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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley - Sports Sunday: Reaction to the Bruins Winning Game 5 to take a 3-2 Series Lead (5-11-14)

May 11, 2014|

Butch and Buck kick off Sports Sunday talking about the Bruins huge victory over Montreal in the Garden last night. It looked like the best game they've played againts the Habs so far. They discuss the Shawn Thornton/PK Subban water bottle incident toward the end of the game.

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Yes indeed Saturday night it was all right for fight. And Sunday morning is still on Matt and I started off -- good note so when a fight each other yet it was a little bark. Shut up. That was laid up just a little joke there. Right at people -- you know happy Mother's Day -- By the way that looks very spring this year. Think it should be a growing respect that's why it's been -- -- it has been warm up time. -- time. Spectacular day out there with the greatest mother's -- bosses which -- -- 44 years ago you thank you very much. I garden last night I was again I was I was driving -- did -- show -- -- of them are important. -- cut for summer man I actually heard some news show of thanks appreciate that. Told -- if he wanted to wanted to be in the know. But dom I heard. About the ovation for Bob -- do not see you were at the guard was -- a lot of us something remaining in the wrist period. It went to a break great enemy. While I don't know about a break all of the on the ice there was a via stoppage in play at a what you're seeing on TV and then they put up the goal may tenth nineteen says -- -- that found -- old TV term by butch. And you need publicists today that the crowd erupted. But not as much as that erupted when they dissolved. And -- -- to a live shot a two shot. From a luxury suite that only your body orbit the man who slipped the puck to him from behind the net. Derek -- right. In the -- together yes in together and that's good because services role obviously that the iconic image we have an ankle. Is north -- through the but the guy who pass in the puck behind the net. Ericsson is that so its -- and in a place goes nuts. And then coupled with the period and -- come outscored two -- legal experts two minutes with a computer coincidence I think not. They build up but the -- zip lead. And what's interesting about this it's that big keys in the entire game. Is that. Going into game five. And it's in my column today apparently can pump the GB you know punt -- and going in a strategic it. But going into game five. The Bruins lead in the series -- grand total eleven minutes 39. And they've been they've been running uphill the entire series chasing after the Canadians and you may think the the dramatic comebacks are all that they are. But it's it's it's mentally taxing every single guy. We spoke to after the game. While they talked about was the mental turmoil when all of being behind. Him in Europe three nothing that changes. Well I would argue that you like your point getting the first school for a change. Like you said they haven't lead in the series was a big deal on the always say. You know that his Joker hockey that you can always say no matter what scores in the game next schools big one X -- -- -- -- yesterday right the very thought if it's true and -- -- -- big schools big and all August 8 through the -- He threw an alias to -- it to them to appoint your column I mean refreshing. One way to describe it the way this series is gone -- mean Canadians his goal weigh in even going at the end of the Bruins played a good. Fifty minutes a really good fifteen minutes but the faded a little and not just cause of the -- on goal like dig a little loose. In their own hand and when little controversy through apparently he. Let's get into that Thornton was not available to the media after the game Graham those who watched it on TV so you -- item in what my. You heard Shawn Thornton smiling face yeah salvia and he was laughing and markets PK Suwon -- -- who -- was not happy camper. After the game PK Seubert you'd have to -- now on the system to monitor up. It's listening to -- in that locker room. Here's a story on WEEI dot com Scott Graf won. The flames were stoked again. Width. Beyond the -- controversy with key case about an -- on board mr. Obama accused -- -- Of squirting water on him late in the game less than a minute ago. Who months circled back to the bruins' bench after a whistle and confronted the and McGwire was sitting once he over between the budget reported on the broadcasted -- bond said. -- squirted him in the face to -- elaborated when asked after the game quote with forty. I don't know it was him but somebody had squirted water twice at the end of the game. He hit me in the visor I couldn't even see the last minute -- out there I was pretty upset about that. And many says interestingly. I'm sure if that was mean that -- it it would be a different story. Probably be on the news for the next three days but I don't expect that to be -- story whatever it takes to win right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Affected. By the fact that show on board and edit it it gets played differently it's the old laundry. And obviously -- the I don't think this video that apparently right. No there's no video of this so worked. If he did it cheap shot I mean there's really no wiggle room you can you can say that the Bruins needed to do something to slow him down to intimidate him to do some while that that that means -- beat the hell out of not scored -- space -- the game it's just in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those kinds of things but I didn't see it's I can't comment anymore on that question for you. If it did happen -- Julian does behind the scenes and I think -- now. What I think what happened is at some point during game six. Would do exactly -- Toobin did when he -- the other day just off the pot next time to say sorry about that. Six once what happened right -- when Soviet did at the Thornton to admit that -- which point to the boards and and then went off the ice and oh my god he's not gonna play again. And had a neat twist of some kind. Got the necessary the rehabilitation of medication and whatever and came back out. And after the