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Dale and Holley React to Game 4 Bruins vs Canadiens

May 9, 2014|

Dale and Holley talk about the OT win in Game 4 and talk about Matt Fraser making an impact immediately.

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Q could you got turned current Microsoft because I think he just sits on the guilt is that something that is really with some items sold better -- Are just let the student -- -- right I don't know a I don't know -- Arnold is -- -- will come back or not an -- and very adds to it. Alec this Iliad Ollie stop it pretty much promise -- event it was like the Seahawks last night I guess could be used tired and maybe that's it. Can we ask. When it comes let's be honest you're all worried about overtime last march I mean overtime -- it where he had even more than regular. I mean god knows what could show up at about a two or three overtime that I don't know because I have on the short if you cover sport you know for a lot of people what's a labor of love in with me. With italics on the labor. Because it's not really not exactly work heavy lifting. So well I think a lot of people who cover hockey. Wouldn't look forward to you. And overtime. Were double overtime although I was happy it ended quickly you know -- and it made me happy guy last night or were you surprised by the by the and -- -- owners. Out of -- out of all the guys will look up we talked about I know I'm in this guy's got to step up he's got to play. Better you do it correctly predict where he was gonna play who was gonna play with we did yesterday and said he's gonna go into that third line. With Soderbergh and Ericsson we got that part right. -- and we'll get into this war will talk more hockey as the afternoon goes on. We gotta say that that Claude Julian -- got to about this big and their brass. You've got a kid playing his first Stanley Cup playoff game. You have the possibility of going down three games to one in the best of seven series. And you bet that kid on the ice submitted in the sudden death overtime what options that we have well. The same way his bat first and second line -- -- are a lot more and you don't take a chance on a young kid now. What I like about quote is the kid earned the opportunity to be out there and that in that situation. He and his line mates -- -- Erickson had played so effectively throughout the course of the game that -- did not gamut they've earned the right to be out there. Head out over the boards but there are a lot of coaches who wouldn't have had -- Frazier out on the ice in that situation -- that much riding on what happened. I don't know about that but I do know about this. Going into this series a thought it would be a six game series bro wins in six I thought. So yeah okay it's all lined up for Bruins in six. Except it's not. I thought it would be a challenging theories. At -- be a tough series. I did not think it would be -- difficult at this early this difficult. This is. The Bruins have not the Bruins are not the better team in the series. Betty and right now it's I'm literally daddy eleven golds eleven goals you have but it. The better team in the series so far has been and the Montreal Canadians. -- Connecticut steady they've been the better team policy -- not -- in stretchers they've been the better team in other stretches the Bruins have been a lot and longer stretches that that the committee to play better or disagree what that means is it. -- based on what they'll based on him he can obviously do have an opinion but I'm sure. I don't think I think the Bruins have. -- longer stretches of up -- domination and got nothing to show for it. Which I give part of the credit to Carey Price and he deserves some of it. But I give more of the credit to the to the shot blocking machine but Montreal Canadians have become. I think the Bruins have had long stretches where they're just running give up the pot they just can't get anything done. I've never seen in four games in a four game stretch I've never seen before. I don't think it's ever happened before that a team has hit ten -- ten pipes. In a four game stretch. Last so I don't added I think wins like with that in mind you throw out the fact that the PU the Bruins have waited for eleven minutes in here. Because of all those different. -- and dynamic I gotta tell you that that's that gets misconstrued by a lot of people. Because the Canadians haven't led for as much as people say in other words people several Bruins a -- for eleven or eleven. And the Canadians -- blood for the rest that's not actually true what's been tied more than -- when any and it was tied for sixth -- it was a tied for sixty plus minutes last night. I don't wanna -- by hitting post that's exactly what we mark the penguins four last year. In the playoffs and great. Holds up the -- -- -- -- hit ten pulse and for a Salt -- talked about after the first couple games hey we had opposed barely hit -- post