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Joe Haggerty makes a fool out of himself 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Joe Haggerty's bizarre column.

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Shenanigans. I used the word shenanigans. And about a hundred years shenanigans all right it's Thursday morning it's 2 minutes after 6 o'clock. And I -- nothing if not organized I have -- to do list or today. Is the -- made eight. One. With the Internet today because the doesn't drop until after 732. Thing on my to do list is to try. Really really really hard. To find a mock draft can't find him anywhere haven't seen any of them right draft begins at 8 o'clock rush I got to find a mock -- somehow some way. I also find out why her hand. Was the one. Kicked out of Comcast last night well -- also like to do -- was asked to these numbers. Such a strong black eagle one did -- dot com cast. I also wanted to -- wellness check on two parties. Not on Joseph Hagerty we did yesterday. But on his thirteen year old female friends. And -- Hamilton's immediate bam a policy of Erica. And tell me that as a grabber. I think I was in -- got a late dreamlike state while I was obviously the keyboard and and writing that the government doing it at about 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning after. I've been at the rink at 830 and not it getting done what TV until midnight so I just say and hoped for the best and -- figured I would just -- edited piece. When I woke up in the morning and that was not the case at that. About thank you CBS radio that is a week asked BC's right there isn't any. Ask is please I would get credit for this. He didn't say he he was at the rate since 830 in the AM 8:30 AM. And -- -- anything you know I just got anything I was on the empty stomach was an empty stomach he didn't use the Ambien defenses -- I might that might have made why was it -- at 830 yeah Kirk -- rhetoric I elder of the corn dogs the first one that's come out of the path to get what their frozen but what -- I sources. I've told me tiger was not at about 1111. Let -- -- there he -- there yeah I mean let's face it at the time you -- their faces a grilling like that yeah touch throughout July. I think my lasting I gonna get in touch with arch. Find out about his curry yeah yeah that it discourages -- -- tonight and whether he's gonna lean you. Mean it's yeah you guys is in May -- it's in said the industry thing. But that is the worst. Mistake. The worst the most egregious there it is making up a quote from a -- in Boston well the only -- with a thirteen year old girl boy that I would I'd like to know more because moon shall Obama's ordinance special forces. The -- It. -- excited she's gonna send it troopers in the get those sport girls it's rumba. Here's the thing go today later -- you wrote about it if you haven't seen yet on them Z -- dot com please look at this we have tweezers it is a great column in two. Oh it's feuds if you into bad blood if you're into hatred hate revenge revenge revenge and we'd love all the this is a must read as a told. First thing aside this morning that it didn't have to go well written just have to be that funny it is but doesn't have to be because it's so rare. You've never seizes its me you we hear all the time here in the whole year or at the global. Or any Comcast are nests and home media people they gossip and backstabbing. Talk about each other it's what we do right yes and rarely does make it in the print and their alleged media writers. Steve cars -- each whatever you know. They don't write about these kind of things where they should. This is a very rare thing where a guy opens. Kuerten at the pages that they got a big kick it there -- a ticket pork -- behind the curtain behind you and this is not easy to do you do not need leave this back -- meat on his bones as well. I commend you -- -- more commendation sure you'll tightness. With ultimate I did yeah did I -- it without an education. In -- -- in the dream state. God obvious I was up and I was -- -- -- I was up early as the managed to right. You know I enjoy my television career was fought but now the top kill the other things on the -- TV. It kicked out of Comcast. They were fine and went in there ask questions atlas and restore in the middle of looking at this so just leave right now that's fine that's not a problem at all took off. Made some phone calls talk to people on that as of right now haggard is not the discipline at all so I'm I'm -- Worker -- Catholic people there. I think they bungled this from top to bottom Gibboney arable. Terrible job you know it's less about it as you noted that -- -- in a Smart move he -- the last commendable Comcast people all the fine people even named name which comic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are all great. That one guy who's up in Montreal right now he -- -- as yet he's he's still he's riding on today's TV he's joking about that practice yesterday at the other writers and you know I think that. Radio interview yesterday at the worst call he's basically saying it doesn't care is given the middle finger. It was employs when they do immediately cut down his TV time last night from an extremist like that fifty force had -- I think I was in some -- dreamlike state. If there were and I know I guess web sites Comcast. Does a fine job but I guess they don't have the same standards as say the Boston Herald he would not if you do this for the Boston Herald if you made up a quote. From the captain of the Boston Bruins. There would be repercussions again I would -- property if you do on the sports section the Boston Globe you probably -- some repercussions of did in the business section. You get