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The Bradfo Show: Rob Bradford, Alex Speier review a week with the Red Sox

May 9, 2014|

WEEI.com's Rob Bradford and Alex Speier analyze, dissect and debate on all things that have unfolded for the Red Sox over the past week. From rookies Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley, to the bullpen, to Dustin Pedroia leading off, to which minor league pitcher might be next in line to get a crack at the rotation, Bradford and Speier dive in for the week finale of the Bradfo Show.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another addition to the Brad solo show sponsored as always by cool distinctive clothing that people make me look so -- did. It -- knowing that -- insurance you are confined -- a group with more integrity Alex the year. Can tout it as tested that nobody. Other than hub knowingly insurance. And maybe every participant on the -- official has more integrity and out there. -- -- What sort company thank you -- Tell you what number five this is number five. In the books or about to be in the books and what we're gonna do today. I think it's a good thing to do on Fridays beginning usually beginning series Red Sox series having in the weekend. And have a whole weakened activists in the rear view mirror as I like to -- every every other story that I Penn. -- club dinner it ordered you here in LA you know like you and what's what's your -- source you're writing crush them if you're top three I I always to do the rear -- -- Some said the other day. But was it I can't remember about what went worse what's your biggest -- right crutch that you default. Asking your question as -- headline yeah starter he had this that he too pretty high on the list. You -- simply put. Comma is one another one where I try to stay away from but I find myself trap trap I don't even try to stay away from any of those -- and you -- Erica Okur still -- But Thomas hit hit hit hit it yeah. Yeah yes it's there it's a rich and complex world in the room -- terms to. There'll be somebody wasn't one word terms to note that at the start. Are all right well simply put we have a -- in the rearview mirror Alex. And what we have for the Red Sox -- five games and I just wanna go through where they kind of stand after these five games and your impressions on some of the things and just give people kind of a jumping off point. Of where they stand heading into the series in Texas have a three game set there they have a day off on Monday -- three more games in Minnesota. And they have reached 500 Iran right everybody is his jump for joy over them -- Reach yet but really the landmark that people are looking for yeah it to have John Farrell. -- John Farrell was not buying into the hole 500 thing. Now I can -- -- -- I think there are a number of them were kind of or kind of -- on the idea of preachy 500. It's not exactly it's not exactly the standard to which they were aspire you know. They go to the bigger picture there. All you always -- -- doctor Farrell and I -- you know under the federal -- you still have not lost more than 30. As of yet but we haven't won -- seven I -- -- -- to pick those one of those two I think that you picked the the former brother in the latter. Yeah -- take a lot of sixteen winning streaks where I would two game losing streak it's sort. Well it it it's kind of amazing to me now worry a whole year and now a month end and they still have not glossary in a row. It I think I don't -- all you -- as but I think that is you'd say about the chemistry and everything else starting pitching starting pitching starting pitching starting pitching more time tonight is probably going to be the bigotry that. -- Often times yes although. Here I -- a product such action. I've dated permitted them just not to suffer our parameter lapses over the supreme. That in my experience. And this here I do think it -- in the the pitching in the starting pitching. Because the offensive execution. And for that matter that the execution has not been that consistent. And automatic rate and think -- I think that it has been all about the quality of the of the starting in. You know. Lester Lester Lackey and the certainty he's been. Quite consistent as well even -- That's kind of given the Red Sox a chance to -- comeback late as much anything yeah that's that's allowed them to withstand this period when. They're -- to -- really clicked on a consistent pace. Well you talk about -- accused in one in and we get to call it starts here I think they're here there. The we we call it starts obviously users who not a huge thing to -- you know operated thing. But I think it shows you kind of where again the -- to guideline of where they are. In regard to what you're talking about by Alex Hewitt says something about execs fusion. And how well they executed last year right chore yes Hewitt said that I did. What do thing is by stating it is sitting in my kitchen table yesterday waiting for the NFL draft. And the Bruins games start in waiting also to read your fine Mike Napoli story we can talk about that little bit as well. Good story once again