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WEEI.com Fantasy Football Podcast – NFL Draft Edition 1

May 8, 2014|

The NFL Draft has FINALLY arrived and 3+ months of college football scouting from Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com will arm you with PLENTY of analysis on this year’s Draft Class. Edition 1 features the Rankings and shotgun analysis on the Top 16 Quarterbacks who could and should get drafted today and this weekend and features a look Pete’s Top 30 Runningback Rankings. Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson have you covered

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. We'll run. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the special NFL -- pre draft addition of the fantasy football podcast it's Jim Hackett. Here -- WEEI dot com on the line without Tennessee's football expert the chief editor and writer at radavan dot com Pete Davidson. It's draft day -- how -- deal. -- Could have a pretty sight but I can also use the -- I'm sure you -- four months of ranking players and watching tape is a long time. I'm I'm setting my alarm for ten minutes before first pick it. I don't blame toward don't have taken a big news. I'm blaming and and it's it's it's been a a busy off season there is no loss season in football's we've talked about. And peaked at -- Yvonne has been really really busy cranking out scouting reports. This is the -- the addition of our off season Tennessee football podcast. Additional one of the NFL draft gonna run through the rankings we know our listeners love rankings of quarterbacks and running backs. Then we're gonna do a special second podcast that you gonna hear rankings -- receivers and tight ends have died and it's the intro essentially for a -- -- -- rankings you're hearing it here on the WEEI dot com fantasy football podcast -- so enjoy it. There we will have the rankings up on wrote about tomorrow in written form so obviously anybody who wants -- sort of look at the rankings list and get into the Starr reports it's all there. But yeah this is. Were pulling the cover off here. -- -- get a haircut yesterday hammered the golf Xilinx Rehman ready numbered that I would Tony Blair wondering what type of effect it would have a podcast yeah activity can be a problem can we draw now. A little itchy but at the whiskey into ready to go. I don't want to get cut into the shower in between no doubt. -- to have that sort of like you know. It's apparent -- alibi yeah yeah not to. That can put that stupid they are educated and make it quoted as tightly as they want around your neck there's always a couple. There. Yet now they its debts like I had an outage yet no good. All right man so let's -- and so we're gonna we're gonna make this episode one of the NFL draft. Pre draft rankings we're gonna focus on quarterbacks and running backs. And so it twisted removal if he's exactly and you listeners -- have a treat because we know. That Tennessee football. Fans love lists they love rankings and we've got balls we've got a list of rankings. Who are you ready to go. -- start at the top -- -- it's probably better to start at number one to think it's you don't complete the whole list. Outside the top what's labeled as quarterback. NFL draft ranking. It would QBs yup -- controlled Jim you drive the car. You asked a question. I feel good all right so here we go. Quarterback's. Number one ranked heading into to do the draft. Pay anybody watching the -- and those who -- about to say yeah we you know we know gonna salmon on a roll and outnumber Lawton is. Like a considered -- serving young men -- giant and dropped to nine in Zell and I said Randolph. You did you get it right I'm only here and cemented you got a right so let's take militant do it well we're red hot already just act so let's some let's. I saw the list I don't know I mean we've been talking about it for months so we'll look at -- quarterback in the draft and you're ready. Let a friend this up. We've got to -- you've got sixteen quarterbacks -- wanna we do like oh yeah. A lot more than that but those -- the guys we felt weren't. You know we have limited time in the podcast well I think you know I thought it was sixteen guys who really materially needed to be spoken about. All right you wanna give like a 62. On not yet. You know let it. We've covered -- football extensively yet we think he's special we think he's got incredible -- just agreed -- underrated feature in terms of your pocket movement and things like that how to -- throwing right. We think -- integrate we never had any complaints about its feet in fact we've always those people restrict not just from a standpoint of mobility and ability to make cuts in the open field and you know all that Johnny football stopped. We can get good. Quarterback feet right. You know so yeah I mean it's well there are some issues with -- in terms. You holding up to -- into the rough and tumble you know certainly he has to prove that he can play you know we do all the people -- smaller all that up. But you know he tosses -- president compares favorably to other players have been successful at that size so. -- that's likely to get it right or wrong but we are in. That's -- number one folks. Number two we talked about. A lot and it and. I'm so I -- tell anybody who really want to see the full blown take government don't go to -- Obama we've got. The second got a report we did this year yet and it did it's it's it's that -- are taken -- -- of -- -- it was two months ago. All their report. And that's consistent and that's not what you find in the in the mass media which we talk about a lot -- podcasts like how does someone stock dropped. When they're not playing. It is amazing yeah -- and then the next I would get into the that the that the perfect pin high. Case yet he embodies that number two Teddy Bridgewater. Yeah I would stick with Betty I you know I don't know what he's done. To. You know for all you -- to -- to deserve all the derision that come his way over the last. Ten weeks you know let you know we went back and watch what the last spot countryside I went back to relax the tape like did I miss something. I can only reinforced everything we said the first place we think is an NFL quarterback sees the field well moves well in the pocket accurate. You know good quick release. If you look at first originals got a report before everybody started going apoplectic about as pro there's stuff we said yeah. He's got some room to grow the deep ball to deep ball is not -- strength of but we're talking about the deep ball. Right like fifty plus. Right we're talking about intermediate deep -- and I mean if you watched -- Brodeur played got a ton of beautiful touchdown passes you know from the forty and -- I mean. -- the big time player in our opinions. You know I don't they're concerned about the size sure. But we'll take a guy who might do little undersized too we know can play the person the -- with these so called prototypical body. Not sure of the complex but that's -- -- -- in until the -- number two we actually got pretty good separation over the next analysts. And you know what I was gonna weigh in real quick on one comment what amazes me. In terms of people's stock going down whilst they're not playing and I -- Teddy Bridgewater and how is his side is a problem in the offseason and I didn't wasn't hearing much of it during the season. I don't think this would Bridgewater here's what I disagree. Well no it's the opposite that he put on a lot of weight before they come by and and my kids and my guess -- against my guess is that. And so much we heard -- mobility and didn't want to do any running and you already what you gonna do any throwing I think I think some people were turned off about that at become -- that. All accounts he had a mediocre -- day. So you know hey if people wanted to meet a lot of become buying any didn't have a great day of shorts and tank top. And we're limited now we're gonna for the filled out the window if you wanna do at LA go ahead -- -- don't. Aaron let's get on the number three and this is an interesting play there. We haven't talked about him a lot in the podcast but yet a nice job scouting report on on the road Obama it's number three Fresno State's Derek -- I would like their car we feel like he's got special abilities. We -- the arm is just big time you know we think he throws an outstanding. Always just got really good arms straight big step off -- he's got agility that very bright -- -- really hard worker. I mean he seized control lot. Personally already in flight pianist son who's bored with the bill accord accord wrapped around his neck he almost the most died during childbirth. So I mean you know it is. I should say -- kids can be just fine he's OK but you know this big kid who's been through so much. He's got a brother who brought him up who's been through this process. There's so many things about Derek -- that are good yeah now what's bad well I didn't play a pro style offense. A little bit shaky based on some of this approach definitely has some things to clean up at work on but we feel that the