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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson from Gillette, 5-10-14

May 10, 2014|

In the first round of the NFL Draft, the Patriots took DT Dominique Easley out of the University of Florida. With two knee injuries in college, he's look at as a bit of a high risk-high reward pick. And even more shocking, a QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, was taken in Round Two. Mustard and Johnson discuss these bold decisions.

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And live from BN FL drafts at least Foxboro. Style it is monsters Johnson from Gillette Stadium for. Yet another draft we've been together for almost two decades now it seems it's that -- later this time around. A couple of weeks after what usually used to doing the NFL draft but it finally arrived and outward to date three. Of the NFL draft. Patriots now have. True decks decided late last night to forgo -- -- third round trading out. We'll pick earliest -- in the trends. Some world but after noon today and area do you like comedy easily -- Rob -- As the newest members of -- going. Patriots my first reaction is furious. Could not Palestinians. How the team has gone through injury late season. They lost mailed it lost -- They lost both for coming it was just injuries in I'm top of the injuries and -- and this problem in the back problems so. I thought you know they would go a little safer too it was on the board on these tackles -- -- -- all of these. Studs were on the -- into it with a guy who was predicted by most of the local pundits. -- -- -- -- So we're course where they picked easily you post rambling through your draft public -- that's the -- I actually have out I don't know how to do that anymore it is Belichick has just brokered by not too many times. You know he ends up. By the third round you you know he's picky people that you can't even find in the book spoke. But at year half -- consideration. And doing some research. On the subject. I have come to conclusion with the NFL draft right now if you believe look at it from -- years ago. Did you have to say that during the offseason the patriots picked up to Ralph Reed is rated brown. That well. Dominique Easley Will Smith. All these different in other -- you. Just look at it like what if they get in the draft I think now you have to look at the total package in terms of how -- this team in Peru over the offseason. When you look at it that way. They view haven't opera I broke. Right Harris -- her down puppet of the biggest complaint were at. There were not enough teams willing to take any chances like it like Dallas where it. So yeah if if they -- in every tournament take any chances are all in it in -- felt that the beach through Jackson felt for portals. It's three instead of taking over. More of the traditional conventional. 65 in the pocket kind of quarterback instead of a guy that's more creative more mobile. The risk reward is a little bit different yeah. So I think it Belichick's case because he's a guy who really can't be fired instantly created or be fired. He arrogance yes and it he's got to do what he wants to do it feel like it or not. But I do think -- written at the guys had to ACL. Damaged it needs. They're not that you can say what you want to say about that arrogant the patriots. Are stupid if not. But here's the counterargument and you've certainly heard it over the last couple days -- at that point. So I don't think -- -- -- -- marking brown arches or you're just deflecting basically you don't will moderate the cathedral that you feel I need to get out Ernie they have are okay have a privacy regulation -- -- -- that I -- -- -- -- -- drugs. So that that this guy has the if -- if he's healthy. He has the -- So -- tremendous are already high upside altogether out about it you have brother. -- that what the reason people. The rich people are rich get richer. Is because they buy when they don't you help much better that I don't know I got out now but they buy when they don't have to. They'll buy it costs sitting in the driveway by a neighbor who's better relocate he's got to solve -- -- -- even though they don't need it. They'll buy it for the value and it flipped it in Belichick's case. He's taking that chance but -- -- -- -- just -- Will Smith he can't afford to give this guy eight. Is any -- interior pass rusher which is very how to define you know that. If you don't have to play him every down. I know you love cart metaphors but I don't think that perhaps they bought a car and it will go -- -- because I. Said. I think it Denham. I think that like -- the second pick they acquired back -- our. People are looking at these picks like to literally and I think -- -- step back respect I think outlook to say this. You get three quarterbacks now. Okay you've got values they're lets everybody see it -- -- get it straight out right away I don't see that. Ice I don't they don't carry three quarterbacks too often but the value that you could get. If somebody's quarterback goes down next year and all of a sudden you -- sitting there ready -- quarterback with a mallet tight. The thing you get a get a number one pick for him like the the quarterback Michael he's got small audience though. What am I not like that women unsigned felt. -- -- I got ball but he's Mexico. Tuesday night on -- -- that oh well we