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Bruins look for answers after disappointing Game 3 in Montreal

May 7, 2014|

The topic du jour: The Bruins lackluster loss to the Canadiens in Montreal, and what this means for the rest of this series.

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Man I sure wish I could come up with some magic words here are some magical formula that I can tell you exactly what happened last night and how the Bruins are gonna fix it for game four tomorrow night but anything I tell you is based more on faith in fact because I can't explain what have. Got to tell you thought it was a different look -- -- double figure that around 10 o'clock last night. And I'll watch you guys on -- was -- and all around kept going back to other -- group helped me something explains to me. -- -- -- You know and everybody else today has to tell me why. There's no reason to worry. Because the Bruins played by far the worst game of the -- yes they're down two games to one Montreal at home ice advantage. And I don't recognize. That team and the Bruins sweaters. So tell me why it and Tuukka Rask is not playing like -- By analyst he looks very. A bad but it's very average Obama -- that -- -- You sound. I don't I. I don't know Carla I found that I UC he's average he's not bad. But compared Carey Price well like I say you know we talk brick and I talked about the last night the capital of the list of problems that the Bruins at last night. Two -- counterpart on the list. Unique about one back -- But the defense fell asleep on and to break aways. -- in a perfect world -- -- the break aways yet no chance in the back door -- but he stops the breakaway sin and you know somehow you find a way to win this thing. Tuukka Rask wasn't great. But he wasn't the problem last night. They were not emotionally prepared to play the game at the drop of the -- does not happen but how -- that have no earthly idea but the funny thing is we ask that question how does it happen but. -- -- -- Dale you've seen as well. It happens in the playoffs in the NHL what's happened it's happened in NBA playoff games in. In football games in the playoffs and I still can't figure out. How do you not -- mentally. Prepared to play in the game three against the Montreal Canadians in their building. Well I would say out of the three games that we've seen in this in this series. The Bruins have not been emotionally ready to play. In two of them and -- got down a couple of yes now. You can take I can give you want I give you -- fears that they had that against Detroit in game one. They had a similar. Similar problem in game one of of this theory although. 51 shots -- it's -- one shot I don't make it sound like dated much. It themselves they weren't themselves in game one they certainly were themselves last night and was. For the for the Bruins their talent level. That's that's as bad as I've seen them in the game that matters in a long time now I pointed out before you point it's up -- at the end of the regular season. They've probably -- a good three weeks to a month without a real challenge. In games that matter what you wanted to see something from from the Bruins. For the most part the last couple months they've done the job last night at -- -- that's. I have a theory and it's only a series and they're watching the game with -- last night trying to figure it out ourselves yet. I think part of it is is this idea in the back of their heads. It's almost subliminal at this point guest at the box -- at the box can take the extra penalty kick a man down. Specially probably even even personified even more by how well Montreal performed on the power play in game one. They came out in game two without -- from the drop of the puck marsh and off the opening face -- is is smack in sticks around I think -- Brendan Gallagher if I remember right. And and they came out hitting from the drop of the puck. Last night there in Montreal it's almost like in the back of their heads they're saying well you know -- you know that Montreal's gonna get first power play and and it's it's like we we gotta be careful here we can't do anything dumb. And what it did do was take them completely away from their biggest strength the size they have their their ability to impose their will they didn't do any of. Seattle I don't like if that's through I don't like that that makes me worry even more but today. I think a lot of people will talk about some of the some of the easy come easy suspects. So. About it in game one the easy suspect was park house. You bring an upper class but yet we can hear it. So so even thought I suspect was -- -- He. Jordan -- on will be a very. Easy suspect. Well not necessarily -- you but my point is -- the fringe guys you could talk about the French guys whether it's bizarre -- You're stars have to play like starts for the most part different players are gonna contribute. In the post season in any sport but ultimately if you wanna go somewhere -- star's gonna have to step up. You look at you can say took a -- is that the number one problem for the Bruins last night but in this series to graft has not look like himself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then look in -- picked up the stars you know Greg's Greg says crate -- -- -- done well. About a gala. That whole line. Has not performed the way you expect on that though the one guy -- I think through three games you'd say is performed at or above expectations as Bergeron. He's the one guy who we you get the feeling every single time he's on the ice something can happen. I just think that the