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John Farrell: Lester's last start might be his best ever

May 7, 2014|

We sit down with the skip about all things Sox. From Jon Lester's amazing start, to the Sox 8th inning bullpen issues, to Xander and much more with John Farrell.

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The manager of the Boston Red Sox is joining us right now John Ferrell John how -- to a -- great -- great we had a out. A text dot texture who -- make sure you ask the manager this question. When you were pitching. If the manager had come to get Q if you had one hit and fifteen strikeouts I would -- reactive. Well I would expect Jon Lester or even myself to not want to -- game. But were also in the middle or that the latter part of April or the first part of may. A -- coming -- start what she was up over 120 pitches in his previous outing so you know you your managing is much. For the entire season as you are given five day cycle and given the way John pitched that game -- moves well in hand and felt like six run lead going into the ninth that should secure win for him. Well in -- when you pitch like that we have a fifteen strikeout. Game against a very good opponent. Obviously you know Jon Lester is talented and you've seen him in some big performance is much bigger than a game against Oakland but what you see from him in that game that. Maybe been seen before this season at least. Well this season that was the best combination of power and command that he's shown and might be one of the handful of games and his entire image of the career where was that precise that powerful. For -- innings. You know there there's been some talk of his no hitter a couple of years ago against Kansas City how does that rank up to that and I would say he had better overall control and command within the strike zone. His last time out and did the no hitter. Coco Crisp took the best swing of the day on the first pitch thrown the ball -- the -- ball park foul and then after that it was a lot of miss -- You know the the bloop single into right field but he was in complete command before pitches particularly as fastballs cutter. Being able to throw a -- sides of the plate which is gives the illusion to the -- that the played as much wider than normal. Did you guys ever talk about work for you and your position. I can understand how might be controversial topic Jon Lester we've talked about his contract. He has talked about it but but not in detail. Is that something that you pay attention to it as a manager or do you say I'm staying out of it because I don't wanna be. The go between. Well couple things first John John to me is doing an outstanding job of being able to your car. Compartmentalize. Of that side of it with what he's in his work in between starts -- day in and -- -- his pitching performances he's doing a great job with that. On the saints saints -- certainly we're all interested in seeing what or what doesn't take place without that's common knowledge and that's I think human nature forgot that. I mean as much as John does to the organization and original guy at all those things combined I also believe that there's a lot of Smart people involved here. On both sides of it with pin and -- and Tom John Mayer and everybody that's going to be taking part of that from the Red Sox for -- and and as well as Jones. -- Agents and representatives said that battle -- worked out. You know the one thing that you do monitor is if some of that frustration might filter into the actual performance and that's what you keep your Ryan on. And that's -- said that the -- that Jon is doing a great job of just focusing on the things that he can control. And that is taking the ball in five days great night last night by Grady Sizemore Houston after the game nights like tonight. Can go a long way towards rebuilding -- he's seen that happen with other guys in the past we're one big night it'll walk off report for night. Really gets them going well I think you know by comparison by the good -- presents -- the Grand Slam in Toronto that that was a way that you know he had a major impact on the game. And I think for guys coming into this. Environment or or to a new team or coming off two years of injury is -- -- When you have the newness to that there's a game I think or games that can go a long way to that player feeling like he's an integral party as a contributor every time he -- on the field. I would think last night Grady comes off the field feel static about himself. Not just in the three hits last night at the last couple games is put together some really good at bats. In Cuba that the one thing to people -- was gonna probably focus in on -- -- that there's no there's really no template to the situation no two year gap and then here comes a guy. Who's working his way back into itself. Though we have to. Look at Grady as as we do every other player. But recognize that there might be some a little bit ebb and flow a little more than maybe again it's not miss that much time -- You know big -- form last night and swing continues to -- the production is there and and physically he's responding very well to the to the workload or parliament. John sometimes I think it's hard to -- compared to yourself if it yourself prior to this was perfection -- was practically perfection. Especially all through last year in the playoff run. So when he looks human as opposed to superhuman here this year. There's some wondering about what's going on do you see anything different in the way he's delivering the ball or throwing no. Not not physically. You know the velocity is still same the the pitchers that users are still -- not everyone is not eliminate one he went through that spell you know in in New York we stay away from rough four days or so. And I think as we're learning Koji two reloading Koji as he goes through different experiences plastered nothing but positive. Particularly mood of the closers role so as he moves further past the bit in erupted term of the brief. Time away because of the you know some. Your attention shoulder I think he's gaining confidence each time he walks out there so. Every guy reacts to those things differently they they deal with. There's something in the back of the mind a little bit if they're if they're physically OK is the last hurdle to get over mentally and I think we're seeing coach you become a little bit more -- moving towards the the performer he is set such a high standard for for himself. We talked about the -- many times. Few times this season. More than a few times your team had an opportunity get back to 500. Where it within those situations to be tried in the ninth and I've coordinate the previous all -- -- And not the 500 is the is that the all in all or even a good standard is just average but. You have a sense bigger picture you have a sense of who this team is right now is here in the first week -- man. Getting closer to that you that you yourself that you looked up the roster you see the names you have an idea of what guys are capable of put them and when the pieces finally come together as they've done in the last ten days -- everybody returning from. The DL and then -- get some idea thanks. It -- and then you see how it. It comes to life. Will -- within a given game. There are some things that show their head that are very very positive and as we