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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Wonderlic scores

May 9, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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This is part of AT&T. They cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network am by precision fitness equipment. Shop for the pros do precision fitness to -- on the one to elect Smart guy terrible here's the thing. None you know McDonald's is no no you know no a -- look at passenger I know I offered no excuses toward. I would just say this Craig and and a -- Couple Whitney no wonder yes that you lost to -- in jeopardy now lost the sausage in -- on the one -- I would just -- this. I thought and you guys probably understood but to me it's why did I thought you had twelve questions. That was it all the time that amount of time it's just twelve questions these low. Yeah I thought -- -- lost to those -- I'm not a hundred you don't like they don't they don't even understand the question and I just as a prep. Don't you I lost to them. If I thought our house I've it was a fifty question thing about twelve minutes. I started rob is just go see your asking them questions and yet you want -- believe enough that we don't -- dot com and -- -- to be fair rob was heckling you the entire time that's the other thing is he let you guys just work yet he let it studio. He was killed an all time WEEI dot com and award winning tremendous fabulous my favorite probably the greatest website ever created by anybody in his of God's -- -- is Bradford podcast. Yes to -- -- -- called a dreadful show -- solutions to graduate as the US sausage. Be honest yours have a big month. He's not as dumb as he looks not X I still disappoint my scored and I -- its -- like Michael Vick so that was like -- -- -- All of a dummy with -- ice hockey worse these questions I get a zero. Some Smart I didn't understand some questions from completed fine you got you beat. Are a little bit at the street the star of the step again that the boss wants the clone. You beat him go to baby it it's its own math based we don't care about that UB Needham -- up. I body -- -- follows TU and you can hear this where. It's WEEI dot com rightful physical. The -- vote showed the WB dot com slash podcasts of Margaret there days ago. -- Libya I can go there and Aggies log -- right now it's stupid you're sleep that's for sure although he might -- rate that occurred. Going out there was glad that the boss. -- Pilots. Guys as a friend of the show former third man and I think he's in that would be ending next week. Jarrett -- More -- be for Jerry. Jerry. Accused killer -- revenues and more -- trouble with the sheriff saying -- 35 year old hurled. In -- -- the corrections officer assigned to watch over him in solitary thought -- and I'm the games. It's -- -- you that -- the eighties incorrigible that there's. -- -- -- cordial did you did you ever think. -- that there was anything moment. And I mean darkened back to buy diesel. This it's just bad seats no no it was nothing. I'm not talking you specifically can you people system boots a mile long Jerry and his wife Phoebe in this like what could and I am I ever played could I ever played a very obvious that it. -- cup cracked I ever blame Gerald -- -- for Jennifer -- tells murder. Absolutely societies out free to kill him he was note reading kill is paying for the -- that the of these Jeremy as the months. Yes you should be killed yes. Newspaper's lawyer spot you have a problem yes oh that's all. It's too late now I didn't have a while I too -- -- because I killed. It gets off. Until -- -- old ethnic and understand where Jerry and he totally killed it okay it's -- killed -- but he now it's too late. Anyway he throws in milk or pardon it's it's a fundamental -- There was fall into damage but still you get -- get somebody I. I thought about it you -- itself. Here it is. Middlesex sheriff said apple intends to press charges the officer claims that 4 PM on April 25. While sitting in front of isolation. -- begin threatened this reporting officer after approximately two minutes -- three closed Oak Park. At this reporting officer hitting me on the collar -- reports -- Refer the matter to district attorney's office for prosecution of the public -- assumed insults like these are just part of doing business correction facility but they are not. And never will be tolerated Middlesex sheriff's office no matter who the perpetrators attributed -- camera. -- of violently for -- -- -- manages from -- -- and caught only two of the of them in your coffee isn't throwing beverages. And their spies the thing is their man he's the only excitement brought. -- to get it do its