Bruins. Got themselves they talked themselves out of their wheel house last night. They're wheel house is we're gonna impose our will. We're gonna Wear you down we're gonna make it tough for you to play in all three zones were gonna hit -- from the drop of the puck until the final -- And -- talked themselves out of it. Be careful can't take penalty kick in the box the other -- on us on the power play five on five were were dominating years so we kicked me in the box and the next thing you know. You know one plate at all the way they're supposed to play at dropped. If if that's the real reason delicate there's another guy got -- -- and that's the real reason. I gotta go at the head coach. Because your guys that you see that from your guys. If their plan like that. Today screw that. The Boston Bruins. Play our game -- were -- -- don't worry about don't worry about that you're not fake it. It's my job -- think -- called out there and play just play the game how worried about all the stuff what you should do what you shouldn't do is go play the game. You're down 21. -- certainly -- your backs are up against the at all and it's not a -- between gains yesterday. Mr. -- just four out of seven are now not they are now attacking game that technically it's not as we've seen technically that's not -- -- yeah yeah I think it's a must win technically is not a must win so -- lose tomorrow night they had no chance of coming back that's the I don't wanna say that almost no chance because 'cause obviously the numbers tell you there's a chance. But just what is common sense tell you if the Bruins go down 31 a Montreal. Do you think the Bruins can beat Montreal three games tomorrow. Yet again you guys have -- idea the beat Detroit four games in Detroit -- -- there are still the worst -- Michael model that still the better it is it likely know -- yes. I agree with -- it you know this it's one of those you -- went -- and actually. They're going to be up against that if they don't win tomorrow. Which is why I expect them to come out with the -- right spot lights the last night. If there's a common denominator about the -- last couple of years. -- don't seem to do that until their backs are against the law. You know they're down three goals with ten minutes left to play in game seven against the Toronto Maple Leafs at all crap let it go in here last night it down you know three nothing. Before -- get the typical. Now they start to play but they start to control play a little bit the comeback in the third period during game two. I don't know what it is. Always seem to try to make it harder on themselves than they have to. And now they've done that made it harder on themselves having settled. Out here and win tomorrow night best two out of three you are right about now. When tomorrow night absolute -- and you lose tomorrow and clearly you can't there's no chance when of course there's a chance you're down 31 and in the in the series is not over. Yeah you can come back and win three straight games but. We can talk all all in one of the system and -- there with a better papers that would have been better on paper. Great. You get cooking for that and not get a gold star. For being better on paper app wanna get a better -- -- -- horse candidate they'll still have your record class if if you're the better team on paper. And you have been out played for the better part of three games -- and you can hang your hat on while we were armed on the third period and we we we. -- We had him on their heels in game one we peppered him with shots they won that game. How we could of made a comeback in game three we start figured out they won that game and it took eighty. Miraculous third period to get your only victory of the series yeah -- got to be concerned about around it wouldn't be down. 31 but I guess I guess colored by the fact that I've seen this happens many times with these with these team over the past few years. Against -- wrong. And -- Not coming back and battle back and I want to ask you deal if we talk about Claude Julian. You -- posting shows. On TV listen on the radio and read on line in the papers. You hear some people say something's got to change what -- going to do. In game number four -- -- he doesn't do anything she had gotten a play better obviously not out you know at most only to line up changes. And LB. And I mean -- the wait them out to -- what are less significant players on your roster it's -- house key informants our house it's. Just in glory in for Jordan Iran mean literally that's the only moves that I could see him making I'm not -- makes both of those. But those are mostly all okay it's not like like -- well Dennis Seidenberg gonna make its return -- the bruins' lineup tomorrow night. Most fans would consider these to be pretty significant moves they just have to do better well detective Michael yeah please Smart. That's the dumbest I've seen -- Bruins team played two years. Just -- all over. Little site of so I'm coming out of the penalty box you know the grateful about with a little about Robert the first go. If -- who do you put that on but -- -- -- -- Duca not an Kevin. Kevin -- got to make that. You know I I think Miller thought again has picked up mechanic he was nowhere near and it took the time -- -- defensemen on. On the side of the ice where the where the pass was coming from the Blue Line of -- pass yet two guys on that side of the ice yet nobody on the back door. Her for public damages -- now that's. I I love me some some Miller but he's got to make that. Well -- you senator earlier dale and in this is what it comes down to