talk as -- as a group not too long ago probably 45 days ago. That's Europe a lot of what is being made is is the runners in scoring position in the in you know. Bottom line is you know when you peel the onion back and as we talked as a group. Knew that this team still easily in doubles it's. Second first second and walks. On base percentage in the top three things that we did last year that were on par for a team that scored the most runs in baseball. So you you you can look at the underlying things and say okay there's a lot of the things that are going on here. And yet where's the disconnect with you know maybe the total number of runs scored the these are kind of bigger picture things that we talked about as a group. That we know -- we've got some young guys that were. Getting their feet on the ground there are some situations at their findings themselves in at the Major League level that are. Incredible learning experiences. And experience and is gonna pay off as we get further into this season. So when you see the gender or you see Jackie at the plate -- -- -- -- of the -- those key spots. You know that opportunity is gonna continue to come their way as they're gonna grow into those RBIs -- type of hitters -- we feel that her abilities are gonna give us. We just have to. Stay the course eight and continue to ride some of that inexperience but know that they're gonna grow to very good players. I a listener on Twitter ask me a great question I thought to ask you. Without movie -- hurting and Junichi. A little bit off his game are you concerned about your setup roll hall right now. No and I know that there are things that -- -- talk to my occasion at length about this from just little while ago. -- we went through a period last year where the -- -- situation was a little bit and flocks. Junichi into being and that's probably in the backs of into the eighth inning role does a very good job. In the we got a point where is like you know maybe he's better served with just finishing off an inning and and matching up as best we could and that's saying that that's the way we're headed or who were wrong. We have some history with certain guys in and we have the ability to. Two to make adjustments which you're gonna be required to market at that many times of course of the year look at it like the way into Miller continues to come. And the way that he sold a baseball we have alternatives. In house if there are matchups that suggest. Not necessarily a quote unquote eighth inning guy regardless of -- -- facing. We stole like that and probably will take the approach of matching up to give a platoon split as best we can. Knowing the coach is an anchor and tonight and we've got a very good bullpen are pitching in general has been very very driven and well above average. And we feel like health on our side that all that will continue John would you like to join in with Mariano Rivera and his discussion. About the second baseman that you take. He's not in a game seven would have been Robinson can know what Dustin Pedroia well I think anybody who hurt either wears this uniform or or or as a fan on this uniform that be in the Red Sox it's Dustin Pedroia and you know marianas comments. For anything the -- senses gonna have -- a credibility and weight within our game. But the fact that he says that. In lieu of a teammate I think. Further bolsters what we've been fortunate to watch each and every day that customers -- Red Sox uniform and I I hate to think where this franchise would be without him what he's done already and what we fully expect to continue to do. But. He sets the pace force of that many times in the way you were actually competes the the way he makes others around him better. He's a special. Social player how we know with with some of the things have happened in baseball the last ten or fifteen years some of the stars. Have been tainted a bit and some of the credibility of the people used to have his lesson. I can't really think of people anybody. Higher than Mariano Rivera I mean he hasn't been. On that list he's not one of those guys that people look at Australia you know he's a fraud or whatever. He do you think about a higher compliment from somebody else and in baseball and he's not technically in baseball or no not at all. -- is one he has -- very unique perspective Tony has he he has a pretty unique perspective from a number of angles sixty feet away being one. The -- two players the center of storied rivalry. Ball there are all star football or World Series champions. So when I think when. Anyone thinks or or. What their first thoughts are when he -- -- -- or dirtier. They might set the bar. In obviously it's debatable but their -- at the board and their character their abilities their -- -- credentials. That that note can take that away from so one of those players is that return of them Dustin Pedroia organize your uniform I think it really speaks to their class. And what they see in between -- steep -- well. He obviously got the check. Which is critical it doesn't -- so I thought that's what makes ago those players specially in the wrong right that there. And maybe -- self deprecating to a certain extent or certainly just deflecting praise about work. Idea I saw yesterday at the Jimmy Fund clinic and a half joking with -- and -- a day off Monday -- what you do. Is set to explode game why -- it can ought to plug it on Monday night yeah it's you know. We don't work -- it if it's our passions are like but we're also. Fans of the game and you know you're you're -- want to game between two teams that. Hopefully you see some time later in the year and not that something's gonna come open telecast last night that would stick with -- -- From my perspective you watch I gave situation unfold and and he can get a sense of what they're thinking about what their options are and and the ultimate decisions that they might make but in general you like to see game well played -- Two good teams on bottom and and I and I broadcaster saying something in lightning that never happens that rarely happens to broadcast. Broadcast is anything like that that can I -- by the way that they are one of those guys who you don't mind interleague play as long as it's in your ball park actually. While our team and American League team is not constructive to. For the nationally style game who -- we understand. But I will say this that you know being being in that mix and being asked to make those decisions inside of -- -- style. It it's very interesting that they're so much more I think there's many more decisions have to contend with as you can and the six and beyond. And it makes a game five in a way. You know it it's different forests. But at the -- theaters in time if you're fair game -- love being in that and you'd you'd relish those opportunities which -- lineup tonight. Well against leak will look to -- a lot left -- a little bit more so laden that's gonna give us one through five be the same as last night presents he slides up in the six button Bradley's in the seven hole -- middle -- eight and perera is gonna give Jack I give -- -- night off. And be at shortstop. John we appreciate time as always thank you OK guys -- yes and actually manager John Ferrell brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun back with more interest compliments.

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