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Florida Friday and Joey From the North End invades Montreal

May 9, 2014|

We take our weekly trip to the Sunshine State for more crazy news stories, plus we listen to Joey from the North End's appearance on TSN 690 in Montreal.

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That time of the week we check -- our favorite state. State of Florida Butler and 937 WEEI four stories today. I have to who has -- mine both involve sex. As a -- stories focused on today and I'll be honest the first one's gonna make you uncomfortable. So while I -- so forty cat I have been warning before but never this. Never at this level. Headline Florida man tries to have sex -- -- -- -- -- up and hospital I -- are making this up. Amanda from Florida has been taken to hospital with severe cuts to his genitalia. The unnamed rather embarrassed -- from Bartow. Reports -- out on the town trying to find a lady friend a mate with when he came home on his on Wednesday. Florida man said he was extremely warning. When he grabbed an empty beer can and begin to quote try to make love to -- and quote. The -- -- can't wait to get naughty and play. It was a -- read this verbatim. I get in trouble for political. About two -- and that he felt water dripping office private area he looked down to find that it was blood. The injury occurred on the 23 year old twisted -- can ever so slightly and split the skin. Still pumping Walt's doing so. The man's penis was cut to ribbons no surprise you'll need surgery. The hospital expects to have a full recovery. Within a few weeks I had been harder I've been desperate I have been there but I've never been there where I felt like -- Bure can mean you. It's -- towers that bush like hand. Where's that Pabst Blue Ribbon can. I haven't been penetrated in a year solve that it's just an all I am sorry for reading it I know -- major comparable guys drive around -- and work I. -- -- -- had to be done a small hole had to be done but the label sent wide -- The texture from -- got sick but yet sick. Smallest astute. Anyways that's awful -- -- missed a real it's good that the plan right you wanted -- to -- -- show the office is clean dentist office and go and their trust the guy dealing with well. Would you go into. A dentist office in Hollywood for it happens to be a man's apartment. Why not I don't know about that go hard up Hartnell know and -- actually has a waiting area and some dental equipment season okay oh this is god -- dentist. No big deal right now not not so much. Not so much the story that Hollywood Florida police arrested 47 you made early the week for charged are practicing dental hygiene though licensed the problem is he comes in. The woman goes into the office. Okay examines amount replies keep pace to alleviate the pain yet. Any gives Eric's shot and not in the but talks okay president just yes that's that's an interesting move and then kisses. The injection spot runner up at our house. -- idea if you would what are we doing here I don't know dental year old home your -- -- Your -- hosts. Go to go to let me go to -- this and it does that I've been overly shot that he can. Not so much they I'll boy. Is that you promised you go to somebody's then they'll hygiene office in their -- Eddie and I look up online notes. Story number two from Maine. Florida man makes bid to marry his porn -- Apple Computer. And love between man and machine is reaching new heights this week in the form of Florida man who wants to Mary's Apple Computer. Kirk -- handouts are not occur. A man Chris set BA's is positioning the state. To let him put a ring on his porn -- Apple Computer savvy teenagers -- he's fallen in love with the object recently purchased an Apple Computer. The computer was sold to me without filters to block out pornography. I was not provide it with any warning by apple that pornography was highly addictive. And could Alter my reward cycle by the manufacturer. He wrote a 24 page long filing with the state of Florida overtime he says I preferred sex in my computer -- real women naturally. I have fallen in love at my computer. Preferred having sex of that over all other persons or things and it as a result of a classic. Classic conditioning. Upon orgasm. And he argues that if gay people have the rights to marry there object of sexual desire. Either they lack corresponding sexual parts that I said the right to marry my preferred sexual object which in this case. Is is apple laptop computer. What the hell are we talking about if you're at a special -- -- this -- a Palm Beach County. Russell Cooper. Attempt to withdraw money from PNC bank in became increasingly agitated at the -- -- consistent lack of funds. The latest count to be closed happened Russell Cooper 77 years old then pulls out of pocket -- demands that managed to hand in the 130 dollars. Be requested. After giving the money -- pretended to escape using his walker. While hole in the manager hostage at knife point. Guys every seven years always got a walker -- -- couldn't get a buck thirty and out of the bank that was close -- police arrived on the scene it'll Cooper to drop the knife. That not -- to quote. I'm going I'm gonna stick you in your bleeping gut I'm gonna step BP don't shoot -- Cooper -- I said a land. Well the news that didn't taste because a second officer approached him from behind in cases -- -- very quick off -- he's on his walker they tase him. He gets arrested armed robbery and kidnapping. It's every 70 man. With a walker -- that. Just pissed and -- -- tase me grandpa. That is kind of -- -- -- That's our Florida Friday modeling and ID 37 WEEI Paul on Twitter says that's it not a Nazi Monday -- like the -- story noted many of the techsters. On the AT&T to excellent 3793 sevens a joy from the north then we got a terrible take on to grass army day till further north -- is not won a Stanley Cup. But choice to grass stick is Perot. -- so little lucked into it and nearly she's been appointed I'd -- degraded as the finals this year. And he played very good last night not lights out all star you know Stanley Cup. Must watch our most talked about game to grasp the 33 saves and a shutout. But he -- not about to -- entity is called our show saying you know I don't like with the TSA guys had to say. Why hang up with you guys and a call he -- sent -- message or better running Casey does Colin -- -- it sounds like apparently Joey did in fact Joseph the north and called TS and 690 -- hot it's out today GO. As promised we go to a full line just the right before we finish up. Let's go to aligned line number I don't know online