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Dustin Pedroia with Joe and Dave after the win in Texas

May 10, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox second baseman, who got two hits & two walks in the 8-3 win over the Rangers.

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Our thanks John that -- graduation Europe based sport or did a lot of running and scored a couple of runs. Purple -- in some great defensive plays this was true team effort tonight -- we did some good things tonight. I was putting in hard take an extra base. Obviously a lot better last night you know kind of pitcher that was tough so it went four. Feeding he'd get more satisfaction. Out of a night like tonight we are on base it's time that it can also make a great defensive play which of the two. You go back to the clubhouse -- go out like that one better. -- -- But I think -- role the team right now is get on base and score runs struck the offensive. Obviously tonight you know I did that in but making plays and it. You know Jon Lester turned out there and make a couple plays form guys get about anything mean we've this ballpark I mean you think it could snowball and so we got to make -- girls. How frustrating in the lead off spot and you said doesn't mean there is where he had but do you feel very comfortable there now yeah I mean I've I've done a lot in my life so. You know we we were fortunate to have much Kobe for for a lot of years and you know let -- -- down a little bit but. You know he's not here anymore so I got to take that responsibility finally get on base and start this -- B it's a rare win in this ballpark -- still use his victim of a house of horrors for the -- what what is the reason behind now. They play great here I mean it's kind of like us at home I mean we've you know -- they take advantage of you know they lot of people here gets loud. You know they they -- -- in their ballpark so that's it would force and I know try to come on the answers tomorrow. And Jon Lester continues to be dominated the rough patch for the fourth inning but otherwise it. He really is -- top of his game yeah I mean he's he's one of the best in the game I mean you were glad to have him. On our team take the ball every fifth day so -- every time he goes out there got a good chance of up in the W nice would be congratulate so much for joining us our thanks guys.

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