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Rodney Harrison, NBC Sports, Previewing the NFL Draft , 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

Rodney Harrison joins Mut, Lou, and Chris Price to talk about the Patriots positional needs, the impact of Darrel Revis, and the top two teams in the AFC

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Well you guys know what I want I've -- for a week now hard hitting safety what does get -- like Rodney Harrison body Harris and NBC sports joins us. On the ATP hotline -- it's like Lou it Chris in Boston power you. I'm bill grew up I -- I've been saying for a couple days -- -- they want the next Rodney Harrison on this team hard hitting strong safety Rodney put him alongside -- according I think. It be the final piece to be really good defense of puzzle. Do you put safety. At the top list is that a big need for the patriots. In the draft at this offseason. I think there's definitely a need for the for the first natured but also be sent to tackle that coming off that. That major surgery and rehab. He's in the older right now -- army to add those two guys at the corner position according it has improvement that he made if you've noticed that safety do you feel important. Our secondary. Seattle Seattle -- To that clears the highest conclude that their respective positions so I think that you can solidify that defense would -- -- Secondary there's no way that he can return back to the global. Writing we all -- this is a copycat league are we gonna see more and more teams trying go after bigger defense of backs like what Seattle did. -- did that prepare everything the car. You know you feel that place in -- copper producing these guys these guys that didn't feel like you're getting your face they can get music -- line up in different places. They get their -- -- -- not afraid to tackle they follow you everywhere. Thought they did you get the extra big quarterbacks but they still have to be able to play and I -- you man I mean the two guys with the patriots have. Would definitely change support so that's secondary. It brings maturity it -- bring accountability. And leadership would derail -- different -- -- possibly he told -- -- Darrelle Revis was young guy. He -- it would at least say this the best -- -- not be the best quarterback in the National Football League. And he's been that all along -- Yeah we have a guy like like the real readers or Ty Law that's or talking about safety I like -- defensive line I think they can -- a safety but. When he got to guys we have guys like -- at a guy like Browner. I would imagine that guy next to McCord is gonna look that much better -- can be exposed as much because there's the cover up for a guy like grievous. You don't get pushed too because I mean when you have according to the good young face you have. Some older brother read -- and -- an alternate consummate pro. I mean it's gonna -- -- that certainly can be the more accountable but if that's been going god help the nation under god. Did better and that's what you want I mean just kind of like when -- game will also will -- I'll -- you gain in the front seat Samuel support still got to get better as well Talal. -- you can all the bad. They need -- -- -- he didn't come in there. They can he get that at all he can knock somebody else and what they get their secondary taking care thought it would -- it's coming back and he's motivated the focus. The scene of course the defense pass without a word about Tom Brady and also -- worry about -- defense that's secondary ticket at a young face he. And they get some debt that the defensive tackle spot I think they would be far. We're talk with a Rodney Harrison NBC sports agent. Patrick attic where everyone's excited about the defense Rodney you to tell me. How how they'll look different right and adding -- Revis. I'm adding up router and game five. Will be more aggressive will Bill Belichick -- more skill now in that secondary Willie let the dogs loose splits little bit more become more aggressive on that defenseman. -- The reason why we were looked so good that sport because we have gotten that they're expected copper. And -- it and so many different things when you have. A guy that can play bad -- congress and the quality coming down from the safety spot you can they have these these Clinton have to cover. The wide receiver and advocates would rather put it monetize it removed according logo will be out wide. Which used to Apple's other young quarterbacks have been capsule gives you flexibility. To -- you versatility. In your secondary and so many different things to discuss the play different coverages the -- also brought. Campbell small receivers at the line of scrimmage to get a little bigger -- the plot script. And that's all Bill Belichick what he wants versatility. That he wants the ability to get played more man -- -- -- -- -- -- the quarterback get hit him in the. Rodney this offseason we talked a lot about the arms race between the patriots in the Broncos word these two