from you. By -- -- -- story you know as I was sitting in my kitchen table anticipating all these things well at the board stat about the stolen base percentage. Last in the major leagues now. We we are gonna get too tired too low on any of these stats are it's a month than in -- stats aren't the be all -- Learn in your guy I -- really why I try to be you know as well as anybody that's not always the case. But there you Wear at the top deputy top. Of the major leagues in stolen base percentage one of the things that -- every once again I'll look at that look at how efficient they are like -- executing. And now this year eleven for twenty. Now we understand Jacoby Ellsbury isn't here. What to make of the stolen base percentage so far and I don't want to diminish it too too much to -- -- kind of feeling that's what -- do but this tell me why this this. There -- a running team right now. They don't have any they don't have based -- is because. It's not just -- approaching victory now and Dustin Pedroia. Who were important stolen base threats last year. Haven't really been haven't really been -- -- I don't think on the basis I don't know what that is maybe it's. Why that is its size its of little bit odd to me. It. That they haven't just they just haven't seemed like a maybe maybe opposing pitchers are kind of gearing in on them a little bit. Have a Alex but Alex the thing is is it like you said I I totally agree with you on -- very Victorino has been hurt but that's odd to me that's not the point. The point -- the whole thing here is stolen base percentage eleven through our army. Well but I'm getting. So how to sort based. When you don't have these when you don't have peace chilling threats. An -- preponderance. Of these stolen base attempts. I think you'd be UN are taking are trying to force they end up being more than it as a busted his -- varieties. When you have you know on my part getting gunned down at second base. Or you know you kind of bring him. You know bring in Jonathan Herrera her you know for a designated you know you you got to try to force the action a little bit. Especially given this period of offensive you know of offensive drought. And John Farrell and -- -- -- -- probably. -- -- been a little bit aggressive trying to force. The running game early on in order to -- arbitrage and -- -- and you know there are also some people. We're taking some lumps in her Bogart's -- on the basis making a couple of mistakes that led to some. That's what system some place to -- not -- -- I believe been registered as are doing. And then there's the -- of of a guy like Pedroia getting. -- got better treatment does a bigger thing right out of all of them in and I agree with what you're saying that. There is there you'll have a lot to work with there but Pedroia is the one who we say. He was so efficient a few years ago. So fiction and -- -- that's -- gone by the boards now I know that some of this has to do with. Where is it rhymes -- and Ryan's. -- he C actually stopped running quite a bit because he was in front of David Ortiz in this has allowed him to run a little bit more. You would think you would think -- -- which also I guess it is also necessary to should take note that. -- Pedroia is now you know in in the ancient part of his career in his thirties. So that you would expect there'd be. Some diminution of speed at the very least -- -- the not a significant one. And I collected up all that out by the way the Alex. Don't go over our lips yes yes we believe in. We've we believe in celebrating you know phrases that are offered without -- and for updated subsequent verbal beat down yes -- So. I think I think it. You know where we're trying to -- we're seeing opposing pitchers curing him on it more racial based threat but lineup. And they would otherwise particularly because -- our our position. Where they're probably being forced manufacture a little bit -- You know I think it -- I don't I don't have a good feel for why it's happening let you know. But I think it's a microcosm of -- we talked about execution would you know it's a microcosm of the differences of what we -- saw last year and this year. Absolutely absolutely you know a team. Vick did very well in terms of taking the extra ninety feet this year has struggled to do so has impacted adding up to -- OK so we kind of I kind of get off the beaten track here with that sold this conversation by you this the whole team is Podcastalley says. Things that I wanna talk about that interest me in May -- does not doesn't interest you at all but who cares. Now I've -- it's not. But -- yeah did you find that interesting Bristol based our series. Personally I -- our -- myself but now I have thought that. I thought it that's. You did have some good points by our -- back. To some thing that are of the theme of the show which we talked about at the beginning which is looking at interest here you have that and -- what I trust me really is this week -- week is a good time to look back and say. This happened this week this is change over the course of the week. Going into the series against Oakland which would