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Dale and Holley: Jack Edwards 5-9-14

May 9, 2014|

Jack Edwards tries to talk Michael Holley off the ledge after Game 4.

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There was Hartnell scheme pleased by plea by you. -- routine will prepare. And pulled -- was phenomenal tonight. And -- -- abound from the -- obviously. The winning goal but. I'm pleased with their team effort. -- -- -- -- I don't know the young man. Beautiful. -- Edwards writes why Norfolk power equipment and 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. I don't know makes me feel kind of lean mean and -- my NASA colleague Jack Edwards joins us on the AT&T hotline hello Jack. You know they -- I'm gonna bellicose other circuits and for you but I have to recruit virtually everything you -- say it about -- and you know we just got to get Ali back up yet to alleged that are Pamela worried about him. I'm ready I'm ready -- I've been told that you're gonna you gonna bring -- got to bring the raucous. Here during this segment and you got we got to teach me -- -- -- -- humbled me and silent at all content to. There were -- it won't so much in your face and just try to remind you -- to give this series BI tests and you know. Going into this thing we thought at least I thought it was going to be at seven game series like colleague mr. Brinkley thought I was gonna go six. Your colleague mr. Arnold thought it was gonna go five to keep going all around here. And and I respect his judgment as well but here's the point. These two teams. Happened to be 88 nightmare match up. For the -- brought you know they got past Detroit. Mostly because people were literally a better team. Due to Detroit injuries -- what port 100% you know there's no whining on Detroit's Ford didn't make any excuses but they could not compete with -- -- liberals over our spot. So then they get. A game that also plays. A kind of quick and puck possession style and has got to really can finish in the Montreal Canadians. And the Canadians are playing extremely good defense how few odd man rushes -- -- -- who brought gotten in the first four games you know. We think they'll go -- -- no Manning. Yeah it is it's amazing. How good. I'd remark off is when he's healthy. The guy hadn't really been healthy for. And all through the past three seasons but he was healthy this year. -- split at the top of his game right now even makes you want to look good and yet once kind of wild and goes -- -- hitting people. But and and sometimes very effectively but. Usually makes mistakes but Markoff -- that sort study -- always been number back from Montreal you combine that with the brain freezes the prolonged. -- Putting on themselves and the opportunity in the and the ability to score the Montreal as throughout the lineup. And that's that's not a good much -- simple soul. Yeah I tested this. Who's carrying more of the play and we'll leave it goal. Once haven't had an incredible over scoring chances. They've had more than park and they've added more in Montreal and the right. Then Montreal has in Boston's -- of the the difference being that abroad and had some tremendous breakdowns that have allowed. A lot of break points and you know those awesome posts that the other than those who shot -- -- -- in the upper -- sort of missed shots so don't tell vote. -- don't really matter what. The media hype the iPad says that the -- this series goes the more be construed double. The tenth eleventh and twelfth round of a heavyweight bout where you really feel. The presence of the stronger fighter. And there's no doubt in my mind that broke the stronger fighter is not to say. It's not to say that Montreal is incapable of winning this series the Canadians absolutely are capable of winning this series is hurt prices government that are. And there are an opportunity in the -- structured defense. It's it's going to be an upset if that happened. Right now just a follow volume used the analogy of the last three rounds of the of the heavyweight fight. So in this fight so far. Have you seen that the favorite. Have you seen Floyd Mayweather. Or -- -- -- to pretty comparable fighters or or ego at the puck possession and say based on the puck possession in the Bruins. In the Montreal and I just see the Bruins being the better team. I actually really good. Match here he's a team. That gives the Bruins lots of problems because of the personal matchups and because. It finally learned how to play structured defense and and play well that's. I still influence as the stronger team from top -- all of and if you consider that the David curricula and has gone almost nothing in this series. It it can't get much worse they have to get better and live like breaking all the in the post it on net -- it was baby steps what I think he's a little bit of improvement but he needs. Who want to play a lot better. And maybe it's the first time David cricket career having let the NHL playoff scoring in the previous three seasons. They can feel pressure to produce. Because it's the find that he did lead the playoffs and scoring. We're not really saying well -- -- he's an awesome playoff player and he always for reasons for Boston. He ended up at the top of the -- Because you're only buying into that -- -- and and the talks were going his way he was setting up his teammates and playing wonderful hockey. Maybe thinking about it a little bit -- much you'd like to see. More from Lucci she liked to see war from the -- although we -- latter crucial bit on patch ready let's let the -- -- -- -- work with it forever. And and that helped by. This playing one can do more than one would think it's going to be more in the final two or three games this. I really wanted to see more out of Tuukka Rask and last night I finally did. -- and I never talked about that earlier and you're absolutely right took what was there in the first three games. What an awful lot of great he was not as good as people thought it was going to be. And one that they have really