -- it it what and please if all you've got is. Always gave who two years a lot of people care so he brings something more of the table than that I saw one guy on Twitter yesterday. Make this comment all big deal he's gay that's all you people who cares and that iPhone is the red and there are like 26. Twitter tweets. In you know making fact that he's gay well for a guy you execute these gate -- -- -- the bottom -- make a -- volatile day so. It's it's it's a it's a it's a good story it's an important story as to whether or not. He should have been drafted this this is an important point for me because I I was glad you strap it on a different level. Because had he not been drafted. I knew I'd be on the show you'd say -- I'm not writing about this with some Albright went all the time until further notice. Had he not been drafted I'd be sitting here this morning. Maybe fielding a question from you or caller. Think you think he wasn't drafted because he's right that's a question now that now and forever we don't have to answer. Now you can -- different question was he drafted because he's gay and while. Considering that heat he was on most charts. A guy who was going to be drafted at some point may be dropped. Maybe he's too small babies institutes mommy be so slow but the fact that he was drafted in and of itself. Isn't shark -- he was someone that was draft eligible he was he was. But I watched a lot of the draft right and by most experts. It was 5050 whether he'll be dry afterward that's a point though it's not that was and hundreds and -- -- he was not going to be draft rights so that that just. Makes my point there so the fact that he was wrapped it strictly. That he was drafted at all isn't shocking. If if he had been -- It it it it wouldn't even be discussed it with that oh by the way the -- strapped to this guy you know and so forth so. We can take off the table why it was in the draft and what's wrong with the NFL and so with that we we don't have to answer that question. As to why he was drafted. We'll hope he can play a little football and maybe makes the team may -- doesn't. And I I like the way the rams and I liked the way Fisher says I'm I'm honored to be a part of this. I I have no problem with that. And I think it's going to be an interesting ongoing story now I guess somebody from door opens tweeted something this is terrible horrible something like that the -- was taken down while would expect that. -- treated old my guard OMG. And the tree was taken down right up and down. Whose name but it also tweeted horrible and -- that the horrible. I'm. Sure to -- you wrote your column came out in January January 6 2011 okay and on I remember correctly and smile Tuesday. He started by talking about your mother yes sort of spurring you on what item on Wednesday at the -- bring it up actually out -- my mom I'd been Altman bumpy years. She did not want to meet Kamal publicly even though it though. -- -- the year and off the off print and so forth he thought. It would be bad for my career and then one day she said you know she go ahead and do it but I is in the process I was leaving like in two days for a trip to Europe on occasion. And I said it would take care -- get back and go back and she was sick and that she'd had a heart attack in the midst of being sick with cancer and she died ten days later. And it was -- yeah. And this -- since 2003. And and -- that was just so much to do after she died as you went through with the data Norton that that you don't have time to worry about yourself and coming out now that. And we we handled the funeral arrangements and all it's awful look at the clock its 2000 its December 2003. January 2004. Patriots from the last that would suitable. Then two weeks after that haven't spring training you'll foresees an -- Sox won their first World Series basic. And then and it just kind of dissipated but then over the period of years that I really did take care. And and remembering the my mom had said you should do this. I finally. -- and and needless to say I'm very happy. In my life -- and so forth and I I -- but this is will become a look of a fork in the road. I don't tell people you -- c'mon I tell people eat that you come out when you you would try to -- -- some emails every day from athletes from. Students from from guys were married with three kids. Do it -- pills right don't do it because I tell you don't do it because your agent tell if you do it when it feels right emotionally. So how a life change were significantly after he came what was it what happened after. Our intention. Got to me a lot more people got to go to a lot more events. Didn't have to. -- -- -- -- And it it it didn't change my career at all that's right -- question because now -- the -- I haven't had a now did there has been in fact Ike -- -- city every single person. With whom might work yourself included is in great. And you know going -- Dale with really great. The NC were great date they asked -- pointed questions as is there and but they were