good points. -- -- I guess to be facing charges fitness and and I would agree with some -- to bring this up as well. -- admitted he gave me I want to repeat steroids in the steroids I think helped build up this monster I do think Remi Jeremy played. Rule number rule created this monster finally -- to. Do you think he ever ever -- done anything or keep him -- and every point were they all that tough for them. Things will turn okay. I don't know that they stop papers money's not buying steroids maybe he still he still. Believes he still would have been a monster -- -- -- So you get that -- story at this as well here. Larry King took over for peers Borg mean to yourself as he chuckled proud of the way we don't speak on south course. -- -- -- Take a nice -- and I it's true. -- -- -- nice brand new patriot had on draft night Jaffna. He's -- -- ethnic dual for a walk yesterday draft -- I didn't have a -- I was I was miserable. Why are you miserable first and I wore a jacket there was little -- -- -- -- I was sweating like a -- are you happy with the -- being a patriot I am not really -- -- underwhelmed really disappointed staying up and you know sacrificing sleep for that I think is well approach it now -- activists. When you're done headlines over the group in Hawaii electric -- as I don't like it. Takes guts to make -- pick the people don't like. I'll just as good as -- got -- -- and asked if it's free pass for and the only received in the first round pick this guy nick underhill nailed. Seattle another team that -- well fearless. I'm -- -- assign him to all the other teams that are nervous about the fan base the media reaction they ran. Like rats. -- -- easily because of the ACLs. Patriots and Seattle. Two teams that go about their business without without fear. They. Know. And if he's healthy he's a steal at this point in the draft select suspect like respect you know like we see this suit to hit the -- callers numbers compared to a he's he's numbers take a look at those every get a chance we will do after this here's Larry King. I talk about piers Morgan who has lost his job August following up king here's Larry. Is very opinionated on an -- was right -- of my eagle at the door you know large writers who what where when why and I was a different kind of journalism I was more personal and I was funny. You -- Pierce's funny. On the screen Merrill I I mean unintentionally. With the kings things. -- that's what that would help him since I was about it. This. He's been out the treatment be bolstered east. Of course are optimistic in -- yet in the story and -- old studio became a rock. There was a picture Larry king's march under -- bad checks right that was in the studio and now. He bet the machinery and shot and talented they have egos bigger than no -- events on the on the island -- seals. Do you. In almost denounced the climate change that's -- he threatens rest thing of course duty can stop climate change at a funny but he did he didn't 1996 these talk and Richard product such as if -- -- you think you'll ever turn out to be like Howard -- we just on yellow of it would make it at its eagle. Like fighting climate change -- kind of -- stray cats orchestra. And stuff. Hampton says the other day that he's never had Steve Martin non show but he wants to but he had dinner with them. And that doesn't feel right haven't yet sure yet right -- that's a -- Having dinner with someone and then -- -- problem on the show is a guy who again built its fame the guy who beat them they spent as we can of these Ralph watching these are killed every one of those three only thirty in the world. The nineteen. 96 Howard Stern which eviscerate the 2014 and now he's Seacrest. He's easing -- -- weird if Don Imus and Ryan Seacrest had to set a secret that the baby a baby would be star with his -- and assert is. Nicklaus he's that it is Alex Solis. -- What's the worst thing for storm right now. Is the -- -- the plays he's he's it's it's a combination. Ryan Seacrest Imus and Mary Hart and dude you better look at -- -- you're ugly and you are now. And Howard Stern America -- Rosie O'Donnell there was -- He cerberus bought that's used to say and has won two rows well now they have right they have -- -- Some great round a radio Ethiopia huge Stan. Rosie and Rosie wipers they're too which is out of breath. It just the nicest people. -- some sort of stunned -- like skeletal okay. Six point 77797937. It to culture we get back as well compare -- easy because Jerry Norton. Gerry Callahan and all the patriots all the Belichick lubbers have called this -- the next two cycles they all its numbers. I'm I'm I'm console steel and see how they match up that we get.

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