just just to wrap up this point of you know what next game means be it whether it's 22 or 31. Coming home for game five for the Bruins. If they lost the game last night. And they had played well. Fine mean obviously -- win but if you're playing -- -- if you're playing at a high level and they lose they lose a close game. And you feel like they controlled the game and it just happened on those that you felt pretty good about game four. I don't know about you. I am I'm a little freed. Of game four for the Bruins haven't seen them be themselves for an entire game get that we play three games of this series. I saw the -- and I saw the Bruins for game four an excuse me for for game two for a third period all of those of the Boston Bruins watch out. I saw the Bruins. For the most part. Of game one but not the entire game. And hadn't seen it all last night. So. Games into the series. And double overtime game won three games into the -- haven't seen. That team that was the best team in hockey I disagree with only a tiny bit about last night when Bergeron scored late in the second period. From from that point through the end of the second and probably the first ten minutes of the third. You saw that broad -- -- there was a tie where we're rated because they weren't getting anything out of it but what you saw and it's time there were 7080%. Of the time the puck was in the Montreal song. Have you guys seen let's say it this way you know getting guys the cliche is always -- in at least six humans paraplegic humans are forget that might give you a much -- and curve. ABC 45 minutes in any game. Including the double overtime -- -- 45. -- whatever dole out the real -- liberal and now. -- -- -- Now how much blame do we give the Bruins how much credit that we give the Canadians. For instance David -- Who you know you'd like to see -- top line certainly -- Seymour crate G who has led the NHL in playoff scoring two of the last three years. You expect much much more out of him expect more out of his line mates again each. As -- points -- pretty accurately he's got almost what can pitch on him most of the time. And camp which is rare and I don't want and not give and it -- credit here. I know I wanna blame again at night creature like everybody else does but that's like saying you know look at -- and playing -- -- -- -- What you gotta you -- -- you'd like to -- throw at you gotta you gotta be -- you have to work harder. And you can't have these mental lapses the mental lapses that the thing that acting driving quote crazy. As in -- observer it's driving me crazy. I always thought the Bruins are just smarter than everybody feels they play intelligently. They don't make defensive mistakes they cover for each other. I've seen them make just. Home place. Hit it beat on some of the plays they've gotten beaten. -- but at -- that we Scola. Looked thing block goes right to bring care. He he springs -- who was in the spot where the shooter is that those things can happen to blame for what he blamed for the for the -- breakaway. I don't know for Doug Lee Hamilton. Us. As I heard the of one of guys say after the game last night it's on all of us every single guy on the ice and on the bench is supposed to be yelling. -- time time. I I know that -- after the game Tuukka said he didn't smack you stick on the isolate goaltenders normally do -- of a power play. But then I heard Shawn Thornton on DNC this morning say when it mattered if he was or not he wouldn't -- anything in their anyway but everybody's got to be aware. Every guy and the ice -- got to be aware haters three seconds left on the penalty here there's two seconds left look -- comes out of the box. They all just lost -- they all lost track. It's which one of those mental mistakes that I'm just not used to seeing from this team. You know later and got John -- common -- up minutes. I'm I'm I'm guessing most you wanna talk about hockey today. In the Red Sox will -- oral commitment and we do everything I don't I think I think people want to -- and I understand why but after. After John -- I'll only get to some sound that -- -- -- at last night. After the first. After the first period he's talking about the case and an act and you didn't hear you probably -- work you're doing your other job. He shouldn't be you shouldn't be paying attention here curricula but. The argument you should be -- A -- hey hey -- you've got is an export partner. Well I would not unlike our I report accurately and I report in all of this. But I wanna play that. Down -- if you agree his take on on TK who -- In terms of what he is in this league compared to other defenseman. I'll be curious to hear so after John -- That's a nice way of saying. I'd tell -- before -- show. I I. Don't with a tired and it's it's at an -- every few witness and to add in the interns and comes -- and threw up line that's -- in -- for some seniority lined up the rest -- -- -- -- 7779793. -- telephone number. Michael's got text machine their 37937. We're here live at Fenway Park be here till 6 o'clock. The Red Sox manager John Farrell will join us in just a few minutes Greg Dickerson is our third guy in as well now let's get a couple of calls before week we got -- -- the break Brian Boston. Brian Europe first Mondale -- -- -- guys that within an hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've watched about eight times last night he was he was not back in the on the idea and -- I'm happy to criticize him in horrible you just got the wrong guy that was Kevin Miller's fault. Now it was it was right next room and it was even move this seat is quite. You don't