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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - 1st Round Recap Edition - 05-09-14

May 9, 2014|

We tackle four topics all recapping and reacting to the first round of the NFL draft last night.

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And colleagues. Think sometimes in these fifty feet for me. And I don't get them like when he played the theme from Frazier earlier we're talking about Matt Frazier -- sometimes -- -- -- and it just goes right over my head. But he and I know he's talking about college. And drafted global -- last game and I can figure it out this team needs these it's. A hole through the company. I'm always it is like a quarter Florida mortified for. It is can we get Jenn Sterger on the line just after that trip to Florida State or states have worked for ourselves. All right time to crank it up and for a four brought to you by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network that. Those heavily speculated that Johnny -- -- would be drafted by the browns said he was just later than expected. -- also on a similar way that Aaron Rodgers didn't 2005 and Brady Quinn in 2007. Will -- -- l.'s career be more similar to -- Rogers. Or Brady Quinn. It's a good question man. Why don't semen and bite my reach deep ball. I don't team -- and Aaron Rodgers might then have to go to the Brady Quinn -- pretty well well done -- comes. Cop out here a little bit ticked closer to. Us like saying you are you closer. Co sort of this or that in the -- that is such a terrible scenario. You're closer to the good thing. He won't be Aaron Rodgers but he's closer to -- Rogers. That -- to Brady Quinn and Brady -- doubts about how effective he's going to be you know felt I did show and show. I've gone back and forth this guy but. -- -- He's played in a tough conference. Where a couple of years. He has done some things to get under people's stand but he's been an effective player. And I would think that either he's Smart enough to know what he can't do in the NFL or somewhat coaching -- Smart enough. To realize that he's got. You don't have the body type to run around. It ends in the pros like you did in college. I think he's got to be pretty good he is an exciting player he does have. Good arms he's been productive. I think he's going to be pretty good with the superstar Cleveland probably not. Yeah he's gonna hold up physically yes because I've -- yeah -- really wonder about that as long as long as he doesn't. Go crazy outside the pocket now -- Over over a couple of years. The Texas and let me think about it. Think about this and and I felt. He's had more rushing attempts. If more rushing attempts at Texas a and M yeah that Shane -- has her in his career that's I think what we're still 400. Nearly I 35400. Attempts. You can't do that the pros and hold up. And that I wouldn't think so plan against Pittsburgh which drafted yet another linebacker they -- linebackers every year nothing. Playing against Baltimore. Cincinnati. -- tough defenses. I think -- pretty good if he stays within himself. It understandably it. I just don't know. I mean. Bigger stronger people I mean physically than he is like RG three. Have found that running the football on the National Football League is not conducive to continued good health. If if he doesn't break his habit his current habit of I got 12 looks Max and if if it's not their I'm talking Enron he's gonna -- Children are not only that -- -- part of it the other part is he throws of some really. -- angles and you wanna talk about. Making yourself oh susceptible to injuries. Look at some of the balls that he has thrown. You look at -- highlight taking out and throw went from that angle he's gonna get hit. In the NFL. That's a problem this is gonna have to learn to. Is that a learned slide woman in the -- it is gonna have to learn appears the bus the plane is start going anywhere I'm not gonna save it. Run out of -- to throw a ball. -- Yes we are with the final pick in the first round Minnesota Vikings traded up and selected Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater a similar fall down draft boards as men -- -- so did who'll be the better pro quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater where Johnny -- -- like portals but I. And let's be honest speech that they shocked everybody. Jacksonville. All the way and end it right. It's -- picture objectively write about anything ever what they might be right. A lot of people think they over reached that point the -- of the draft out of service and less than their their right. -- excited about there general manager Dave Caldwell. He has a disciple. Of the great Bill Polian. He worked. So it worked with -- and in Indianapolis for ten years. He worked -- Thomas the metro and Atlanta for another three or four years. Pretty savvy young guy -- pretty savvy guy Smart. I think he has a -- it may not work but at least he has a reason for doing what he's doing it's well thought out well reassert. Thank you my email that this. But it what is your question John and as a. -- by default I'd have to say Bridgewater because I just. Back to what I said a moment ago but I have questions about whether he's going to be viable physically. To be able to play long term in the NFL if I if I believe that to be true and I killed that night by default have to go for a tour. I'll tell you re last -- retail. Ray Lewis -- -- seeing. All night he'd like everybody's been inundated prepared nobody was bad and -- You got invited -- about the AFC north. I played in this division. Is if they deep -- -- me you have got to be able to stop somebody. Akron -- browser like documents meant to go to the good I. Did that I'd like this pick. That was something which I -- in person later this ball club. I don't feel better about your god easily nominee -- on the one thing the preaching of Ray Lewis last night and the cold shoulder on the other side. Maybe race should have been preaching to his congregation. Jon Gruden. ML -- could go -- frost frost units that my group was given him no respect. Kept talking and it Ingram was just like yeah -- it kind of ignoring them. I gotta be honest with you now I was working. I have a -- bits and pieces. But what I heard. Was John Bruton. If they heard Johnny meant sell everything all right yes I mean how bad they finally took them and after awhile you do sort of sound little bull. I mean it at