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NFL Draft Show Recap 05-08-14

May 9, 2014|

Greg Dickerson, Christian Fauria, and Matt Chatham recap Round 1 of the NFL Draft. They talk about the surprises, a little bit of expectations and what to look forward to as the draft continues in the coming days.

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We wind things down from pins in Milford a bit as well -- Eagle eleventh annual draft day party Christian Fauria. Matt Chatham and Greg Dickerson patriot make a selection in the seems to be thumbs up. All around yeah vote for where they select at what they ended up getting. It gets high marks from you guys. Yeah I mean listen they got a -- the tackle they got to -- I think Matt did a great job of actually break it down of what that philosophy is gonna be like a movie for what that defense based on the players that they have. It goes looking at Jamie conflict and that you know Chandler Jones -- debates in Tommy Kelly BO stick Dominique -- on a budget decisions on the front line. You know yes and you know. It's been a great -- early rehearsal lots it's you know go back look at your mock drafts now series being played out coal yeah I don't like my turn to make. NCAA tournament after the first round as Abu -- Barcelona -- I still have issues with that. Yeah that here's what's great about the NFL so now this is done. -- first that is done the second and third rounds or. A lot of fun because so many other players that we could talk about Ambien a lot of shine are going to be draft it will have impact on certain teams that they get drafted by. Those are your you know driving your car and I'll listen to a sketch -- in the show you you've missed we missed during the break. A Teddy -- was actually taken by the vikings at the last victim. Of the first round I think that's a pretty critical Vick and we were discussed this a little bit during the break. This is an atrocious situation for Houston because they'd took a bit of a gamble but he did depends on reporting you're just by taking -- first. And being as badly in need of a quarterback is -- meaningful -- in the NFL. So now they sit I believe is the first pick up they sold for an officer so now they have an option if they're gonna address that position the guys that were most. You know can the consensus high rated guys portals -- cell Bridgewater. All -- car. Quite -- so far the best one less well. Well it depends reported music horror isn't met burger is that McCarron. Is it drop below the cue from eastern Illinois and hopefully -- name right. So but the point is they've they've made a pretty definitive. Thing here of going down a step by a guy that Billy O'Brien most likely was comfortably probably felt good enough about one of those people. To allow this thing to happen and in the match and the Ryan mallet traders still in the works here within -- that's still a possibility. Could guide dot. It's not definite that -- I don't know I know it's it's it's not dead yet but that the reports in the rumors are still out there the it may indeed happen but it's nothing nothing it's close to being done. As of yet divvy -- give you winners and losers in -- number one -- this draft map. Well mine number one loser was going to be Minnesota because I thought Anthony Barr was a bit of a reach. There were they -- community you. But they say -- -- couldn't -- get a Bridgewater late. Show you -- Matta I'm gonna go Miami I think in house a draft team and author of first round off in Columbia -- and now -- over the other side in going first round with a right tackle. I know off its Lima supplemental immune address. Not sure they picked the right one the kid from Tennessee. I think the number one thing you can put his visits cars say I'm not Jonathan Martin and his big beyond that is not very far -- just a soul. As a white white car would that -- -- threat of that's all you know but I don't think I think that was a team that could of really upgraded deposition about what they wanted. Durst we're for the names that still would have been available -- the now drafted the second. If you wanted to go. Right tackle not left that he was stuck you address you got to do when they did it. Because it's right tackle we discussed that links I think that's a little rich and you know right Canada wants to stand up little more often so he's probably abdicate the pick but. I thought that was have been reach on the report. Com for me the worst pick me easily. Easily this is terrible Detroit Lions the Detroit. I don't tighter with the number candidate. Are you kidding me you have studs up at -- there was no way they're -- you know why you don't like they have they have this. -- and I forget his -- caught I think. Seven touchdown passes blasters that tie it and it was staffer just a large brought it up there and just jumped up and caught that the golf snapper rob definitely. Rivalry. A during -- Toronto earlier. Big flat -- flash in the paint it -- have good touchdown celebration. All of us are only -- we -- without every -- notre. Com thank you Jimmy Fallon for that one but -- a team I think that did a great job. I leveled buffalo did I love the fact that they -- it Sammy Watkins to that group of receivers. With EJ Manuel. I think that is going to be just say obviously if they can get it right they can figure out has the potential to be very dangerous. Especially in the AFC's -- that is a great -- great player. I'm gonna go with would Jacksonville and for this reason I think the trade -- in that -- or morals pick the ball. Okay this the children are multiple mobile. But for this reason I think the trade with a strong enough out there in the NFL and he obviously they want a part of because they -- without pick. But to go another route there -- there they need the guy you're trying to generate the US market interest you're trying to pervert squad. Pick -- linebacker and hear how -- Hughes -- and the defense of and I don't care how good he has even pick a wide receiver when you really don't know hopes to throw the ball. Wouldn't have been in my view the savvy move. They've got a quarterback. It you know maybe portals would have been better suited -- -- him to Minnesota or real otherwise would've fallen -- -- it's a little reaches three. Which didn't fall into the trap of pick and tackle you know something like that which I think a lot of teams did you hate -- I think I don't want litigating other all day -- you I complain about a senator a martyr. I'd love to I love to -- -- your heat on Anthony -- is a linebacker what is your. -- -- -- I broke my time there -- the right. You're dealing with -- page used in the united daughters of the world. You know the Johnny Miller felt it was I was allowed by the way is that what happens after football -- able to fake it you can't handle asks for a broken -- -- -- can play football match I don't call and I met this. God that the players rhetorical shot Brad need to sort out not 55 -- mention it Johnny -- -- would -- the pick and what they did drop about an -- Not -- that was that's probably a good spot firm. I just because you know obviously Bryant or is there were her what -- earlier about my iPad and head coach saying that. It's basically Bryant lawyer's job to lose so as a base comes then I'm signing out -- that. Love man sell it wherever I was 26 that you're supposed to apart for so. I think it was right to take him there but not in the the spots on the to do what. Guys thanks so much -- -- finalists guests spent five hours now you can go home now decently quick as he sees for Christian Fauria from Matt Chatham for dog -- nobody else who helped us out. Thanks to patty Davis that accurate. What's it called what's that's what's called again. Hands thanks that -- hands and Milford. Day two of the draft is tomorrow you can talk about it they wanna date to tomorrow all day -- WEEI we'll see you later everybody.

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