I prefer you thought the first O'Brien. A Bryant Bryant Bryant left. I don't -- blame and guys here I'm just in the right guy but Justin just to be clear Brian was talking about the first goal of the game he said it was all again. But he was right there with the guys he he wasn't there he hadn't gotten there. Miller sports app that guy. Jarome Iginla and brick broke its all down last night and post game to get its responsibility as the defenseman. T left its responsibility. To try to come back and help on the backside on the tip. But -- Miller and Miller wasn't the query was supposed to be like -- how he's played so far in this series you're not getting enough bottom I don't know wishes were back. But at least get the right guy you're gonna blame him for the goal that was Kevin Miller. He's got to have that and just what -- deal. Looking over your shoulder here just that slightly off topic ESPN just that came our breaking news Richard Sherman. Has agreed to a four year 57 point four million dollar -- contract but. Forty million. Ladies -- forty million dollars guaranteed. Somewhere and fox right now Darrelle Revis and they're tired at all. Everybody's talking about you now as it including and especially Darrelle Revis probably Revis is probably on Twitter right now. Congratulating. Richard's serve well dessert welders are a -- the second best quarterback in football at the second best quarterback in football if forty million dollars. Wait till I hit the market next 6177797937. Maps in Providence you're next -- -- And that -- worried you're worried Matt. I know I'm not or netbook out adrenaline spirit that are due up. They got and obviously. Ericsson has let. Completely weak and out of sync. Now 11 -- battle I gotta stop Watson has got not. Also -- pat Gillick apart ousted from an arsenal brand numbers aren't that well and -- Like October but. I hate each of you to do slope that's it. And do you sharper and outlook as an error on what is most of the time he is not optimal. -- passes then. Matt it's your -- your cells ready to talk about Chara Charlie -- not pass it up and it's a fair point because they are. I think there's there's swallowing them up a bit. It looks like they've -- four for whatever reason. They've been able to disrupt his disrupt his passes seriously disrupted shots you know Montreal has been all over this I don't know that is their hallmark. A blocking shots but -- -- at I think they've done a great job and all three games. Now it's funny because on on the power play the few times that they've had power plays. And -- pointed this out to me last night they're actually playing him differently than others don't even Malone -- They don't think he can make the play down low. You know they're they're not afraid of that big body in front of their net minder to kind of just OK you can do what you want we're gonna take these other guys out. And and their feeling is a the Bruins can't get the puck through to -- be if they do get it through to him he can't do -- up went off. And and not -- they've had a lot of power plays they have one last night on and it led to the -- -- A lot of the penalty box. But you know when when you look at it it's almost as though they're saying leave the big guy alone down there. And we'll worry about him at the other end he took a he took a slash in the hands from born a ball on the first period that -- left for awhile the deadly but I don't think it affected how he played America. Making excuses for how he played last night he wasn't alone. You know he was he was in that big group a lot of this is expected of guys like him to cut. -- she starts they can change all the jealous I don't wanna hear about guys like Mazar roasts and and you know Kevin Miller although. Kevin Miller was the guy who was responsible for the mechanics -- stars have got to play better. And guys are paying the big money to the guys who have high expectations they've got to play better. -- that you said earlier if the Bruins had played well. For sixty minutes last night you feel all right after a pretty good I feel better because their best players haven't played well. I'm expecting that makes -- bill that -- -- Arctic -- to players to continue to play the sport. It's -- feel better because the supermodels -- -- That makes me. Number 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. Broadcasting live from Fenway Park will be here till 6 o'clock John -- Red Sox manager will join us in just few minutes. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. We talk some baseball with. John barrel as we do every Wednesday but. We kind of predicted most of the attention today will be on the Bruins and the Montreal Canadians. Game four of their best of seven series tomorrow -- tomorrow night at the Bell -- 730 faceoff I don't quite a while at different times in different games but I was trying to switch it up to try to throw the Bruins -- what you're here they are Montreal again. Trying to play head games with people that's what they do out there today at 730 -- up tomorrow night game for what a presentation last night I actually Canadians and for the first five minutes of the game -- of that because of the pregame presentation. -- -- when that this season and it's funny because NBC doesn't normally shall any of that stuff. Joining the pregame presentation at the garden. When the Bruins in the Canadian explain here the first two games. But that's unique console interesting way to use the ice surfaces -- canvas. And and played the video it's in effect their video screen it's political waited. It is cool now I dale I know the