natural assets purchased. So good. He's he's very very very good prospect and and I you know I nobody should get -- the first round but you wouldn't. Does the next question -- to think you could fall. -- based on -- -- -- it -- based on rumors. Any of these quarterbacks to get out of the first round with the exception Amanda yeah. That's what I'm reading right now community portal doesn't someone jumps up but I -- -- for my money. Men's -- Bridgewater car portals should vocal support for sure. Okay now what happens yeah you never know you never know what did these states which I heard Bill Polian on the air the other day and in the host asked him. You know were you ever on tests with the media heading into the NFL draft and he said emphatically no. Everything I have established a lot ice basically and said so who the heck knows. Yeah now there's obviously it's misinformation. Intentional subterfuge involved at all ball -- is gone I don't listen to anything anybody said. Other than injury information. Really actionable stopped and rights and in everybody's just for the Malarkey -- the top of the silly season. I mean did some but some of the ridiculous logic I've seen from pundits over the last week -- don't know -- to -- I don't want a lot of material there like a comedian with a like no you're onstage -- -- pretend that. -- inherited. That's that's that's environment we've been in luckily for us and I just had my head down watching tape and scouting itself. Yeah and it ends shortly which is good and and. And Palestinians can't operate now -- collide and finish. Which meant a few other YouTube logo and a little -- breakdown logo will light up my DVR extradition of world. Well I was tickled to do it because it gives -- content to our listeners and and it brings us to up where we've covered a lot of the podcast give us a 62 snapshot. On the fourth ranked quarterback in your NFL draft pre -- Rankings is Blake portals which is his name is out there are a lot. I I tend to agree with your overall -- platform for those who might be joining us for the first time. Give a 62 rant on. Or yes we can do quicker than six samples I think again. They'll scatter report -- to create bigger than and then learn everything we have to say on the tracks -- in short we like him I mean he's a big athletic guy he is that prototypical NFL body for quarterbacks and you can. He can take some. Some -- in the pocket he can shake off contacted and people play alive he's got. You know pretty exceptional agility for a guy his size. At any point the game was some heart you know immediate cease to be the player you like to root for -- out. What it by the same token. He's been consistent you know his release is inconsistent his footwork isn't consistent. I I think you know to -- the guy who's still needs a little time in the other. But he -- -- first rounder because of the exceptional. Measurable size and the fact they played so last year I mean -- he played some pretty big time games question yourself. Like portals but you know upload the guy we feel like there is -- factor yeah. There's an upset factor into the -- factor you know to me he's middle first round pick on a normal year. Now let me ask you this who with the -- back to UN be ready to a question on asked -- And the -- back to be related to register people understandably are limited and not fixing his feet. And his arm and his release not becoming consistent immediate needs to fixes base and he needs to have more consistently. And that's that's -- -- Because that would lead accuracy and then if -- if he becomes accurate. Then he becomes a pretty darn good player. Yeah and that's fair is a question I have with a guy like him who's been. Talked about a lot okay and I think we both kind of liked him more as an underdog you know verses. You don't of those guys where you think you've found something and everybody else trying to do and all the studies that stop the. Yes subways and -- you know failing and so my question is of the top quarterbacks who gonna get to more -- much more to talk about when when I look at like the 2011. Quarterback. Classic -- There is overrated at the time exactly but that's -- fighting as we told everybody back then we don't really like any of these guys. Yet it was in Minnesota clarified of people is Jake Locker Christian Ponder. Blaine Gabbert right. Let the governor I look again there is a guy we I think we overrated we overeating Gabbert. -- like them a lot. What you know but the truth of the matter is you know gap it's been hurt a lot he's never really been on the team -- much of the shot right may he may never get a shot at this point you know it's but. We liberated them a little bit we we had ponder right we -- locker definitely run right. And you know Newton obviously Cam Newton. Well here's the question and we were we knew he had other we did have yet you -- -- Newton right. But you know thinking of those three guys. But -- as -- -- that most people everything wrong because it was going to be in the one monster mile the one people did incredibly controversial view of the 100 people domestic product out on Newton right. What ought to back off of them until entirely since my question does a guy like Blake portals or other quarterbacks in the -- Which ones of these guys suffer the most from -- 2011. Failures of locker ponder in Gabbert. Well right now it would appear Bridgewater. That -- guy who seems to be. You know it's funny keep slipping in the draft and started I -- But again I would think you have to you know which it is sort of weird -- guys in -- room ever slipped. So people already got Bridgewater out of the first round of like you said I mean most of these teams should be lying so I mean from my point of view. Remember what I said might have been our first podcast -- ultimately brands are to take Rendell when Randolph still on the board three right. OK -- I I have the same attitude with with with Bridgewater I believe he's getting out of the top fifteen what do you do that when he's still on the -- sixteen until then I don't buy it but you know what I've been wrong before -- salute you supports our passion that was talked about -- got out of the first round yeah we've got Kenny -- the top three almost got out of -- And you just don't help. You don't know and it was unfortunate for a guy like you for Bridgewater for instance is that if he does get dressed in the first on the media has. Has built it that you know whatever team takes him to -- a large population the fan base I don't know what percentage. But they'll be people like that guy is what they've heard on ES TN what they've. You know her on the circles hasn't been great lately. That's too bad form. Yes I do want to play that when it comes you know and I don't know how people are gonna react to stop. It's nor -- -- I -- I can say about Bridgewater is unfilled. He makes NFL reads he's got and if -- movement. He is cool in the pocket yeah he's accurate. He gets the ball out I mean there's just there's so little and -- not quite yet you know issue of the for the people -- -- -- have to NFL quarterback starting struggle in the deep. That's as good of these guys' bodies avenue fully developed and a lot of himself. And so I mean I did we say and in our view we'd like to see Teddy through the deep ball a little bit at a higher elbow we. We do think he's got room to improve on that we said that back in January it's not like it's new information it's solid people discovered this. This was on the field. -- winter and there. Let's talk actually early on let's not edited it got to work -- people get -- that December yeah. Now remember -- let's talk about the still Almonte doesn't get the fifth ranked quarterback is someone we haven't mentioned in the podcast we teased you know. This is what by the way where if we're working with a different quarterback but is very important mentioned we do not have much separation. In terms of the 56789. Quarterbacks I mean they're all. Very similar in terms of how we value them but they're different players so let's go from. All right so you put that man Zell Bridgewater car and portals at the top tier we. Got them as yet Derek we've got them as an elevated here. And in the next year college I have a puppet yes a man tells his own two year. And then Bridgewater carve portals of the second tier here's the next -- and Atlantic. Frankly I got Bridgewater had a com portals by a -- here -- there's still doesn't know more than adequate space there all right I I really -- riddler I'd. I'm sticking to my guns like -- -- his economic team in the top ten and I to cornerback I'm called Bridgewater and about the can play. Good -- now that's at that that's good so encouraging to those you know fans out there that where he might land and that's a little bit of good information check the scouting report on a -- about a month. Detroit Dallas is gonna say that the -- that you mentioned of them without much separation number 567. -- that is really not okay. -- is -- is Tom savage from Pittsburgh. Jimmy -- -- yeah I want ice I was a tease the names of people out. Tom savage Jimmy grapple AJ McCarron -- men -- missile let's start with savage. Throw one more out there there's another player who has admitted admiration yet they're -- I personally have in this group as well great and the only reason we don't have Aaron Murray right up there with the second -- guys -- -- -- -- the ACL injury is coming back from tournament. Remember the boat down the end of that here right. Both have the ability to be at the top the -- let's coming off serious knee injuries so. What's this like Tennessee -- have a tear you know you can hang back hang back came back and get one of those players know the the point totals Pollard via. I definitely think for teams who aren't looking for a quarterback to play immediately. Murray and met burger could be nice values especially if they slip a little bit. But the first guys savage yeah. It's been very interest and players started his career at a collectors. At a real race freshman year 2009. -- came out -- hand or finger injuries second or third game. Our 2010. -- lost his starting gig. Reacted apparently fairly mature mature early -- transferred to Arizona Richard there. Didn't like the situation in Arizona are transferred out of there Richard at Pittsburgh and finally got back on the field this year in 2013 lashed. Now once he got on the field in 2013. Looked pretty good. Big strong sturdy guy with a with you know pretty much cannon for an arm. Real last name to savage can't tell -- and savage who hit -- Actually I like to watch -- that's that was predictable. But you know he's just one of those guys -- he's got a very nice nice natural throwing motion. We we do see some issues of this -- his back foot placement a little inconsistent we think it hurts and going to his left on occasion but you know tell us there's nothing wrong with that -- that's not pretty easily fixable. We think -- Tom Brady scenario for him would be great if he could sit for years we think the fact that it's so much red shirt actions so much of you're on your own. For him to get into an NFL and good NFL strength conditioning program could be that they need to attempt to the next level. And if you -- we feel like if you develops fully he could be you know plus starter in the NFL level he's got that ability. Potentially that goes to Australia for a guy nobody really -- ability to this year nobody's talking about Tom savage -- Now that yeah -- right so they'll credit for the prayer for sure we were talking about it either. So I got a glimpse of him on I think you -- living here in the. About strike cut you off but -- he's going up on wrote about probably tonight or first thing tomorrow morning his reports done. It's being edited by by. My editor who you know catches you -- 80% accurate but yeah. But yet -- be up there -- checked checked his -- you'll be impressed. I definitely like I cuts in -- for a football lot this year on on -- random Saturday you know being in that. You know have Boston college's in the ACC and its you know it it's still enough. You know the what was once the big east. You you get some of that football and they looked tight -- -- go to a club and so that usually means good coach to quarterback. Yet this savage you know he's just. It's sort of like -- burger you know you can't teach what he's got you know in terms of the arm. And the rest of it is pretty solid so you know I'm -- I'm pretty sure some of that opinion pull the trigger on him in the second round -- right now we will we don't it's -- you know got the lead. He had number six Jimmy go rob below those guys very interesting to me. I want to preach on Jamaica problem he's that's not always. I like a whole lot. You know we definitely again you know that the when we're sitting there trying to decide savage or drop or McCarron at five -- it. It was you know basically came down to draw straws so they have been very different players drop below. People like compared with Tony Romo because they went to the same school but the truth of matter is you can compare because they have similar styles they're both. Athletic get the ball out quarterback and there it. So you know to me go upload the guy especially if you get him into the system and give -- a year. We likeable lot accurate quick release. You know very very good with his reads a lot of people say that the system a lot of to make a lot of you know first. You know first free throws we don't see that we think that -- -- is replacing quick. But you know there's also some stuff about him with panic in the pocket. And you know if he is panic in the pocket at times. It certainly isn't the bulk of times to just look at the production I mean the guy you know -- Complete passes over the field every game so you know eight -- he might have some issues being shot in the pocket but that's that that generally goes with -- experience. We like rubble alive we think is gonna go in the second. You don't maybe even sneak into the first girl you know. Any limitations. You can't speak for the NFL GMs but. When you look at that program you know eastern Illinois persons you know. Texas and down there eastern Illinois a good program yeah and if they eastern Illinois to crank it out NFL caliber quarterbacks a long time. So you know it's on the radar. Oh yeah now now the eastern Illinois and he -- they've got a rich. History of quarterbacks. And Sean Payton are sure -- it was quarterback. There Tony Romo so you know I mean you're you're talking about you know. Fairly. Fairly serious guys in fact. When we were gonna become got to talk to Jeff Christiansen who also. Is in eastern Illinois quarterback maybe he gave me a lot of good information on and on some of these quarterbacks. Very very. It is incredibly bright QB drew which is really knows -- step backwards and forwards and he was must fifth round pick. In 1983 you're the quarterback he was the first quarterback taken after game. -- that's an obvious I was I was too as a speaking I was going through my mental Rolodex and I was wondering where. How I knew that name they -- act court about Italy and doing. Conference that coach coach and so coach and you're gone back at the the university -- I placed eastern Illinois you know back then every year so. They they were gonna you know through some of the games available for parts of some interest. It just in Ohio the keep an eye on Jimmy go rappel off. Definitely keep an -- drop below. We think he's you know -- -- I think gonna get a chance to play at some point the NFL and if it's a system that works for him and if he's got. A little bit of time that you can do real well. Cool let's let's go to a big program flare. One of the marquee. Programs in the country -- I -- -- number seven is AJ McCarron who is -- name I heard. A lot during the season did during the college football season it's not as much in the off season. -- the -- got a detractors. We're not one of them we'd like him we think he's a very you know pretty come in the pocket he's got a good arm not a great one. But he makes good solid NFL -- Make good solid throws you know I mean. That's our alarm limitations you know respect and drive the ball in certain situations but for the most part he's got the army needs and peace. You know people like to -- always been a winner and stuff like that but the truth of matter is this is a guy who played in an outstanding program played weekly in front of huge crowds. I don't think the NFL can be too big Trojan in McCarron and if you know for people who don't think that matters well you know -- that your opinion we think it matters. You know -- you know the fact that Tom Brady played at Michigan. Vs central Michigan right you know -- that helps. You know -- -- -- when you've played at Michigan. React quickly Taiwan's hi Lyle is drafted in 1995. It was interview and environs of the old Foxboro Stadium and has assets of what are you thinking he's come from Michigan goes to Q little place. -- -- happened I mean look they're -- -- it and you know you know to do as does the fact that McCarron won so many games matter. Yeah it's good I don't think it's the. -- us you know I mean. Yeah -- imagine you've had some athletics in your life coming -- play a whole lot of sports I played college -- You know. Those butterflies that you get early on in your career you know what you mastered. Your sport of those butterflies artist violence. It's good mix begin -- we cannot -- in order to control your heart -- of pressure situations these are underestimated aspects about flexed its quarterback. Yeah I mean you got to be able to keep your head and end and not having your heart they get out of control at high pressure. Situations and high exposure situation that's that's the scale. No doubt no doubt that and then McCarron the guy he's got it. We think he's an four quarterback if he gets a chance to start for decent team we think it would well. And we need to start going faster so let's jump on the members. Yeah haven't yet these guys act and I'm very. And the guys for all these players full. Page long scouting reports -- -- with film would come by stats so if we're not giving enough and any particular players go to wrote about it so