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Dale and Holley Talk NFL Draft

May 9, 2014|

Dale and Holley react to the Pats draft pick and talk about Johnny Manziel falling and falling.

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At -- awkward moment when you start sneezing right after trending now on before the microphones open I'd be allergic to bad rating on -- York. A welcomed dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Tom you're ripping yourself for instance exactly who ultimately that's exactly well I was directing in -- -- left something on the Michael -- and never got Tom key current. CS and any dot com is -- house could say I'm really happy to be here today it's going to be a lot of fun you guys feel like it's not a lot of football and it's gonna be real wild second draft. That's what it is it's a split it's a split screen right here right down the middle we got hockey news we've got football news. We've got current -- news. Because that's what that two days in a row. Yesterday we have Tom -- -- just -- him when -- -- today we have Tom eat current. Means just my. Guys don't pick get him replacements -- I think guys and you had a first -- and you have it at the curious. Senate here. And it's like it's equality march Aaron has Karen has that dad did straight receding over the horizon -- -- And I get BI and a hurricane beat Monica the monkeys -- slice the baloney the market's best one of those. I I will be fun I asked this question earlier do you follow Dominique Easley on Twitter. I do not well if you go to Dominique Easley he's Twitter account is avatar is a picture of in the Florida and east candidate it's obviously a one on one grilled with the an older assistant coaches the way it's the fact that. He's got a knee brace the size of Rhode Island his right leg on the avatar. Having elect Gatti Kim missed the darn thing -- it that's what he says opponents say OK get any cards. Now if he's not he's not picture with the counties as -- I don't see -- are in the picture now don't as if he's not getting wheeled out late Michael Vick -- -- -- by Arthur Blank how many years ago -- that's a great sign. And the thing about that too bad avatar in him moving around. Comes from these recent Prodi work out now he blew that ACL the second with -- -- the right one. In September 2013 third game of the -- that's the one the knee braces on here is the right the right that's a pretty quick turnaround. And he tried to put an interest and spin on the -- advocates woman left in 2011 came back even stronger that was as good with the other one now be even faster. So now he's might think. Yeah like you do you buy that these Seattle Seattle Seahawks were. Was -- the phrase you know noticeably upset -- -- I -- that the patriots won't Dan and took easily and then they decided they aren't straight out of of the around you buy that story. -- emanates from army and yours is expert on is anybody in the country about. Draft day machinations. We -- at emanated from would help me to understand but we had reports on Dallas we have reports on. Chicago. And we have reports on Seattle all interest in this player with two baloney seals who might gain from the New York Times and sports on earth now to a story. He said this -- tournaments in the same breath as deviant cloning -- it not been of these deals. So it all adds up to why in God's name of the Petri. Ticket Cuba to Benicio that's the that's the unambiguous question -- apparently that gutsy I don't have a problem with taken a chance on a kid that they've got a pretty good tight end. But he took a medical chance on. He's -- medical issues not related to the back issues which originally put up the red flags have a problem taking chance on acute in the first round. And I always go back to Michael's book when Bill Belichick articulated. That the second round this time you meet your -- rules the patriots have with gronkowski. With -- -- -- where. We'll Lleyton Razzaq Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Richard Jackson got me on both would. -- -- but I think that that was to me as well this. And when I -- -- opposite Dominick he's a great fit for the patriots if they're going to be penetrating defense but in the second round. So that's that was the guy widener and watch house and a public again -- the union Stewart used to -- Of what -- he's we can do with speed in with power and it's. All week -- types. Except you know you think about. Dale I hear you on taking chances in the first round. Apparently Seattle was then taken in the first round right. When you're Seattle when you're when you're Seattle and coming -- -- Super Bowl right right right you're not looking for this god and savior yet you're Seattle you can do that. San Francisco they debated and had been -- -- that they can do it to him -- have won a Super Bowl. In the Harbaugh -- question is do you think the patriots are at that level while I have other patriots at that level recently they've been there before. What