people outside of the game. Referred. You know Jeremy Roenick is Jeremy -- But insiders like me calling yourself column -- Does what JR. Had to say last night in post on about this but twenty minutes ago at a party and is on top of it is what JR had to say last night. About. Play with the men and I would go and have kids playing against some good he's the guy that's going he's gonna bark in your face. He's gonna yell stupid things he's gonna call your family names. And he's gonna come back to he's gonna urge you and you gotta love the swagger look at the company's covenant. Results top -- that he comes right out makes a great pass right years -- they afford to start the first ship. Almost scored the first -- big kid on Riley Smith right there it was so widely thought that was -- good -- but that's what possesses. Comes on the ballot box what it does he still scores a huge golf and shows you why he's so excited to watch he wears his heart on his sleeve he will. He walks that line of being a little bit wait too cocky and to melt the but he can back it up by dress up like Google and say he's probably the most exciting defense and to watch. The most exciting defenseman to watch and occupy that guy the most exciting defenseman Watson and hockey. And if he's not and I know we talked about this that'll keep going minority having yet IP I don't like you're going over like who would you rather have. You know going forward which rather have the -- which are PK Superman and the question is. JR is a hockey guy you're you're hockey and I like I am an amateur hockey. Why is it that he has. You think that it's not really close between PK sedan and Zdeno Chara. Why what is it about. Well he's the most exciting defensemen -- he's the best defenseman. When you you don't really think it's. Why don't think he's a good defenseman. He's just such an exciting -- offensive talent. But U think Chalmers is right there the money to charter has the same sorts of numbers is as -- the differences -- so much better in his own hand. Which is why and am pleased when I'm not gonna back up -- I don't -- but no one under I don't wanna go over the -- -- -- go -- -- who -- -- -- what I'm saying. If if Chara is noticeably better. Why is -- that people Chara is a Norris trophy finalist this year and PK Sudan is right so this isn't me talking this is the National Hockey League talking saying. One of these guys is one of the three best defenseman in the NHL and the other one is but the flip it around the National Hockey League last year said he got the best defensemen and you don't buy that. What the same NHL who who a couple of years just -- Erik Karlsson. Was the best defenseman in the NHL -- not the best defenseman on his team. But again it's just can drive people nuts it's in -- well plowed ground we don't need to go back corporate. Fact of the matter is is I said before John Ferrell came and he's been the best player in the series. The single best player on either team in this series so far he's the reason Canadians have a 21 lead what are you willing to do with this guy. How how how how do you how do you how do you slow down honey you. Account for a man who was responsibility within a week it's funny because if you think about that you'd think in disguise -- it's like the mad bomber. You know from oldies like world -- free yeah handling and and in from several other reference you know how many shots on goal PK Sudan had last night. One when he scored -- right that's the only shot on goalie -- so this notion that the Bruins got a job to get Atlantic Ocean but they did. Except for breakaway in which somebody fell asleep the only shot on goalie had last night was the one he put them back and he look he's a dynamic guy. By the way it's penalty. The the penalty they hit on on Riley Smith. When they first called that I thought it was an elbow and I thought it was a marginal elbow right but then I called rough and regret and I looked at each other it's rough you know. What I think there is that they screw that went -- it looked like they are responding to the ball. It was a very dramatic. All out panic to it was a very dramatic fall from Riley Smith -- -- it is yeah it is is lopsided. In his arms all over the place and looked bad at full speed and all the replays that that's it. That's apparently the national hockey in the post season I think so. I thought at worst it was an elbowing minor when the call that a roughing -- made no sense to me at all. But the bottom line -- areas. The Canadians with a more physical team last night and that can't be if you're -- Boston Bruin players. They initiated contract and contact more than the Bruins did that can't happen if you're the Bruins -- the bigger stronger more physical team. And you let them be the bigger stronger more physical team. And you know what I got Greg in and dale I think I'm Michelle my Belle is really didn't have the most out of his team whenever you. You say whatever you want about a minute how the Bruins a batter and they're the best team -- This is a guy and this is a huge part of coaching that is what makes coaches. You know very good or great. Know what your team is no we're two teams strengths are. And just have your team maximize its abilities and then see what happens the guy clearly knows. What is team is what their strengths are. And their plan their asses off its credit. -- -- safe to say that it's less about what the Bruins have to do against some brand of manic or anybody else. And more about what they have to do -- sell themselves. Forget about eighty's you hit the nail on the head. Forget about what