there. Get a objective here is to give it hit lists of the top guys to look -- to keep Tennessee football positions. There will be drafted at the draft which is upon us it's imminent it's awesome and and -- in depth. The video and analysis from -- at -- Bondra -- dot com number eight is. Act met her and -- -- If it happens it hasn't signed Nevada with the -- it's not yet met but remember now has some some recent. News talk -- pick -- but the program LSU the jumpin. Yes same kind of saying guys but he's he's been able to stand -- make big plays in the SEC so we know met burger. Could go out there and do when he's healthy if you give them some receivers to throw to regional trying to throw. What took a pretty big time quarterback -- -- -- -- the guy you're gonna have to support you can't you can't ask that -- run around right. And you can ask him you know took you know -- -- time and make throws you know he needs. He needs to be able to set up in the pocket you know he needs to step up he's in the pocket quarterback. But if you give them the conditions we think you'll be very good to now having said that. He's coming off of an ACL yeah. He's got back issues which is apparently resurfaced and -- and -- if he does have some shaky start what is resonated past. You know incident at a bar when he does you know but -- four years ago and now we have a failed drug test to become by now it probably should be pointed out. But the failed drug test was for high water. Which means. The reason they -- you for having to put water in your system as a pitcher trying to flush something out of yourself right look at delegate so he could have. You know cocaine or some HGH some some detectable drug in his system right they just didn't like the water level is test yeah. So -- you know he's the guy who's been doing quite easy rehab he wouldn't disposed of either become miners pro -- made it. So I don't my inclination is to say he was probably trying to -- -- cramps. And and and get the benefit of the doubt drug tests but you know what six or find out when we see -- -- -- -- -- in the first round simply don't trust. Yeah yeah Amber's -- to second round down. We'll sales how it's how it stacks up there's a lot of lot of stuff surrounding him he's gonna be interesting to watch. Right so I think you keep Q and these guys up number nine -- again full full scouting report -- What's great is 789 -- just three of the most giant program gives college football. AJ McCarron Alabama's Jackman -- LSU number nine is Aaron Murray Georgia. They're very I gotta -- -- air very. It's such Cheney got -- story because if you 630. I think he can be the top pick in the draft blah you know I mean is that good a player he's accurate he's athletic extremely Smart -- operate reads. Great mobility great -- for the position I mean his quarterback's footwork is impeccable. And we're huge fans unfortunately he is smallish. And it doesn't refreshing TO entry so. I mean it you can only push and a high. You know joining hands -- he seemed to hit tussling bounce and -- the guy where it's just taken at all so. I do think he's a guy who. Needs to be protected he needs to be in a system where they can get guys open so we can make that -- get the ball items and he can't be a guy who sit back that it crushed all day wall up. That's said the if you put this guy the rights -- team. Lead in their healthy he can run an offense is not a doubt in my mind. Well like this like us a signal watch team that's you know that might be. Building for the future that's got the pieces in place to be perfect read. Ask me that he could beat the high -- back -- for a team like New England yeah Tom Brady rolled an ankle and can't play for three weeks they've -- -- -- you -- -- it's great you know. He could be back Joseph Kabila high and backup the war he could be a guy maybe like a cannon. He comes in sits for a year to maybe eventually he'd find the right situation and ridiculous wow. Angry this is that top fantasy football point. Die -- first a couple of years there. That never gets by you it doesn't know. Yes so they're very definitely a guy we really like. I think he will probably get drafted in the fourth round or higher would be my guess. Interest and that and that's round out than -- found -- the top ten you you wanted to include Stephen Morris from Miami. Inaccurate in that tear. I'm not as familiar with him so give me a little bit of an analyst -- We I think probably the next guy you know maybe the first guy the next year sensed even more -- along with the other quarterbacks just because he's -- He just isn't there yet he's young he's. He's the guy we really think could get there just because we love this physicality. We lavished -- He's got a good arm and we've -- -- -- we really fought his 2012 ticket is good we really liked it. Now you actually in 2013. But when I accept out and become by the it was a really. These are good honest kid -- guy -- debated question. You'd. You know he said he said listen I was played on a bad food all year I couldn't work in my footwork I -- practice every day. But in this city games you know he did he mean it is this sense I got which he probably -- -- place for about a month but he played anyway and so. Because of that we went back and look to 2012 very closely at what we found backed up we said we if we felt that he really looked a lot better play -- -- -- before it. And we feel like if he can get the kind of coaching he needs. He could surprise some people just so it's so cornerback if it obviously looking to build quarterback depth. I'm looking to use a late pick got a guy like cam vs letting him go out into the market. You know how high egos I don't know I could see him going to -- Probably 6% from equipment -- -- all right we like him. Excellent and it's that that brings a psyched to did the the back I should. It's lower than -- after this next group a little bit faster at the back at the back third I was gonna go and read into why don't go for myself and I can do this pretty quick -- just -- the -- -- -- Thomas Boyd from clams and is ranked eleventh. Twelve as David sales like -- from San Jose state out of a thirteen -- on west Texas and then he's been asleep or reporter Radovan. Fourteen Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech. Fifteen Brett Smith from Wyoming and sixteen is Keith wedding from Ball State so started with Taj brought a Clemson. Boy boy -- a guy we like in terms of his. His attitude is that criticism we like it aggressiveness we like it's hard. But we think tactically he needs a lot of work continue to work this -- we think he's you know we try you know he throws. Lower than three quarters. He needs. To work on his mechanics. But if he. Get to the right place. This is -- guy in a year to two or three years could surprise some people that he does have a lot of talent. And we think -- sort of fire -- spunky self -- I think -- which is somewhere -- NFL roster next year as for fails to. To get drafted in these these guys are talking about. -- -- on Thomas Smith winning they get drafted they probably undrafted free agents are mixed bag. I think all of these guys to trap. Well yeah that's where we're journalists he's the sixteen guys you think -- -- -- -- -- you know are they need and out some of them might be senator Olympics obviously guys like -- wedding. Logan Thomas they could be and they -- -- high priority -- -- windows but that to our thinking they should be drafted they've been -- maybe would be the exception. But anyway on the fails real quick. We like him yeah we think he's got potential but we also think he's got some serious footwork issues that have to be fixed before he can play. Successfully in the NFL so we see him as a bit of the one to two year project. And then you pull off the carpentry which got. Not a guy we'd be looking to take high Dustin brought we like a lot. Also has some -- this footwork would like she cleaned up. But man he's got a big arm and he's a Smart -- academic all American the two so far -- -- got no way would we let him get out of the draft. And I got to look at justice -- seconds for those who follow that wrote a bond on a Twitter you've seen be seen -- Everybody loses handle. Tweet out his sleeper scouting report on Dustin -- that's a good one to take a look because I don't think he's on. Excuse me the radar of -- It is pundits out there yet these -- I haven't seen him on our -- -- such troops although he didn't come by and invite you know -- -- -- obviously the NFL a lot of debris and become. Logan Thomas got a -- -- We will get a scouting report up on him at some point. We think he's a guy. There's a very worthy project. You know is he can materialized. I don't know. But he's huge he's got massive and he's very athletic he plays with Smart we think he's definitely kind of guy you bring -- -- third quarterback at work on him. In the right situation with the right coaching if they can get his release ironed out you never know could could be something special. Could be a guy is quickly and -- -- just depends yeah Brett Smith Wyoming. Man very -- -- player I really like Brett Smith