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Scott Raab on Manziel to the Browns

May 9, 2014|

Our resident Cleveland nut Scott Raab on the draft.

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I we both agree Jerry that. The center of the sports universe last night was -- -- yes which puts the center of the sports universe this morning in Cleveland Ohio. Yes and as always. My first after the make this big pick betrays what Scott grand design as well as the -- -- say about that so we decided grab and join us on the AT&T hotline is Scott -- -- course doctor morning how are you. I'm a little data used. Little confused -- that differed from -- normal. Normally I wake up entirely convinced of my world view this. Yeah I want a normal day what was the last until maybe the second cup of coffee in the first. Conversation with with my bride. This is an entirely different realm apparently. The browns have a plan. When did you realize last night that this was going. I I really I was so proud because as soon as the browns traded down out of the fourth slot. My son who's a ninth grader had his first entirely independent. Outburst of pure rage physically -- and -- when the browns traded out of the chance to draft a wide receiver to pair with trash Gordon. He -- off the episode was screaming words at the top of his choice and I wouldn't even use the twitters so I'm certainly not to repeat them here. She would we've senior Twitter account so yeah the end of the -- Once of what they got to that magical 22 choice which is. That that's their preferred slot for drafting well so far Brady Quinn. Branded Wheaton. And now Chinese -- sell what once it became clear that that they would they would again it is it was their territory that the night. To move up from 26 to 22. To land and -- That I gotta say as always. I wanna be wrong. I watch the guys that they're actually paying and I know that every NFL office. It was -- these Smart guys who spend other times studying. Athletes -- projecting their chances of success at the next level I want the guys who were doing that. For the browns to be right this time or around then. And what could possibly go wrong it's Cleveland. Well let's say about this is I think you're right though if I'm Obama browns fan and you can't be optimistic just can't beat. I feel pretty good I would feel like for once. Scott is a plant -- RBIs a man's dog and I you feel on him as a quarterback I think he's going to be great. It's crazy sounds likely that's a good spot awful. -- -- -- -- -- Are the -- so it's funny I like Johnny mentos personality. I think I think that part of them translates really well -- to a -- where I don't think I need to tell anyone who's playing close attention. In the media. We're just as a fan that is a -- of ferocity that is that is a week where. Where where it really is kill or be killed so are my issues are not with mentos personality. It simply is will -- skill set I hate that phrase skill set but I got nothing better this morning. What will those skills translate into success that the NFL level. It would meet with anything I there's that you could look at the ground there and look at all pros there's there's a handful of guys. Who were opera -- including two on the offensive line but there is no running game it really didn't need quality receiver to pair with Josh Gordon. And and I don't know how things are gonna put out -- in India and around we're gonna watch over the next couple of days. I -- I do worry it is I voted not to remember the glory years so this is not not simply a matter of of someone who just can't believe the Cleveland organization can have success. But given the number of teams in in need of quarterbacks who passed unmanned not saying they're smarter than the browns. I do know that I was never that optimistic. That that man sells style of play would translate easily into the -- Do you feel like you've ever had a good quarterback do you think of course there's a good quarterbacks site by me. I think I think that -- part article goes are you unique ability was with his accuracy. His intelligence. His ability to to quickly read options advocating changes in an -- to improve the but they improve and Mac it's Alec quarterbacks have gotten better quarterback you've gotten different. And I don't know the guy like costar. Would ride it in any organization that didn't have a system in the surrounding cast in place. That was both were confident in terms of having played together and confidence. -- coach I would not throwing to all pro receivers and throwing to guys like Dave Logan and Reggie -- And of course they had -- you can submit -- tight end. But they also had a great running game with binder and with Mac and a strong defense and I just wonder how assume that can all come together. But I know how soon there's going to be quarterback controversy. It'll be there from the beginning with the man sell and wanna see how the browns can't. In