do we do to stop Sudan what do we do -- that negate panic. Just -- -- just play the way they've played all season long they with a presidents' trophy winner for a reason they had the best deepest team in the NHL. Like it. Have your best players play like your best players have David Krejci and Milan Lucci chin and Jarome -- be better. Have Zdeno Chara be better have took a rats can be better I just like him to challenge. Price a little bit more than they have a salute both forehand. I don't think the price has been ever worldly. I just -- future outlets in game one -- shot spot up by one iPod classic the last couple games he's he's the job they almost job they're almost trying to be too fine they hit seven posts in three games behind. Carey Price it's almost like you're trying to be too fine article golden -- Get traffic in front you know just stop worrying about make in the perfect plate and make a play. I'm a much take the finding kangaroo court and always has come and I'll take it it's worth it. You talk about Carey Price being great in game one. It up a that at. I don't know 48 states pretty darn -- 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. -- maybe you guys have got a much better suggestion that I do you guys are all hockey fans as well about how the Bruins can be better. What they can do different and they better be different tomorrow night and if they do. They cannot win game four come home tied 222. Out of three on your home ice you're gonna feel pretty good about things. But we can't lose tomorrow night for that happened 6177797937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson live at Fenway Park Sports Radio WEEI he's not happy -- -- told that that crap. I did. Our -- -- -- -- -- Sports Radio WEEI we're broadcasting live from Fenway Park as we do every Wednesday when the Sox are home. Tonight the Cincinnati Reds in town interleague play. We here -- week for the Sox. A day off Monday. Place Cincinnati Tuesday Wednesday a day off Thursday. It's a strange week for the Red Sox but they have their ninth opportunity though ninth opportunity this year to get back to 500 thing you know win tonight. Now when you watch on last night against the Simpson had a the Cincinnati -- -- have it on the other monitor in the green room after it was watch hockey while but post game. Because they're player playing well after the Bruins finished out on the way home I went twelve innings where you where you were you watching if you watch the Bruins game. And then you'd checked in with the Red Sox were you watching the Red Sox. Well it would with interest like you doing nice nice casual baseball game you pissed off -- hold. -- I believe believe believe better -- every out of everybody's size and out of our loss tonight. Might get hit himself in a bigger Prius. It's it was a collective. One. On line -- that's you know it today that they don't pay to apply. While you're at your guy. It is it was a bad movie -- Richard Pryor vault is that he was that apparently -- time trying to move them in Idaho. And you know this. -- I don't remember blisters millions and but they had a they had a fine job. So every time it -- It puts opened my door so he told us that me and I hope you all over here. -- -- -- -- And a five dollar and not moving to Idaho and throwing off a right now and the Bruins like that once. My parents that. -- we're on idol vacation for vacation. You say -- -- you must really. At the Michael and then after I don't tell that now look back on and I think. Not -- -- really screwed up because when I was seven years old you. And if you guys wanna know where we're Greg it is that twisted sense of humor. It is definitely from the parents who just are part -- ball busters so I was that the garden. A couple of you know few years ago at the garden to put -- around approach. And I don't want -- -- -- opera stuff. It has mob came up that -- Hey. How you doing. I'm like you know you know my son and Greg -- mom I'm a big fan of yours Chris Collins it's still nice to meet you. -- I. Thought let's let's get out. It was Max -- Chris Collins Chris Collins was like she was joke that's what I've known. The moving moving in 1980. That's straight to get that moving movie the practical. Spectacle that hold and I just. I do -- ritual. I love hockey people. I really do I love I love all the things about this sport. -- just learned something about it every day every year law. So when you are the hockey player. Hockey players the great thing about it that they don't make excuses very rarely make excuses took a -- the game one -- It yourself when you yeah. I played hurt. It's it's part of the culture. So that's part of the culture for players. If you are a hockey writer dammit don't tell me your tired when your writing gibberish. 