teams stack up right now in the overall AFC hierarchy in your eyes. I think that itself to I think they have C I think over the two -- seemed. You know I think Baltimore does -- keep seeing. That I'll quietly get better each year. I think patriots in the brothels obviously the quarterback does stay healthy nothing either some team that -- -- favorite. The wind AFC no question about it too is still looking Tom Brady's. If there is still motivated he looks great Peyton Manning the same thing they don't like they've got better because they've increased their defense of the crew brought some veteran got there. But I think -- them the lead -- -- these two teens and I think what these two teams will be in the civil ball. You know rich German just got paid out there in Seattle and we know that throw -- price paid attention -- -- a little bit older. He's basically a one year deal here with knowing when you look at that money the chairman gut. You know -- the patriots work do you think this is a warning don't grievous and think they'll actually open up the technical -- bring him back. Well you know I think right now I think it's just about you know you gotta play it out you got to -- out Darrelle Revis looked. -- rhetorical -- actually but he wasn't a 100% steel and it always takes two years. You feel that sort of following year of -- -- but it takes two years to really feel calls the -- percent. I think he's gonna get a chance to feel real the real -- decision is going to be a fantastic shape is going to be motivated. And that is money because he's made a lot of money in his career. -- -- financially fit but he won't be looking to get another payday. At what that means that twelve million a year thirteen million a year I think what he did find out the system that Bill Belichick has and how -- support of the fair I think that if he plays well they can. You know look real advice for five year contract will keep them in there and eventually to retire with the patriots. Roddy said adding a -- a big Somalia accountants say these important they've tried -- they've brought in. It's -- Wilson Patrick Chung from the quarterback position Darius Butler Ras I Dowling. None of these guys -- develop any theories as to why under great defensive coach like Bill Belichick -- that. These guys they spent pretty high draft picks on have not panned out as keepers in the patriots secondary group. Yes Brandon Meriweather a bunch of -- yeah I mean you could see guys in college you just showed you that sometimes we overweight and underweight. What -- what a player doesn't college and I think you know that the thing that you know that we have to continue to hold ourselves back it's so easy for us to say. The go live back immediately want to like Vernon Gholston to become complete about the work -- worry if you look at him and inserting the -- of these but. You know you talk that he played like day. You just never know I think when he reported in this draft I think you have to get the players that are gonna come -- right now it fit the mold of your teens. Not necessarily the best player but the player to have the personality of the bill. Second come right way and contribute to your team and I think a lot of teams. They get so. Persuaded by the public opinion and and what people think they should do. If you feel player you leapt into the condemning -- -- -- what screw everybody else does that the players to follow up with pickled it doesn't matter what everyone else says that they. Rodney what do you think about the draft being pushed back two weeks. You know -- itself competitive at the height. I would like to see the draft a little earlier so the gap is rapidly getting -- the biggest target familiar used to the system and stuff like that. It's a big hit it all but one thing that I don't really like is taking you got what you can let the Khobar get a chance to meet little. I don't like deep personal work out others are -- He's got because there's a chance of injury now it's a gobbled up there because of the need. What about fourteen shouldn't shouldn't have to be responsible to do that got five million bucks who saw the light that I mean the only all of that team that's -- a mile. I just think it's it takes so much of the chance. What in Gaza out. -- and you know I just think it's a -- constantly. I'll get job on this Friday's they're not worried about Tom Brady he showed up to. We showed up the Kentucky Derby and hot air balloon does that worry you at all. The Powell did not live within itself you know how hard -- -- could be a compliment six that flooded out hot here but it's. Welcome to Bogota -- became be it definitely shouldn't. I would that are ongoing Hollywood bit hotter than that but today you know. And yet it affects their their Rodney great stuff would love your work and NBC we will Saturday mornings here on WEEI. Enjoy the draft this week it will talk down the road. That. Rodney Harrison for patriots safety judge this year on the eighteenth -- how.

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