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Michael Holley is on the ledge after Game 4

May 9, 2014|

Dale tries to talk Michael off the ledge. Holley isnt confident in the Bruins after Game 4.

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We've been through a lot you know what most of the guys in there have been together for well we've been through loud even throughout 2000. -- that the one thing has that you don't you win tonight -- we won't it was so what's not a -- can work. And anything more than we've tied the series now because the best out of three. So we still have lots of work to do and that's what Stephen -- is because as you know so far has been a real tight series from. Both sides the matter who's one you know that it did he MacKey won in Boston how we played extremely well but we didn't win that one so. You know it that that -- and I guess what winning hockey games so. We got Stephen peculiar and and then hoped that our work ethic can bounce is going your way. So it's not closed saying that I'm listening to. It's Hollywood nights playing in the background because I'm picturing DJ being on the drive home from Montreal all morning long making its way south and Bob -- plane on the speakers flaw -- -- -- and I just thank you for having me I just realized. A couple of hours ago that these mean nine. United have any -- Jules. On the imperialist ways collegial -- language. A man whose lives are birthday and I can actually billion I would definitely -- -- also turned out -- dance. There's a musical -- at the -- hate any tells about this is actually enters the new developments kind of like some -- music but the way he treats these loans can always an awful dude broke the best loved songs ever. Can't imagine the guy he comes close in on what love is yet somehow he. It's really music -- off man because out out out. Good for him good guy but anyway on from -- all when that we we we tried to have Jack do this and Jack attempted and failed a little bit. If Jack -- something I won't be able were counting on it because. My buddy over here is out on the ledge. He has he is he's practically they're ready to leap. As he is very concerned about how this series is playing you know what this has become. And I realize that today. This is the DM Ceres in this is a series this is a bonafide. Series I wrote back today with it was with Bruce Arthur. From the troubled son who might who might be might favorite. Canadian sports analysts that when -- Canadian people via people eleven and from the globe who in the mix immigrants and a little different than a dozen amendments that are a little party being Benjamin groups. So that regular guys there when you guys dropped out rooms mr. Hewitt -- that your audio. That was long -- -- I drove back from Canada we -- we didn't drop about 2008 total opposite of arts so. Lots of oil -- -- I have a right. -- like yours a UGI used the driver I like where you're trying to deflect this -- and -- -- David -- -- that government. Elements engaged. Okay -- -- to customary. There are tired. But I -- a lot of luck I don't want to get flustered Greg gust it's OK am I. So Bruce treat them now so while we're driving back. And we are talking boat how old and none of us are going to availability today we -- laughing about it Singapore -- up to go in big story lines. And Bruce said. The story -- with a series. Is that there is no story line. Nothing is really really taken shape yet there isn't this catastrophic thing that's going on on either side I mean yeah you look at it from the bruins' perspective. Kerry price is a good goalie. All aboard the S authority knew that Canadians are taking away their space. Yeah out there -- fast plucky bunch that was gonna happen. The Canadians have every right to be frustrated too though with I mean they got shut out last night bye -- to grass there's no. I mean sure. Have been sensational you know what he dissidents sensational player there -- anything it's really come from out of the blue it's been so crazy but -- these -- teams are. Best of three series now. In your kind of waiting for the other 12. Establish its dominance over the other in no dominance has been established I guess is my major point here. And the thing that that I'd take the most heart from a from a Bruins fan. Is that Tuukka Rask finally showed up last night yeah big GameStop does -- job to their Michael board of all apparently is playing in this series as we saw last night -- a thousand shots on goal. I don't the marsh side I was gonna be along Mara the ballot martian has that turnover in the -- event gives a right to board a ball and that leads that's great chance but. Yeah I mean that the Bruins weren't particularly sharp like this was this was a 00 game -- near zero all the way down a wire and you didn't get the feeling at all as you're watching at that who is game seven against Tampa Bay in 2011 where was a perfectly executed. Chess match Montrose -- their system very well. The Bruins have a lot of breakdowns though they have a lot of issues of their own and they were giving those opportunities to Montreal. As the kind of have been the last few games. Inge for once I mean you don't blame to -- for breakaway goal that all the people -- problem with the we school because you don't let a fourth liner BU five Paul. That's fair enough especially to doesn't winner but generally do not blame a goaltender for opportunities that are just handed to the other team. But those still happened -- took rescue up. What you have -- at the star of the series. I literally six droids and six. Do you still feel confident that the Bruins are gonna win and if so -- they are gonna had a an extra game based on -- you -- I had Bruins in six out off. I said going into game three no matter what happens and so that how -- six even at the Bruins lose bill rattle off the rest -- they'll win out the rest of the way. You wouldn't surprise me not nothing would surprise me it wouldn't surprise me if the Bruins as the next two in its present at the Bruins in the next two which is a major major change. From what I thought going into the series I talked earlier but neither team has established its dominance over the other. I thought that would be so. -- done by now for the pro series in the -- religion and expect Montreal to be able to irony that dominance -- a -- right over exactly right exactly I didn't think that Montero be able to hang with them. I think we've learned that Montreal can hang with them I think that -- but those matchups that the Bruins can exploit. Are still there I mean we saw last night in the game winning goal. What a laugh riot Montreal's third -- it is and will CF. If Douglas Murray stays in -- I question that earlier Mike -- and I were talking about. I almost think