have been Friday last Friday a week ago. They were three games under 500 now they're under debt 500 they've been playing a little bit better. Give -- one take away for the positive one takeaways a negative over the last week for. What would take away sort of positive. I mean I I -- it it is on going by. I entered the bullpen has been. In convertible and actually you know there there have been some some small issues here and remarks that the depth of global and to me has really been striking in permitting some of these. Some of the later game come back so I'll let him. -- one subset of that. I Indian middle unbelievable I mean just overpowering I think you -- better than he did even -- front of -- -- saving different to you that he did me when I saw you looking back -- them. Dissect you loop back I I didn't hear what you -- you so -- so -- -- -- that. Well what was the most interesting thing Andrew -- little. It would have been in to talk about to talk about the position of and a competent he's been with regards to mechanical complicity. By the fact that he's reached important -- career. Where he does really deal. So comfortable and confident in what he's doing is opposed to when he was with the Marlins you know and he they try to -- to be an over the top pitcher in hopes of improving his control and that's of western mass usefully help -- -- 38 mile an hour backed them. As opposed to towards natural arm slot where it goes very comfortable yet which -- sport a little bit coming out of spring training that your -- -- and -- been locked in -- mutant or. Like a -- that -- compare the also compare the the wind a part of the the approach -- mayor is amazing and how simplistic. Is his approach to the plate is compared to probably if you look back you exit the leg kick him everything -- there's nothing you're going from the stretch all the time. And is this slice of notre bowl. Those stride is still enormous there was there's a picture and profile. And as amazing like two guys finishing which is basically standing on the front -- -- mound yet so. You'd which I think you still -- every good. I remember talking John -- -- went about Papelbon when he was here. And what made the ball jump at the last minute for hitters with Papelbon -- seemingly so. And there's a few things the ball kind of comes out of his uniform that doesn't hurt but also what he's releasing the ball -- so far thwart that. Got it that it is that your basically taking away about three feet from what -- hitter has to reactive. Yeah and winter combined outward you know with -- easy 95 to 97 you know from an angle -- hitters just aren't used to seeing and it's it's pretty. So what's the will be negative these units -- Well I also before it gets the negative outlook report that the starting pitching. Ordinances. Especially Lester acting out just yet it's we it's we are we are reaching the point where. You know we're we're looking at almost yours what ten months' worth of work it's been extraordinary. I Iowa -- it right Deco. She didn't write -- wrote the column after couple starts ago about how to use the conversations change laster. But that that's the column -- should have been written after this last start because he had he had a sub par start after that I wrote that. You have well but I think the conversation is still will stay -- It was like in the it would like that moment where you probably are the column and it was kind of like you -- -- liquid Wiley Coyote runs -- that. It looks down and all of a sudden either not -- yeah that's probably what happens he was but he he regained his bearings after following up. And got right back up. By you point this out and I think that news Hewitt cited FIP from -- But I I looked the thing -- Staten yeah he's in the top of the yeah -- these top in regards to that by the war by. Far well he's lucky he doesn't produce got a -- -- he's got yep -- you get the best war of anybody have today starting pitcher and that's better than Felix Hernandez it's better than. Great he is whoever I mean he he has the bestseller right now and I understand that's innings in the slot strikeouts by sell it. Listen I mean right now he's amongst the best pitchers in the game and -- -- in a contract here that's not a bad place to beat and you mentioned starting pitching in. We can't forget also ever since Felix too broad discovered that used to be ozone pitching coach he's not done too portly as well done okay. He's done OK I think it will be difficult to get carried away and -- it. You know to kind of offer for and a month he's cement his spotter. You're about to lose it when we know -- they're giving him more release -- right now. The push from -- it hasn't been extreme. Repeat chorus that has largely been very good this year -- the most -- -- little bit late. -- You know at the close to act as opposed to it at other times when. You know for instance slim -- buckled into their mind. The kind of forcing his way into circulation by being virtually unhittable every -- in -- that's not happening with the starters right. You have -- by by Alex if you said ruby del -- -- This starting