and it's got a joint. -- got it -- so I don't have come and enjoy it double the divisional. -- you guys do today very well. It's forty taking a -- Often on. -- complain about actually. Maybe we complain about -- -- But I can do some of us have attributed density yet. My best what's -- -- at the boom the -- Did big network rest. They haven't heard I would not yet not yet they haven't heard an aggressive policy where if they do that but it's parliament. It's common until it did not mention it. We think more posts it is a long awaited diploma. But that's going to turn its government that wants the peace conference between European. And loans. This is the police office -- is the biggest polluters are also the most talented players. Women who were both the -- before him the OK to -- not a novel. Okay -- -- when we -- the ball. I don't know president of the future of this stuff from and a Petit talked it's. Deploy and as well. This kind -- from the people who. We -- rich history. It was and it ultimately Paul will put on it okay to move the ball into the seventies. Okay but you're also harbored a command post but important news watch hockey game. Yeah but there were forced police to attend the rest from east and -- -- that you do it again -- -- -- mr. All right thanks for the college -- they circle the point all of them strong solid. Yeah. It. I totally disagree with his comments on the biggest Owens lost in the yen but it is there a noise and I Bergeron is there. Best player today. Listen now and again he exits the toll Doubleday is -- new listeners what to radio he probably got five computers and others show in the country. And lose. Note to -- god I don't want to golf one good times that was where it's an island. Can you aware -- -- -- -- -- is there is no FCC Kennedy could swear -- that'll myself but this payday he said the F word he said that. You can. There's no he can't -- where. And enough knuckles violent and so it really wants a -- and if it was a country and lose. -- tea like good day for Joey gaudy got called up there got violent called loser. And F in loser. He did that Joey -- for awhile they did they not -- let -- -- forever like god is a little rant there's a little segment. Breaking it down. Not as for the Bruins restarting their today with eight yet there was an NFL draft. Good job by Joey get another scandal or lose. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it Batman -- they'd come down island -- -- it's a caller with sports she'll. You know get a drop an F -- -- on these Walken stipulates that needs Terry started to show. It is -- shall there. He walked in right there. I'm not gentlemen I've rejected TSA eagle do -- -- program electorate it would data get a read to get into -- just walked into it and lose. -- I like this and he got -- Matt -- does get violent agitated. -- the bruins' first line play agitated this weekend in game five tomorrow night at the garden. Idle talk about it what's on tap but I coming out of that game we talk about Matt Frazier in the great story guy that. I didn't know lot about. The last 44 hours news part of the trade knew we scored DHL level. I did not expected to score game winning goal in overtime last night having just been eating lunch at your poll in Rhode Island a year the day before. Double chicken burrito with guacamole is the only media yoga for everyone Joey Mac called that we we have played that yet today -- we should play that some point to make in the referenced. The frozen yogurt. Like he he went out of his way to. Bring up the fact of Pierre in the post game. That -- a frozen your -- that you before -- that was just. It was random but also a sign that even he. He recognized how weird the moment was you know yesterday on the Interpol -- -- frozen yogurt. And a day later and get a call 95 I'm gonna go play in the Eastern Conference semifinals game four. I want. It to say and then on national TV -- takes that was pretty random and it's it's a great story and -- the Bruins lot of credit. They recognize and third line they wanna get more Fisher Frazier did that last night. But that line I don't think it's gonna win in game five games six games it's gonna rebel Lucci just gonna be about again that's good about David creature. And and obviously Bergeron. Marsh and Riley-Smith. In those two top six. That's it's gonna win you this thing and and the same -- -- got yesterday from Tuukka -- I think I I don't thinking count on that third line led by Soderbergh last night. Being the most dominant lining game's final six and seven and you advancing to Eastern Conference final the first line. You wanna -- Bradley -- -- -- kind of evidence. I'm Leo we we talk about luck it's. It let me go to overtime you win that game sometimes it is involved law because it could be a bad but bouncers that. A simple shot bad angle shot goes off somebody's chest off somebody's shoulder up someone's gates. It goes in and that you lose the game no matter how well you played dominated overtime whatever might be this was quickly in overtime but it time he gets overtime yeah. So we got a little little locked case they took one and only time you took one and over time it's two to two and I still don't think the Bruins. -- play -- lower costs and to ask Pierre could begin all the time you post text and obviously Canadian fans we not gonna give the -- and credit give ball credit. But -- a lot of credit. Carey Price has been very good you make a mistake they owner they take advantage of it but dig at some guys that can finish. But overall I still think you've seen the Bruins play anywhere close to what we're accustomed CNET team play like. Still. And it -- the last couple games at the Bruins on the books for forty hits Canadians for 32 last night. It seemed like there the more physical team we've come to me it did in May appears talking about they're scared to take penalties I hope not. I'd I do because they're great town to kill team and that there issues so far this year. You know the series rather early on the first couple games should say with PK -- by Montreal's only power play. But they -- have confidence in then that's what they're built on. What their players out to be so afraid of it at the -- in year old building here game five tomorrow night you're gonna see a more aggressive -- -- more aggressive here in this building. 61777979237. -- phone what's his we'll get a break we'll come back we'll say what's on tap -- and dale holly. Or take over with DJB it is the third man in beginning of four here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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