Michelle Terri -- out coached himself. Would Douglas Murray we have Atlanta games and you know what it is. He was afraid of the bruins' physical -- Murray is the most physical defensive presence he has lord knows he can hit and -- does. But he doesn't really bring anything else to the table and and you know he got more minutes last night and he had in game three that's not good. Coaching move by Rick Perry accepted as a citadel and and you can uses DJ did you take armory he put in they gonna -- him who replaces him. It would be -- Leo -- embryonic -- had a goal in in game one. But he struggled to we have some tough moment. A lot of lag. I mean is really -- Bob but he went -- a fluke goal almost fluke goal of the series. Was the Bergeron shot that skipped it William on my leg and ended up passing area prices hit a couple of the Babs said. It is he a Michael in -- at great defenseman now that their pairings liability no matter what that was kind of the only thing that carried over from the first round to the second round where. What's the big match to beat capitalize on third line against bad joke book of a third -- they have not that it was with Kindle -- than Detroit. And that's you're getting with with Weaver and whoever his partner is if it's very. I mean. Help the Bruins made their third line slower last night that the Daniel pi you off that and they put -- freezer audit. Operation are sorry they put -- Frazier audit in. -- still able to to skate circles around them so. That's their remains. Eighty matchup that the Bruins need to take advantage of the year taking advantage of it with the opportunities these other creating last night sort of Burke had his chances Erickson had his chances. But the Canadians get in front of every damn thing that sense anywhere in your Carey Price mean they were blocking shots from within the high slot from when the slot that. I mean if it weren't for. The Canadians -- Making up ground there then who knows how many Eagles -- like scored comedy like great chance they can I should say. -- theories. As to what's going on the first line. No I can't explain it I -- We saw in 2011. Where is David -- she against the Canadian talk on the third line has to carry this team. I wrote. And anyone crazy and that anyone not -- EC and at the end of the or late in the Detroit series after game four. He said you know what that's he always has you know he says you know what. Some series. You go crazy goals you score a million goals some you have most of the guys do whether that's wing faceoff player really responsible game. Quite a guy like Pavel Datsyuk that -- that's the creature was tasked with doing in Detroit news exceptionally well sometimes -- -- do other jobs sometimes it's such the -- offense production. I understand you guys are going to look at that but. That's that's not all the boats some series that's what you have. And then who knows maybe the next series you go crazy. So for me I took that as a until a Datsyuk right now just wait let -- let me get free from from probably the most or what almost tell the players in the world. And then you'll see the -- the post he's and it occurred to that always leads the HL scoring. They get past Detroit they get Montreal now. Depending on the night you're dealing with the candidates who is an excellent to a player reveal what they are -- in those and a couple of really good scores on his line. Beaver Creek she's still supposed to perform against other top six guys better than anybody else in the league in the post season he's been doing it out all the whole thing. But I mean look at game one. He was truly on them I think you'd agree with that I mean he had all the space in the world every time he had the pocket. You do it everyone it -- in the -- zone and that's why even though I ever thought that game and outlined in scored Eagles you're going. Almighty god this is going to be a five game series they're gonna run them over David critique is going to destroy these guys. Less unless the series is go on and it is a series gone on they've gotten less and less production. I wrote for today this whole operation thing great that feel good story awesome at the kid comes up and he scores a goal. It's gotten to a point where we can't remember a feel good moment for David critique. That's -- right well you know it all depends on your perspective do you look at the series down when we've heard from people today. And you can look at it and one of two ways depending on line. Know what team you're rooting for and which are outlook isn't life who didn't deep like Ray Lewis what's your outlook in life -- Four for some people I'm in the end there was just a -- came across on the TT tech science and we've taken the Canadians best shot. Our first line hasn't played well -- hasn't looked like himself and yet. There's still 202 I can be a positive and easily put that around and say. OK but it's -- four games these things are happening it's been four games of the number one team in hockey. And you are your life in depth right now at Montreal in your guys -- playing well -- guys are playing well and and it's time for them to do it. So -- a team -- three game series. To eliminate you and your best players are playing well. That's my take away that you feel good about it I felt bad about it being eight it's a three game series you played for you haven't seen the real. Jerome again. Haven't seen the real David -- chat -- only goals and empty -- madder -- you -- has only point this year is over Rask is on the road to -- last night yeah. Do you feel good that suddenly they snap out of Britain and in the three games or two games come down you really optimistic you think you can wipe them out there. Perhaps it's because it's relative to my expectation going into the series I didn't expect this series to be 222 after four games so. And I didn't expect David critique to lay an -- the way he has. I expected. I mean you expect early on with what to -- was facing with. He doesn't know what he's got to be at the rink when he's got to run to beat their for the birth of his child. Maybe it's a bit of Iraqi wrote it first -- -- -- but I mean sure you expect him to play the way that he played last night to grouse. Last season was an excellent policies and goaltender this season is the best goalie in the league so expect that but. I didn't expect the seat this series to be to -- no matter what unless a guy unless I mean it's like we're talking a chart beat out a lot of -- that but. This is far worse than you expected beginning in the series I think everyone should say -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I'm not valued at suck at -- apartment you you have pushed -- closer at age allege -- push them off look at this if you're with your help. That's