rotation and he gave you what fields abroad TV the last few starts to be like let's get. Pretty yes and so so anyway what's the negative. You know a couple positives and durable legitimate cause analysts and negative. The -- -- that there are a couple of couple is. I'm going struggles with runners in scoring position is getting weird and suggest that you know I guess you kind of you kind of almost. Invent reasons why it's happening and you do wonder whether or not it's kind of getting in the heads outside of picketers at all they're trying to. -- struggled for protecting that. Particularly. It's been interesting to see. -- -- who I think has really been trying to have an approach reverse or position. And runners on base and it just hadn't didn't. Actual to them. I did look up how that how he did in the minor -- coming up. Relative you know runners in scoring position situations relative to other situations in certain he was worse spot coming up. In those situations starting last year market. When he hit like I think the only at 250. With runners in scoring position was not cut back -- other situations so. But you know to me that's -- suggests someone who's. Who's young and. Yeah I honestly I notice that I -- there -- -- I wanna see Bogart's. Had to get its feet under -- -- health wise and maybe -- weather wise and I. This isn't like a cliche about the kid from Ruben. That being cold and everything else buy it -- the tracker to show you the weather gets warmer he gets better. And I just think he's he's still have a lot being thrown out of might do you think you -- more comfortable in the field of late you look at this last week. This five games they were talking about. And you know he's he's been okay he has really get on base as much as he had in the past he had 250 went four for sixteen. And you know and I think it is the second half of that he's shown little bit better defense I remember. That that rain out when was that -- -- it was. -- -- to -- -- there are double so. He he it and Brian Butterfield sat and talked to their locker for like our. This group and -- behind the scenes is probably a lot more this BC but this was out in the open. And they're just talking and talking talking it was Morse talking a little bit later he said you know this this about this relaxing. Being yourself. You know and I think that's also difficult when you've been bank deputy -- things he has some other things -- deal and on. So I think I will give a past now -- No court you know with the with the recognition that he's someone who are buried very correctly mr. lose sight of the fact that you've already had to -- extraordinarily quickly to be at this stage. Of his career and that's what what role that you know he's not finished product. He has someone getting better. Yet so if we look at this last week. This view of you who did really well who didn't. Dustin Pedroia -- for 21. Four walks he had a very good week this 381. -- her -- over a year. Yes yes obsolete in in. I wanna give back to gambit Pierzynski pretty good six for sixteen. Sizemore came on nine for sixteen. Thief victory you know four for seventeen Napoli Napoli and trusting one. This before getting back to Pedroia this talk a little bit about Napoli wrote about him today in. All the progress he has made since he's been with the Red Sox but I wanna talk about what he's doing right now is it because. I saw that figure the other today is it still is remarkably still soul. I mean outgrow it and I would not be surprised with the you're talking about this vote the hairline fracture. Okay -- as saying as a hairline fracture by it I think it was Lou Maloney. But how the initial MRI. X ray might not pick this up because something like that even though you're pounding on it every day every day every day so that -- you for it to be. So swollen. Then news sometimes. Is revealed that still has a hairline fracture somewhere down the road. It was social and that it just didn't seem right that far off from one he actually did too gruesome itself. Group bought. I wanna go back so he's been dealing with that so this past week this time period there were talking about. Three for thirteen but with six walks a great I mean it did to your point that you like you wrote about. This guy has done so many things to help the team and has been so valuable. And I think that he's made great great strides and a couple different areas of the game so fours years well. Well I think that you are. Basic cigarette taxes efforts to conclusions -- even really in good baseball player and that in just in reference what he got the batter's box. Nobody signed him out -- primary impetus for signing him. When they did after the 2012 season because they viewed without him. Middle viewers you know given -- plate discipline the ability to drive up against it out and hit the ball very very far. What can I can -- -- -- quick the you talked about his plate discipline we re citing his stats from the last week and hitting to thirty whatever was. But in with a six walks in also it should be noted pictures for played -- parents during the stretch four point seven forwards