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Joe and Dave with Will Middlebrooks after the Red Sox sweep the Reds

May 7, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Will Middlebrooks, who drove in the winning run for the Red Sox as they get back to .500 and get their first series sweep of the season.

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Well certainly a huge hit tonight that because it was time to get over the hump -- -- the -- here but what was your approach with over this is a guy I was walking the ball market. He did show great patience. Yeah no we you know lasting what to do was walk him right there softer to come right after me. -- -- the couple breaking balls early in the count -- the plays a lot of -- full count. You know -- those meters or. Well your you've been a good hitter in your brief Major League career with the bases loaded if you're hitting well over 333. And he hits a grand slams what's the key about eighty units. Why you know what is its its focus of trying to really locked in right there in. You know those you know we need a big run right there and you know it's been tough couple past games or so. You know fraternal walked in to -- up the middle of the field and good to this year. And you you tomahawk it and hit very hard the bottom of the order really was productive tonight cover started the rally in the sixth that tied it. Yeah you know Murton is a great player he's he's good teammate and you know he had been out there a whole lot of former come out they're not contribute like it was pretty for -- Well how important is this does to go on the road this is the first week now the Red Sox two games -- rid of it. It's the first week in Europe 500 heading to Texas. Yeah it's huge you know you know going off to tomorrow to you know get your feet back under -- sit down with a couple of little momentum. And you know the last week or so -- pretty good baseball player and you know nine complete innings in. That's what it's about -- getting -- that Bill Hall for the first month you know -- the rust off and if you because -- effects. Finally be -- to get the Texas see my dad will be at the ballpark this weekend yes absolutely have a lot of family friends there -- -- often it's been that. Will enjoy the flight congratulations on a big hit tonight aren't as efforts individual thing. Well -- Brooks who had the game winning hit in the eighth inning a bases loaded single Red Sox here back to 500 for the first time since April 4 --

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