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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: James Blake house explosion 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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I headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network in my precision fitness equipment shop the pros do. Precision fitness equipment -- helped Avon. Cable on yeah on -- performance artists is what he sounded like the last time you heard. When we when he got caught. Marching in stilettos. And -- bail. Down boiled eggs needed they were back rice cookers and right back -- well he was in court yesterday site -- self -- performance -- at a production designer. -- -- -- -- Performance artist. -- mental patient. A blogger blogger asked. Me jail bird. Ain't college drop out. In me Greg -- got one hell of feminine he said. It's with the -- at some names that that SFC. Floats. -- -- some analysts have you have anything at. All is it L yeah amazing and and so zags. Lose the touch I guess so evidently he just won't do a couple. Brigades and the board's August Lawson talent. Came on Edson of Wakefield sobbed as assistant Suffolk district attorney Susan Carey told me -- court judge Thomas -- -- The government will push ahead with charges of possession hoax explosive device. Threats to commit a crime of disorderly conduct the Massachusetts College of Art design undergrad faced up to twenty years in prison if indeed it is in -- in Bridgewater. He spent the twenty day stay in Bridgewater. And we deemed competent search for that you Barry believe that's the league that's competent to stand trial he did anybody say that -- herald I herald. A you have do you think. We have a picture. Crying I -- yes opting. And the story next and that is competent. Passing. Match is bail has been down to 50000 for a hundred grand or returned to court June 3 for a probable cause I'm guessing doesn't big bills since we've heard from dismal and his brother. Again in the -- from home jets judge said you take your GPS bracelet -- his medication while mental health treatment if he posts. -- -- -- -- -- As well as classmates family should -- its class with professors packed the courtroom. But not acknowledge reporters in the seat for a woman's. Had no for an classmates professors friends and family. -- In jail. They called -- Wheels for a faster which opens. It's. It's I was surprised. Nobody would comment. Reports gestures -- June 3 returns for probable cause. James Blake in the news for the former number four tennis player in the world with mystery for family members bodies were found. After intentionally set fire damage to Florida home belonging. Was -- about. Authorities said Wednesday we -- -- -- call. Sure I would. Want. To -- -- -- -- -- I can't I eat out of the bank -- -- addicted to it. -- -- -- -- -- Stewart. And now. You're great. And I got white. Extra. Oh god I might -- I. Two adults who need to keep. It limits come down -- -- house burned down. Forcing house exploding in the Tampa area so how. Times Square feet that we just a year. We're she's get her to calm down as opposed to saying hey fire trucks get to this address. He's it was she buttons and five I don't know like type in the messengers and have lunch. And we are gonna get an artist that please what are you wearing -- yeah. -- get to the stars last night that and you believe altitudes where one slot and you believe that. Aussie attitude said that two teenagers in two birds isn't intentionally. Set fire court idea of bird count feature this was started actually by unknown accelerant was saying I don't remember James Blake. It's good player. Never won anything yet. I defer to men and all things yeah it was better on clay there was a better get a real good primary US open. -- American player he arm. -- -- -- He's African American black now remember that I remembered the call I think I don't remember as a black it great -- like. Sure at some handsome eight of the seriousness it on the areas can be slow meticulous. Processes they figure this out. Maybe you know this in the -- columns. All -- but he never talked to a Catholic and bad relationship we went to Richard but was there. The deal at Arlington that you don't easily match it's their -- and he knows first and say the probe -- in the -- audit were supposed to have that comes -- and it was a game last night. I yeah. I get the sterling. Story from us it's we we asked this yet. Whenever it was two weeks ago which we do well -- not pick in this line and Chile wants her team Mac. She's she did she -- last to go to Oklahoma City game politics she's going to when an -- it says it Sunday products Saturday that it notes Friday. All right that is that is their -- -- in -- night in the box good. With some beautiful black fellows are under you know she's she's thirteen 25 and public. The players. She's been in the locker room she's seen she's as beautiful bodies. Like Hibbert. Without pressuring him or if you're Indian yeah that's a plays like that right you're vocal coach looks so easy formula score right when he wants to that. I mean nuts and what's your explanation Paul George the completion not use up -- he's tired. Is a dream like state. A Peruvian air force and CO whose parachute malfunctioned during a training exercise. Survive 5000. Foot fault with a broken bull that's -- that's a myth I I I'd call obvious. It's a miracle he's alive -- -- doctors said was the will of god survive. John was 31 underwent a battery of tests at the hospital and southern Peru and said there was not single rack I don't believe him in Peru. Probably has an air force. At a hospital -- -- like bush said that the death. Like is it like The Three Stooges we lands on the overhang wiggle that they've got -- yacht outing Ollie just said tomorrow that's Adam's last name jump from a military plane at 15100 meters at the ball 5000 feet. When he went to open his parachute the wedding wrapped around his neck lost consciousness we on the cushion the fall but he's alive in your reply reply its Arctic. -- served here for three years -- transfer to a military hospital for additional noted that the public -- you know he probably files the hit a bullet typing felt it in the wrong. That's a big. Did you read the Vinci code and angels team Jen is I'm. You did not added collectively Chico suck for the -- -- a hole like. Mexico fiction. So wide you would try. Everybody told me get a -- but it's actually would have been ten or angels probably it's probably mobile excellence league get to this part -- the conflict in four fifths 56 the way through. And the guy falls plain and lives and right there said the engine on X. And obviously you gotta look at stock in the what you -- a couple weeks ago when final why. Will survive that nobody's trying to get the Somalia that weren't true I'd jump the implant 3000 treatment plants and my parachutes or kinda opened. And I broke my ankle he can't do that but if you're knocked on your body texts like the drunk guy that -- hard never gets hurt right file and an hour ago maybe spices -- relaxed he landed the tremendous where Richard Land somewhere soft cotton field. -- -- Tripoli and the don't -- talk about that does -- say. They don't know -- as well you know what might have been the big pile putting. Don't you think ball up putting. Fear is comic mystery girl. The year tightens the -- fractures everything. Upon contact the fact that he was unconscious. That's why. So he's not a circus circus performers fell thirty feet and broke ever got hurt yet. Oh -- report that -- heard she fell from Mars again on earth. She knew she land them right that's what you think action that was maybe dream state in a gravity. She died I was -- -- died I'm so convinced this is Woody Harrelson ethnic on dead in true detective. There important already knows hostels purgatory in the late they're walking to the to a I stand -- that in cities like listen in Springsteen -- is always the mean yeah. Hungry -- that's about that the existence of man in the universe in the you know -- all let's go go shallow wanna -- text view. The -- -- of Albany knowledge that we did well you live to we we use so will get the set and before you're exhausted its true will be -- the -- and that's headlines brought to you by. AT&T -- at 61777. Point 7937. Your phone calls next that we are going to attempt to fashion. The most idiotic and irresponsible statement. Around game four tonight might have something to do. Thirteen year old girl I.

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