game though it with you know can achieve shot that you know -- -- and -- and basically say apologize for it -- at some point after that. And I don't know this was payback for that or some larger crime which was being punished but. It's stupid thing to be dealt with ten minutes and whatever was. Remaining in the game and was stupid thing to do I don't think there's much of an argument that PK -- has been the best player in this -- there. All -- Eddie goes beyond that and -- Gary Bettman was in the press dining room. At the -- senator the other night and copilot were just making idle chit chat and we were talking about. PK two men not just as good player in this series but it if you would take the entire Stanley Cup playoff right now. And terminal movie the names that go open the mark key. Well that one of the top names up there BP -- entire world of hockey is focusing on him right now. He and and it is composed and not the abilities as an exciting player who's making lots of noise. And playing great hockey and is focusing attention on this series which obviously is something that's great hockey. Matt if you get a chance I don't know if you heard the Don cherry interview Indians. The other day he's got a couple good comments about Cuba known since it. -- finals but it in the absence of that what you say just as a he just talked about. I'll demonstrative the news and how he's toned it down. And house and Canadian -- talk to about it yet -- -- not only players in the NHL's wrong -- but his teammates. The wrong way and but he talked about how we don't know of all would've done that well but he's talked about how he's been that way since he was acute. It's part of his makeup and all this and that but. And stink you're grapes talk about that he was great as usual. With John and -- it was actually and Kirk. Six on 77797937. As the number on this Mother's Day Sunday morning again it's 617. 7797937. Texts. On the eighteen text -- -- 37. 937 but he clearly has been the best player in the series. And again we've got the alleged squirt water on his visor at the end of the game. -- And -- Bruins game yesterday power play refreshing to see -- the fact that the Bruins you know for the last couple years have had an inept. Power play compared to the other -- ones in the -- however they commend this playoff. This year with a third best power player in the league. -- crew Doug Campbell and when he comes in our -- McGinley have all been great additions this power play Chara has been a huge factor yet they were all for 39. In these seniors that that was that's a big part of this series and yesterday. They have their most decisive win and all by the way get too popular goals again coincidence. I think not. No I think also the -- that point when you consider that they scored them back to back within a minute or so early in the second period point two seconds win. You go from. This goes back to my original point about being behind or playing tied. And you only had eleven and change the entire series. And all the sudden you already got one goal on the banking at the Bobby your tribute up on the Jumbotron Bobby and Derek -- of the masses. And then you open the second Peary would two consecutive power play goals. That's backbreaking for the Canadians on many different fronts. And when it's green up thing and I know you keep going back to one nothing IBC's score the first goal to big deal. But but the green -- I talked to several players last night. And they all said three nothing Reno -- in three nothing changes everything it it it forces the other team. It to be much more aggressive it's like in football you throw the ball up. When you behind you'd need be more aggressive in this tendency to make mistakes and you can also. It it's -- as mentally taxing got to pick your larger point is with the two power play goals. That that's a big deal because you've you know I understand 2011 I had no power play and won a Stanley Cup but. I think we can all believe and understand and appreciate the -- Not gonna happen very often chances are you gonna win the Stanley Cup because you got great goaltending it because Apollo play was firing on all cylinders. While the 2011 they have been great. Goaltending -- certainly of great power play. And moving forward this is a this is a huge thing. About the third line and Soderbergh in particular the first -- we hit it right. I mean you know -- she -- -- like it was scored yes there -- Phnom ass but -- crew come out. Brigham scored yesterday but again the third line. Carrying them I mean this is what we hear about the Bruins. Why did the cup favorite because of the depth of it at a guy like Soderbergh. On that like who can play like a first line. He appointed times I mean guys talented hockey. That to the probe locate my competition like Kevin DuPont had an interesting line couple weeks ago. When he said they have four lines that can score -- all -- -- don't have to. In other words there is no there isn't pressure on that one line and I understand model for -- -- going but in the grand scheme all four points in score. Which takes the pressure but each individual line because each wind is going out there thinking it has to be as feel like Cashman didn't scoped to play hockey. And don't don't forget this important ingredient in the mix which is met Frazier. And in that is -- that -- End of the day it's going -- here's how they won just that they won but if if you if you light. Robert pageantry inside bars in and stories and down on the farm in Norman Rockwell paintings and all that stuff. You you get the Specter and his kids sitting in the to pull the down in Providence eating chicken burrito. -- by frozen yogurt wondering what he's gonna do with the rest of the day at entities that get up to Montreal now right. And as you know he's gonna suit up and so we set that practice the day before. So doesn't know he's gonna -- -- least that's the message that we're getting. And then he does suit up he he almost gets an assist. Early in the game on a pass it took a shot on goal. Again my rebound at picking hit the crossbar from memory serves. And -- scores the game winning goal in overtime and an endless and it wasn't Bobby your the point again -- it was a scramble. But he he was in the right place the right time he poked