my eyes he's gonna start right doctor and he starts week one against Pittsburgh. I really don't know because I I do believe Mike -- the new head coach when he says that he would prefer not to have. Any rookie -- percent said this of course -- before last night's draft. And I can I bring them I think any organization would agree with the I like Brian Hoyer I liked what I saw -- lawyer and I like to think that there won't be the kind of pressure on the team. And the team to make that decision about who takes the opening -- snaps. Based entirely on standbys I don't think that I can build a winning organization and any pro sports -- What's it going to be like for -- Zell in Cleveland now I assume he's going to be there today you will he. Be followed everywhere will I mean he does like to have a good time. Is he is gonna get troubled -- thanks cut. A look that bad I don't think so I think he's a bright the bright guy I think he's already been burned. You're burned as you are gonna say as we -- would have been at that age. You have given that level of fame. -- but I think he's Smart enough to avoid that I think Cleveland is probably the right place to avoid debt and as far as the welcome will receive a -- Buford Francona. Talk about how he gets stopped every few feet if he's walking downtown by people who were just so damn grateful. That someone seems happy to be playing ball or coaching or managing in Cleveland Ohio. Tom this story that self talent tone on told us that has one you're you're now the owner. Was out for dinner he says when he Selma Tennessee known even those who we is when he's in Cleveland. People stopped in the straits and he says the homeless guy looked at Adams said draft men Zell you bond that you buy -- -- -- Well look first I probably thirty homeless people in Cleveland are free range. Of break. OK that didn't that though as well polished that little nuggets but I blog it's still good work. I anything that comes out that Jimmy has not I got to take a step back and think about you know how does he know that the guy have a shopping cart deal with with large garbage bag full of recyclables. I -- to define. I QB has will be used to be homeless man where where was the homeless man what I'm not sure what the -- in the -- talking about. But it doesn't and it. You have to anchor my confidence. In anything except the fact that this was in part. In marketing any brand being and an owners' type of decision again I hope I'm wrong. I hope the that we strictly decision based on football savvy and they really did manage to note that they've managed to pull off. I'm a little bit of the daily double yesterday they certainly make themselves up by its -- -- get worked rocket. But but good lord it's really tough when you -- team after team after team some of the really really -- in the quarterback market take a flyer. -- this guy in the brown again the past history is no. No absolute predictor of future performance but there's something haunting about picking a guy in -- by. When you've already done so people were so we've got about Brady Quinn. You know coming out of Notre Dame -- I think most of -- remember. What an awful night it was -- Brady Quinn in the draft permit for the browns it is in a similar certain series of loose when had been him. People people Cleveland Browns fans everywhere were very site that Brady Quinn. He's a winner he's pro ready quarterback all of that stuff -- he turned out to be pretty awful. Last question for me Scott there is a sort of theory this rumor being fought it out there this morning the man zealous titans you know with LeBron James. He's represented. Or how are embarrassed by by what drives is it. At reignited that basically what -- out. Corrected text each other all the time table for present also by the way by the -- -- and rank and by the semi sportsmanship. Do you think there's any chance at all LeBron James comes back to clinch the Cleveland just so we can be and I know Johnny helped -- yeah exactly like Franken. -- -- It's it's possible. What what it is amazing that things could be as a as a lifelong Cleveland -- he's got some years behind it now. Is that whatever you think he can't get weirder -- cannot get worse. It always gets weirder and almost always gets worse that doesn't mean. By the way that I can't live with this scenario where LeBron James comes back to a franchise that is done nothing but fail. I would opt for a full season -- -- the decision. And they have done nothing to make themselves into a credible -- BHP. So -- a brownie you're brought. If the king comes back. Wow great narrative. How it's gonna play out on the court is anyone's guess an NBA I can I can live with that but it's an awful long way to go. Get LeBron James back into the wind and go. While Scott good luck with man's well -- prediction works -- four. Tokyo tonight thanks Scott thank you -- -- escort joins us in the AT --

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