there. We had some bad breaks and bad luck. Don't wanna hear about it. If you put it -- -- put it in the matter not and they didn't have a lot. I want the Bruins to win the series but just looking out at. There and they don't look like the best team in the Eastern Conference look like the best team in hockey question. Are you what you said was that the Canadians looked like clearly the better -- limited battery they look better than in the series yes they do are they do I have to I have to say. Based on if if if you want to. Kind of Parse that stat of how the Bruins haven't haven't led for much of the series. To go back for a second part of that's data out of it. They came into the series as the best team in the east they ran away with the Eastern Conference. They were if you didn't think they were the best team in hockey. In -- did I did but I think that -- no -- those who disagree with you would have to say they were no worse than third. In the National Hockey League. But if you look at this series you just drop it on the series you don't know who finished where in the regular season and you look at these teams. You're saying well a team there a team in Montreal. At the very least they're right there with a broad if not slightly better and that wasn't supposed to happen. I think the problem you've had is that until last night the real Tuukka Rask and stood up. Tuukka Rask was not playing like the best goaltender one of the three best goaltenders in the NHL until last night. He had been sub par by his standards. And it's why the impression you get. I don't mean you want saying the impression that one gets when they watch it they'll -- me is -- is that the Canadians are are dominating more than they are. When you look at and Jack's big on this that the puck possession numbers. It's not even close I mean it really isn't -- But it is okay that was -- the stats aren't close critical great stats aren't close aides don't tool. It's still too and the Bruins have not separated themselves any single game. From Montreal every thing has been hard nothing like -- -- and separated himself from the Canadians dramatically. In the first game that lost. -- -- Dominated game one garrison all radicals little -- schools and spanky if you look at -- -- -- whatever Michael may date. Dominated game one. It lost it I I understand that that's what I said they dominated in one of the two games they lost. That that is that might elevate her that not only 8 am shocked at how they got 98 -- moderates and Andre are lost the game this cuts to the essence of hockey. Which is you get guys skate around -- and bust their -- we -- talk strategy and everything else all day. But in the and the randomness which Q it was at Providence and in his first playoff hockey game ball ball puck bounces off. A couple different skate and then you have a winner and that's the randomness of hockey so dale was right. And you and I are right they'll order a carrying a plate and not finishing they think it's freaking hard. Was the first time having difficulty eyes checked and crates because it's hard in the playoffs. Like the patriots with you know while rating struggles in the playoffs what is ridiculous is that right it's supposed to be. It's a giant going up against the ravens it's not going to be a breeze. So I think -- you're both right so. Iowa I have I am I am uncomfortable that you Tommy -- comfortable I'm comfortable lives with this now three game series. Because Montreal has proven. At home ice does not matter to him the Bruins home ice where they were so great regular season as a matter much real they played well here in the first two games. They won one look at the Bruins dominated the first game they lost. The Bruins were sluggish in game two for about fifteen minutes now 4045 minutes then they explode in the third period. And in and got -- got that necessary win. But Montreal in game three. Montreal in game four. I haven't seen them I haven't seen the natural order take over what I've been waiting for is okay. You guys. I am Smart enough to know what I don't know gimme credit for that but apparently not on this argue no no I know he thought I listen to you. I listened to brick and listening DJ being published in the Jack Edwards -- You two Beers in united everybody. The Bruins where people now. They Wear you down they are the best team in hockey Montreal. Five on five cannot play with the Bruins Montreal there -- about to divers there a bunch of flop or they can't do they know their limitations. I'm waiting for the natural order to take over and it hasn't happened yet so what was -- -- in five. Is gonna happen in game five after the game five -- promise you posted here. And shut up. Haven't seen -- kind of -- -- radio show ought to be honest I could get the listening 617779793. Sevenths telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. We're gonna toxin hockey today obviously with the Bruins went last night against the