an operator also bottle that I get right to the calls -- 6177797937. Argued Callahan credit integrate lines -- He said I'm more after last night I'm more confident about the Bruins beating Canadians. I'm less confident about the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. We'll see if if hockey fans agree with that you'll get your opportunity -- is in the house as well Dele Ali. Sports Radio WB yeah. Extra says dale you -- so predictable in your myopic black and gold bias. It is laughable by the way using myopic it's big point for me. You'll almost -- rooting for Montreal general your all your excuses for the Bruins early too early for myopic. Now too early for auto part of material would do that one hour from now what power for your -- your tax here's my point the Bruins right now. As we sit here today are six and three in the Stanley Cup Playoffs yes. It's supposed to be artists that Stanley Cup Playoffs I mean I I I topic when the first round in five. Fine and they Kitna because of injuries outlook beyond that the only reason I said. I I I did -- judge how difficult the series was going to be but I don't think they were just blast through it. Aware of him if -- thought they beat him in five games. At five tough hard games but I thought they were better. I still think they're better and and look if if there are Canadians fans out there and I know there are. There are some third I don't -- I -- a monster that those guys there and that's fine you know and and if or even if you're not a Canadian span. Which I think I've over rated how good the Bruins are. And -- based on what I've seen here what are they aren't. That is all it makes cents all year right now. They are. Underperforming. That prayers -- there -- -- our players if you're if David -- -- scoring and you conceded at least 123 players is under their underperforming now if they lose this series they lose a second round series we have to say. They have they've choked yes this would be choked it if you gasoline mean if there. This is a Stanley that is truly elite cup brewers -- there have come too far they are above the point where. It's you hope for the best if you read the Canadians wolf you know the Canadians should they have your number like is the the bruins' third. Are well beyond that at this point they don't because quote unquote class of the NHL there in that category. Now. Okay now that with that said we have to give credit to somebody and I'm not sure who gets the bulk of it. On the ice -- I don't know and I don't -- the coaching staff who what which player deserves credit for the very quiet. Four game series -- -- maturities had so far. Well most of the time the matchup for the Bruins has been -- against catcher. That's what that's that's the matchup clos generally tries tip to come up -- and -- -- up fairly decent job even a Montreal where he doesn't have last change. Is able to do that remember again in Detroit user able to dig out with -- Chara they're against Datsyuk. So I I'd say out the bulk of the credit for -- to ready being quiet. Probably belongs to -- now again crushed them last night right and that probably had something to do with how quiet it was the right. That I had in the it was a penalty did you -- not at all not at all and I mean. Stayed in the game good thing -- stayed down the useful bit seat. Just how much scared bella like yet it's our state on the I don't address the game and my thought at that moment was -- what -- -- -- trick is he gonna pull -- and write a gonna make -- -- leaders of these by I would hop artist I was watching I was like. Stand up and move around try to get to any -- like it seats at that is there any blood under the direct threat he cut his face on the board that he bite his lip as he went into the like what happened that. I mean guy is is -- one to the boards hard selling that's that's the obvious one their but. He you have the sense who's coming back in the game. The Bruins are two wins away from being in the final four in the NHL for the third time in four years yes. And and I know look if you wanna look at it the other way if your glass is half empty guy there two wins away from going home yeah I understand. I don't think they'll lose to the next the only they can. This -- this is not a main text here but this is just the text that this is. I don't we. Thought the street and we keep this up the street. Actually says. Thought they are not. Under performing. Hockey has a huge luck factor involved in it. How many times have the Bruins. Did. -- you don't. Hitting the post means Michael. Jordan in the post means -- says. Mostly America. It means you missed the -- and that's it means you didn't score. Man I don't get credit for and hit you know it's called but there is the guy -- -- -- you think damn I wish he had hit the net. You don't say. Man such -- block it's a game of inches it's a game of precision we talk about Pavel Datsyuk picking a spot perfectly and that game one goal. You game where you shoot -- you pick your spots if you're off your target then maybe you hit a -- -- -- post. Bigger target. And have got to develop to good credit to what -- tweeters. Michael all the EU be different pronouncements that. While Michael says I just looked it up after game one of the penguins last year were winding. At the gang will be different that they had hit three -- -- -- then how many times do it to post. You know -- times. Even going down -- maybe the last lesson plan that I know him when he when he has the empty net that it felt like something was keeping the puck out of you know we had our fair share opportunities and you know we either had talks on the worst -- Should post -- an excuse. We that are also weak ass you know what's. Your vocal ones that are there borrow from. Crosby said. Arnold you guys knocked them last year I did. Talk I did it nobody heard me. What eloquently -- I was home -- read -- -- and we're red. And we agreed Erick and just as is just as that that is it was at least last year. We should -- -- and really no more than analysts put. I heard it those he the guy scramble play an extra one that is so weak. I. Look you know they are now -- and after the game yeah I doubt about that -- to baby steps. -- posts. We got this chance we got that chance. There's no celebrations there's no pity there's no nothing for -- -- -- you hang your head because you say didn't score. -- up to underscore I didn't beat the goaltender -- score. That's all are what went in and help me out here what is your point -- -- -- doesn't doesn't have anything -- do with anything. Of course does but -- say other such a thing as -- clock. Not -- if you're hitting the post it's not like he scored in the the hockey gods took away from you yeah you you beat the goaltender but. Didn't