any would be saying you know like this team needs cornerback help morning idea but job demands -- -- it's like. Or about them now -- -- a -- they are pretty serious stuff but I don't see it because Johnny themselves. This is a good quarterback good kids spent some time of the modern -- he was really. It was -- a couple of years ago it was who was the guy. Got from BYU. That -- we're doing the same thing you want to what do you guys remember what that he went to BYU. Miami drafted them and maybe the third round or something. John Beck host but Britain from the raptors thank you John -- so hyper. Throughout the draft John Beck John Beck John Beck John Beck John Beck they want that to John Beck John Beckham finally. Like OK they drafted again let's move on. And all of that give some balls to her internship accurate -- are items are no I was just just wanna give the audience rentals while all right by the way by the would you notice that didn't really get -- -- I got that art shop mandate our Jeff. Good good call on job back. History. In the first round of the drafters -- a big moves made mostly by the browns which it. Or moved by -- team was the most surprise. All girls' -- -- say buffalo man just because. When -- draft when you're legitimately drafting. In the top ten you're drafting an adopted because your bad not because of say Atlanta that season. Did you when you're NFC championship game a year before. Had a lot of injuries involved weren't well that's what. We -- buffalo. And you have a bit in the play offs for our tour. The playoffs this -- I don't believe they have you ought not to send music city miracle and a 1999 season right. So I look at the last turn into the playoffs unless I missed and this weekend somewhere else. You're buffalo you straight up that's good but didn't give up next year's number one. You can be get you'll probably giving up -- top ten pick. Sammy Watkins. It is -- and by brokerage unit stayed at nine you probably -- -- Sammy Watkins but you'll get somebody who was really good. Got a first round pick next year which you point out is probably gonna be really good. Sammy Watkins maybe you know that the second coming of Jerry Rice -- all -- -- is that with the remote. But if he's a second but you're right but if he's not that. You know you you gave up an awful lot. To take it -- to move up four spots. And take a position that just with reference -- Bill Belichick probably never -- in the first round what. Be sure it's a would be draft and five that night for a wide receiver. Well now if he's in position to get a guy like Sammy Watkins. Yet without giving up. A couple of first rounder -- yeah you probably should take him but buffalo. I don't know I'm not here. You shouldn't you shouldn't confidently go up in in and make that trade if you don't have. They don't have the track record they don't have that talent in the debt. Default that offering. Time now for the eighteenth -- question of the day. With a 29 pick in the first round of the NFL draft the New England Patriots selected dominated easily defensive tackle Florida. The selection of easily is said to be high risk high reward -- so what grade do you give the patriots for the Easley or. You're never -- -- you I think. I thought the ball. Neither understand that in this league and I promise you -- Vehicle plus. Effort we'll keep you around little swollen they intend to challenge this kid right hit play we'll months -- effort man and I got the -- Watson. Did you look he's got tough to get an accurate read good. This even touch. I'll get well enough kids who did it and I hit it -- I'll let you give your great first. OK the real answers and complete amid an obvious Paula that's the real answer we'll always do these these -- they mean -- just got no idea but we play the game. People us. Big plus if you're talking about a position of need a one of them to draft. A lot of offensive -- to the but the climate I can packet of advocates for both. They need. Some more talented bodies. And their defensive line rotation. He's a good player. At number 29 you're not paying a lot. You're not risking all that much he turns out to be. The player they projected to be got something if not what do you really lost. I'm gonna say C plus. Because of that the questions about about health. They could have picked him and Tom mentioned a couple of offensive lineman. Who -- there who would help this team offensive line an area of some -- as well are they could have drafted a tight end I think that there -- more in need -- -- -- and -- Tom -- -- That's just me. This is one of those home runs or strike out situations if this kid stays healthy they've hit a home run in this immediately becomes a neck. If he can't stay healthy he's coming off two ACL issues in in college. Well than this this is probably going to be a big fail in the first round I don't mind taking chances on guys after the first round first round I wanna be much. We're sure I would say B plus because. He's supposed to be able to play who who knows who knows because player not. The skills translate from the college game to a pro game but if you've got a guy who's supposed to have that ability and the the red flag is the medical's. And your hope and and you you've been convinced by your staff everybody at the combined to begin you've been convinced that. It is not it lingering issue. I think the big applause becomes an -- to comply gone from three plus two way maybe you have questions about his game. I don't I don't have questions about its talent level Ray Lewis on play against Miami knows more -- Africa as -- for and I've read -- I promise you I've read enough. Talking about his -- Both men you're not talking about wanting ACL issue you're talking about two weeks the only issues. Their question marks here can stay healthy Kenny Kenny do what he does and continue to do it at this level. But it's a text -- says you know you got an opportunity to draft an undersized defensive lineman with knee injuries you have to take them. He's undersized. For defensive line is easily. 62. I mean he's not he's not -- applicants who he's not 646 by IDs which 6162. That's fine sixty rule out to play that position interior line you don't you don't want those guys to be too -- on the on the inside because it's. Easy it's easier to get under their their -- 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937.

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