Canadians but some football as well with the patriots acquisition last night their pick. -- At least let me allow me -- a medical question mark -- -- -- late that the very best apparently -- -- medical questionnaire. Will talk about that as we go along Tom. DJ beans on his way back from a Montreal tortoises well. It's dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah. -- As you can tell my voice it's pretty executive. And I today. -- hardly -- today I'm sure -- hardly sleep tonight. You know the same time you gotta keep in perspective this is one game you in the series and and now we got to go back to Boston and and don't come with the same. -- Frazier the perhaps unlikely hero. Game -- last night. -- scored his first Stanley Cup. -- out playoff goal last night in at 119 of sudden death overtime. By the way a little side note we talked about some post game show last night became the first person in hockey history. To score an overtime goal in the American hockey league's Calder cup playoffs. And the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in the same policies. He had -- an overtime goal for the Providence Bruins in their first series come from behind win. And and it's called up to the Bruins and scores in overtime game winner against the Canadians. McIntyre. -- You you've been such a jerk to us during the commercial breaks. He gets its one text here are about one guy one guy says. You guys arguing about watching on the webcam it's seems very heated so Michael immediately goes into his his dame Edith Anderson a bit at the and it becomes Merrill's street over here trying to -- books between breaks. Ollie north -- street guys ever -- monster's ball. There's that movie with -- -- I know TI can't remember seeing that movie I've been my dear -- Billy Bob Thornton and -- that creep me out how it works yet -- Halle Berry said that -- -- about -- and what you don't make me feel good food. I want you to make me feel good -- different context. I don't want you guys to make me feel good like holly -- Europe and that movie but thank you I. I do want you Gail -- on you we feel comfortable. Feel comfortable took -- series. You think Boston is dominated. I just said that -- may have been better get a better do you think Boston has been a better team. It's 22. Now a best of three series got two games at home if they can force a game seven. Still that should be enough to say aren't that's pretty good but I don't feel that so. What do you see that makes you feel that the Bruins will advance and and possibly face the -- Preparing because the real Tuukka Rask stood up last. Report first time in this series that was to grass lastly it's at them like. Are you hear about a way. -- Think. We are not in divorce court or anything else you're not an arbitrator. Dale righter is -- -- continued to -- did stand up. Stand up. Yeah he did pretty -- up for the first time in for the first time in four games. Time before that we sought to write last -- Carey Price for class and good. Now he knows it wasn't as good as to grass even in Montreal they gave to grass the first star game not Carey Price. And again I know you'll think it matters Carey Price at three shots that went past him in and went off the iron. It was good to Rask was better but to do this to mean you can't you can't turn my thing you know you're really. Rest played better you don't feel good about no I don't -- -- -- and thicken your insatiable I probably am but you know big picture -- big predator and Halle Berry. I mean last dialogue no Billy Bob -- But don't put the Internet of a seven game series. Yet great. But you know going forward the next two -- three games. It's a coin flip I don't think that going to the certificates equip the Gaza for now is adequate -- what it is now best two out of theory. The Bruins have home ice advantage and now with the best home ice team in the national hockey and it literally went out -- other -- -- won by thirty one's seven and three on home and they haven't caught much good fortune as you pointed out because good fortune does. Live in those small piece of steel. And the ball well she's very deep unfortunately it's him like that so Dale's point about the goaltender the net minder the duffel back. He's very well taken Aznar the back the good which -- turn it -- In any of the home via text -- you feel better yet or not. No not yet at Texas has -- one -- easier. I thought out or let me ask you you can't do this to me that you mentioned the that pipes I can't forget honestly cannot use. My studies. Against -- I've heard you say. All those verbatim I think they don't forget the quote you quoting Jerry achievers. They hit the post because that's all I blinked and gave them right was he but he was joking joking but the point is. You hit the post is other great quote it's regret you know why they -- no you know what it means they hit the post dale may possibly connect and that's his rhetoric so. Congratulations. I'm