shoot until -- -- that goes under the arm of Carey Price and slides just past the far post. You dismissed. Yes luck has nothing to do with -- you'd just missed. He got a decent at knocked it just there outside -- -- -- -- if you -- which is what happening game OK Greg that of course that's o'clock that that's. He and hitting the -- that that's him affecting the direction. Of the -- -- -- -- to say it's a clean shot from the point of something if you shoot the puck at the post I know there -- aiming for the net but on saying you're not hitting your target. I think it it is I think it totally. Trivializes. What the Boston Bruins have done this year to two. Wait to hang so much -- o'clock o'clock did not get them to be the number 1 team in the Eastern Conference and the best team in hockey they're best team in hockey. They were the best team in hockey during the regular season. Because of what they did their system their talent their effort their ability to Wear teams down to exploit. Matchup will I will hear this well let me just say it Johnny boy chuck takes a slap shot from the Blue Line and if it's the post not exactly a scoring chance right. Carl Soderbergh. Gets the rebound quite right off the crossbar that's a quality scoring chances well desolate it. Is it pot luck that it didn't go win that he missed the nets say what you want. They had a quality scoring champ right and don't accumulate over the course most of these posts that the Bruins have yet -- -- quality scoring opportune let's inserting yeah I mean but I am saying that when that happens you'll say. On the damn post -- bad luck they had maybe it's a bouncing puck that -- was able to settle -- -- edit it goes up and it's the Pope that the post. -- that's bad puck luck but. I mean another point on the the whole -- thing when you get a lot of posts and especially the coming from point shots. It suggests in something that has deployed in the case this series you'll agree -- The Montreal so damn good at blocking shots that you have to pick your spots yet to yet to aim a little wider. And that leads to some posts that leads to missing -- -- -- -- says that that they are intentionally shooting it wide right. Because that's where the open lanes are what you get you know -- -- you get. Pucks off the back boards up pucks off of other guys that have a good enough in front of an edit point so I mean that's where you're seeing those chances not created. Look I I think that the the Canadians played really well shirt and backed out take it one step further. I think the Canadians have played as well as they count. I don't think they've got anything more again got I think the borrowings -- interest thing. Well okay now what you think that the group Canadians don't have any anything more than one just say -- play as well as vacant part. I think dispatcher on that show up out it's just gonna say it -- ready -- -- -- that's why are sixty minute game. I think the guy I said before the series with nothing. Johnston at opting in capturing. Those of the two guys -- mantra now for the brought to get about five guys that. Where you're saying I edit there's a lot more -- upside in the bruins' game and terrorism the Canadians game I think the I think Canadians like close -- was well as they comply. I don't know if if you don't have that you don't have guys and your top. Line performing then that's a major issue on both sides like adding that just like. I'm sure that in Canada they're doing a dance right now that David Ritchie isn't doing anything because if he was doing anything. And it was looking like game one or -- get the sort -- city's spending create those sort of chances. This series would be over relatively quickly that's not happening -- celebrating the fact that that hasn't happened and on the other end of the coin there saying -- happen if only we had our top guys performing and we didn't have to rely young guys like ready Bork. Which again and give ready Bork credit for what he's able to what he's been able to do this post season mean. Did the it'd be regressed to the -- yes generally. Generally after Tuukka Rask gave me that -- in game one but he we talked a vote in the -- in the playoffs -- Peter surely pretty much that this word for word. A lot of times in the post season if you're if you're a good deep team you go into a series and you say all right. Let's have the team's top six forwards they'll cancel each other out and -- with secondary scoring. Yeah that's something that happens. But in the top six guys do something like are on either and is that's got to be a battle of the bottom six. We'll find out Bruins fans glass -- half empty or half full 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Dale and Holley and DJ being Sports Radio WE. For the final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- stale Arnold Michael -- the DJ being from WEEI dot com is. In the house is our third man and coming up at 545 today. Our final drive his mean texts tweets and telephone calls as well at the top guys have data that's coming up at 545 separate -- collegial that. Arenas and informant that he wouldn't do that deal a deal time he really threw it. Fifth there are a Tizzy was in was that it was that that would called -- a Tizzy curative or -- would go with -- -- -- were to join with you can't exclude that he was playing in the Woody's falling in Russia. It did not iconic. Concert. They have the lights on or during the show they had a house lights up little time in these planes sometimes a fantasy. And usein in the -- saying. Stop in the nineties yelled like off Mike to people expo play in the audience. And died there in last verse he sets screens stop lying in the audience takes is Mike Stanton is Mike he's like break everything he breaks a piano. It's it's Billy Joseph public real bad ass rock star moment. And also his neighbors and schools for ever. Okay just. Okay. So much more about more about the relevant than ever brought up as ago or more than -- -- -- Yeah thanks backed coalition don't appreciate it's a pretty don't you Michael. Make it -- don't don't column I don't know where they want so that you document all eighties -- -- else there -- make. Lake street die if access is a great. Election DGB great and I'm almost -- that you saw Billy jolt when time and come back in the day I've seen him five times CNET and has six times but not market. I was free ticket. What -- they got you to everybody for free for you to get incredibly. Yes and body but -- accounts -- for for absolutely 6177797937. As telephone number. Backed calls we -- Mike is on the pike you're next on. Helen holly but exactly you don't and Mike I -- like I kept separate from Mike and manager courtship with -- all right first of all like to get all the ledge. Because I I