as far away. Best on the team ninety close. Yeah and that well that's consistent with that your she absolutely exceed pitches per plate appearance which burst in the regionally. You literally all around player that -- displayed however you know you're seeing it with regards to. You're seeing it with regards to -- -- defense where he's you know so comfortable in making leaping play in the first phase which is. I think kind of unexpected development. In what we thought the potential trajectory orbit she got accustomed to playing first base on an everyday basis I mean -- moving. Really really well there he's saving and guilders. Quite a number of -- Runs -- on XP side. I'm emphasized in the in a little bit of time but he missed when he was you know right after -- -- the finger injury and you know about pretty his whole complexion. I've been QB and so different. When he was in there and there were some very costly. There are very Copley Place what's the first baseman on the take short hop throw something on those lines to become a very good defender. You'd become you'd you'd actually already was a very good -- starter but I don't think that received its proper -- while you're looking Angel with the Rangers. But with the Red Sox I think it. They are they made him. Essentially talking points in a role model for prospects. Moved he -- the Red Sox you know -- -- -- right now you know the guy walks it talks phenom on in the Serb run right now. Once talking to him recently. And -- so you know move which which players he kind of -- you guys on whom you can read about emulate parts of their game. And he said well. When that was in spring training per game. In big league camp. Brian Butterfield said watch what Mike Napoli that's on the basis -- just watch what he does pay attention that you'll learn so much. Apple is viewed being has got a base runner of the Red Sox have which you know user in the slower guy. But he really maximizes his ability. And let's say is let's is critical lack of speed play out because he's an incredibly intelligent page Gardner. Insult in many ways he's become this role model for what I want their players to be in terms of the different parts of the game -- he impacts. Batter's box pitches per plate appearance defense. Base running. The way in which -- is kind of you really into the -- tilt of the game but baseball. You're talking about baseball clubhouse leader -- -- Boston mostly in Boston. So that the guy who takes up a lot of check marks. It's we just in the words of Brian Butterfield that you -- that you kind of -- error of the torch but what -- look back on their players to be. In she's someone who's been -- impact game. Even when he's not as -- offered to street and help make one final note baseball references. As baseball reference to its war when above replacement. Napoli right now it's it's in the majors. That's good that's pretty good. He's doing okay. Well we do we talked about this I think it was very being -- big game in Baltimore. And he's talking about how low doesn't work about wary about the contract. Doesn't worry about the injuries. Doesn't worry you know he's not -- of a lot of stuff that he was deal with last year you know that's that's kind of a cliche a lot of times in now -- I think that the most important thing is feeling comfortable but also using that to get better and and not that you strikeouts another example him getting better. Moving on to the next player or talked about Dustin Pedroia and said he's got a big week this last week as though PS of one point. 194. Waiting almost 400. Since this has this been a win win for everybody at the top you're right I it is they deal leadoff hitter. Pedroia needed -- I guess for lack of a better way to say a change of scenery in line up. And since he's moved there why the stats won't jump out at you is saying oh he's the -- lead off hitter in baseball right now. I think his approach has changed in the way he looked at things they bid despite this last game or he struck out what it four times or whatever was. -- redone -- your dad abide by me I think this as I said before this is a win win for everybody. Because they desperately needed leadoff hitter this was the best guided do it and also there. Like the top of the order which would unmet -- -- in -- airline up airliner was on critic on Beijing basis. Now what -- anchoring it with Victorino right behind him they know what they. On a daily basis which have been I think really helpful for him in really helpful for others. All that debt debt debt dynamic of the Pedroia Victor Reno Ortiz Napoli and then you have either side is more or. Probably domes behind -- when these other guys -- might get shot. Not a bad is not a -- collection the guys. Now it's been pretty solid and and you know Pedroia has been insisting because referred through the years. Intent of expressing some discomfort with the idea of hitting leadoff. But in this case he's like he's kind of embrace that the press that first benefitting. In his in the fifteen games in which. In which you to believe -- in -- out this year. He has in the first plate appearance