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The Bradfo Show: Kirk Minihane takes on the D&C Producers on the Wonderlic Test

May 8, 2014|

Kirk Minihane, along with D&C Producers Chris Curtis and Craig Sawisch (Sausage) join Rob Bradford in seeing who can score better on the NFL's pre draft test, The Wonderlic.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another addition of Nebraska coach show spots and that's always by my good friends. School distinctive clothing make you guys. And then another partner of the brats -- show we are so happy that they are. A partner of our show -- knowingly and insurance. There is no -- for integrity. And we have plenty of it here and Saturday. Today's a very special edition of the -- -- show fourth one and already very special and today's the NFL draft and there's no better way to celebrate the unit NFL draft with a time honored tradition. Of measuring players. And there and elect. That's the one early test and there's no better way to -- -- the one early tests may utilize it. Then to have -- Monahan. Of the Dennis and Callahan and minute and show. Go up against. The two guys he yells at every single day questions. There intellect. Questions. Matty -- thinks. But today we will see. If Craig solace. In Chris Curtis. Can get their comeuppance on -- because all three you're going to be taken the wonderfully cast. In what you see how they match up first up. In the isolation booths. With the media decide so I guess it's really not an isolation Booth. -- -- he will be partaking in the first fifty questions of the one electricity how much yet let's do this for students I suck at the -- go go. Ago. What is the next number in this sequence for 112553. Enter a numerical value. And -- he's talking download -- for. These series 53 plus. Something. He's -- 109 point 019. Okay. Charlie had four pairs of shoes twelve shirts. Five pairs of pants and three watches. How many days could he go without wearing the same combination of these four items. There. Review the first three and a half minutes. -- 1720. 660. 721720s. Answer. -- -- -- -- It's probably you're probably right to that was probably on. Which number represents a small tomorrow seven. Point 07 point 1717. Point 7717. That's McKee quick -- The point 07 -- these I can't help what I'm saying that you're damn right. It very I can help you took him answering -- these -- the answer up beauty -- a correct answer tough there yeah yeah I think. Programs to -- assortment taking. Julia -- stylist she makes 1025 an hour plus six dollars extra. For every haircut she performs this week she worked at holed a forty hours. Form. Full of 46 haircuts. How much money did she make as you as he talked about the look I'm just reflect as I was reading that question. I'm thinking no you pay attention this strike. As a -- your question I was thinking of the next two contestants who -- coming in answering these questions. Critics now which the producer of the dancing talent and so. The and then Chris Curtis also producer of the Jessica Lynch and -- end you know Gerry Callahan GO dentist appointment -- -- -- UPS to brush his teeth for an hour. Well he had very good points. How much money did she make. I -- in the time's ticking and now. The options are. 66692. So it's 247. To six -- -- -- Like the Vince Young to be a someday mckinny's someday Kurt -- I was going to be on radio podcast. -- doing math it's. I'm going to say -- gets them unfortunate necessity. -- -- coffee but have packages but it is six Levy's picture. This due. It's 21 more to assist you -- this thing takes forever look at that's more time okay. Reduced the action off -- I don't suck at math this is all one -- is as math I don't know this six cents a fraction. Ortiz 35. To its lowest terms the -- One. Who says -- -- -- be on the workers to sevenths okay. Use. 22 fifths. One by capture keep. Keep -- -- the same number yeah you know. Okay abstract means choose one. Difficult to understand. Strict. To -- mistake something else she ends up happening. -- Repeat again. Abstract means difficult to understand straight. To speak for something else it's happening. You altered state in the abstract to -- state abstract mean all adds audio and abstract means you got to understand strength. The mistake for something else. She ends up happening. You're just QB bad news you text yes -- and can be either eight. -- seemed to think. Keep asking too much talk -- -- a -- game show. In the abstract. I've won I'll say I'll say I'll say I'll say I'll say I'll say one 82 carriers -- difficult to understand. Does that writer dirty sent its what do you think. That war tenacity is shoot one talks -- and stuff like Christmas balls tenacity for yet -- yet now I get. -- And it's it's. She's. Off flock okay. Michael threw for 1654. Yards in his first five games. At this rate probably yards Williams thrown for in fifteen games. Choose