in fact I'd consider pushing it a little up. Pushing it up a little higher on the list got a very funky delivery but the thing is the ball tends to get there and it tends to be accurate than you know he told you. He reminded Jake Locker a little bit yeah. You know very athletic a lot of heart willing to stick his neck in -- you'll like him like we Dwight blocker -- o'clock it's just couldn't. We just -- appearance at a solid -- when they're not actually you know yeah now it's dead it's. It's herky jerky he's all the but boy he takes a lot of plays -- his feet and he makes a surprising number of places -- keep the kind of guy. He's been -- in patriot right now. As a third quarterback but we think he's a guy who should get drafted. And then you know what happens who knows but he just. He's definitely a guy I would want on my team just sort of protection to bring -- to get a look at -- -- justice he gets so much leadership ability. He's one of those guys where. There's no doubt who's in charge. That's cool that we like that about it now wedding Ball State another guy coming from a fairly small football program. He's a big soft bodied guy it's not very natural. But boy throws a good ball and he just played the game a lot of heart. He's got a kid where if -- if he gets to the NFL with the right team and they can get his body to its full potential. Could have a shot at being the decent quarterback but just a project. So that's so that's sixteen quarterbacks that. Pete and Audubon dot com is projecting his players that should be drafted and cutting out out there. A deep scout report. Is either available to these guys now or coming and I. Any -- when he went right up not a full scouting report. But the other guys eventually should have reports great men armed now. Anything unanimous guys with something that we. It. Didn't we -- reduce -- we can detention is just on the quarterback -- the class unbelievable quarterback didn't know what indicated a good quarterback class it's an underrated quarterback class it's got -- and we think the guys die and are being distant unnecessarily so -- we -- You know with the exception of Newton. We you don't have you know just out. There's been a Cam Newton in this class right there's going to look at this product we actually admit that but what you get past that. The road record that had happened there Andrew Luck to drop class. Once it once against one years mean yeah I'm guessing you're gonna really criticize him yeah that's like saying you know there's no paper -- and based sharing. Can you break him right there hasn't we have we think -- -- good a very good quarterback class and think you know couple years from now it'll get. You know that's the -- will be perceived. The running back collapsed yeah so yeah let's do it -- we're -- have to be fast but where we're pretty significant is -- -- front and back. Yeah it's his agency is the running back position as we've talked about -- to blasters to better excellent and and it made it's it's. That's good and bad because you know running back is. A position it's in a little bit of a decline right now the NFL level but that doesn't mean a great talent coming out and in Tennessee football it's it's so critically important so here's some guys sickened. -- make an impact for you in the in the in the short in Dora longer term let's out of the top we want you first scouting reports that he put out. Was from -- high tomorrow I'll state I'll do little lightning round on Karl -- in France. Yeah we -- -- side we think he's the best back in this year's class. Just because. We just think he has the least downside yeah we just don't see Carlos -- being a biased. And immediately go to a team that can ruin their organization and give him no platform to perform commercial banks but at this -- on it's been discussed on our offense that knows what they're doing is -- very good. Take a powerful. And for a big power Pakistan could -- -- actual money he can that we were pretty sure he's going to be of these receiving backed. Pass protection is something needs to work on because that's system doesn't do they have a lot of opportunity but they're. -- got the size and agility and desire either that he's a player that -- with all kinds of desire to. We're just -- betting against him on anything. He's big time yeah that's great that's gonna think we think he compares favorably to eighty back in last year's class as well if this were last year he'd be the top -- board. Now let's go ahead of Eddie lacy the head of Latvia now. And those guys that a business may impact this year and. Those guys yeah I think hostesses special player that's good that it's good to get people barometer. Now. -- -- -- drop off we're about a drop off from Hyde. We think there's a gap OK so he's innocent either way chewed through. Fourteen or close. OK so so that's out there having you know -- compression. We did the guys we have frank it's 76. We had them right on the edge of being -- this class is tight these guys are all pretty good so they've all got -- and there are different styles different sizes -- Background different red flags two different teams are -- place in different ways. And it and -- you know what I'll talk about it as we go. Through so yeah -- -- -- -- up and our our didn't just get sounds good so -- stands and it's here of his own one quick question before we do that. Where do you think he goes like it can can he be a first rounder in the way the NFL is -- there's always a first round pick yet Willie Pete probably. The second round. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- the second the second ranked running back that you have. With the draft upon us is Tre Mason from moderate. To -- swat analysis on it and. Trade the -- where with the exception. You know straight line speed. With the exception of that just doesn't have a lot of weaknesses. You know so we just like trade because he brings so much to the table -- you know if he's got that nose for the goal line he makes really good. -- and not just opened a cut she mixed it's based excuse ordinance. Yet followed as blockers he sees the field well. Makes good -- explosive but he also stayed behind -- bad patient. Are you got he's got enough confidence in his ability to make people miss and his ability to remote is not constantly forcing the play letting up as blockers back second step and so it's just it could all around back. And we gave them a lot of the two spot you know he's a big game player. The program yet so Mason is but listen. I can't -- I mean we you know. He could easily come out of seven. Yes and at the -- tell us the next 567 guys socialist -- -- yes let's let's look at this starts its -- and swat analysis Terence west and 2000 state. The only downside to -- is he didn't play high level competitions so you will have people arguing you know well back I never would have missed that tackle the NFL in this the other. And there's certainly if you wanna argue against Terence west. Very valid argument. We don't care about the steps. I don't care but at 9000 yards a thousand -- matter what matters is this is skill -- play at the next level yet projected. We think it does. Big 220 some -- he runs. You know we worked very well. He's an aggressive runner defends his body well makes good cuts. We think he's an NFL back we've got and it's three. I think he's probably. You know he might -- the -- back taken but he could be the kind of -- taken it's so hard to tell you able to come down on these guys look we monitor its west and in particular become -- needed to have. You know he looked like he was pretty much a professional at this point. Yet who was a joke nobody wants to do who was a kid you said that had I known as the running back position which is at at and I don't cornerback out scheme carry out Arizona is number eight we'll get to him this message because it back. Recent scouting report on the on -- from the fourth ranked as Jarrett McCain and out of Georgia southern. -- -- One of our favorite backs in this class we probably wanted to push it even higher. But. Quite frankly were already pretty impressive foot exhibit four ahead of some really big -- This is just a kid -- pure football player yeah you and I've talked about about the podcast forceful -- a crazy but he is. He's got the perfect build for running -- 592 or -- low center of gravity to live 44 wanted to come by they're thirty. Who reps on the bench and that it -- He's strong and forty inches off the ground. And he had this expatriates Ricoh and I mean this kid pretty much just in the -- as street. Yeah happy we're just hoping he would put a good showing so we've built a pivotal at all. Gosh I mean he had an epic come -- probably the best either so. He's a -- to triple option quarterback in college puts about -- college athletes of quarterback in college. We think he's -- patriot written all over and allied to them. You -- question. -- Dyson is up there real quick which it is a guy who meet the isn't a re draft monster. Because he is gonna have to come in learn any system -- learned to be real running back persons you know Jack -- -- -- quarterback. You know he's a guy who took a lot of pitches made a lot of pitches he gonna take more handouts now. There's definitely some learning that's gonna go on there. But the way we look at it if you can learn through positions in college that are harder really that learning earning back. He should be just fine. Don't good stuff and it I side actress and -- clarification is -- -- different draft formats and people sometimes you. They miss read things a little -- in the season than they like and it might not do the right fit for the way the rules in -- -- works. You're clear obviously we're gonna come out -- dynasty to dynasty rankings after the draft of the rack up rank all the rookies by position once they have the new teams -- insecticides. You know player -- scheme and all that stuff so. They're quite honestly this is one of the least important things we do pre draft rankings yet can't help but missile. Yeah attic and hopefully gives people some idea where we -- -- And and we've got some really good players coming -- connection keep what's typical. Well to it to the next three -- other ones I I'd just like -- I've. Really enjoyed discounted reports on love the name number five -- last CC's struck. Some Baylor. Yes he's -- a medal loved them. -- -- I spent a couple of minutes become I would have nice kids pretty Smart -- Seems to be very. Focused. He clearly I think we -- we -- what is -- -- be clearly it is agent basically said don't give -- not a confused -- just given you PR answers just like that but is -- on film is easily the most exciting back of the class. I really is eighty questioned. That washes constructed the most elusive running back commissioners class on or maybe located -- a couple years maybe I don't know but I mean he struck. In the open field is just. Unbelievable the question is can be good enough all around as a tailback in the NFL as a running back. Can he do to pass protections stuff and he catch some passes on third down he can catch -- -- question. Yeah he's again he's he went all sore right. Yeah literally didn't catch -- -- I think nine or ten of his entire college career so there are some issues I mean listen if if if lashes she stroked it. Phenomenal hands ran great -- it was great pass protection although right now they'll want. -- -- -- But I can but we can't projected width and position in Seattle yes sir yes sir and as you said -- got -- report you know -- -- I've read a book part of you know part of this was just start making comparisons to some of the great backs you've ever seen over -- -- Start talking about -- But at the same time. You know we see some things. You know with backs. That we don't like so much like I think it's all right yeah I think AP yeah compared guys they don't -- very exciting running back who makes people messed. But you can't get on the field. You know we get beat up -- Stacy. So that's the thing is Rashid he struck going to be LaDainian Tomlinson or you -- to be -- peed yeah. To tell us he could be anywhere between those polls. So now from a dynasty perspective. You played -- one of these long term leagues -- -- Yeah I mean could actually respond to upsides -- -- goes he goes to a place we feel like you know -- that that's asking. That's -- they let Gilbert and it put him in a position to excel. We're gonna probably push him up and recommend if he goes to the you know someplace where there. A little bit more stringent a little bit more impatient a little bit more you got to run it exactly the way we tell you run it then I think you've got a problem I don't think he's Shanahan back but the. Have no officer makes sense of against the that's very clear. Let's go to the the six back Jeremy hill from Ellis you went up for what a program native met burger quarterback -- on running that. And I don't have a perfect example OK hill I caught the party wanted to put those the second backlit by -- object -- and look at those big guy where he had a lot of maturity issues. So he's got a lot of off field stuff a lot of baggage and and quite frankly. The borrowed his worst of the realities and each one of those guys -- wondered if you NFL some but we don't you know. So hill I think is a guy but the track is really get a dictate how we feel about it to some degree because. He runs really well in the big huge guy knocks people over -- -- -- big man and the thing about hill that really. Gets my attention. Is how smooth receiver yet. Yeah that's important cities and blue. He's got a loose lips soft and to catch the ball really well. So for all the fancy guys out there that this guy goes to a team and they take it -- -- and it got a depth chart because opportunity yeah. This -- could be a treat them back is pretty good PP our -- I -- to say that yet. Yeah I mean you know this big I didn't know about we'll find out more about looking at it felt thanks them. You know today. After it took -- yet. Didn't says none of someone to watch that a number seven's one of my favorites here is that bishops saying -- from Washington we talked about him greats got angry. More on the road alone I'd like spanky we were talking about and number two right now that number to these very close these guys are. If we we even thought about just saying these pleasure to hear write and record. Because they're so close yeah we like thank you a lot if you read his report below that we like them a lot this thing I like about -- is -- just had any weakness. You know he's the kind of guy you can go to just about any NFL team just about any system. In particular. Make an impact yet distant. So this is -- okay and if he's got several more in depth chart. He could be buying diets forever and that happens look at Seattle and Kristen my call of the agreement that you can forget it. Yeah look at Seattle right Jimmy Marshall managed -- -- totally forget it right. Turned in a -- to Michael good backs to Canada in manipulative airliner somewhere around 2017. -- -- -- -- a lot of that's actually get me to do about six like and that's let's do that focuses again. Think he's got speed he used a very patient runner in fact I think his patience and his. His lack of a tendency to try to -- people and frustrates a lot of draft picks and you know fraud by the NFL to a lot of people want -- Seymour. At saint Pete and I understand that inclination but if you watch him play. Usually picks the right hole run to the -- forward lean when he does get decreasing generally make something out of it he can pass protect pretty well not great but pretty well. To catch the ball he runs good routes to -- or come back and expect. So you know he can he can make the big play. -- you know it looked like it would absolutely be a good NFL back just as we call location backs if you read our reports -- -- back -- -- -- the rights spotted because. Keep your item Tennessee football -- Number eight to to dean Kerry who we just talked about in terms. -- no draw on all that from sanctity you know it different style writer kidding -- sort of like. Historical will Marshawn Lynch you know like to ask you -- -- you know -- -- -- good for the medal -- he doesn't give -- a lot to tackle. You know he gets his knees. Time between the tackles. As little. Between them an outside attack -- got a good -- for the good spare -- defend his body well he's just a hard guy to do they have done on the these aggressive. Any place or a lot of heart and a lot of confidence. Beijing Olympic Games we we we use feature. On his report. Concussion when -- appear -- at this number right but I wanna say he had 48 carry game -- it's just sort of a certain number. I think it was against Oregon. -- care. Yep Oregon last year. And therefore he -- It's ridiculous is running monarchy is inning I got I got violent runner like you said my time. Tomlinson finally. He. Runs he runs a little bit. With a little bit of the chip. Wells runs with a chip that that strikes you out. You don't risk. -- yeah well gosh that means a lot level and obviously Carlos. Yeah isn't yet here west. Jeremy -- I'll carry out. I've not done Isaiah scroll well look at these delegates yet this is one of the guys keeping Kerry Wood good all around back it's forty times a little disappointing. I don't. Tell us before he -- doesn't knock him out and we make a point if you read the article. You know we say of 48 scary game you know he carried the -- 193. Times -- the the second half of last year while. So we're sit there thinking about the fact that this guy put like an NFL workload in the second half of the college right yeah. He meant a little slow to come by for reasons other than him. Actually be slow -- but that's -- -- thinking yes this into you know that article goes on to say you know if this guy do it. We project these guys probably not be starters next year most of these guys. Because it lets face it get a feel for the most part everybody got back. For the most part -- you can check out the back it's CJ two K so. You know it you know what they go to maybe tendency here they catch a breaker you know you go to Atlanta and Stephen Jackson gets hurt again -- -- there's just not a lot of great -- just