telling you go back and you listen to. The Pittsburgh Penguins. After game one. Last year in after game two. You know our opportunities at the -- Malcolm was talking about a Crosby mentioned it a few times. The bleep body year he hit the post -- -- -- job that's what -- Sidney Crosby got one of the greatest player in the world. -- and that's why the penguins cited to a huge contract. After losing. Eight into conference finals at eight they didn't hit and in four games and beat a -- -- and beat they got swept. So so the public support making the difference when you got swept in four straight the Bruins are tied 22 and they've hit and so foreign war games. Three last night I mean the one that the one that drove me craziest was Carl Soderberg. Kerry price is down and out in the rebounding has been right there on his stick Smith and and they are. Admittedly trying to go Ohio on and they've decided that's the way to beat up a butterfly goaltender who's gonna go down and take the bottom half of the net. And he just liked it I mean he just liked it Paula potluck if you want to call it you know it accurate shooting at that makes you feel better both are accurate. They just. They have not cash -- A lot happen -- games mobile went wasn't hitting the polls but was playing in the crease you up and people were contorted in ways in which they could not the whether they stick to. The -- hits -- that's hockey I mean there is no game that is more to me. Dependent on randomness. At times yet rocky and I don't think you do make some of your own locker I orchestrate. You do and that's why you want ASCII and strong players to team upon. The puzzle that goes. Let's get to the calls that you guys sit by the way Jack Edwards texted him he's gonna join us at 330. He said tell holly he's in trouble come on now -- just everybody told to break on Jack 330 Jack Edwards will be does something for you to -- -- I. You're in trouble watching -- up in -- Europe first on dale and -- Hey guys. What shell. Hang on. Sorry I don't know that was Tommy Karen interrupting your anger but I'm glad to get thing magnet. Now now you're you know it's fine I like listening Q but especially about the patriots but when it comes to the Bruins are completely wrong. Tell me why I'm glad I'm I'm Jim deplored it to educate me. I'm I'll I'll educate you the Bruins dominated game one. -- and will it -- on it however you say his name what. Two wide open net. In game one. And we're not even having this conversation it's 31331. Brought so. They. Not to mention that it depends post that particular term ten post -- and right now yeah. I didn't -- -- across parts and well I'm I'm I'm I'm counting that in the ten some posts -- the crossbar but it's it's the same thing but they have. The -- Hewitt has basically done nothing to this point and where we still out all right it's time to. And we can easily be up 318 I guess. If you want the you can say that we could easily be down 31 with last night's game but -- and too wide open goals. That it too wide open net and he he doesn't make it so Michael I think -- wrong the -- tab dominated it it doesn't show up. It's -- to score goes but stayed there way better then Montreal and you know obviously. On what side. Which he's good to get Iraq -- like and he used a player but it's not even close. Well Mike you know and thanks for the call what I what I heard there from you was. They dominated in a game that they lost. Their first line has done nothing. And they could be up 321 but the series is now tutor to. So that's a lot I don't it's excuses. It fixed you don't give me excuse is that now I know somebody can do it that -- with our respect or know somebody can do better and if somebody can. And tell me. Why. The Bruins are in good shape here but but going -- Hey they they dominated game one in the loss. And they hit some cross bars. As does not let -- fly for me of that but that's not all I'm saying you know why not comes and Mike Mike you may -- just said that. He told me while I was wrong and then he went off and he listed a bunch of -- Look it hurts me to say that Tuukka Rask has been -- in goal for for big pop portions of this series but it's the fact. Until last night. Tuukka Rask last night looked like one of the three vezina trophy finalist look like guy that I think is gonna win the vezina trophy. There were times earlier in the series where he didn't not make excuses if you want to you know his girlfriend's having a baby at all let's stop whatever idiots. He just didn't look the same to me. Last night it looked like the -- watching all season -- that guy the -- gonna have a real hard time. That guy. Additionally and I know that you disputed notes but just a little bit. The fact that everyone has mentioned on the wrong ones are like that -- -- weird you'd down over the course of the game. Will they not also weighed down over the course of the theories. Write -- -- customs and maybe maybe it's coming comedies