promoted the -- in the friendly -- and as we know the business section has those standards they have still employed. The disgraceful column the disgraced column Borges who knew in my minded committed much worse. Journalistic sins than than Hagerty. And paid no price so that we can include the globe in this but most respectable newspapers would do. Would wouldn't. Column home at least I think that I am going to -- the enablers worse than being -- -- -- is the dummy he stupid so so so stupid. All in these in these in these qualities to his tries to be devious he thinks he's Smart. We should do something else I mean it's about the worst he's ever gonna do. It has gotten worse and worse in the so far the worst but he's on the course let's just hope it doesn't involve a thirteen year old girls wolf. Kirk Kirk writes my finger on Hagerty is the same as it has been for years. He's easy not very bright. And -- -- that's just that's not very bright. Incredibly insecure with a clutch of dilution got a great combination. He's been on the edge of journalistic -- on the edge of trouble journalistically recently. Get into -- Red Sox clubhouse belt now in just a bit and I'll -- I found the drug but The Herald standard. That The Herald I think is considering its suspension of their hockey writer Steve Conroy is he failed to get the -- courage and get out you can't have -- Questioned his own team's courage and not -- in the -- -- I had this -- still makes no sense to me I don't hate like you do and even home what's the explanation. For the quote no for the story what a -- could have -- which explanation for the exhaustion to exhaust exhaustion now he was on TV at midnight. And filed at two so some part time between twelve and two yeah he reached a dreamlike state. I can say hi there. Now maybe not these days but in my life I've written exhausted probably more than Joseph Hagerty. I don't get this we're exhausted right now that -- equipment -- every morning I went exhausted you don't even know that half of it right compliment to but I can't. Relate I don't understand what that means the dream like state of written. Exhausted of them radio exhausted of Britain in -- with the couple Beers in me in the old days it. Last call him probably goes on medication apartment that sick. I don't understand what dreamlike state means you lose complete control of what you type we try to get them on yesterday. We'll try again suggested yesterday that response a couple of equipment Twitter there's and I expect that put him on the radio does regular gig and giggles about the fact that. He he wrote something that includes -- -- up -- right from the captain to. Records to thirteen year old girl parts there but hey let's if you look at punished that's that's an idea that's -- kids -- in the punched. Intellectually he's about eight years old -- The criticism the reality a compliment. In my if I don't -- my daughter's seven she's Smart he she actually seriously is that I did that with her -- treat her like that. That's what would happen. So you know it's a public charter Comcast. It's fat ass stays in Montreal my papers taken -- Could of insurance requirements for -- -- problem I strip malls that are. Sure sister as as it was some call the NHL didn't know press credential he's out called hotel. He's out you're done this if you think he's done. You make us look like fools were -- I I don't know and -- -- you know all the things he's done this one I still need him back here to tell me what. Has its. Doesn't make any sense heat exhaustion. You know you've been exhausted you've been exhausted. Every once been exhausted. You lose control of what you're thinking you're writing what you're saying he's got the regular -- in the morning the got up. And the list of unpardonable sins just goes on and on and on we haven't discussed the fact. How could you hit send without at least once reading. No children yet I've never senate email we -- for Tamil Tigers right you've got well -- and that spilled anything. Gets its say and -- I work for the got The Herald I'm not go to his name is Obama like looms can only run and yeah and he might not sit next to him and he would write and send. Let's say how do you do that and and he just leave it up to the editors who was probably a good way to go you say a good way to go through life. I would worry about every word not take hours and you just finish and be. -- -- -- It's just cavalier you know -- -- ever write anything like this. Now now that's good well it you would not because there and it -- slap in the states and -- is in place and I've always that is thank god. When you say some people write web sites and have no editor that's frightening yeah is there -- editor. Comcast together several others -- He threw them under the bus he sure did -- I -- as I tell you the way I mean seriously where were today you can't directly be fair but you could do that if if it's just one mistake or something and -- you can't do that when new tight. They made up quote. You gonna think and editors and what would editor of the on the -- are quote from jar -- courage. I think there was this question the second part of that we believe -- -- you guys and he probably they probably would have thought it was type approach life or to Libya or there was. Knocked up the second quote made a blue dot -- -- that you can't say an editor is supposed to catch he made up all right. And you'll -- an editor's fault when Mike Barnicle made up stuff that the globe mean you don't say editor. I mean the big boss for let them. You're so he's not lying plagiarizing. Jayson Blair so how it ought to catch a thirteen year old girl or Doug wasn't immediate spam they never saw it correct. Mean is this just not possible