do you look at this current patriots team and say. Can they afford to draft somebody in the first round who. Is not looked at as the immediate starter but will be part of a rotation and I would say yes I would agree I -- I don't say yes all he's not getting your take her -- a slap it out -- Seattle -- -- -- Francisco Denver in the patriots which team is traditionally more powerful the patriots the patriots went into this draft deal. With one yawning hole that's the safety spot next to them quarter of a variety it's a tight end to. -- -- -- tied it when you're getting Rob Gronkowski back -- it's a safety it's it's it's the only one we say what the hell are we gonna do. And you don't have a definite. So you're at a position with Tommy Kelly and Armond Armstead and Vince Wilfork and three guys from last year say you know what we can take a depth they could -- -- -- because that's why I'm back on if you mentioned moved it and but they went with this guy and they have the luxury of being able to do that because of the guys coming back. The disagreement I have and your your argument is perfectly valid and as valid as mine I always think that first round picks got to play for him now. You draft -- guy in the first round and and you go down through the patriots draft history first round picks for the most part slide right in and and play a role. Now that role obviously gets developed as they develop and it's not like Europe up Pro Bowl player necessarily from day one but. I. Don't play -- culture is going to be physically able to -- it to be able to play in the two I -- season. -- that is what you got a lot of those guys credit -- all over the place there they're all over the place you know you go back to events. The event started first here now. Rotation right now in rotation with the -- trailers in his back up tractor trailer. So while yes any ticket I warned it Ty Warren played its first year it was kind of just hanging around he's a French guy. Didn't see much from Ty Warren and then there are some of those first -- who played -- you weren't impressed by what you saw like bright star Watson Meriweather. We -- so I think he's he's gonna play he's talented enough to play. I don't know I think some people were looking for. You know a little more dynamic. Pick us skill position but we sent this last week and earlier this week. There's no doubt my there was no doubt in my mind they're gonna take. One of those grunt positions are expected to take tackle. Guard -- Or a defense of a defensive lineman who is not the who gets seventeen sacks a year -- -- what they did they took in on sexy pick. -- just mentioned to Will Smith in the mix and very good. Hop in some ways although there's some people in this rewarding venture will Smith's going to be my NR might not but again veteran guy who can create because. What I find really -- topic is what it signals the Patriots defense which we get into more by. Nick a serial last week is pre draft their press conference said weakened field. Competitive team right now and that to me says everything about -- mindset going into this draft they know that their playoff team that has improved. My heels. From the team took the field in the AFC championship that's with Wilfork -- with Mayo. That's with gronkowski. And then add in the chase through the best quarterback in football is now join the team. And it's. A luxury item that they can say you know what would put dollar chips on when he one lap. And CEO coats just get too many medical question marks from me I mean gronkowski I don't think they'll play for the first what 45 weeks of the season realistically. I don't know what Vince is going to be at the beginning of the year. I mean he'll presumably be ready somewhere close but I don't know what he's going to be like to start. A man that size with that injury -- -- with Tommy Kelly Tommy Kelly is another one now you reading another medical question mark into the mix. And -- This to me is either a a Grand Slam home run or strike out. And I think that's okay I think that's what they are understanding because this is either going to be. A guy who's gonna be constantly injured and might give -- -- teams a year for 45 years or is going to be the best defensive player in the. -- with the -- motor and I'm OK with Becky -- Until we -- this a models hosts are you saying you know we talked about this a bit earlier dale overdoses. Get into little bit more to you know like the the the risky this of a first round pick who what 29. Is -- I don't think he had many bodies are you could've gotten -- and -- guy -- well or is it safe. -- -- -- Well you guys are not but I'm talking about medical question mark okay now talent our remarks. Look like -- any doubting based on what I've read the kind of talent this guy that. Which you've got medical question marks the red flags up all of it at one ACL you'd say all right you know. Worked set to ACLs. But he gets faster every time they hell yeah -- one million dollar manner it's better stronger