one. Threw for 165455. Yep. At this rate how yards you're thrown for fifteen gives -- it's very important. Because when Johnny -- those dropping back the past right he's actually deciphering these numbers in his head we sit out put. I guess is I mean the -- -- what we do it. Yet but it is there a reason they measure these guys' hands. We. Is there reason why they measure vertical leap for decent defense lineman yes. It's. Well. A couple right 4962. That's a mile -- of a greater fort 624960. I'll give you play for -- -- -- also in your pocket music calculate -- -- divert the correctly completes the following sentence. Leaves the rod line where it is a few key creep. Leave the rug lying weird ones leave the rug lying where it is the way the -- lay where -- -- leave though -- drug laying. Where is. Elaine. These -- wrong way. And this is uses a former. -- copy yet. Theaters as the night. Leave the rug. If you don't answer yeah I do you do. Yeah. Leave the raw -- blank. Heard him speak and we appreciate you should act but it did the current. Leave the rug. You don't know. I think I do them wrong in this you have this three -- leader rugs actually answered -- question that we -- A lot folk who leave the rug. Not silently in. The rubble afterward news. Computers. You really appropriate time with CCC. Share away. We have the right light where -- the rug lie -- lie. -- Hey why SharePoint sweep the rug why we're it is not a sounds right to music refused Sunday what is it on the he sent it was a. It's line really seem too obvious to me. A corporation budgeted six. 730. About the count -- 735. To be spent within the sales department. So far -- department has spent 1355. Dollars and 55% of the budget. How much money left in the budget. -- -- all of these. I'm sure after you pull out your calculator -- phone. It's a notebook with the same texture of a basketball. All is forgiven -- that the producers -- kept. It. Don't you think that he was the place to play. Via two minutes and twenty seconds per minute painted into. Nine cents up fifty questions. Wonders oh we're we're going to be partaking in this with a few other contestants are very excited. -- those contestants will be myself. It. Believe that is fraudulent but that's okay gene Rayburn did not partake he he did not get paid off. Improvements they've -- Brett Somers Brett Somers. One minute 44 cents. People talk that this would take the actual got him. -- that's why I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt because some talking going it's 950 questions. -- OK there's the three B seven 195540. For a what's going to be forty -- -- exported the -- 45. As he begins we. Get two more which number represents a small amount 1815. Point 11 point eight. Point 810. -- -- attempt gold gold gold gold gold zone so it's six seconds -- recurrent let's go. No stimulus. Point six books for the second week it was a more of the worst 34. Into the third week sixteen last in the -- and 34. Jesus. Barron's weekly parking -- for the week in June was 26 dollars for the second week it was eight dollars more than the first week and for the third week. Sixteen dollars less than the second week. What was his average parking fee for these three weeks editor who are numerical value -- You can do this. Nineteen seconds. -- you can do it. Eight. -- 126. When he third place. It was 26 a more a less than makes cents. -- It. Missed a stroke prior that you have to separate paths that sisters throughout -- and never want you talk. Portly about an -- that bad score seven a twelfth. Not yet this is -- think it's difficult specially wouldn't be talking to distraction so on now low Woolsey will see you match I noticed that was. Read several yes it was great they would be be it should be no question -- and you in if I sat down at physically in front of the must be summed up her. Are you have been talking all time there must -- some -- whispering fort you know what's different view your car -- that you answered like that was my driver. To do it again. -- know -- it's. Our aren't that project list field. Our next contestant. Dennis -- in producer cranks -- bush. Pronouncement last name correctly smallish -- yes -- is closed in on the good. All right are you confident this also known as sausage. Saucers and can be found. Twitter at W yeah I saw sausage. -- like wildfire Twitter. Are we gonna take this wonderful test. Are you confident. Not really okay. Unlike cart which I talked the entire time which was distracted I -- you view the benefit of just being by yourself. Later he need to do. I'm not saying that you have a calculated 2.0. But if you know. I'm not going to be here I don't know what goes on and here OK but I need you to answer the questions and tell me when you're done and general review okay all right. I am ready. Are correct -- completed the the one -- tests how do you feel feel horrible. You feel