coming in game five and it's the word out crash crash crash but. If you don't feel good. -- approved at this point based upon -- -- place. Brass and good fortune not being on the side and still being attuned to. Then do you perceive the Canadians as being the favorite over the final three games. Do you expect -- to win here. You know what I'll answer that question. In and the little open tonight the tees thank you for the Alley and asked that question camera and and I'll add another entity. Because it's for the first time that -- the first time in this series. Mean shelter -- got out coached. We were -- -- one that. When -- northern or timely and they've been the Bruins came in and that this is a character is team we don't know and then they won in overtime. Had tonight so we we've got to move on. We wish we could win that game but. We are we are prepared for a long series and that was her goal is room to stretch it as long as we we can. And you never know -- which could happen the next two games in there and. I'm just gonna go on a limb here spit on him. If I'm the head coach of the Canadians my goal is to win the series not stretched out as far as I can. I just said that's that our goal is to stretch this out as far as we can Michael got away. Damn thing well I know what he's saying what he's trying to say I would think. Is. They acknowledged the Bruins are they happy for me at the beginning of the series. He said. Are you upset we are here and pear trees have a problem with the fact that the Bruins are perceived to be the favorite in the series or. That they're favored to beat you have a look at them and finish -- the best record in the league. They have home ice. The -- he knows that coming into this series. You thought it would be Montreal on excuse me Boston five games. Which tells me that you didn't expect this series to look the way it does right now are correct right so that's what I'm saying this theory. -- he told to why. Why because the vezina trophy goaltender hasn't played like it until last night just to be fair to me to explain this to be fair wouldn't turn their text earlier said. You pointed out earlier that. Tuukka Rask with an -- on your list of problems. I thought he wasn't the reason they lost game. Three. Because they had it in game three had a backdoor tipped by what can action to break aways. And and I said of all the reasons they lost game three he wasn't high on my list for losing that game. They had about four brain fart that cost them that game that's the only the only thing I said. All the reasons they lost he wasn't high in my list for that game. They're there they're tied up bed at two right now because Tuukka Rask until last night hadn't been himself that's the reason -- he's been. Good not great I would like I was great but I wouldn't say he's the number one reason for that when you say that that overall it's just Tuukka. You look at the stars have the stars come out for the Boston Bruins did it last night to corrales then put. I have you seen the best of Zdeno Chara in this series don't seem the best the first line in this series reports. You know again which it even and end I know he has not seen as a star in the regular season. David preachy but if they're bigger post season start the last few years and David Craig. You know Ali he has led the NHL. In playoff scoring tour the last three years that stuff. And he hasn't played that great in this series so far. Although I frankly think it has more to do with his wings than with him but that's beside the point. You know they have not produced at the at the rate you would expect them to up till this point. I'm -- this before let me pay off the TC why acting Michelle -- and got out coached us. And a huge mistake that I think he made last night. He was expecting I was expecting for that matter you were expecting that the Bruins we're gonna come out and and impose their will physically. On the Montreal Canadians the Bruins were gonna come out yet from from the drop of the puck in Condon and away they go. In an attempt to offset that. Michelle Terry and inserted Douglas Murray and it was lineup as one of his six defense. Douglas Murray is big and strong and yet. Got that part covered. Can't do so well -- skate and play defense. He played over thirteen minutes in last night's game. A guy who is not even close to being a top six defenseman. He was inserted into the lineup just because of the physical concerns Michelle Terry and had for that game. And he didn't do his team any -- playing Douglas -- thirteen plus minutes last night. I got that may be true but if you look at it. For Montreal. They've had a similar situation with their defensive pairings and that the Bruins have had. Where is whatever spot you wanna call you wanna call it the Fraser slot after last night. A just a rotating slot of the -- spot. Somebody Connecticut's Chris Kelly was hurt not available so they've been trying to monitor and anybody who do