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WEEI.com's Chris Price joins Mustard and Johnson, 5-10-14

May 10, 2014|

As Mustard and Johson were doing their show from Gillette Stadium, WEEI.com's own, Christopher Price walked by and threw on a pair of headphones. Jimmy Garoppolo was the topic and whether he's Brady heir apparent was discussed, as well as Dominque Easley, the DT out of Florida.

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Let's start with the second pick everybody's talking about it Jimmy Rob Lowe is -- the heir apparent is there's at least a page is the new air for to embrace -- -- here. Now via the it did a year but -- -- -- you guys that. Idea they've looked at him potentially -- The Aaron Rodgers. Greedy and far. Widgets which -- -- three years he is going to be the -- here. I have a great question for you guys this is something we've -- ticket equipment upstairs. Last night this morning. -- you bring in Tom Brady's there and bring -- -- -- -- -- in the next guy. You have to use there. -- -- Year. Readers yes you can't just say -- -- draft in April that we're going to expect him to -- -- concept. So I think that's the thought process here. -- -- One of the things it didn't really sit out for me was an -- quarterback last night -- but he did you have come up in radio and in Brady had a quarterback corps were -- -- -- Martinez yeah I just like -- on Regis yeah thank you very much for the mentally. Water -- the flood of you know that the gospel according to Tom Tom Brady Tom Martinez you know they created -- -- -- quarterback but he did they basically created drop crafted -- animal -- He's going to eventually become breezy but if you want to get a guy who is this out with the approach this team. Mechanical. Fancy technique. That's Erica. Well whether or not he's worth its 62 overall pick -- out but he -- you all the quarterbacks in this draft after quarterback. He's the K let me ask that question because you really have office carpet. How much it means that that. I've heard that the -- it's all yeah yeah that's the debate that's the debate rounds. Ailments though that's the debate round Russell Wilson a lot of -- Brit rock -- -- -- got small but resourceful they -- you whether he needed gloves but yet when it glow of -- now you are there when it was it was off. I was actually but I day I'd just watching him. Wrote Laura -- It he decided to throw -- without the gloves off after spending the year with clubs in -- the touch suffered a after for three. Girls -- over your duffel bag and -- -- -- -- be -- EPA need to go why are so yeah what did you think the first brick because we don't I'm surprised we don't have as much I love club debate about I know -- talking about easily easily easily. I think easily and to some extent that to some extent to a large extent. Rob blow these -- picks me for 20152016. And beyond. If the if the Yankees Lee is playing significant. Ways they significance does that mean. 70% that's for this team this year something -- because you need it because. You look at what -- will work in the middle you'll still step after that Wilfork but most of the -- well there's the belief that. What Tommy Kelly out there. Armond Armstead is floating around out there are so you have it was party Ross -- Rob Ninkovich have. Bolanos silica. That the rest of take a redshirt year fundamentally take a picture with him make sure the need to -- -- up to speed you know well. -- 2015. Sixty Wilfork went on leave those guys on. That's your time if he's all like -- here is keep my eyes open about Russia follow -- See you we edit and usage listen I don't know what you -- them -- and we have excellent. Expert analysis on line early in he made the point. That you don't just look at the draft you look at free agency also -- that it was. Another thing about. Back. Up now that's divided us that it. You read as you debris -- brown owner you've got to dump all the cards on the table now it's no longer just the two. Yeah yeah if we we get jacked up about three great drive -- Oh. Reports. Art -- right it's. Like it's. Just that more work. It freed because creating that building blocks that team. Ostensibly for the next years that the street. To be yours. These guys of these guys offer for extended time. And so you're talking about. -- -- these guys. And he agreed because these were the development. But. The first two days. Drafting for. Now fifty that. We ought to be. A major part roster but he -- With the game or sport. Three years down the road. In nine point accuracy if you have a 49ers. If you in Denver the patriots. Because you're already wealthy so that's the and of what to reach and take it exactly the development. -- right and bunkers -- the a couple of days ago. A couple of weeks ago indicates that this -- -- the -- -- that looks right now. This really good really treasure that -- -- saddleback mega lottery earnings stars exactly in this situation work quite frankly. A lot of these guys rosters yielded the after La -- -- Oil. Because. -- speaking of that. Final fourteen -- will keep the the did the patriots matchup with the Broncos as far as what happened in the first. But he treats do. It. The depth. That it might. Actually talk about little tweaks and the patriots. Need for. A -- They have re outline. The all -- out exactly right but beat out the back but the fact is there of classics. -- It. Seems the perfect guy about it yeah yeah so this'll be just -- Oversized TDs last linebacker for the -- Z. Is really one thing that sticks out about. The the -- That you haven't and tight end wide receiver. This group. Wide receiver at all it. Back. To treat the the after he. Would. Alabama -- it Smart city guy who's. Great program. Back in depth I think he tied it. Keller is still out there exactly to believe the fact it went for apple. It. That or. With -- with the injured right yet or a ST oh good to and other guys -- I. As for price and LD draft as reasonable to go back to work we appreciate the site thank you very much out. A chris' work as always W we eight mustard and Johnson are coming up -- Sports Radio that yet.

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