are more conventional quarterback of the 8%. Tree it's up it's over those. Defensive -- line back expire and you like. Like -- you go when you've passed right -- what I'm saying is not sure I'd. Don't know enough about -- or gain value fees were like man now. Don't look at pocket to pocket guys my wife six to. You're going to be undersized last year creative in mobile and are willing to extend the play it -- -- course. Is the master plan that would be easily. And it goes back to the first that you think about was -- -- coming out of Florida. So here we -- again what is right -- -- And rated right humane cut and Jerry and the -- arts at odds. And a few other people from Florida shocked that portraits were fine ball. -- spell -- election. But you know you don't have the B -- porches you can be in bill we trust guy it's still at least acknowledge. That here we go Cam -- will start the first name Aaron Hernandez. Why did air. Ball all old -- way to the fourth round the head office in the field issues right you used the word earlier in your opening commentary used the word error. And no one would ever accused Bill Belichick being stupid but you know why there are a lot of people who believe he's arrogant and Aaron Hernandez exhibit today. Okay he thought that -- on our other. -- a year to. To Foxboro. He recently -- could become one of nature's noble man all I -- problem all I can erase all IQ every college believes that to a certain degree they go okay we know what happened there to a lesser extent. -- why it was available the second because that's countered that are higher medical OPEC of course you don't you coming Michael Clark Larry yeah you can't beat. -- -- The orbit that's the but around here I. Never felt the site as -- is there. Rocket apparently he'll raise I got it. Now I was and it went through its easiest is to strap somebody won't like get it to Wear orange -- They -- -- just a normal. I'll ever. Wait you don't forget this team went to the playoffs it got you beat soundly by Denver but the practice. -- him well for they did have may oh. They didn't have chronic so. Well Ani keen presently constituted if everybody comes back healthy. You got it -- good to go out and I think the so you -- can't afford to every pickled -- -- are picking 29 by the way. Right I I understand what you're saying want to hand this really the the two sides of this argument. Once -- says here we go again -- Jack thinks he's smarter than everybody else. And he may have its board to suggest that Hernandez. War Gradkowski as answer you wanna go back in the Gator country. Spikes are coming into all those other names that Chad Johnson. That our allies on a that the habit but your side of the argument that connection -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- School by eight Belichick. You'll have to with that one thing that you just set it. The patriots. Pretty much with will for coming back with the addition of Revis. With the addition or the the -- Mayo. Opt out -- coming back force for a week but when he -- practice -- about a six foot 3220. Corner right they essentially have. Everybody coming back. -- Darrelle Revis so. M Browner when he comes back from suspension itself that's a pretty solid team so -- -- right to what degree can't Belichick take that risk at twenty guide. Can any taker -- with two way a guy like -- ACLs but how do you get a second ACL. On contact practice. Each he'd -- he caught one way it -- towards ACL. Itself. If you think that if your resting your hopes on comedy easily. Changing the crops up for the military now secretly with him -- Barbara you to set though. You're not resting your -- son. It's a bonus. Obviously you have to look at it totally is bonus -- totally as a artist. Rap is fascinating. Whom he. And I hate to use that outward value by. Now is seriously I mean there are both for this isn't a good quarterback class and I don't seem right away everybody to always going to be eating you know but I see the pictures so much because I think it. I think I do think Belichick -- ten steps ahead of most in terms of taking Q you've got to give in this match if nothing else he takes -- at least into the buffalo deal. Guys the -- at for a third or fourth next year to move up. To get him meat markets like -- -- going to be interesting. That -- condition and how to use him -- he's one of the safest picks on the board right there are no holes in him out but the problem is that image and on entry Stevie Johnson. -- can't access that together. Later on them yeah right. So I think now. This much it didn't shock me you we've -- -- -- in light of the draft and everything but now right of free agency also I think now with the football. You should combined both together it's like somebody your wife shopping a monster or news -- authentic Ortiz -- got to make one more stop. And that's what the draft -- like now so you have to look at the whole goal. Package that's going to be out here on the field playing this year and not just that. Five to 67 -- -- the election the only thing that I world summit cannot Hewitt I don't -- -- who was left on the board. And in another. Great tight and work on are ready -- and is an area they need you to back. Right and you wouldn't think that the draft would have to at least begin to address that issue because. I think the patriots have just as good -- chance as anybody