you call your boss you say what palaces in the Comcast's statement they sent out. They said there's a breakdown our editorial process that fortune -- of posting a big draft story. Joseph -- contain some unintelligible references we apologize for the error. Working to ensure this does not happen again so throw the editor of the Boston went -- let's encourage agree that last line. We are working to ensure that this does not happen again -- out out out Crosby -- -- actually filing through TV true. I know we got a story the wish compare the two stores the -- is more interesting yeah tags are -- hand. That both filed today the bull ride for very popular local web sites. That -- You know. Right about similar subject him pretty much yeah. With the right amount have you have you vetted Hagerty is piece today again is its living -- -- star edited. Now now that's -- it's actually now it's all the standards -- because the girl's now a tee off -- -- debate yet has yet if -- adjust aspect has written and that China -- -- question and because -- Stewart -- To Nicholson Graham -- -- it was worse that's worse like it like it I can believe that what she did that. If you're. You worry if it -- Saturday aren't you worried today that you've lost your mind as you mentioned health concerns that was the first spot. And then we heard and giggle and on -- boyfriends about how it's no big deal and that he wrote. And made a quote rumbled thirteen year old girls. But no word like. It's it's almost like to run tweeting UAE company that I really do that -- He was on CBS radio. -- Reinvent the wheel for anybody yes no -- should have to reinvent the short so Hagerty after the game. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning right that in game three game ended at ten is that about right laughter seemed to -- Montreal. Filed a story at 2 AM. The specific suffered on TV it till twelve so you leave the we initially thought you have to be like. Hammered you know like yeah falling down drunk right but did he have time to do that I have not gotten did not think so and so I mean. And that that 151 row. Couple and you're talking about time the type to all right yes file that was hard. Filed what I wrote had been set I consider this the most bizarre call -- I've ever read my life which I stamp. Some questions some highlights after the -- big goal in the first period he writes about that gets quote. Accord is I didn't see it I was on the other side of hockey rink was standing there this time around said the thirteen year old girls. Parentheses Patrice Bergeron period quote we need to better job of stopping that indefinitely was -- the effort that we want and now we've got the results. HR quote. We've got to be better if our courage we've -- -- you guys. In -- finishes at the sentence is that this is the closure of one would be expected as the Bruins go back to the drawing post in game three in GO RD potentially keeps long that roadway while Dan roach isn't around to lay down his -- I don't know what I'm doing and where I'm going to -- His mother were absolutely a wife at a swipe at it like Harriet yet if that's if your wife yet to work its patents were excited not. Right yeah I would do if if if I were Hagerty I would of gone with the dreamlike state. I would not have gone with the had a couple on an empty spot. That wouldn't go with. Oh some sort of IIT. Mistake. Where something I'd tried to set up I thought that to accept that's easy disprove view at some expert. Not that you could desperate bid to set the agony of your Hagerty what you cut and paste error somehow right -- our Dan Hagerty yesterday at wake up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- find the doctor final cost us a point last night was weird. And what's on the front and checked herself in yet let's check yourself -- -- -- your cup or medication had a whatever -- affect what a Smart boards with a Smart person would be fair. Tweet out LO well and Emma go on the radio at different about it. Stick your middle finger to your employers are -- and you do commend all the of the Comcast people it is a fine website but it's not good. Journalistically when you laugh about a made up quote. It would drive me if I'm Tom card for example it would drive me nuts not would drive you crazy you would know better than I do well they'll feel about it -- they added that they -- the doors of the newspaper guys. Current. McCadam these ago this would like to think they're still doing journalism this consensus about him thank. Izzard says about you yeah -- fortunately it there just. In reference to the most bizarre line a ball and and be like them. Everything from dumb and dumber it will be funny years from now he writes it's a quote he quote somebody I've no idea who. I didn't see it but I was on the other side of hockey. Was pending there this time around said the thirteen year old girls was asked to books. On CBS radio. I think there's -- currently deployed there played it. Stunner tonight between playoff games -- maybe that's a bit -- that's -- -- 10 boy band playing at the LT would teach my that's what I thought originally was that he was doing like a wacky side bar on. Some that makes sense there's some boy band playing yet they play less than I have to say that's true. Maybe with -- to a kind of funny side bar the post about it talked about the console went to the arena. In May be quoted thirteen year old group that would make sense that's why that might not gonna make up. But I -- his copy pasting something yesterday from something else from some stories screwed it up I'm more I'm worried about this this doesn't make any sense I don't think he would get drunk. A lot -- -- and you think you can do to lot worse while