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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, next series is "very realistic" for Seidenberg, 5-9-14

May 9, 2014|

Pierre McGuire joins the show to recap Game 4 in Montreal. He discusses the struggles of the Bruins first line, the mistakes made by Michael Therrien, and his expectations for Game 5.

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-- -- -- Birdied cardinals during the regular season fourth. Here the NHL. Now part of speech. You thought it was a -- every. I'll watch out padres' gonna turn your watch drove a gimmick more recruits have taken more steps. -- -- -- And make the play on the -- maybe it's a little bit different. Well one of the bigger hits the Bruins had last night not -- -- 37 WEEI the man who broke down the action breaks it all that for NBC sports. Us Pierre McGuire result with us you brought you buy nor folk power equipment by UMass online and by Clark Chrysler. Jeep Dodge Ram and he joins us on the eighteenth the outline. Guillermo -- Boston area. I'm very well mark great to visit -- low. Be -- -- voices are so -- better. Not a lot of sleep last letter are fertile -- -- -- plain -- -- from love Montreal and New York. And we had to circle about whether or try to get called till 3 o'clock this morning and I looked at 630. That pitch was -- now I just landed. Your Pittsburgh and the Bruins are back home your -- -- with the series tied. Due to it was one of these games where you appear -- for re Bruins standpoint. Unlikely hero man you talked him after the game mr. frozen yogurt -- Frazier -- it should pull play. 44 hours prior now we scored a game winner in overtime. Tickers that overtime sequence what ended up with a Frazier -- Bruins went. Well he can almost say it's incumbent from Mountain Lion but -- purple green products and make deploying it watcher and broadcast a -- Soderbergh and hurt in particular. Were dominant player to keep kinda like in their bodies he sort of water off the crossbar. Election was really pushing the pace and then obviously Frazier couldn't really well with them shall. Peter surely in the established after the burrows in and -- -- -- of the province deserve a lot of credit the secure that was about -- the player Camilo western. Hockey league and our big trade last summer would recover legal all of the other way I was saying you're going the other way. He's pitching so well. They were just that ping pong player off the backboard the quickest sport and beleaguered Detroit. The second cricket boards in the league at Montreal but it will come back and look bad and the Zamboni doors oh boy really in bulk chocolate -- downtrodden. It took advantage advocate for the good about the British but it really methodical. Smart surgical kind of game last night. Yeah and I think there was the other met the breakdowns -- -- -- that we saw in game three the Bruins fans still feel I still feel that we haven't seen the Bruins team that we've seen all year long is that. Is that more the Bruins or do you think the Canadians are doing something particular to make it look that way. Well I think it's the Bruins right now I just think they're they're worried about taken penalties. I really believe that's a big issue for them they're worried about seeking penalties related wanna go about three -- -- -- all -- help -- people if they win game -- I'm convinced they told mr. part of my coach and NHL. Early this morning before I got to the point that you -- dark. Patient I'm convinced that the Bruins went back in the gulf war card game the game bought. They've become more of these more physical but they went down. All one in the series they knew they couldn't -- about -- too bad -- scrambled away in game two they lose game three of their other state law all week. We cannot allow these guys to get man advantages -- change a little bit of their dynamic. I also think going into tomorrow's game Aldridge -- and go back the -- since I believe I truly believe we'll hear more physical. I'll brokerage team more like the girl's dream -- at a blustery and. Well the Bruins team was led by -- -- said that third on last -- Soderbergh Ericsson for each of the VA TVs and put up year for that first line and you know we're watching on TV you're right up close tell me what you are seeing. With this line because -- one shot among them for a long period of time last night creature turned the -- over again look. Didn't register a shot what have you seen up close with the Bruins first line. Well the first period Jerome Ryan wore off the -- of sort of mentality shopping you're right outside of the I think you lodge probably do in the most of not like right now and I can tell the other artwork in the -- Tunnel believe it -- not a one word Montreal. Shall like it that she looked like before the game and what they come out. Through the tunnel and the kind of interplay there was between the players. I just for whatever reason David creature looks a little tricky to -- -- maybe today yeah today. And he goes into the game energize more minutes -- the that are but he