was. -- complaint in a moment like everybody else when you're doing great she had been playing crap. -- in the play crappy -- she's been okay Seidenberg has only been at her and her brother and we're so tied up. It is one of those guys that -- the -- and the singer's vocal so like think maybe that that makes you feel pretty good about -- And then not what the question I -- via -- probably more but a more popular Rangel so I'll defer you bought. When a team keeps diving in front of the plot to meet all these blocks. You see the guy -- like down it is like bad etiquette -- that the guy I mean with somebody dollar shot well spotted him at. I don't -- the next guy's gonna conflicting points or bounce or that really -- it. Naturally sporadic and it's just hard to do -- -- that there's not enough time to Italy it's hard it would just be I mean look you're thinking about -- at shooting to score right and you know halfway through he dies in -- women and I'll take this guy out here right. I. And it's also erratic and that's if you see a guy diving and brother shot -- your vote to shoot it. Then. You don't shoot it where he's diving anyway -- nine you wouldn't shooting at him because if you do than that shot gets blocked which accomplices. EU what the guys trying to do in blocking a shot so if you see -- as you're shooting the puck you see that the guys clearly in the lane and he's in front of the shot then. Media slot pass and a different direction you pull up -- -- -- elsewhere and then you've got a puck around a guy. -- -- -- Six on top dogs have died seven ID 37 Sarah's -- -- you're next on bail out Ali GI. I guide highlights that -- -- I I had a lot and I. We were able to shut. Mostly -- -- -- on defensively we were able to see we. That and play it differently or whatever and -- perspective is you know ability to happen outcome on the game. What's happening with our first line. That is preventing them likes from a strategy perspective what -- -- -- that is preventing them. From being more productive. They have great way way way way way where a US base that's my quick answer I wonder if -- the -- is Patrick request that your biggest take -- watching this this line. In this Montreal series verses when their play in the red going to mean I I watch. I was looking -- -- you last night I was like I bet even though they were open up a ton of points against Detroit either again -- talking about how old when the series in -- they -- that shut down the top line. As I was watching Beaver -- to last night against his guys and thinking. This guy in all these guys must miss the red wings so much in having more more space and playing against. Worse top four guys and not his speedy of guys. With them stride for stride. It was easier to create stuff when you're playing a team like that verses right now so that's my biggest -- way they have much less space. But. Interestingly enough I I think Michelle Terry and actually went away from but that Thomas play catch was doing great job against -- cheek last night and Terry and got last change. He didn't seem to care as much right mechanic he was using day our name out there against him more than he was using public managed they've done a very good job checking this line. In and brick put it this way last Friday he said the it's it's almost as though they they've made it a conscious effort and take one thing the way this is that the bill Belichick's theory. We're gonna take one thing the way that you wanted to -- and and in this case they are devoting most of their time and effort we are taking away that -- line. Right that -- line is going to be other guys may be guests but that -- not going to and to their credit they've got a great job don't. So far into her point on -- case Toobin the the strategy in. Taking away what he's been able to do. The Bruins have taken two penalties. The last two games Montrose had one power play chance and think about that. In Boston. Montreal had nine power plays over two games in Montreal where I mean bill senator has its reputation. Canadians had two power plays could look at that two ways extremely disciplined play from the Bruins which generally I think it is. -- you can argue either side of not part of -- penalty last night. I thought that it was the right call a marginal but probably OK there was a bit of a question as to who took down who exactly so. -- -- -- wanna talk about it after the game which suggests that he probably thought that that large cellar though it was just that they've all been told don't don't be part about the officiating. -- made that pretty clear early on don't talk about the officiate ball close this post season is don't talk about anything to -- -- this -- press conferences. Yes and he said don't talk -- but don't talk about the officiating. But his -- to do -- -- a lot of crap I told -- -- a bad job he well it doesn't want them to. He'd want them talking about -- what I'm thinking about it. Just just like I'll worry about the officials I'll worry about the other stuff. Don't don't you think those guys for both teams have kind of gone away from that. Do you think that either coached. A talking to from somebody. In the in the league office because where it was headed before game three. You know Michelle -- shell and mr. -- LTD and let me ask such idiots all right so heated that. Cold after game two we had a bit of a lot of crap we overcame. Michelle with his retort. And I thought we were headed towards something. They're gonna negotiate for for what they want with the official in the eighth topped apple -- got -- -- watch. After game three the next day -- I know I try to not knock the questions people last because I say you know. They got a story idea they're trying to write letters to mock Q but your question to show on. Which one but was that a knee injury. Any luck getting -- that was you. Yeah -- -- -- like he was going to kill you with his eyes and -- -- important pretty well I think that there were okay. But no yeah he was saying like will of course it was but. I have to ask that I've to say did you need hyper expand. Others like it just right -- the guy hurt his knee would vote. Knowing what actually happened. Reporting -- it's good reporting and and as I said he wanted to kill you with his eyes you know it is answered it here's answered -- says it was a -- option right so. Are part of the such. You're dead now but guy asked. Michelle after game 3 the next morning said. Two seconds left in the game. Julian has its fourth line on the race. Message you think he's trying to send you taken away from that. And it gave. -- area if you wanted the opportunity. This suggests something really dumb in further this gamesmanship between the two coaches I thought to what what was going in you do yes. Did you see