stronger all -- -- might Mike question isn't talent Michael. And and yes I think there. Anybody draft is a question mark I understand that they can make it -- not make it. I think this -- is up against the little more based on the fact that he's blown out to ACL. They have taken who would have absolutely been a better player than -- -- at their position within eighteen to 24 months Xavier who feel regard from UCLA. Could certainly some plant and Connolly. Or beat the guy in the wings which -- of Nevada again another guy trying to transition and these guys -- both. On to a field has proclaimed that he is a Mankins. Disciple -- -- O'Neal. Is soul lauded. By. Experts including Bill Polian -- today if you want them today I wouldn't I would not -- How about to do whatever it once again this is the they're not bringing sexy back is the opposite. If that this is for that this is for the factories. Separate bracket that's America well before you your big girls and big guys. This that this is up plus side draft. For the New England Patriots. If this guy is help this strap to sponsor I play our day yet -- the big girl thing on the cats. If if this guy stays healthy. Men they have they've -- themselves a steel based I don't know what everybody says this guy's talent is an ever at the same things that you referenced unit to Debian clowning and and I mean you see some of the stuff you know what women he got a guy like that it 29. What he can mean that the chances of that happening seem so slim. But man if you pull off good for you. I just I have concerns about whether or not that's gonna work just from a physical point of view not a talent point of view because I agree with you Michael. Yet those question marks about anybody whoever -- -- if you if you picked first overall you get those kind of question marks although maybe not quite as. Our number two dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI Tom. CSN any dot com -- In the house -- -- the -- is it safe to say the Buffalo Bills made one of the most stunning -- of the first night the NFL draft last night. They moved up. By four plus five spots -- I -- and in order to move up from nine to four they gave up the number nine pick in last night's draft. They gave up their first round pick in next year's draft and a fourth round pick in next year's draft. All of that to draft the consensus best wide receiver available in Sammy Watkins while today they got. The fourth round pick back as they traded Stevie Johnson one of their incumbent wide receivers to the San Francisco 49ers for a fourth round pick on now in order to move up. Four spots in the draft. -- they gave up while they moved down as they move down that number of spots and they give up first round pick for next year. Fight terror. For a wide receiver is it is it definitely is but if you look at it this way all drafts are not created equal and the 2015 draft given the depth of this one with -- -- nearly a hundred. Underclassmen declaring it boosted up. The quality level of this draft it's going to be a very deep draft and still find stars and move around you can almost presume. There's you're going to be looking at 2015. Draft where. First rounds are not created equal and the level of all but he that shall find next year might not be the same so. If buffalo was reading the tea leaves and saying look we're not gonna if if we got better or is we presume we will be more pick and fifteen we're not gonna have a shot. -- A player of CB Watkins though let's go get them and if we lose next year's first round picks will be. Because is not going to be that good -- Buick is gonna make this a much better Michael I had this discussion earlier he's a bigger EJ Manuel fan and I am. -- is ports an -- I'm just -- for like and we throws the football and and you now added. The consensus best wide receiver available on the draft no nobody in argues that. But have you -- quarterback who can take best advantage of that. He's certainly got the arm he certainly get the accuracy -- hell out of me in the opener he had some whips -- bumps along the way. And and the guy who just got traded did did him no favors in their first game last year against the patriots had a couple big drops if I'm not mistaken Tom and you're there. They wanna moves on third down -- -- of really aren't going to mean they they have the they have the patriots that retreating. In that game I think for for a rookie for rookie quarterback and the one question a bottom as is their ability. But if he can stay on the field. I don't think he's going to be a top ten quarterbacks in the league but pretty good solid I would rather see him I mean look. Right now who else is as good as Sammy Watkins projects to be. He's a -- from wide receiver and if you use a classic what is a good wide receiver you have to include body type is the best wide receiver. In the AFC east in -- Mike Wallace now includes Eric Decker and that includes Julian -- and Danny -- So that's a massive massive bad -- it already