of the game he's reached base seven times. So that's a really good numbers and right and LB what you up to up my -- -- -- for her these seven something like that. Anyway. And so that's so broad economic engine I've written I've I'm in India walks so he's seeing a kind of pitches to start out the game. He's doing what they're what do -- governor what's been doing it and doing -- doing it really well. And I think that it's just you know it's just helps to give the red saw the look of attacking beacon score early. You have more to it they were ordered to -- terrible. I'm -- yeah and that's where I think the -- that I -- are saying the devalued Ellsbury because. -- -- the Yankees paid more than anybody would have -- we understand that. -- but the whole idea of while we prioritize getting on base the differences is that you get on base and then you get to second base and then you score her -- call. And and Pedroia still isn't that guy Ellsbury was but he at least has that opportunity has little but the speed in. Yet things going a little bit more than even a good Daniel not I mean deal not he has so many great call these when he's going good to help a lineup. But I just don't know if just because he get on base if he's the right guy to beat that guy. What efficiency with which you -- getting on base score -- different and it doesn't diversity out seeing you just you put it perfectly. That's that's exactly what I wanted to say -- in a much more succinct way of doing it the last thing I wanted to touch on is Jackie Bradley junior. Just before it would on -- looking out the with a -- sites ranked. In garrison the number nine spot in the order and actually in the American League slightly up better than average angry at number five. So. So -- not horrific and mean week in I think we both agreed that we have stuff to give this guy some time. By I guess a month then why if you went back and said OK Jackie Brown is going to be playing every day in center field. It's a month and he's gonna struggle but he's going to be able to do this. What has surprised you that he hasn't been able to do that maybe he had previously there it was his skill set. Well I think it'd overall the offensive in the paper have been exceptional and -- difference maker. I think it's such unions now property are also where. He keeps him if you -- -- and number 8% of at least 300. I think it's going to be difficult for them term reverse course on on having Bradley Center field or at least you know. Sometimes in right field is on days when victory knows there and norms that are. But in terms of in terms of the tilt but I think we do see some plate discipline there are I do think that we actually. Morgan is or what to -- statistics self -- and at that time. Because for instance there are pitches that are on the -- -- on the -- away he's not sorting out because of tennis. -- -- -- say like I can't really do anything with that like the -- ignition Mexican pretty good it's just been a matter of being able to identify -- -- That he can go to. -- -- strikeouts to raise -- has to be struck got a -- in spring training. He's still striking out a lot I don't think it is wrong what springs from I think that it is getting -- on right but -- strikeouts a strikeout I mean it's yes I agree but I. A strike -- as a strikeout but -- -- -- you know there there's a question of soundness of approach. In some instances in portraying I didn't think yet approached me during receive matching it. He had the right swing of -- that's where I think he's just getting beat. Yeah hey listen I'm not saying that the Jack I I'm a proponent of the -- this wait for Jackie Bradley you kind of what unfolds we've views Dustin Pedroia 2007 example. Or use Jacoby Ellsbury in 2008 when for the first couple months of the season he's struggled point of being moved out of political announcement but I'm. And it really equipment of June that he started hitting the ball any authority that really started seeing Italy which. So let's look at the positives I agree I mean. They're gonna prioritized defense they saw what happened earlier in the year when they didn't have defense at the position not only here but in right field allows. The victory no Bradley dynamic in center and right is exactly what they want and I think what some bigger prioritize. But live look at some the number is that we say oh well that's that's helpful. Not eight extraordinary -- helpful. You almost take the almost takes four pitches per plate appearance -- batting average balls put in place Rio now so. Is suggesting you know when he does hit the ball it's. You might be hitting it somewhat hard right correctly. That that number compared necessary in an indication of its difficult to read. You need to know exit -- in that sort. You have great break you know what I thought I I'll I'll take it I will I mean I know the you do what you talk about exit velocity -- Then but still you look at what he did last year around -- seemed almost exactly seem at bats and yet to 46 Babbitt. So I don't let. Well -- series. Just like it and grounder. I've read that that's my point I mean if that's