what they edit the drop of the puck. And John Barton put a glove up and what's his name's face yes they were sending a message. That there wasn't exactly rocket science. There were two seconds left they put the fourth line out on the ice the nine and the minute the puck got dropped a scrum ensued. So what's to be gained by that though the message is recovery it's not going to be easy ride out to ask -- now. We're going to be right here in your face just like I'm right here in your face right now and Thornton had his glove up and in the guys stay yes I think it's a silly thing it's commonly done and I think that. Doctor I mean Montreal media has looked for opportunities to. Meek mountains of mole hills the Dellucci spear on -- that when you went back to -- that. Like it was meaty. Maybe a -- of a slash that shouldn't -- called because it wasn't really a slash a bit of what I'm saying is. The Montreal media is getting carried away with stuff in the Boston he gets -- up to look on the big is the in the world claiming any sort of journalistic. Hierarchy year whatever but. But basically what I'm saying is they're giving Terry and the opportunity anytime he wants it to say. -- doing this the Bruins are doing this there -- this way and that way Terry it was like. Now like it is the common thing that I thought the most egregious example of Montreal media trying to insert themselves -- -- surgeries. Was the whole -- salt Carey Price. Which is not what doggy says yes we listen to the quote directly. What he says she played it for a lot of much -- -- on note that not what happened spotter like goaltenders go down take away the right the net. Leave space in the top of the net and that's where you try to issue right you think. Do you think they were trying to insert themselves into the series or like any any reporter. It in a series like this year 98%. Cliches. If you hear something that is -- -- interesting or wait a minute we got something here and you go with that and stuff like. You know they don't gonna do this to the Boston Bruins if they were playing. If they're playing Detroit. And they got something similar from one of their young. Yes they would -- as an idea I -- I was. So we we are talking about that. Like who started the whole thing because what bugs me -- -- bug me a lot of like -- is that Perry said. Now -- the Bruins are saying that they've solve. Carey Price like the idea that narrative was generated in Boston literally was generated Boston -- the question. Was asked in Boston. But what happened was. Up play a reporter Marc Antoine. -- that is a very good reporter. Asked that question saying. Carey Price butterfly goaltender he's going low. Are you seeing that -- -- trying to take any opportunities you can. To shoot the -- high because goals have been scored by the puck going in high whether that's from shooting -- or from skipping off the ice or from whatever. Putts have been going in I wanna see that only three of the Bruins it's first -- the series rookie from shooting but. The Lee Hamilton said. Well yeah I mean we definitely notice that he goes down low and that that when he's screen he's looking in low wins -- said. Blowing your screen either it's you put your hands up -- you put your hands down and you -- try to make any saving you hope for the best. But that was that he Hamilton's quote and I played it back for a bunch of Montreal reporters as conference wash them all but -- other guys. Because they weren't there for that all the -- was that Doug Hamilton had said something about how the Bruins at salt Carey Price I played it back for them and I was saying look. Really the Yeltsin wasn't trying to say anything harmful. -- don't care and take away was no doubt that both those guys are all you got there are a lot of really good spike unbiased. Reporters there are and pursue. Restart and club de hockey reporters jumpers off some of I don't do young guys you hockey reporters it's up to each -- all the -- others and there -- some -- -- not -- names that we don't know -- to -- that -- capital approaches. Summer approaches that don't hear about -- that -- are great guys I don't wanna think that the guys. -- What do you -- -- hard. We're proof point -- -- quick aside before we get that's a bit. Audience are parents is what with the Hilton thing was you're remainder yeah he didn't say anything bad. But shame on him for saying something interest and because of course people are accurate that and other all the time are right so it do everything I -- decided it. Monopoly and all really IE why is that will say this. I think that it's established that he doesn't get along with a lot of reporters it's established that -- and -- -- -- issues. I just hope I hope that he self the I hope that everything's okay with them and it is story is. Is story. Early signing what happened indeed it is not that that's not the rocks that it doesn't make sense I don't know that folks have maybe there's something else going on that's what exactly exactly I got a that's our -- -- an open that is okay that's a fair point. It's 6177797937. Is telephone number are -- and Milton hey Rick you're next on dale and Holley. I'd say you don't rate very. Well I don't give a little bit surprised wasn't what I hear the panic button I mean if you look at it. Still to run the they want -- in the year -- -- Series and you look at that Toronto series last year you look at the tip based series in the Montreal series. Than the other one and I mean they were the better team. Votes there either mean. A player they'll play it truly being eliminated you know that there writers say that the two promised ya know Kabul -- that they'll last year. -- -- -- He stalled talker you on the on the breakaway ill or not series let -- so it shouldn't be that shocked that there and they're going to be in a nail biting her is that it happened. Every still a couple of and I I. I -- that you know cost us so much different than -- go in and you get quote getting what and you know it's the regular season you play two or three game. You don't -- and still work -- rewarded and the playoff. Game planning and duplicate every single thing down so the joke all -- the -- It's actually it shouldn't be shocked that -- -- got a pretty routine that you don't hear it like that. Rick this is this is one of depending on how the west shakes out. This will lead to be at end of whether they get past this round is believed to be. The hardest. Series that they play the second artist series they play if they play if they make it to the Stanley Cup final. And they -- Chicago or LA now that will probably be harder series. The Montreal but this is they significantly harder series than other ones they'll face such as. Detroit such as New York such as Pittsburgh. If they get