writing -- -- drinking like -- right. I don't want to help at the end. And I. Went by the -- -- let your RYORD. Exactly I don't see it. I don't see it doesn't make any sense that you what's Steven's gonna go to was hotel and it's like half the words many more. So you'd get the rule in east doctor -- India typing -- sending all within the hour and a half. I don't know man is going to be I I would go with these sinus medication yes against the best and said I mixed it with some of the year. I'll be here are some open and -- -- that's lasting remember -- advocates who have -- some slack. Yeah -- leave him what's the Genesis of fear. Just hatred of him. Schools. In his please note that move that's about just trying to keep people's 40 again -- some battles in the past the start of the question you're chips I. I laugh at the toward the tweet was a great move by you start opening with that tweet and re tweeting I laugh when you tweeted the tweet and the tweet from -- -- for two years ago added that this jokes are remembered. -- mean embarrassing himself again with personal vendetta he should try actual journalism instead of covering sports from that. Much like. It. -- man actual journalism. Actually the natural -- high time you are right now -- today and the title it's clear that -- they were very many people within the Boston media who email -- -- that -- The note the irony of that not so much music journalism but this before yes -- -- you produced no way to go to relax right yet to do that in. The you'll -- He's then worse yet the worst he's the worst. Yet I -- you but it's a historian says he wants the best portrait of a live he's just about the worse. Not embarrassed. As some some of the considers a part of the Comcast chairman of Paris these are these are bad idiotic cousin -- you know I guess we keep out for -- -- -- -- Epithet that these days thanks in Stanley you -- back enthusiast media family. Yeah. One here is reaction one last time before we move on BS this electorally I have to admit that will be cut number one -- CBS -- Japan. Why this army have to admit. I'd probably be in the fetal position and in my bed and and be just say an August -- the -- com grow and you know I'm yeah I don't it would be like. I. We've seen plagiarism scandals -- be like. It's -- Borges again work for respectable. Business section his career be over yesterday he made up all that stuff. And you'd say why why -- do that why did I let myself do that often wonder about people who are caught plagiarizing why not just. Call in sick that day -- did you couldn't think it's not -- yeah -- idea wouldn't call in sick picnic or just say you know you computer broke rather than -- -- someone else's work. I think you're idea was probably the best check himself in just a capitalist principles. That. So I don't but it a medical events that -- -- little sympathy if if this were me and I didn't do that. Accelerating the deep nose dive bar and hurts it I'd do it LL meet a -- myself say this I looked at my name and that was under its whole -- I'd also say this that's true -- -- boy could have been held a lot worse and stuff I've written the bodies -- texted or emailed -- member of that stuff some spilled on the all of there's out there for six I need to I don't know but you know not to automatically. Buy it on the first I wouldn't be laughing -- I wouldn't be a beat. The viewers boss wouldn't and -- to more McCall. Yeah response to cap X if you're trying to present the website as real realist right which they do if they pay these guys aren't out of these guys are real jerk is he like your current current. Make an outbreak equal or Britain McCadam make it -- or -- -- rhetoric right. The Smart thing to do would be to check yourself into rehab clinic and say. A problem at work for rob Ford sure these sort of sympathetic yeah -- Progress that I'm on foods your eyes -- explanation this but he decided to go. CBS radio. And I think I was in the got a late dreamlike state while I was all the -- -- the keyboard and and writing that's been delivered doing it at about 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning after. I've been at the rate at 830 and not getting done what TV until midnight so I just send. Hope for the best and -- figured I would get heavily edited piece. When I woke up in the morning and that was not the case but that. Hans who hit it. Our have a more fun and you are -- -- don't don't I don't know areas outside -- -- -- -- -- happy that he doesn't and so considers that aren't six point 777 point 7937. Game for the bad news they say 730 that means closer to 745. Which is about fifteen minutes before cloudy gets picked. You can now I'm used but unfortunately. -- looked at a when -- twentieth pick was made last year yeah. 11210. And its Brandon hopefully. The most you can you -- apart if you like but. I don't tonight's Bruins game expecting them to -- that I and -- tonight's Boone's game expecting to win. Like to -- three. I expect them to. Assert themselves that the exert their will on the commit all of those things we expected before the series began still expect the you have to take that act based on the fact you said they are the better team I'm I'm I'm watching games and watching it unfold. Where my wrong why what should expect and -- about two or three goal lead in the series. That a lot of shots and a lot of attempts to that'll. Chances. Open is eventually going maybe maybe this is that they don't. Our first words between what do you guys think -- do we -- back there are two words we need to examine and we need to figure out which of these two words. Perry is the date in game four tonight will tell you what those are.

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