else. Getting to a Super Bowl are they as good as the 49ers or Seattle or some other team in the NFC I'm not sure. But they're certainly capable of beating Denver really comes down to who's gonna have the home field once again that perhaps the coming year. So now you mentioned him Francisco right which I'm glad you did you talk about Wheeling and dealing last night. This is why the good teams get better in the mediocre teams just seemed to stumble and bumble along because they don't wanna take any chances. The San Francisco's Wheeling and dealing out there -- getting all these extra picks they are ready I don't know how many they have now but this is what you're doing great. They're stocking the shelves say it's in the in the in the National Football League now is the war arbitration it's like. It's not what you look like on -- combine its what do you look like eight in December. How many I bodies do you have left continuing war over guy in the place panic and you moreover why our do you have an extra guy. So you look at the depth of the roster and you when you look at what the patriots are trying to deal that try to do it. Today even more so with the third and in and all of the rest of the draft but to infants is closed on the same thing. You're you're you're looking at them not just at the top of your roster yet topic a when drafting all these players pressed about where most of -- -- I'll. About a someplace from now but if you go to the back side of their roster. You can always you know improve. You know maybe the third string linebacker than a third string wide receiver maybe you can improve that -- Right I think it goes back to the point to the patriots need. A dramatic overall. Ought to be successful certainly they don't bear. There needs and their ambitions in this draft are a lot more modest because they did make some key acquisitions in. Free agency and you're right how much excitement there was probably more excitement in those first two weeks of free agency. Are -- how are they say that's right that's right writes in I was so I was thinking about the other day and just you know after the draft and then his appointment. You can look at the total picture you got to look at where was that team last year. And where they now what additions have they -- what healthy players are coming back so when you look at this team in totality. They're gonna get back about -- and get to him about approximately ten players who didn't finish the season last year. Right at you you are going to get. Better how much you -- -- a lot of dramatic win last year a lot of improbable comeback wins and certainly they were well. Even though the score of the AFC championship game said they lost by what eight or ten point we know that. The game was control completely dominated by. -- so they're going to be. A force of the division they will be major players in the conference again. I don't think they were necessarily. Thinking that the draft was gonna make a tremendous impact on what happens in the fall. -- I just go back to us at the start. I think. Belichick. Can't take a risk but I'm looking at here's another guy accommodation operative as Gradkowski. That everybody else probably whip past I did hear that story you were talking about how. Pete Carroll apparently. Was lusting after were salivating over easily it was totally out trot. After the patriots picked them. Sounds like one of those. And now wait a second ago when -- Pete Carroll and Belichick have in common I don't know what do they have dealt loaded their rosters loaded. So you can have meant that poster but that -- he's delighted to argue because they key and that's. Because it because -- -- -- the rich teams. And take chances. So they're ready to get antibodies. That I -- silence -- -- who can play right away also. But you can afford to Tahiti eighty wrist if you're already loaded. On your roster like I don't know what Will Smith got anything left and not by. That was a nice pick up so I don't think it gently Jones played about 90% of the snaps last year. And is the first half he had about -- and and economic decline. Is now you and I play to his credit. He gave every bit of effort that he had a can you imagine if you could rest that guy you bring in reinforcements. Bring -- easily to leave well for when he's healthy in my last spring and Will Smith. -- lasting impression of it gently jones' making absolutely no. Impact at all and that damn predictable collapse -- that was one yeah but but let's face cuts meaning shirt look at the difference between Manning in the AFC championship game Manning Super Bowl are you kidding me over to know what -- you've got to roll you -- enrollment by -- got a Ryan ran man and that's where depth comes and. -- See eve even today they got the third they picked up our our our our fourth round pick and in and that's fifth. Affair fourth of fifth I believe if even two day. They can sit back and take chances -- don't forget Curtis Martin was injured his ankle was injured that's the only reason mighty. Rated at my belt object -- Belichick -- -- have a ferry right you know that that's right Larry you are right telecheck we're wise Nellie Don I want I want -- -- -- OK I was. Sure -- the point as the house so sometimes the now. You can't afford to do that if -- Not if you beat Cleveland you know you make this you make you get mentality -- and your guitar