has Spiller in chambers. And one of my favorites but he start picking up different. Ready for Joseph Jackson I like it is another brawl that why don't roll the dice are you gonna sit there mired in mediocrity. Or below mediocrity which they are would take a run at a because next year's draft we unified. Presumably somebody who could help your football team but no world and -- avoid -- but as much as this guy you just look -- and will bring this story -- -- on dead spin. Although dad's been linked to the original. Story it it was not originated on dead spin. Supposedly a New England Patriots college scouting report. Has been leaked from the New England Patriots about Johnny -- -- It's out. Two page document as we printed up on on our computer here. Goes into things like -- player summary player future strong points weak points character body description. Grade things like that. It is variant complimentary about Johnny men sell the thing that probably. Jumped out at me was talking about his family outlaw character quote unquote. The sort of phraseology that seemed a little strange to me about. -- the question in everybody's mind is going to be is this the real deal is this an actual leaked dwindling patriots scouting report about Johnny men's L. And if it is. It may be I don't know if it is. How is this the first time in the history of the patriots I know while the one of these documents is ever the mountain and -- in the light of day. I said Tommy off the year -- for a dismissed out of hand and say it's it's -- illegitimate. I'll say this it could be legitimate. But it's from an employee. It's from a scout who has been dismissed. So if you look at if you want a list of suspects. Of who this could've come from I checked the New England Patriots apathy advertised in tweet. Who would which scouts have been fired and hired. Most of us. You know could could recognize the patriot scout he came to the studio right now. With the scout had on what -- but you know what but I think it this is it looks like the form. Of the patriots draft information but it doesn't sound like an informed. Highly -- Celek got -- inform highly regarded scout because there are some phrases in there. Eddie patriots get out would never get away with saying. To bring up you know just a run through it has it just that the topics it's a normal form and you can go to did -- an end. Take a look at but for the people -- drive whenever there's a player summary as an underclassmen report which goes through. He's ability on the field. Things that he does well it's certainly mentions all the unconventional ways. That he plays a position but the fact that he can really rip britney's. For instance. When having to really repeated tight spaces when we set FEMA Zubov back what works very ball high at times -- -- Will make a couple of bonehead decisions every game and also make several game changing his closest -- in every exposure NFL future it. -- the fact that he is world loosens and RG three not quite as pop and fast. Pretty accurate is one thing -- Michael mentioned it was in a comparison. In that it says for the NEP lacks the size and traits we look for but has started level -- strength accuracy competes clean -- -- decision making development pocket the only major negative is his size he's different than any guy we've had. But an upgrade over Tebow higher ceiling -- warrior with a stronger arm. Good number two -- year one that could back up on the develop into a starter so that's all and then. What will be as this progresses and we find out whether or not it is. Concrete legitimate of the character concerns which Elvis Michael mentioned in two the fuming as -- mentioned two would bells into the family. And Michael I guess given your expertise and saving and no one's more expert on what goes on. In player evaluation. Because of your book the war room. They care who your parents are. They care what the people in the organization in college have to say in an 822 report. -- with the initials jail previous two with his -- eight point 25 on this guy keeps getting worse support staff members are sick of him and ready for him to go. Described as a cocky the guy loves football FBI which -- football intelligence. -- -- as well everything is from pretty well documented and online articles about the kid but they say the can't. But sources say he's a spoiled brat. Currencies grandfather gives more balanced by the bottom luxury car BC was getting on people's nerves during the twelve season but when another level after the UC LU in game. He used to -- put himself in situations where -- tend to follow. They care about them there they they would airport that will they not they they would report on all this stuff but. A couple of things stand -- one he was compared Julian -- -- no right thinking scout. Would it would. Compare quarterback. To a wide receiver. Without getting thrown out of the room that's what it's in body -- he was dealt very dealt with a bit and they're framed in debt settlement to