the job I think murder was there because of performance. He was fair because they're they're they're not satisfied with -- It was it was two things though part of it was they weren't satisfied with Justin flora and Jordan Iran. The other part of our club Montreal well but but the other part of this is the reason -- Frazier was called up is because -- playing great. He's been in Providence that during the Calder cup playoffs he's not align with Ryan Spooner and Alexander Coppola champ and playing great. And what Peter surely the general manager obviously is doing this and hey we got a spot here that we're having trouble filling we got a guy and Providence was playing in his rear end off. Let's bring up parent and and not to bring him up and stick on the fourth line. And and playing limited minutes. Bring him up here put him on the third line with two guys were pretty skilled players in Soderbergh in Ericsson. And given major minutes sticking out there and situations like that matter like the first minute of sudden death. Though we know what I did you know what I did in my Dominic -- confess. In front of all of you right now I'm -- I have a confession to me oh. I underestimated the Montreal Canadians. I underestimated them. I underestimated. What they had. For the Bruins in this series didn't think they can play like this -- follows -- and peaks at only three. -- -- about at least five -- -- -- Joker what does that ha ha -- edited 1010 hail makers. Why are our fathers. So that's right to ask your question Tom do I expect them to win the series didn't expect him to be in this position so far and in a position of strength. Where after four games you say it's anybody's series after four games -- that'd be 31 Bruins. Maybe they come back they come back here. Steal game five steal it that's that's what I thought they would take that's that's -- thought it would take to win for my -- stealing games. Stolen anything. They've taken a fair square. So I don't know what is so I expect now expect a seven game flip a coin series. I don't. I mean so so in other words you think that any it's anybody's series yesterday -- -- Montreal wins this you're not a bit surprised. Out based on right now -- the way things are happening now. Know before the series started we talked about this for a series started. I felt like the Bruins were the absolute favorites it will be shocking and stunning and disappointing we -- posting that they lose. I'd sit and think talent wise it was it was -- that it was gonna happen I think marked -- was capable of doing this to the Bruins making them look this way. And they have so far. If you know it's if the Bruins win in six like you predicted. Then all's right with the world them. I mean it -- be a correction it would be a correction to what. With a what does that and so that would that -- -- Hamas wins in a row and you come off that Detroit series winning four room when you freeze through in Iraq. And you present would get three going the same way into this next series and you know. Castro's gonna keep streaming down hill and and plowing through opponents and then when it doesn't it it he give you some trepidation as to whether or not they will get it back but you know I would fail I mean. Between which you've done over the course of the regular season. And then you add in the first round. Where. Things looked ugly at the beginning the very beginning -- very beginning and then. Corrected I would imagine the only caveat that I have to that is. If it was a nothing nothing game and he still got squat out of your best player easy as you guys both mentioned recently that asked to put two on pins and needles because. -- can be a magician all he wants. Us corporal Sankoh sixty plus minutes where he has. No margin for error where you lose up Paulus and Abington -- all your next on dale and -- Good afternoon gentlemen -- epic and it on you guys got to drive grating on the current was probably the most out of 93 -- a little while ago. I look at my head about you know that's great everything he drug created that. All the talk about could be up 31 down 321 whatever it it it doesn't matter the series I -- and that's how would lead out so are you guys are you eight are reliable and dominated game one but a lot it -- Domenici -- taking it back to -- That's what our -- and -- the army was utterly reject that the game of hockey. That could accommodate you it is it dominated it uniter in their last site. The reward to one should you they should win the series because they are the better he. Oh what you get the playoff hockey now with all the different atmosphere than than during the regular seat. But the thing that a couple things got real quick. That -- quality tight eye witness here and abroad to play until aren't there Red Sox -- seventeen to seventeen -- 500 and it's stupid idiot self. What -- 500 they're really still and it. The broad a tight cute cute aren't the same feeling I get where they should