wasn't managing the puck -- I don't know if you saw my interview with old Julian embodied. Reference not just it is great she -- for a team not managing the puck well. -- -- -- -- -- our -- they need to be better and I think they will be better I think would be part of that would create -- with the Olympic. An obligation for election of fact he's not an overly large Jack I think there's a key factor for him. You know I know you comment that awful lot of -- that you him openly talked to bottom before with -- I see I'm seeing a different guy here in this post season the physical play. I thought last night -- with saint felt soderbergh's the best player any ice house sickened. Maybe Doug Hamilton. It is matter of fact. Maybe I'll play in Big Easy right now looks looks out a little tired maybe there's some going on -- injury one. I don't know about today are you just look at -- not shooting the puck that much velocity general do you guys agree with better not -- Departure -- lead in this stick with -- as much a lot she's used to saying. Then turned to Doug yeah I think he can play games nor. I know last week called on it all the potential election Larry Robinson really she doesn't -- There's a plane made. In the first afterward to -- Gupta and all work. -- two players over attacking him in the neutral zone and it was one of the more brilliant play good Sheen to me young player in the league level all of the arrangements. And I really think he can start taking -- and he contracted for the Bruins stuff they have a lot of confidence mentioned -- in a lot of different situation. In recent budget -- I mean ever had great speed in element. He's taken a couple slashed their -- that kind of wondering. Anything other than the speeders or even slow it may -- constancy and. Knowledge about the same. I thought he had a problem with the speed quotient at the Olympics and the big guys are really good player for Slovakia but here with a -- region. With a smaller record -- -- look at and should notice should drop off the dispute perhaps knows she's not -- in the pocket while others are. Pierre McGuire BC sports joining us Marie and Weaver. One guy loves to hit the other guy's been blocking a million shots in this series they're on the ice for that goal. Week we connect with TS sending Canada earlier and and the talks seem to be. From a coaching perspective why were they out they appear re surprised that pairing. Is locked up what I know tech and the bruins' third line but I thought it was the bruins' best line last night led by Soderbergh their overtime. It's the second time they've made that mistake I mean go back to game number two I've been deported or read what our goal was scored they have their -- cataloged -- -- -- are going to be. Trying to bully on Mike Weaver against the Bruins -- why not that Riley Schmidt Patrice Bergeron Brad Marcia. -- why they would do that country I don't know. I mean I'd change the defense in the Stanley Cup final about an hour you know I don't know that it's a little bit more of all the people -- It's more like doing math equations and is about run and hockey team could you got to figure out our admiration and -- next. But it's a little bit easier to do when your dog home -- -- So again it's not just dropped the ball -- guys out there you got to understand when you played a matchup can't. Or you have a candidate needs to be shielded. You gotta be really aware of what the other team's do or what their rotation and lowers public the second time in this series that a mistake it's happened. Now it comes to Max that's raises the simplest -- just Patrice Bergeron had on this guy because we we get on our first line and look at patch ready. Never get anything from him. About equal opportunity come back better. The Bruins went out. After -- left in the first they took a completely out of sequence and -- Gordon completely out departure readiness. Series and actually -- up the game and the conceivably get elected I mean it they've gone back shut him physically no pun intended. And they punish them and I think -- also volatile bank and all they've. I think they've gotten. A little bit more vocal maybe they do with most players -- -- get culture of the -- can't -- Pierre you see both guys now on this series. Are calcium is -- got up mark -- last night. Was the shaky -- he was in game one and if I was Paula -- I would go back to ms. Eros which guy go. Which guy gets the Bruins a better chance -- -- defensive pairing in game five and going for -- -- a bark cal -- your mind. -- as long as you are responders that are also told what the expectation is to really have been not for a good run around. Our debt shelf which I would get exposed on stretch passes than you probably go back there -- -- in the first period last night bark out it was really -- in the -- The other -- kind defendant download -- launch sequence in the -- -- that I really like from -- -- -- -- -- was dominant with the -- And he tried to attack off the -- thought it was a really good -- contrary but outside that he looked a little -- now again to be fair. He's a young