a unilateral as the patriots would take the guy in the first round converted to receiver which -- which would happen it's it's it's a move comparison you're you're not talking about. Johnny man sells body type to Julian Edelman a plane to different positions that that doesn't make sense and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So job Denzel played all last year. He played. The year the entire year when he won the freak in the -- called the Heisman Trophy we played. Must now who would give them a one and their ability. Would get the Richard Pryor Sunset Strip treatment from Bill Belichick. A bleep you talk about based don't want what you based his what do you base his lack of durability -- what I think. On album. I'm not saying it's a fake I'm just saying -- somebody who wasn't ruled it was asked to leave. So we got to find out that. And presumably is attempting to exact some small measure of revenge by you know let's send it let's put him and the irony here is. If that's the case they're putting this out their for the public to see when it's this person who wrote it. If anybody would look bad it's this person up patriots. If under Michael scenario in other words this disgruntled. Scout whatever is is now gone. He's the guy wrote that he's gonna put out there and and people are gonna knock the patriots for this I don't think. Here's the other level of the assumption that would make you presuming that this disgruntled employee perhaps it was just an employee who shared it with someone who shared it. Unbeknownst. And -- sped past and elements also Marie sees this past and on past and boom it's in robot. And I think which had never heard of until today. I I'm I'm I'm just saying I had ever literally there are thousands of web sites that we had heard of in the not too distant past that are now. Major major factors for. About a head of Texas -- element to college quarterback again I know and I I know where he played when Howard went to school and what position he played the point it -- If you're in -- scouting meeting. You're in a scouting meeting and you're talking about it quarterback which Johnny man's illness and he projects anti NFL quarterback Cleveland Browns did not draft him. To make him a receiver as the patriots drafted -- element the quarterback to turn him into receiver. In round seven vs -- auto intention to bring for quarterback here if you're talking about a quarterback and they're doing their breakdowns. In those meetings. And they get -- Blake portals if you can play if you compare excuse me compared Blake portals body type to Calvin Johnson. That was -- far more -- would problems at 65 he's a big guy and he's just like another big guy who plays different position irrelevant. So what Johnny and felt -- talking about Johnny and ends on a scouting meeting. Or -- scouting report. Nobody wants trust me on this please don't trust now a lot of things just trust me -- -- nobody wants to hear. Johnny -- though compared to Julian -- While the other one and the irony here is you -- talk about comparisons the other winning here is -- different then and I'm quoting. Different than any guy we've had but an upgrade over T ball higher ceiling -- employer with a stronger arm. I mean the irony here is not a bus outside of their rooms and in this part of -- of the place. But the Tebow could play anyways so why would they compared to Tebow who. Was an abject failure there. I mean so much soap that they just had to say he gotta go we can mean we gave it chance pitch camp play. What people guy. I don't really think the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. Wow I think you just have to see moms and I -- -- take this as hanging evidence that that this guy deserves. You know if you're hanging judge you'll hang on for the effect refuses to an element. To me what's -- isn't whether or not it's a good scouting report is and whether or not the patriots. Mood is both the notion of joining me and they'll. It's an inside look at -- was a -- away at this with the cardinals Seahawks would would give a rat's. Ass what -- assess. The secrecy of the patriots expect much like nobody's ever seen anything so when it comes out from the patriots. Via. Whoever. It's corn around aren't comes tablet war let's say three. Okay let's just for the sake of our discussion this is the real thing it was a leaked New England Patriots. College scouting form on Johnny men's -- what's the story. Up in the fact of the Galilee. Well hey here's a scouting report on a player distressed -- what has one team have to say behind the scenes that's why reality shows I asked why -- my point is why people wanna see what happens by and what people wanna see what of people are trying to do. Is turn this into a patriot story. What's the significance of this to the patriots you know what you pointed out nothing gets out if this got out we get cash -- storm and I'm talking about the patriots -- man's out that's what. The selling point here is the patriots if this