be the other bad achievement should be playing better than what -- out and and in that are another thing comparing shot Serbia in the post in hockey it's the best equivalent like robot come up with a that the guy at the wondered if he'd. What all right but it -- two feet foul but yet all it could've been Almonte right you were about equivalent checked out or -- Our Paul thanks a lot man I do know Douglas Murray played game three by the way. And and again the suspected Michelle Terry and expecting the Bruins to go -- and impose their physical well. Douglas -- played more minutes last night that he played game three. And he's out there in important situations that his talent level just doesn't. War but it but think about it deal what's the what's the alternative for Montreal. He's got he's got other guys don't -- but but but name me and you name the other -- who is replacing. Eight he has replaced them because their performance hasn't been great -- So you're right immunity could could he be on the Bruins could be a top six guy on the Bruins know. -- that got -- diameter to but but he's in the he's in the mix now because it speaks to. The performance level of the people he's replaced Jack Edwards is gonna take Michael -- down -- thirty years. I'm gonna stick around watch Ali. Mr. governor -- -- of the you have the courage to come up up up up until I got my letter I don't -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- proud of the way that. Come on over here and talk the talk in the car on now -- I want you to show what you to come over here. Took what was there in the first three games what awful what a great. He was not as good as people thought it was going to be and one -- that they're really enjoy it was. You're being so trying to article performance after their one. They set the prices that third goal. We get to find him for the replay is well I'm just curious that -- we give both we get money from both look at the money 6177797937. Let's dive back into the phone calls would you guys. Mattson Belcher town you're next on dale and -- Our guys they don't and Matt Matt. You know and only Jack can do he completely Obama under the that the paper that I was going to do is say that. Michael as far as you know why hasn't been that -- and Jack. Jack no it's just not a good match -- we talk about that we're. And the agent sometimes in that matchup and actually. And he went down -- -- there later changed clog the neutral zone the ability to our arms. Your article and didn't I really can't keep pregame show a minute ago that was the. It is too I guess if he broke out. At I don't I don't disagree with him at all as a matter fact. I thought when Gwen Jackson -- -- come on and and set me straight he gave a lot of good information let's go back to to what I said in the beginning. Did you expect. This series to play out this way and are you comfortable that the Bruins when dancers and that's when it comes down to that those two -- I pretty much expected that though I think -- was really close to being right not throw -- you know again I know you don't -- -- host an open net so other than that -- -- you know. In particular better better. I'm glad that I expected you know the latest is important and really kind of reminds you a little bit -- the final against Vancouver and go that far away the better -- finally they were better keep on paper but. And they look scary terms and certainly -- but the Bruins never allow them to really get into their commitment to their game. The reason I think the Bruins aren't gonna essentially is Vancouver's I think when. More mentally tough and -- Google is I think the more mentally tough McCain. I don't technical equipment up and there are clearly -- and -- anywhere but I think that that they really gonna start immediately go to the -- and really start. Tickle monster out there is to -- the release are deeper and and that it took is going to be more -- -- so. Nevada that's what make it clear up I'm listening I'm listening to you guys -- hockey guys I'm listening. I'm listening to to dale and Matt and doctor Tom and everybody else. But the one thing is and he does and that dissent. They're better on paper personalize it. You you can't dispute that on paper I guess with all the awards and all of the -- the numbers that Vancouver had. Coming into that series. Against the Bruins that they were better on paper. But I -- the point is doesn't really matter and we've had some examples of that. Whether it's hockey or whether to applaud their there was a team and I know -- -- hardly there was a team was undefeated going to a Super Bowl but a letter. On paper than some other team that mean the dolphin was -- succeed. Going into the playoffs. End and that but that definitely and that in itself you. You know chickens usually come home to -- -- learned -- over the over the course of -- series as opposed to a sixty minute football. SE ID match or you can just hit the nail on the