fantastic. Really really good. Folks at Comcast were great you know they'll note on the which is only so when you. When Michael Sam now because it's football. Will be different he said it's going to be interest and see how this plays out is partly because of the the way football is compared to other sports -- will be different for baseball. The dog now I can't -- can't break it now that I mean it's obviously different sports but -- the -- we understand there is a gain game mentality in place in football doesn't exist say in baseball with a player every day. But. We are not in there on the -- with clothes and as a whole different world. I I can speak to that a little bit and in this respected dale because he was around when it happened but many many years ago I had a chance to have. Play with the main -- the American Hockey League and just worked out that the two weeks. And 445 games. And actually plane again it was pre season and squirrel. I was a goal -- one save and -- and gave up golf. But the but the larger point that take away from all that is that. I was shocked and this was the American Hockey League not the NFL and it was almost thirty years ago I was in my point. I was shocked at how different things are on that door close. When the media -- so when there's no hangers on the door closes at the app -- before the game. The seriousness with this is again an American Hockey League pre season game. And brought to sit there and suddenly you get these old guys like packed comic Aaron Murray broke well. Our -- big game tonight. And and you concede you could see their eyes you can see how they tension I was shocked at the -- the switch to cut flipped and I came game -- yes so hollow that affect Michael Sam at all I don't know well. They it's it's the unknown I can't -- in the battle what it's like it if if I'm telling you what it's like in the American Hockey League right. Can't imagine it's any NFL game I can't imagine. That that -- ticket turned up in an NFL game I can't fathom. So to tonight confidently tell you what it's going to be like for him in there. Not a chance what I can tell you in what people over the age of forty or whatever. Don't always understand. Is that the younger you are. The less people care about that's. And obviously most football players around at thirty. And eat even big tough macho NFL players have gay people -- their lives that pro football plays didn't have thirty years ago. An example I always used is is is the hold Jackie Robinson thing which I don't like that example. And I'm I say I wrote so let's say it again. When Jackie Robinson walked into the Brooklyn Dodgers clubhouse in 1947. He walked into a room filled with people who had no black friends no black family members. That they'd -- to admit if what Jackie Robinson had to wait for them to come around. The difference with the openly gay athlete in the 21 century is he walks into a room filled with people practically tapping of eight. David waiting -- in the camera and obviously as evidenced by the guy in Miami Dolphins though this is horrible. It's not a 100%. But I sure because I I talk to baseball plays like a pot dealer -- about the -- -- a guy -- -- Macau is that won't tell the liberties to a spate of stories com. -- what they don't know that that I watched you for -- years in that you are you are the living example. Of someone who will say something and then be in the locker room yes right after the fact and and that is the depth that is that is the end die. Coward -- effect you wanna be there and most. Anybody -- respect in this profession does wanna be there because that's the hit and run guy doesn't do that is not you can say from experience. So soap soap. I taught -- about the since spring trying to entities what 38. Yeah -- was telling me about the gay kid in his neighborhood when he was a kid and David knew when he was hadn't. Or thirteen -- to get the eighteen new Escude was gay event. And he says to his mother's is always it in his Bubba said Tom this is in the Dominican Republic twenty years ago thirty years ago 25 years ago. As mothers to -- a lot of people who they are so what so it's up. So this is David Ortiz who's at the upper end of the -- thing and in pro sports he's nearing the end of his career. And and he grew up with gay people who were out. So my my point is that most most professional athletes don't really get the snit over this I don't think the media always gets -- I don't think fans always get it but most people. Most people -- I'd say 80% of them -- is 20% who send out. 75 tweets and why is this big deal then it's not a big deal and stopped tweeting about. I Michael CM drafted by the St. Louis Rams patriots at nine new players. Bruins. Heading to game six up 32 in the series after a big win last night Red Sox in Texas 3 o'clock start today trying to go -- 500. On Mother's Day -- out on sports Sunday with Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns your calls and more after this.

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