player that -- really harsh environment. Again I thought the -- a great job -- in the crowd out of that that was my point the first period. Just where the Bruins played -- neutral on Montreal couldn't get any speed up the rush. But he's a young player learning. Potential potentially go to the older guy like 1000 -- before. Yeah I just I look at these last two games beer and go back we started and the Bruins they did the Bruins that we saw all year. Have to show up by a the most shocking thing is not this thing is tied 22 is that to me these last two games three -- four. The Canadians have been more physical team and I never would have imagined in this series we would say for not one but two consecutive games Montreal is more physical than Boston. I really believe -- you know all the players -- that this but I guess knowing. How tenuous a situation like going into the game last night. They did not want to take penalties and so they were playing Smart there will try to bolster rope a dope game in the first period. Could take the crowd it's so they didn't fall behind and they didn't make sure that to coaching in the pocket there were a lot of second chance opportunities. And that lecture hall didn't get a lot of power play directions and then -- mark bout could go to work. And I know it's not the most appealing for a hockey and -- the Bruins are trying to survive that usually go back to our building where they're much more comfortable. And play -- talking -- -- community that the law aren't count launching a war that's one of the actual building for the Bruins scored the game more. The show the physical style they need the player they're going to be a Stanley Cup championship. All of the goaltenders four games into this now prices and seemed to be in ironically lost their popular phrases goal but. Now many second chances and Tuukka its decade in the shut -- win. There's not a -- -- Carey Price played equally -- ball control apple bought me. Strictly a little bit different style. They seemed very comfortable. Right now all in this series of the biggest things all the -- the -- -- were to -- -- He made a couple say is that we're routine -- looked pretty hard and -- at all that's because you expect -- trump and -- Or you just may need daydream -- -- I thought he was outstanding. Here last month for -- you started this months ago Dennis Seidenberg told Kevin Paul DuPont couple days ago that. He could probably play right now now he's not a contact practice but he is practiced pretty much every day with the Bruins non contact but out there with this team. Is there a chance in your mind he's back this series and -- the Bruins advance is there any question in your mind that Dennis Seidenberg back pretty Eastern Conference final. I think this series is true earlier I spoke with -- last night I really believe this sure is surely can you don't want to do further damage or potential damage but I think next series is very realistic. He tell you say that it probably ago. Ask a follow up are great and it's an awesome question and I gave my Irish -- are at it. All we need to hear it -- enjoy Pittsburgh today Pittsburgh and close it out -- the Rangers 31 in that series. I will talk to you probably early in the week next week we'll see where you are after game five travel -- great stuff last night. Are you guys your journal thanks so much have a great weekend everybody enjoy -- tallied up cocky guys probably -- beat Montreal for that bought Montreal gained six. My body of six thanks Pierre Pierre McGuire NBC sports network Pittsburg Rangers tonight. That is a very. Good fall by quick it's a very comedic that was Dario back very good follow Gary told him called -- to probably ago. You can tell me. He did say though that this series the literally. -- take Dennis. Seidenberg reality hits and you know maybe this series -- literally. Or is that others won't be Jarrett if I read what he said a little bit early that's -- nice way of saying. He told me he's gonna come back for game one of the next years you'll played I'm I'm just a series look to. Even -- that you probably play. -- not that that's it right he's he's definitely playing -- mean that's -- Game one they advance but it credit we put it revenues -- put had a are up on WEEI dot com can Bradford on its a stupid podcast. And talk about it. I'm gonna play back that followed that silence you little booze hound over there 617779. 7937. Is the phone over the -- TT -- line. 379 -- 37 the Johnnie -- and televise MLB network. Temblor is gonna join us in the 12 o'clock hour -- what -- -- football he must four point under Texas. Is he cowboys fan I have no idea the basket because the draft -- less -- -- Dolores hope in the men's -- ends up for the cowboys a good question I don't know when ask him about what he joins us at 120 talks in baseball as well Chris price. On the patriots draft in the 1 o'clock hour Florida Friday 131 of the stories already. Got us laughing at just the headline opry prior to the show today that comes at 130 Sports Radio W media.

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