200 -- Joseph Hagerty. Of Joseph Hagerty column. Was his apple -- -- -- all it's -- an -- and know about it until I heard John and Jerry Kirk -- and John and Jerry anchor which argument this morning on its been right now. It is. -- -- and wrote about it -- boston.com. It's bizarre. I've never I've never seen anything like it. On deadline believe. There's some things -- on -- have a live in have been bailed out time and time again. Like copiers and -- a look a look kind theaters. In your right as a -- after all did you. Not -- yeah like yeah she's come a prostitute that. Nobody was there. Isn't that nobody nobody nobody was that nobody was -- shop there's no way in the world in the editor worth his rehearsal. Par is gonna let that go anywhere and leave it -- it was. I'm with you. -- and by the way I'm not even blaming anybody for not having anybody at the story to -- their kids. Writing about thirteen year old girls in the immediate family and Mike GR IT and Dan wrote in -- -- -- all over the place in said he heard. That's the reason you can't the games started 7 o'clock. At night business. It's my business so we don't. Or don't at 3 o'clock. I just don't buy at a don't buy that the game starts it's. James Overton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- So let's say you start writing. You know 111511 toward them 25. Haven't we have written adrenaline. This all of the Boston Bruins play a maddening. Hockey game here's game three -- the outbreak of hockey it. You're tired. You know what -- gauntlet. My account got act them out there. I count got active well sorry my account got back noting -- weight loss ads they're not from it if you just say it was him. Many Manhattan -- count -- -- -- know they don't tell you. I'll tell me your tired -- you know we all perhaps drops the note. You know talk in this business right in this business you have a lot of things to not proud of -- a lot of mistakes but you can't say your higher. We -- interviewer if you are tired hostess. He has been he has been with Comcast's long enough where you -- art. Hey guys -- -- today I'm exhausted. And then make me a little bit of what's but I'm I'm exhausted. So. I will give you something. At 8 o'clock in the morning to post at 8 o'clock in the morning but right now. I just like I got -- go back to the hotel. And sleep for a few hours and I give you something and more after that tiger. But come -- Do not. I just I just -- dinner. I don't -- -- my account contact signal -- go -- got aqueduct. 61777979837. Mats on the cellphone you're next on dale and -- Good afternoon -- -- -- you great back and wonder actually beat that doing that so the editor at it you know. You've got out of there and Eric joked you're the editor creep up I don't know. But it but the joke but. But the joke can connect him ago it would the viewers. They were all scrambled the words all over the place they were randomly placed where he met it and sockets and you've got to see it you know blow your mind. -- -- Yeah I got married in order to. They I think the Bruins -- got quote two things going wrong -- the mental aspect of a flat right they just weren't in actual population predict. And the that played -- really gotten here and which each you know after a straight up there. -- resembled a -- at that point 82 quarter got to be. -- And it seemed like it and wanna get in there. Are urged restraint. They word they were. Remarkably. On in uninitiated. And and is well why are accused the word benign enemy. Wait too -- nine they were far too. And involved and and you can't beat that way look you can't be that way. In a game in November at the belts that are you sure as heck can't be that way. In the third game playoff series at the belts that are not real how are you like that against that I don't know I -- until that stuff. Mean -- happens in hockey playoffs especially with those two -- well I just don't. It shouldn't and it and it's hard for me to explain how I mean -- some Minnesota shut out Chicago when -- last night. After losing the first three games of the series Chicago in show up last night it happened down. I would give back to another you ought to bring up I. I understand that permit from chick rock from Chicago's perspective is it has every result analysts doubt they know their yeah much they're much better than Minnesota -- admit that I you know. And I gotta go back the original six days those wild Blackhawks games every -- There's no history there -- all -- I. If they're not on their level but in terms of in terms of Montreal and Boston. My -- like I know explain four. And and I am guessing that within that room today and they weren't as as hard pressed as we were to come up -- it's not that they didn't try. They were they were just not that they were. They they weren't involved. You know I'm sure they thought they -- working hard I'm sure they thought there were trying hard stretches in the game they were. Stretches of the game is as you said Reagan you know they they were in the Montreal defending and persistent conflicts like aren't third period -- -- you were down the unit to nothing and 21. Down 31. He can't he can't keep waiting for that I and I asked this of Britain last minute pregame show how do you get this team to start. The way we saw them finish gained two honey -- The legend of Montreal continues to lose our had column bizarre play on guys what is didn't know what what they have. What was in the press room what was in the water at all. There's stuff going on up there north of the border 6177797937. Votes on the cellphone. But you're next on dale and -- Yes I dealt hi -- I didn't know it meant well thank you. I would look at the -- them and I agree with them with a lot of it is the same as well. My perspective collapse site came as close as saying earlier is that they Bruins when not playing their own game last night they were trying to escape with a team that's faster -- my -- and how many times on the radio. That you know obviously -- choked -- -- And on the fast skater myself and when I -- -- you and I -- amount it's gonna knock me off my game Peter now tired now so war. And and abroad it's not later aggression and game that they usually play. And that's one of the main reasons -- they lost last night along with the fact that you know what I don't really wanna pick on a defense. But you've got young defenseman back there. And that goal at their -- on on the un elect their