what he'll start point out there factory yes he's -- he striking out too much but he's at least putting better contact on the ball more consistently. So those are some of the positive you succeed YX. It's not bad. You are seeing him with that swing that you know good record you know YouTube that's swearing to shoot the ball into the left center field gap. -- about a lot harder sport position in particular which you know up until that that. Kind of disastrous game against -- he had been among you've been tonight Erica -- are reporters sport position. And you know -- it tell about this week for him. In that regard but I thought that we've seen overall pretty down approach of looking to stay back wait on pitches and then kind of losing them to let you know what -- Yeah very good who's scoring position as he's a little bit of a downturn recently. But still had 344 or scoring position scored deuces to 313. Wanting to keep an eye on close in late. Only two for twenties and I mean that might just be pressing to my early early moment reliever that's going to Syria a lot of elderly couple he was intentionally walked the other day right -- -- -- -- kind of rolled their eyes out and we see that coming. Yeah up by bank you know or art particularly that. Lastly and I appreciate you taking the time I know you're busy schedule. And lastly. For the minor league stuff. For this past week. Your bit. Your biggest take away for this last week the last seven days. From the Red Sox minor league system and the only copy -- as you cannot utter the words smoky or pets. There's a player -- Superman in double way. Who has been flying around with the state but I think if you followed below the match under -- so all move beyond that. I did he it is -- of course the but the person which I shall all the name is -- bats did does he still have his on base streak on. -- it's now. The game certainly is getting into sight of that -- argue who has record setting 71 -- mark. -- -- because that no plans to let a player movement to to protect it just yet. In terms of in terms of others but it's been going on out. Let's see I would say period. It's so difficult well -- Brian Johnson remarks very interesting prospects. Our pitching prospects of joining in the way of -- relatively unheralded impaired and her other Google on the other guys. But he just moved up to double -- Portland from Salem after after -- starts on the start the year what his first game was very impressed in Portland someone. Who has a really terrific. You'll for pitching. And combines that was an ability to throw strikes with what is where it's mixed I I think to be a chance. To be pushing and kind of knock on the door. In the not too distant future and there's gently prod other guys were Tripoli right now as a pitching prospects have to -- so he has let. Our real quick I've been real quick Dell rose greeted by none of those other guys that have been sold. So referenced. Renato bar or Barnes is saying generally start. -- Webster. -- it's been doing OK right but no one has said okay you know lower on -- government I -- -- I didn't yesterday or city is the only -- and -- -- By so that would round. Well I that's highlight that's how I patriots. You know that. But -- Owens and Owens hasn't Owens has some work to do in terms of refining his control. Before you'd be putting himself in position for caught even -- you kind of unhittable when he's throwing strikes. So I think -- -- been the most important because of the market opposing batting average sub 200 against some busts are that your getting a lot of ground balls -- had a little bit of trouble controlling. Work then strike thrower -- really do about it recently -- You only gave up four hits in seven innings -- -- for him all four solo home -- so you know the desperate -- and so I think that he's kind of close to being. It took me -- be a conversation between work and intolerance as you -- you had a need for a spot start yeah you would go to. But I don't think either of those guys are forcing him that the Red Sox right now in demanding big -- star. It's kind of dark baseball again. I've had I've had a fun week of doing his podcast to be kicked things off. And but buzz could start baseball guy wanted to say what you want to thank all the participants of the -- for the show this week I know you viewer a loyal listener. -- and first date Jon Lester conversation madman. DJ been talking all things Bruins DJ being. I meant Bruins indeed JP -- -- debut. Bruins didn't need to be. Here brought me here and -- is all encompassing Chris Pryce talk in the NFL draft. And yesterday we had the wire least successful. One early tests to win the producers of dancing cal and giving -- smacked down. Which is always fun and then today we we cap things off for the week with some awesome Alex your baseball conversation. Alex thank you very much and law bring you over a girl's trees. Though -- will be exciting but only if it interests you because. It certainly does put that -- analysts are right I'll see you later have a great weekend everybody.

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