is a real. Would have drafted John Lehman but if you -- up 32 teams and say which is the most unlikely to have. A scouting report -- and if you picked the ball which one would you love to see it from. It could be the patriots win not only the most unlikely to have it. Broadcast. But also we're probably the most intriguing since they've are the most consistently excellent French guys in the league so that's why it's due to meet the white interest. -- it is. Half an icon when it could have reason. Whenever it is that the single biggest. Curiosity for me is if it's real how to get out. And again no disrespect -- OK just because I haven't heard of them doesn't mean anything. If you were gonna leak patriots scouting report. Is broke Bible where you've elected -- Or would you send it to pro football talk with our widget which is sent Tommy current would you send it which returns to my theory that wherever this came from this is money firsthand -- take a look at -- -- pissed off -- the patriots put it out there. If somebody gave it to a roommate. A look at he copied it he gave it somebody else the next thing you know with the pro Bible I don't think that this would be a it would get back to the patriots tight situation. I'm guessing if it ends up in the hands of pro Bible it's my opinion again I've tried over the last hour. Find out. From people higher up in the organization. Whether it's legitimate or not. I've gotten an indication it yet it's legit. But I haven't heard from on high that it's widget and we'll find out tonight are probably bill Belichick's going to be that's how we'll move. There's probably it's probably the jet from someone outside the organization it was just too easy. It's it's way too easy for someone in the organization to do it because of -- have legitimate report. Well obviously it's widget from somebody outside -- out an obscene it's legit it's a legit. Patriot for -- guy who was trying to chip but somebody who no longer work for the team because they be able to identify and cable they know where it is now because of this was a group report. That we see. It's a report that they've seemed to just go look at all the Johnny -- though reports. And you match up you know who it is you know exactly who it is -- at the very least you know who wrote it one dollar. You're right absolutely no it is we don't play Kerry's about to not be there but I think the report in one detectors and right on the money. Exercise is maybe the scout was fired because of this abomination of report and I think that's accurate it's not a it's not consistent with the reports that I've seen. Down there not saying that they get them all right. But there's that there's a bit of a formula there's a bit of of a template. That they use and there are certain language that is acceptable in certain things you say about players. That they define unacceptable and these little things a little things in there that you'd be surprised by for example that's in this report has. Just at a small example. You never call a guy efforts prompted. Calling our first round pick second round pick. Days that they that they operate out of the room or so ago. What do you what you know they -- Ellis -- to it's got to help out first round pick declared a home. You know we wanna pick in the first round just tell me about the guy tell me I'm I want drafting you just give me the information and let me figure out. Brent how about that -- again this guy amounts. Bite my lean is that -- is. A legitimate reports from somebody who worked for the patriots put. Probably wasn't real good at his job. Give me your opinion on this good number two in year one that could back up common development to a started that ain't the job of -- to step put in the death -- to correct. Oh god -- Well but that's not so bad now that one is setting up actually legitimate because. Instead of saying first round pick second round pick third round pick they say. Who does this guy where's this guy on our team. You know you're every scouting report everybody but it is a good number -- -- -- -- -- better than -- now see that's -- -- -- Does everybody everybody. All those names on the -- no scouting meetings have everybody lined up one through 53. So if you -- if you got to make a case for a guy. You have to say where he fits on the roster I see him as. Backing up mallet in year one. And then in year two should be ready to overtake mallet. Or special team -- that this guy is a special team are in year one should be able to get some snaps and year to you still. It's always comparison if you don't have that comparison to the current roster. Then. Report gets rejected so when this report there mentioning Tim Tebow they're mentioning Brian warrior. Two guys who aren't in a roster anymore. Question of you know that NFL play sixty commercial with a little kids stock Cam Newton yeah I'm just loosen up my arm. Picture are ready I'm ready Jack Edwards is coming after you next.

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