receiver. It is affront to drug test in and now are also in your other receiver breaks a four promise something and I'm training camp and he's out maybe for the year. So with you know throw well we're. Many many months before that happens if I were you rooting for Dallas to take him now know -- ANC. A whopping oh in the AFC now I always want the quality products we watched the FC obviously in the national football we watch all the games it. But there is a big divide of course equality probably about like the fact that. When you're in the AFC that -- his chance to com. Here browser I don't believe on the schedule this year is that your view of the schedule and the schedule you know I don't believe Iran I don't Iraq. Actually it doesn't matter at the rate you get everything red zone everything this is why the National Football League is is the greatest of the fourth sports. Because you can draft a guy he would sign a guy in all of a sudden. Cleveland games are relevant next year while Cleveland should've beaten a paycheck right here on this field if you remember they were water. Fan of interference call -- were from beat the patriots. It will be fascinating -- -- -- about that I am I am thrilled that I didn't stay out too large Belichick trade third round. I was fast. Narrated by you. You do operations almost perfect game well and got a break from the officially earlier -- -- -- 2.2 guys just standing there you get it no you'll get it no -- in the bar dropped him between them what you call why it off then you don't product and is but no hitter. He's not a goal line they'll give that they'll give the hitter the base. A beat Barbara geometric ball is touched by it but -- upstanding man. Miscommunication and I was in our party your bottom line is. The Red Sox traditionally perennially do poorly in Texas -- continue last night. Red Sox finally get the five water what happens they're below 500 -- talk a little bit about that and we also got -- that I -- -- guys have last week he's it's me and you guys are all over the place I says guess -- By the way I hope I never lived through another Thursday night like I did. That would kick back and forth to the -- and it's a Milwaukee it was our. I promise -- VTV from that -- it was just brutal if you heard they had a little bit this new contraption this newfangled contraptions tolerable. I temperatures still got -- you know you don't hockey you can -- -- -- acidic at what you're still getting up to pull the rabbit -- around now that's yet to more by the way. For Asia nice moved today to thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The NFL draft from them by the way did you see the ratings. Number one of all time six point something that there was a reason why they put it on Thursday you think that was it to a mental. A little bit with millions elbit you know TV viewing Friday Saturday art amber. Very good viewing night you know the sheer numbers people a lot of Friday it says it's. People actually. It's Friday Saturday night so they do what they were doing they knew they have a big -- bomb that turned out as Dell announced last night game at 7 o'clock. Last experience that I I wanna tell you that this draft with the highest rated draft ever. That Super Bowl which is that couple months ago -- the -- Super Bowl ever. And kind of what you wanna do and and by the way we'll talk about it later but Jonathan Kraft not a colony. Herald today and they're -- encouraging people come in the stadium with apps you can download apps you can or I'd like this you reporting of loan from UC. And then they'll let you know -- -- so you know waiting in line or anything but just feel like you're rewarded their -- expert session. It feels if you earn it or what you actually hit up audience seats the line -- that finally get it. Physically -- TU at the -- I do like that now if they hit our market in order. And have them bring it to me. Right that would be doesn't that was is that it's gonna I am I think they think it's ready at -- attic or get law. They got to the orca that Essex outlets haven't 77. Seven night 37. We are live at Gillette Stadium it's the 2014. NFL draft Foxboro styled as a graduation going out for the Mascoll pharmacy will keep you updated -- that. Actually isn't it up so we do have a I want you call an end and not embraced debate. Craig feels that he's not that wild about that drafting easily it was Belichick's arrogance again and they should have made us safer pick. On the other unions feel that when your -- that you can afford to take it. That you would 617779790. Degrees at. Man do you agree. I think -- agree liberties sides of the argument the -- the first thing I bought wives we easily I you. We do we have. It we don't we packed up in prison somewhere. Rock and younger -- -- probably -- right but all of -- authority that's so bad that is so bad aren't we got a little work to do six what's the old wounds of -- it 7937. That they got there worker and -- -- a -- Melbourne. Played. A term that another nicely but it's. Up -- by. Little twist and -- that's where you reduce twisting. That the -- or Steve DeOssie agrees with that -- night number two of who definitely -- all instrumental is unbelievable that very nicely guitar yeah aren't aren't be believable art piece of Chapman. Come up Sports Radio WV guys stay with us.

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