past the Canadians in the play Pittsburgh I think dale and Michael like I'd be shocked you didn't agreed be -- blow right by those who are ranked. I would that don't apply are that they'll blow right by the globe by adding more and then. Who knows what you go I mean this is dale and might great debate of whether they're the best team in the east to the best team in the NHL but. Bill they would blow by eight Pittsburgh. LA or Chicago would present a significant challenge Montreal much to my surprise. Has presented a significant challenge. This is a much tougher series than the average when the you'll face because a lot of these other teams a lot of the other teams that made the playoffs whether it the fill the even the teams out west like Anaheim like a high seeded teams. The Bruins could handle those get those teams relatively easily. And he's always match -- criteria I think you're exactly right. Montreal's top match Montreal in the first round -- eleven to -- point. Was an incredibly difficult he won the first two games in Boston right ended up losing in the seventh game right but I mean Montreal easily could have eliminated them. Positively just like their old saying they have the big Al by the -- called would've been gone but he definitely would have been on -- been -- then you have been down last year. This this year though it's a similar situation. Take the round out of it the Canadians are in a position to eliminate the Bruins. If Carey Price stands on its head if they continue to take away space from David creek -- line. If I dialect Max catcher Eddie starts growing at great point by you Michael the Canadians RT position too in a three game series odds that such a cliche anything can happen. But this is one of the two were three toughest possible matchup for the Bruins. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number texture says I'm not even sure who the third guy is in there I can tell -- doesn't like him oh contrary months or until. Oh contrary to go until then at all BJ be not very -- -- very perceptive you know Taylor you know they'll ever make you mix. You -- just -- that not that collegial Mick you're gonna give him I want that other when you made for a lake street yes OK I want to listen and act like a season. Wall. 545 final drive I'm looking at the list here. Guys were very mean it was this week and you'll get to hear how mean and just a little bit. -- god yeah. Lot of money. You know me mom I'm like I'm glad I. No music. I. Yeah I mean okay. It's it's all her workplace. Yeah fairway. -- normally collegial I like Billy ozone days just like. I don't like -- legally old I -- -- I normally don't like he's in he's only he's been. -- -- Just let you know I don't like his behavior -- how would you classify the -- second -- are better than -- Chris Christie now famous. It in and fifteen seconds or fewer. How would you classify the guy's music what what would what would you call it. Us. Who -- The whole don't know I don't know pop off. Uses historical precedence in T. Solely classically trained pop it is intentionally derivative. There are and I like music it's a potentially larger wrestlers don't get them comfortable with. -- that's fine. Let me just do one thing hero quick pockets we were talking about this earlier and you talked about it out from a perspective none of us that you were inside the patriots war room and you wrote a book about it. You know -- College so there is a a report out there that a New England Patriots college scouting report got leaked. Dad's been wrote about it but it was it was actually leaked by another website and it's been wrote about it. And and -- been by the -- thinks that this could be real. Just one problem -- -- -- if Tom current credit for this because we were sitting here going through this whole thing we were trying to figure out real or not real. Let me just read out -- out of this okay this is the New England Patriots college scouting report on Johnny -- well. Very negative about Johnny man's quote. Couple of Texas -- sources. Say can't yell or scream at him Horry shuts down as walked away from Kingsbury in the past. -- buries the Texas Tech head coach. The problem with that is journeyman -- play for Texas Tech or Kliff Kingsbury he plays late for Texas and I am. I have a hard time picturing a New England Patriots scout. Getting that wrong in his scouting report that he submits. At Texas Tech it says couple of Texas -- sources. Say they can't yell or scream at him or he shuts down. Has walked away from Kingsbury in the past. It's tea it's a little tough to picture that you gonna get the school wrong. Well. Kingsbury. I guess Kingsbury was an assistant. At at Texas and AM right. When -- themselves so that's like expert so it was a Courtney was sort of sorts an officer and then Texas Tech. Sources. Yet wanna start with kings hurry to vary wildly with the taxes and AM. Just when we're in Kingsbury in Johnny -- they'll work together. At Texas in them. John men's Olympic coaching now looking very often Texas Tech. People's resources at Texas -- are saying it's what I her Kingsbury when he was at Texas than him. Didn't work overtime as the ambassador. I think it it is. It may be a legitimate report. From someone who has been. Asked to leave the franchise. It's happened before they passed out to leave we don't we never talk about it I think that the fire scout. I if if I I asked you -- most passionate. Patriots fan who's the last -- out the New England Patriots fired if anybody has he knows that I don't talk outs anyway what -- names but -- -- -- Mostly those guys as sports teams some sometimes they switched teams legitimately. Analyst Scott Pioli -- it went to Kansas City a couple of guys left with him. The -- go to Atlanta a couple of guys left with them the guys. You know you what you were you were raised in the league where. -- -- -- -- The -- becomes a GM and he's gonna get your promotion so you leave new England and go to Stanford just bombing happens all the time we don't really pay attention to. The act's. New England Patriots scouts who were out of the business but there are few -- and this sounds like it's one of. Let me ask you about the other part of this the -- that JL and then the date. Is JLB initials. Like just before that paragraph it's got JL 1050. And the paragraph before that it's his JL 822. With -- theoretically be the initials of the scout who wrote this I would think so there. So it's gonna be real tough to I was gonna say now that be pretty easy case to crack. In -- I it would seem to be pretty easy. JL seems to be the one whose whose initials. Are in front of three of these. Paragraphs JL. 81 JL 822. Jailed 1015. That would be the guy who wrote it right. Oh well I was gonna say about that no one jail. Who has worked at the organization. And probably a fifth is probably feel a little nervous. B Jason liked. Where -- -- organization multiple time. Left. Came back. As bounced around. You know -- -- trusted evaluated by the way. Naughty not known as the -- guy who does who throws it out there. Jason white nose is -- easy well. Went to the he left to go to the Buccaneers. Right the end of the season that's right. He left and -- the dates of these 81. 