enjoy it was. You're being so trying to article performance after -- one that he set the prices that third goal which was true. Which you're not is hearing from a lot of addicts -- only. Who cannot hide behind excuses and bad bounces and blamed -- locked -- note -- -- things -- satellite -- -- -- he's due about murder and two who was very frank is an assessment -- insult what is great is that Franken its assessment of themselves. You'll like that -- that accountability and yet really it means a lot of the guys in the rest of the role that they know that. This guy expect more himself and he can probably count on a separate site. When I look at game five tomorrow with a TD garden. I I I'm guessing and I'm expecting that the Bruins will begin like they began last night which was much more committed physically. Much more involved in -- initiating contact more because in game three. And I didn't think this was even possible I thought the Canadians were by far the more physical of the two teams. Yeah out of the hole was oddly out of sync in game three. Yeah and they got almost no second chances. I didn't yield a lot of rebounds he did a terrific job steering them away. For whatever came back in front the Canadians that your players closer -- -- in the near Boston player last night we finally -- pros start to get a few second chances. They've got to do that they've got get to the middle and they've got to disrupt. Montreal he -- destruction they've got to reeks of African. As for talked about we're talking about it. If they have to take a tumor probably that are gonna have to kill off the battle there that surprise we're gonna have to play but the back off from that edge. That gives them their roped off this is it -- Would be a huge mistake and it. You know I just want at this not supper what has this because. I heard guys talking about -- -- on the current earlier yes I disagreed that Matt -- goal was a random of that there was not a random event three liberals -- Acquired him from. -- is this kid and eight. Really clutch scorer since Newton junior hockey and probably all the -- If you Ian and and you know white hockey all the way back when he was just a little played -- he's got escorted to -- got a note for the goal. And he was lighting it up in the Calder cup playoffs since Peter surely saw that would legalize it and he said. That's the guy we can use in this is what we need we need to reject the guy who can score who's also word. This second time now to the HL they got to improve other parts of -- -- so you know. All -- viscerally and for more -- and development staff for getting that got ready to play because she was ready for his wallet. -- out of doping case of bandits looked in the series. He's mature or watch and I cannot help but think that just organs -- at a tremendous influence on. Josh -- is one of those guys. We just don't about a job. Even Gary -- Gary Galley type of guy who. Does an excellent job never would get in the headlines that will even be. Mentioned in in all same conversation because he's just not that quality player. Like the Canadians would have are living without and when he was getting over his knee injury. They were a much lesser team. -- on the ice and in the -- for not having had him. Maybe it's not. Just the influence of jobs -- rookie Casey Obama has grown up a lot he still has -- ago. What cycle -- -- an incredible impact player he achieved that game changer and you like so packed crowd in Montreal. As no player I've -- play in that particular bill that. Look forward to a court why they would do it in the form but since they moved the -- that are. In my experience for -- I know a player it was that the crowd reaction. That you get when you start winding it up on the defense is only gets 21000 people screaming on their -- right away. Get one shot on bowling game three and it was the wanna put the back of the net. I didn't look at that at the final sheet from last night I'm not sure that he had a whole lot of shots last night and again I think. The Bruins have made the adjustments. Try to get bodies out to him and take away his shooting -- a little bit. Yeah you talked about earlier how. It's optical Julian out coached and -- and I'm in full agreement that quote as one of the best coaches of his era making adjustments during that series and whether it's a little tweak. In personnel. Putting a guy like treasury and then saying you know second -- this sudden death -- -- -- -- got to weigh -- go -- out there. Or if it is. -- -- is such -- old news abroad wingers are coming a little bit steeper than they did all regular season and in the first round against Detroit. And giving the defense -- a little bit earlier option. And proteins you don't do that against -- against Montreal. All the necessary. But taking so -- away as has hollow for weapons is part of that just a process. And abroad since it would thought it's not say this on himself cannot make a number judgment about what. Make the playoffs so incredibly exciting you know walking raises the -- when the other team either clear that for sale and then. You know the language you go on vacation in the winners move on and that's that's or gonna find out the next three games but. Immediate particulars. About the -- that's gonna end up adding up from Roland I. You know I hope you -- -- winning what are these last three games and you know I think it -- it's going to be a heart -- finished the series it is brought prevailing and so. Jack we appreciate time is always LC at the radar tracked thanks for the knowledge I got it up but Michael no. Second no about creep closer divided by the rich and -- how I'm not off the -- but at least I have some good listening material as I'm on the Atlanta that I appreciate you for that. -- partnered with the Jack Jack Edwards joining us Jack is brought to -- Norfolk power equipment and 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. We are right back to your calls. Seconds from now Sports Radio WEEI.

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