right. So a guy like Kerry. He could really benefit from not you know of being a light carry back as a rookie Daniel Evans fifty -- he couldn't expect that way it might be a good thing for him. Let's go deeper so I think that like to keep moving -- that's good and it's a good analysis and expect a lot but you do number nine to want to -- -- about it. For -- I mean he's another back we didn't run faster to -- and I think a lot of people were you know it's sort of -- back who. It leaves office this quickness and a lot of people want those back to before four backs. You know OK he's not a force for back if we had a four fight date. The couple things first of all if you watched film. Faster before fight it's I think it's pretty -- seize more forced 544. By two to start it. But the thing is. He's got to back it winds which speed anyway. He's back who wins -- its vision cuts -- quickness. And we think that and we like he's built like a low center of gravity. And he talks -- back which does everything well yeah eating skills -- -- Standing his pass protection we thought I thought you know considering he's got a big back it would to a sex. I think he's one of the best pass protectors in the strap. NASA to his size is always pattern in Indian pass -- I mean. Kevin Faulk and the patriots great path for -- what it. Absolutely you know -- -- side. It's it's it's after we like it helps to be big especially because big linebacker coming up in the election yet -- helps but you're absolutely right it's really. It's sort of like defense in the NBA it's an effort skills sometime and it's time and techniques. Absolutely and understanding the different blitz schemes and all that stuff indicating who. Could come into play right away because he's a Connecticut where if it's somehow he found -- where he's either the primary ball carrier being shared. -- -- can assess the value right away it's possible that very action if you were to buy different goes. -- -- So it looks -- rounded out the top ten Charles Simms from West Virginia. Since the perfect example production -- the guy where there's certain parts his game I would love to see it coughing up a little bit I'd like to see him defend his body more. He needs to -- farmers spin move he needs to stop letting people do you know and because he's not real good at getting people off of him. You know he doesn't break about tackles he gets taken down to -- -- -- OK there's the negative okay. The rest is very positive outlook given the open field and to make people best he can take you to take a quick. -- you know quick throw to oust -- very exciting player. It's the best receiving back in this class. That's -- that's an impact player and I -- Yeah I think he did in our opinion coach felt the same way now if -- see him to end up with a team that likes to throw their backs. You know if they hear about are the barriers while boy yeah and Matt Forte goes down. This could be a monster. He can catch 567. Balls a week. It opened -- eighty yards rushing discuss this system is good surgeon at the box on that sophisticated to watch and other location back. If he went to the right spot to DPP a monster -- Verizon. Yeah keep an eye on Johnson stands. Exact number eleven is a guy that I -- new law we can't eat out a lot. I really like I know you -- I act I know you have its own territory archery Kent State. Oh you'll like them. There's not an archer archer we don't like it except these two small you know I mean he's it would mean we spent a couple minutes have become by very. Two pounder skated really sort of get fit. He knows what he's up against and he doesn't really care so like that he just what they're easy to Connecticut I think he wants to play. Now he watched week one of the NFL to be yesterday cool -- was to get out there and start making plays. Its position thing about archers we don't know where he's gonna play. The team -- traps and could dictate where you're running back orders receiver you know whether -- hybrid of both. But he's still very exciting player. But you know just incredibly fast. And you know that the extra film that we've gotten over the last couple weeks we've seen more games where he's caught more passes. They were killed more comfortable about his ability as a receiver could use it to him. Yeah I mean if he gets to a place that really embraces his talents and thinks long term it helps them develop as routes and all that stuff. He can be special player you really could be it. Unfortunately. He's also player where after one NFL season we -- concussion problems we can have separate shall there's no way to tell. How a 175. Pound player is gonna hold up. You know to get bedroom. As London is not only -- -- Iranians oh yes and as you know they look what happens. You know table Arctic could get through the year last year though about guys like him and dole and some of these smaller. Slot guys guys to take a beating you know guys were when they catch -- deceased he's coming down -- -- -- you don't know would please see it we're not gonna build -- -- archer really until a year from now. I think a year from -- you going to be loud too bad he couldn't stay healthy or awhile -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah we'll see outbreaks and in an excuse or another. And have some sort of talk about -- crowd -- source beheaded this kid is so exciting. Unfortunately he's got to really -- war because he he's -- primary ball carrier who doesn't do a whole lot else. So I think the worry for us to where it Isaiah scroll. Is he gets on the scene where he can't get on the field and then he's not really kick returner he's not really cover guy he's not a third down back. So he needs to find that situation where a -- can either play -- or. Hang -- it long enough to get him up to speed. But it's -- if -- and mature a little bit if he can get comfortable in the system and become a primary ball carrier he can end up being the best back in this class. Is he -- guy or are any of these guys again why. Just over the wrote about in -- of violent runner who just attacks. And really gets in the defenders of the heat. He's he's like Marion Barber. Let's Marian Bauer. But more actor law. And neck and -- -- best duke it and other investors and their explore. He's he'd wake -- better repeat -- potentially better version of Marion Barber school. And I -- better like better. Let me ask you this an act any of these guys is there any fear -- any of these guys. Having had their destiny is in college or they -- projecting wallop and. A couple of guys who are worried about that not because I think. That that I can be good in the NFL but you know Tre Mason you know a lot of carries yeah. You worry about that a little bit as I said earlier with some of to be carried -- huge welcome attack winners so you know. Hopefully for these guys shake the benefit from the new paradigm are. Not -- certainly can play right away in the NFL. You don't nickel -- lead through these guys decent -- a couple of years and not being high mileage early in their careers can help them have a longer careers and you know. Get paid after -- four -- so all right. So look we we've we've got time for like two more OK so where. We're -- gosh we need to do more than two Jimmie I know the land I looked -- quicker we gotta get up to at least. We got to get to at least eighteen. Lies that he was that he was the Gaza pullout but. But -- act I'm dying to hear about stormed Johnson okay death to securing a violent runner. I would take the ball close this out what stood that way. I don't stormed a city as a violent runner I think he's got great feet. He's definitely got to be do very well the NFL another location backing these stupid it would seem that embraces style of play but. He's definitely a guy who's got the ability to be an NFL starter that said. He's also got the ability to be a second or third -- you know it's really gonna depend on him finding the right system and the other thing from Johnson got stops -- I don't he had been a -- rookie I see him being governor like first things first impeachment and not -- So I'd that's a problem I like star Johnson but I do think he's got a couple things in -- cleanup. Are the next back Damien Williams Oklahoma -- break back. Did another -- if he can do is head screwed on straight. Three down back potential double big strong fast -- hands loose hips. At a much better year 2012 it was playing and he drove it this year. But if he gets into the right system that he's trying to coaching staff that likes and and what to you know cut -- -- here and there. Couldn't have been very good. -- fourteen hour. -- -- -- Not even higher yeah well like -- sent back to -- broken right. He's you know if a key as the kind of ability that the access it that's the only thing I don't like about David really is like that sometimes people were cut she does too much laterally. He's secure more efficient with a -- that's just my opinion. But he. You do you do not get that type of power speed combination very often and then to have good receiving about blocking skills of top of that. If it's hit -- all the neck up is the