home -- loose puck to put a very good game last night he had assist. So this this is what we when you get that new blood. Arriving from the miners made it kind of party things up a little bit and and you and what's -- -- I I talked to last night. In it was a completely different person. And the guy we talked to after game four Montreal. I have never in thirty somewhat years seen a guy. Sold ripping and emotion. After the game it was refreshing to say. He was like his voice was shaking his hands were shaking was like it at. He still -- by a billion people it was just an awesome thing to see 23 years all these played. Just a handful of games in the national -- Had never played a cup game before scores the game winning goal in the freedom -- and a great story. And a great addition to the team so far short dosage of put treated like that sometimes you get magic. Well beyond that the good the magnitude of this story of course any Bruins fan last night -- Ventured home ended up watching gamed. Buddy's place Alex the -- called the Bruno -- are excellent some good of the group most of its own great great rock and we had a lot of -- -- -- and so I'm just speaking for the masses. That. That we were. Did they watched him and of course meant phrase last -- neighborhood places that it is and with and levity in the brew house a breakthrough draws and brings out my luck -- going to. A -- does going to talk about to embark last night. But on the in all seriousness when when Frazier took a shot from the point and Ericsson. Put it -- and start talking about Frazier and one of the first comes to mind is where's Tyler -- now. And you start to think about -- -- and -- terroristic -- on it and Eugene island communities and hilly so you you know you got Louis -- the Riley Smith. Matt Frazier -- make him playoff contributions right now. -- -- -- -- As we will be the biggest name and as a first round draft pick for the penguins right so. You know you look at Kevin multiply the good way to drop it do trade name but we talked about this about couple months ago a couple of Steve Conroy is in the and even things up a little battle. But -- start talking about and I said you know when you look at the Bruins treating Joseph Fortin. End Tyler seeing him like you you you. A lot of things have to happen for your organization to be in any sport like the Houston Texans this weekend to get that. And then to do to end -- trading first or second pick guys it didn't work out with the trade. I mean you know it just didn't work out mark -- out -- get rid of poet -- didn't work out they didn't become Stanley Cup contender -- Marco Sturm. Wayne -- when Brad Stuart. You know looking back at the -- dramatic. -- you -- my years at the risk of making it cheap shot a jumbled gel. It worked out in that they wanna cup and that that no team liberal when a cup which he'll put on its roster as evidenced by the -- The buckled a series last week really. Say that definitively. -- -- that it's a cheap shot I mean what I'm saying is that that big guy he seems to be at the controls of a lot of breakdowns. And I eagle -- -- -- two series against Montreal and people want to rip the C office test. And I mean I don't often -- -- but other other than to say that even though you may say that -- quote unquote didn't work out. I think moving forward the Bruins needed to liberate themselves and Joseph Orton just that they needed to liberate themselves and -- -- -- said that I do kind of which -- was still here is that what what. Council. -- Bruins had a big win and they now lead the series three games to two game six Monday night. In Montreal Steve Buckley is here to sports Sunday I'm what -- big win for the Red Sox will touch on that. Nine new patriots coming to fox spiral touch on that we come back. -- sports on. Bill Belichick talking about the drafting of quarterback Jimmy -- dropped below. The patriots second round pick you are listening to sports Sunday on WEI. I'm -- stern Steve -- of the Boston Herald is alongside. You can chime in this morning as always 617779. 7937. Text on the eighteenth -- -- aren't. 37937. One text should not as the showboat guys show offs are not part of the game of pro hockey that's basketball. Wouldn't necessarily agree with that I would say occupiers of demonstrative. When he hockey players that are -- excited after they scored don't think. I guess when I guess it depends what you call Schobel when you draw the line at -- Well I guess I'm desensitized to look at have been around for so long that that nothing bothers me anymore about that kind of stuff it's like the the like watching a home run leave. And -- -- you know doing the little David Ortiz thing we stand in the box it it it. Ricky Jackson was doing that forty years ago right. Right and LA and so you know David -- and others didn't invent that. And I frankly miss at a I don't like some of the stuff millions on the NFL. When when you're -- choreograph a Broadway Show up the scoring a touchdown -- the stupid cliche but act like even in the end zone before and doesn't bother me I mean it is -- on the same token that you know when we were kids. What was the indymac detainment at a basketball -- hockey was joined -- I'm with -- -- my you've got all this you know like upping him macho which by the way I wanna talk about at some point the pregame you know. I'll bet the 21 century. So it -- not submit has done nothing demonstrably. In this series to make you raise -- and and frankly I think cocky little bit more that. Yeah I rolled it yet I want to watch him play minor midget hockey and the only trouble I had that I know personally trouble I had him when he broke did. He acted like a hot dog and you know a lot of people -- that you have the team goal right now but right now the way you -- there's nobody in the league. Well never mind Kara. Nobody interleague play in as good as him right now and he's this guy is that the Vietnam I didn't break away you get that he get the -- shot from the point. And eighties is that if he thought that I know everybody booed him never figured there as we cut the park but the only book -- good occupier but -- -- -- and you did the best -- in the playoffs right now. Don cherry on Dennis and Callahan. The other day.

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