1221015. All would have been when he was there you wouldn't put it out there. Exercise it was written by -- accurate is that a cut up. Doesn't overbay damage you've got forward talk about I'll talk about it on. It's -- it -- it's weird yes it's it's more in the -- of the jail thing wouldn't exactly the heart and now I have been I I I agree with you by the way. There's no way that he generally takes -- says as a general manager of you do it of a team in the NFL perhaps it would never put this balconies -- respected guys there's so it and it didn't sound like you would be. His work. But let me -- -- he's left. And not just left and shame them and he is left to take. Jobs with other organizations and has come back and left again to go to Tampa. -- say in a member of the family they like. They did now they've they've been growing -- I I think I agree with you that they wouldn't think he'd put this out there. But somebody got got a hold of this if this is real. And somebody put it out to be continued -- ever been on broke liable Buckeyes that a thing. Like I never see that that's my concern Tommie -- and that's the thing -- dot com yeah that's what he said he I never I never heard of it before today. I'd never seen the web saying that if you. Right grow into my computer just automatically shuts down at the start you you never said he never you know -- broke about -- rose bro. At the globe with -- talk all roads. About a way all. There was a there was conversation early retirement Dominique Easley of trump pick of the patriots. We're talking about a size texture just said. -- it was undersized -- sixty. What to 88 and -- through that 62 to radiate out. Was making a point earlier interior defensive lineman that's not unusual. Look at newspapers are -- right he would get a guy. You know Casey Hampton not that he was grip is pretty good for the Steelers -- -- -- -- 61 cents to sixty Warren Sapp was 62. -- you look at these guys. There -- 616 true for big fat guy. That's about right. Now at 280 to 85 to radiate. Is he gonna play at that level he does play at that level that tells you that the patriots want him to stay there at 285 to radiate. They're saying -- get the quarterback disrupt if they have interior defensive lineman who -- that light no well yes yes. Question is. When they want them to stay that way they have something in mind. So. Chris Jones last year -- Lotto. Both are not big guy I didn't know there are bulky guys but those -- shoot the gap guys maybe that's what they want. I -- combination of Europe your traditional. Big -- -- gap being defensive tackles. Like Vince Wilfork is have a guy like Tommy Kelly -- I don't know wolf for build but I can hold his own inside then you have. Guys who are in the 275 to 85 to ninety range like. Like easily. In -- that they wanted to stay there that told you what they're looking for from. Joe's in Providence you're next on dale and -- So -- Joseph was a joke how much a veto it all right. Well men I tell you aren't they get talking about a kid who's. How old the 220 is that. It's saying he's undecided at that you've got to grow up a little bit I think want to get this checked he's gonna have a lot more steak and fried chicken. In order me to mean that net. I'm glad I. Got us thinking parliament don't over think it don't -- to move up and stay right in front of fried chicken is delicious I love it I get and whether you're black or white you -- love it -- -- I don't abduction appointment. He look at warned that he was a small guy he indicated he's gonna get bigger. Well everybody worry a draft pick and roll of the dice every single draft pick out there if you up from one of mr. irrelevant. You Larry bullet that dykes when number to keep their teachers -- know that late and at -- navy. But so wasn't really that bigger roll of the dice if it if you take guy in the first round vote -- He -- I want those -- to come up here hit aren't on your number more often than not end and -- a guy who's had to -- CLA issues. Should concern you a little bit. Everybody in the draft of the roll of the -- -- -- so many people in red and visit came out a job not everybody in the draft has had to ACL issues. You know -- other -- -- candidates the only picking up foreign site you'd need a guy would outside. If it -- ACL issue. That could take -- act of anybody you don't know these guys medical reports slow leak they could be turned out there now you know you and generally 38 minute upside. Generally speaking when teams you know do their medical backgrounds on these guys in their homework. They tend to avoid guys who've gotten serious matter so much interest. Am just looking out and I don't know how often they updated -- to CNET looking at nfl.com. Have their draft profiles. And they have grades on enough prospects yup. Now there going over the analysis of of -- on and on strengths weaknesses. And so the bottom line and then -- protectionist is gonna surprise. Bottom line this is report Nolan Iraqi the same guy who does that torched Cam Newton -- you know fate can get a fake smile Wallace that. Bottom line undersized explosive athletic undersized again. Undersized explosive athletic high motor three technique whose junior season was cut shortened -- three by knee injury injury history will likely affect his draft stock but when healthy he shows -- ability to disrupt the backfield and pressure the quarterback. Pitt's best and an aggressive scheme in which he could use this quick if the slant. Dollar and -- -- medical evaluations and determine draft standing draft projections. Round three. -- four. Got to deal. Browns 34 gotta be old right that's got to be -- -- Scroll up to the tablet his does that his forty time does have I've got to come by and measure bulls and -- -- -- a beat him. Maybe it is it's old it's the thing that makes me nervous. It you know and and it -- help the great right. But is it is that a reach now some people think if this guy pans out manned. They just got the guy Seattle would have taken in the first round. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is he healthy enough to be able to do what they want them to do. All right you guys are ready we're ready for the top guys as well. Final drive text telephone Twitter top guys coming up next Sports Radio WB.

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