head. In in a game anybody anything can happen anything you know you that the worst team can beat the best team. But over a seven game series usually the best team wins unless there is the matchup and we see it more in the NBA I think tank is only -- five guys recognize. Excuse him on the court and you probably rolling eight people on both teams. In hockey -- -- wings so many different factors in. So in the NBA if you can shut down two or three or take somebody out of their comfort zone. You can pull that seismic upset which we've seen multiple times in the last 1520 years where the -- compete the ones we saw that. In the first round of this playoffs mean and be where people pushed but I think hockey. If you -- point there's more players. There are more. Opportunities to impose your will over the course of a seven game series because while I do believe in the randomness of hockey and I do. Take minor exception while respecting Jack's opinion that. Got take exception here man -- deposit here CD -- -- -- but I can imagine that you know he mentioned how good. Hockey coach -- -- cited last night's game. News evidence with Fraser scored a goal. Can't find that to be fairly random yet put on the ice but. I think it's. I'll -- you anyway it's not random because he had earned the opportunity to be on the ice based on how you played throughout the course of the game that's why he was out there. But not every coach is gonna have the God's laws -- to take a guy who's in his first you know Stanley Cup playoff game up from Providence. In sticking up there in the second shift to send up overtime where if you lose you're down three games wanna probably clocked. That that's where I think not quite as random but it is it random that the puck deflects the one you know where he was. Are scrambling sort of play in front a little bit. What the Bruins made this Grambling play by the port checking pressure and he didn't put a puddle on the ice and the net. And anything other guys have done -- set prior to this I just up in Portland hey Jeff you're next on dale and Holley. They -- side door appreciate take Michael surely has gone on Jeff. Put a little different spin on it you talking yes and who better Turkey. You look at Montreal you take peek into bunkers example. He's killed the girl especially one -- totally distort. You take -- -- he's been phenomenal to take those two players away from Montreal. What's the series look I think the series is over. I Montreal won game one. Boston came back. Answered the way they should Montreal in game three. Boston came back won the way they should. How did they do that in the world one or two individuals they did it as AT. And I think that that -- is gonna carrying through the series and that's gonna make then Dominic but on dot. Jeff you may be right out of this thing is the hypothetical. In this case Alex and hypotheticals. Depending on what we're talking about. Depending on the topics in hypotheticals to be a lot of fun like what if this happened -- would have that happen but in this case. When I'm on the -- you try to topping up the lead a team that's on law and order. I was next to -- -- -- and that's because I would Jack I I wasn't really odd that art barker and try to. There -- -- but I got his view that activity and 100 take the lead but didn't go ahead and talk to if you want to try to talk up. That the alleged in the give -- the hypothetical would that take away you know take away this guy from Montreal to -- guy and let those guys aren't available. It's really irrelevant. Right now those guys are playing. So -- to -- I think he's going to be here tomorrow -- -- here today. I Kerry price is gonna be here today and he's gonna play tomorrow so big direct. I don't know that puts -- We tried it didn't help that's why I was -- and try. Our our other crisis experts work Tom thanks for covenant it was NC are all right -- you know I gotta go down that the -- draft. Majority of the damned draft at Amazon after an honor -- -- -- the united joint -- of eleven on amounted. It was just sometimes the late night at -- to go on -- Indian kids. That's not there's little poem. The waiting for a initially I thought the idea dimension to your return as an unintelligible a column to -- us in any don't usually what happens and I have had this out because. I figured out winning game begins they need eight to nine hours from kick off to be in the the night to finish my rating TV so there are -- operate any thirty game when I'm still rating at five all fall asleep with my. As of writing with my finger on. A latter in a wake up to 777. K disease. So. Assailants goals and four but it never. Saw yesterday you -- -- how you've -- taken now. Take a nice little reference camp I got careful. If you think that's that's on the kidnappers as the veteran move that. Take a nap kidnappers. I poised to -- received two reports coming exports radio WEEI.

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