backup gets fixed it's going to be good player and I have but that there's no guarantee that that. Yep then I mean it's a little it's a draft rights okay. The sort of the next guy Tyler got its Stanford -- just think we're so I'm not worried about him from the neck up. We just wanted to get a shot that we wanted to continue to get better but he's a guy 230 -- -- he can run a 449. And he's a Smart player. You -- you would probably go to the New England Tyler -- commitment -- -- like all right. I likened to declare I think he's very underrated and we thought about trying to push a liar but again it's just the quality of a -- to have it on the kept doing that. -- next -- the black mob. Did and it's yeah. -- -- a guy this is one yet this is one of senior re tweet a couple times so. Rubin existed to spend five minutes with a -- indeed very interested EDT April like. I mean I don't know Peta goes to the grindstone kind of tired. I don't know if he's gonna do everything he needs to do at the next level that's something we're gonna find out but he did play for Chip Kelly which has felt that -- -- says obviously the kid loves to play football. And he's obviously pretty good fundamental football player. To play at a fast -- Yes now that he is definitely. A fit guy. Yeah I mean depending on where he goes we might be like yes or no so we'll just have to seek. But voicing an exciting player and he's got good talent he reminds me he's a if I had to try to classify them into the small market that's. Who is a small markets and see that and the okay. Next guy here's another guy really wanna talk back as we like him yeah little undersized but this kid every -- -- Missouri. Good little player quick makes good cuts really hard to get a handle that actually I mean -- We saw a couple plays where watches still work penetration they expect like this makes really gonna miss picks up yarder to we shall lost three or four. We drawbacks like that guys who -- you know guys who don't give up on the plate it's not going to -- they -- yeah. He's the kind of back who will try to keep you won't plus one instead of minus one. Forces as you'll that. And a lot of that -- 494. Pounds -- -- really shows us something. He's also got really good and he reacts well poorly thrown balls. He played it a good program so he's the guy we feel like you know -- talking about every Jozy. We don't know why we think you guys gonna get drafted and he could potentially be very good. Next guy. Yeah this is gonna talk about this guy we really like yeah anyway it's a -- scouting report. -- that would just unfortunately we're very concerned about shoulder while his and it's not number eighteen is Andre Williams who Boston College. Guess also I think agent. And it is so hard to -- like a bunch -- yeah I -- his running style. I mean. I would I would put on my helmet pads on election. Iran as he made a major impact and have been struggling program and its conference. They've added I think that I -- -- exactly what we said in his got a report that was sort of giving something to the effect of we think he has a good future but you have a better future if he could play in the NFL the past two nights to. Yeah he's already that you can -- Bill Parcells back in the early eighties yeah it was the perfect you know now. But we don't know who the question we have is the way to find out guess what they tell us how issues today are in the back of the country will feature. -- -- the key for him is he needs to develop so receiving skills which just doesn't have he needs to develop some pass protection skills. If you have to be something other than an early -- -- right and that's gonna take time considered to have a -- in the film didn't do much of it and we needed. And that he needs sticking it to get better -- Disengaged. Did DC took this year -- -- is Larry call. Well I'm definitely without him but you know if -- had -- out of some of his -- he needs some work market. To describe a guy who basically did one thing. And he did a really really well you know about it there's no reason that they can't learn these things but the thing is it takes. A team that is willing to give -- the time. You know if something just go to patients were running backs anymore. Timmy very telling. Little pictures yeah I really be very telling into -- he -- booklet for the patriots did last year in terms of. Obviously ran the ball through a -- on. Well and they also have an ability to locate the Specter as best we use act doesn't go up against this keyword -- use this guy in this way. You don't see the guy you could be I keep you -- -- the patriots can be a twenty carry back one game. I carry back the next. You know he could he could sit around and mothballed -- -- -- -- delegates to -- and all the sudden they're rather -- we've -- -- potential. You know based I get to the patriots are so opponent specific right so. He's definitely a guy to me he's got a place in the NFL we're gonna find out where it is but. His style place certainly. Is in contrast where you have got -- Yeah and you got to learn a lot about. And the shoulder injuries. It -- at this thing about the shoulder -- that bothers me and apparently it's sort of some social as a different kind. But statistics first -- -- effects it's something they're hoping -- deals deals with time they did it well and hopefully it will. But definitely against you so I have I don't have ever seen a more aggressive upper body -- my life yeah I think it was just. -- -- I try a bit and if you have -- a professor at a balanced and they can go let it be something else. So if this kid can get the shoulders helped define the team that embraces his style play most. But I mean I based on what -- rippled over the last two years I'm not that knotted at this point. But it's at the shoulder around that you you get a good sense of where the NFL you know is or -- a real learning that we knew what we've already learned terms the position. But he's got skill you know and when the patriots were dynastic winning on the L-3 Super Bowls in four years. They they took Mike cloud from Boston college and he had five touchdowns and two games -- -- on a respite so you know there as well. Question this guy to Buick this specialty goal -- back for somebody yes there's no doubt about that and this guy definitely has ability. There's just -- -- -- that it when I look at -- -- -- -- look at the replay of the NFL I think we all know we can't. Good thing is to he's an alpha back right. Keep it out of back in the NFL can you be at 25 carry back is thirteen it's going to be willing to go that way I don't know. We'll soon be it and it would be fascinating and enter. He's got he's got to rankings for running backs we went through eighteen of them. He's got thirty ranked OK so check out wrote a bond dot com you'll get more in depth analysis and hauled scout reports coming on some. And before -- close it out. I'm that peak come back with another fox and knowing house on. And now -- I know -- marks and and it -- also gonna -- Yet NFL draft podcast number two is coming we're gonna focus on receivers what an amazing receive a class -- at thirty from rank them teasing that. In tight ends are gonna touch on to -- Yeah we have to remember to close down the receivers -- time do we do something. Without Dan mentioned mentioned a tight end. So before I close it out even before we close out at least five government yet any other quick thoughts. On the it's looking forward this draft. -- see. -- you know it's just real quick. Yet I do I have a couple -- here just real quick. The couple players were really interested in seeing what happens with them what you don't want one guy we get to this kid's parents cop out of Cumberland. I knew you gonna say MS and look at what is glucose staring and I. Just think player. What wish to see if equal interest to deceive its drafted. He's quite a package is equated I mean the big guy who ran 445. As pro day so. He's the guy we're really -- to -- watch now you -- big power back and knocked over budget guys. You know -- played against weaker competition so there will be tough to take its settlements say yes. Definitely NFL player right but boy if you -- some very interest and skills. Yeah he and he sort of the -- previous very last year he sort of relative is Marie for the right. Now -- -- a year ago so tune -- guys to end the NFL draft is upon us were excited and before you go to the draft. You listen to this podcast he just did a minority is another one we're gonna do take two NFL draft. Tennessee football podcast number two receivers and tight ends who -- -- -- our friends at Mohegan Sun for sponsoring this NFL draft. Three draft podcasts special we hope you enjoyed it. And -- a check out radavan dot com all the rankings erupt and come on back we're going to be. -- Iraqis go to the break actually you're right prince -- yet they're they're up. Well life and done Bethlehem and duck and make sure YouTube back -- so you eat out this year here. Come back and check out the wide receiver tied in rankings show coming up soon. XP.

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