horrible well I hate math. A lot of math. A market reveal your score yeah. It is I -- I want to this synopsis -- -- The winners and losers in the hole in the -- -- occurred -- Hillary laughed so just -- Ewing Chris. But still opt -- I don't you know your score. I think you should feel pretty good about it I don't idea the effort was there with -- that you thought it would be. So I knew there'd be a lot of math involved -- yes you go to mass. Not really all right well you know that was my favorite class to skip and I will see how -- -- -- out this is the beauty of the definitely key to great day of the NFL draft and is no better people to represent this day I believe. They yourself Chris currency Kurt -- and because this is the ultimate payback for him right. He gives you guys all cut the crap and come away if you can say I am smarter than you -- All based on my score I don't think that's -- that's gonna how pretty all right a final contestants Chris -- and the producer -- -- -- -- show you feel confident you feel good. I've got everybody I've heard some behind the scenes rumblings that things have been going great earlier but stuff right it's tough test everybody in the fitness is that -- concerned that. The bar has been set sold -- by a fall below what it's going to be all about me tomorrow I'm trying to do is give them little -- I dispute on Wednesday you know even keel. I think he's the ultimate payoff for you and young sausage. Would be to come up no matter what the score to be one point better than than young men and and and then you're you're going to be skipping to work tomorrow all like gaga I -- especially with siblings these animals are counselor with the -- outside yes yes yeah all the column that no one confide. It's best to procedure kind Terry. -- the line a -- that disappointment Terri Mitchell one take the -- elect. OK -- we were ready this very self explanatory. Are you -- going to be in the room I was in the room for Kirk I felt like some commentary you -- -- Executed via and so. For Craig I was not in the room and I'm not -- will not be in the room per view and just go and ready to go to our number here we go ready 123. Yeah. All right we have the results from the one early tests Kirk worse is the producers. And I'm here to report. The producers have won the consistencies today. -- can -- a nice score of twenty. Right in line with Michael but Michael -- right yeah Michael -- that's what the long NFL career very successful -- -- it came -- but a -- as he -- -- that's right if you played quarterback -- -- splitting image -- -- its wheels yes you do. And Chris Curtis. Did not -- very representative. 91 below its partners here got blogs that all hop hop hop. And he -- that folks because he get the city stores Michael war of course you listening made a movie about that guy. In order and there was a tough test and that is the of an adult I'm done making portable media players because that was. That was rough you're not done making for a plate that's real and that thank you for the players for the the person who use. Will not also be done making fun of its -- Right what why is that wrote because the oh we forgot we've doubled to score yes seven. Seven yes I would so here's as someone now -- I will this is Wales say when you guys talk about this tomorrow. Is that he'll say that I was distracting. Because I was -- commentary as as the people who listen to podcast and here. I would why it was going on I was basically to gene Rayburn and mash unit so the so who. Don't worry about -- YouTube search so soul he's gonna use that as the -- does not giving you fair warning. Banned by get a seven in what the strategy Dicky Dicky was much more meticulous you guys. Answered almost thirty out of fifty questions both the thing that's right. OK so I can you would be your natural for -- that is correct team to pick up at. So who's -- -- -- with a mop so. You guys. Are you guys who did not have the distraction -- -- -- left -- in the isolation Booth by yourself. And and sure that might had something to do with -- but not everything Kirk I think got through eleven questions he was very very meticulous. That's not a good or bad thing that's just an approach and in this case with a wonderfully test that is not the correct approach. Yeah and eleven I think a big -- -- Edison's response I'm sure they'll serve you guys were talking in that answers sleep but you know I have to say Greg. -- mid twenties that's that's -- big winner -- -- -- team I think you are you guys I think the sport of wonder early testing is the big winner today but you guys are not too far behind so. Go ahead what -- Thank you -- thank you very much from the participation. And on this draft day you should feel very good about yourself that you have been compared to Michael Vick in Michael -- respectively always closer --

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