side of the net when I feel he'd get what should probably epic its well. As a way to what you don't want -- to -- to a courtside -- it is going to be clear sight and that's the result like that mr. -- it will pass apocalyptic excellent open that. That was an -- actually pass that but but your point and and we talked about this before but again a lot in that situation. His guy is the guy out the point. Then you tell he was coming from that position trying to help Kevin Millar out luck Ryan Miller made the mistake on that play. -- absolutely act and a -- -- more but you know what it does have brought stick to their own game and you look at that -- the best in any and it's also a lot. So if they stick to their game and they played aggressive way to know how to place we all -- that Montreal is not a strong at Boston. But if you if you if you beat her down and knocked off stage this evening game because that's what bottle try to do I do try to scale of my strong liquid. A lot and and I'll tell you this that the Bruins don't agree with you about this decided edge in the skating game. I actually haven't seen that be an issue for the Bruins in this series they've got other issues but the fact that they can't keep up with the -- isn't one of them actually skating with the Canadians fine. Man boasts day. My past Gator yet I hear that yeah. You're not him poppies tried to our. And now. Modern Bible -- -- what's a year. In 2011 when you guys are taking calls. Bruins lose the first two games at home in the Montreal Canadians right go to Montreal getting ready to play in -- Aunt and you have a memory for the stuff that scares me that my guess is that I remember myself saying it's over and -- -- -- it's over it's up it's -- -- if we got a running game are automatically download and and I'm guessing every single caller that you talked at that says they're. No. No really actually. And perhaps -- Now that part of it could've been one. A response to what I was. -- he said it's over. What an a hole. Out go the other way but I think most people it to your point most people -- -- -- -- -- some people thought. Screw. It down 023 down 02. And they lost those games at home are going to Montreal. Leave if they split Montreal. And then they come home the dot. The sense that people think right now that are done and it's -- even not lose tomorrow night I get this. You I know you feel that way but I still think this a good number of people who think they can come back. Even if it down. Down 31. I just think that most people ticked off the hockey team -- the way to -- is it is at a Michael Holley reverse lock -- is out to all sort like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your exact quote I -- good -- the first quarter as the ultimate. That -- you know. Still the first -- and it's still too -- in -- that 6177797937. The AT&T text minus 37937. We are at Fenway but we're talking more Bruins than anything else as all of you are. Where you're working -- gathering today as well we're trying to solve this thing. Beyond just the they got to play their game because that -- just too easy for us. 6177797937. -- dale and -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE yeah. When you saw us start. Finding our Kimi didn't really matter. Matter I was more Jolie's -- better game today than they did probably in Boston I'm sure there. They're gonna talk about to happen at the same time you know again like. I think I got to talk to -- our team and our team -- again there wasn't good enough to start to hurt yourselves a chance here so. We need to rebound here and can make sure that there were ready from news from the start agreement to drop the puck. During the course of the regular season the Bruins had a tendency if you if you followed their statistics through the 82 game regular season of starting games pretty well. Had a bad second period for some reason you couldn't figure it out they just were not good in the second period and then had dominating third periods I mean just dominated teams. Goes back to that wearing teams down bigger more physical teams just you know they lose their will laughter awhile plan against them. But starts have not been a huge problem for this team for a while now. They were for awhile and like December. Where they weren't starting games very well and they figured it out and fixed it and got their way out of it. -- -- yeah if you're a Bruins and I know pie a scored first in game two. The -- who loved the start even in that game their starts in this series have been troubling and I don't know why can't figure it out. Well what what would it be about because we've we've done a lot of focusing on the Bruins and what we saw in the regular season what we saw in the Detroit series and what we're seeing right now. Maybe the answers very simple. What is Montreal doing to the Bruins. That is preventing the Bruins from being comfortable. And and it's got to be -- got to be something maybe it is -- Maybe Montreal is not faster overall they don't have as they're not. They don't have better team speed and the Bruins overall but maybe the speed of Montreal whether it is equal speed. Lesser speed in the Bruins but more speed in my country more speed in Detroit maybe the speed of Montreal is giving the Bruins and some problems. Or or entered -- wanted to give -- problems later on the hockey games but in the third pair went from start to play well and come -- all because then. -- they can only do so much. So they can they're -- give us some problems. But physically. They don't they don't measure up to the Bruins all that well so yet they would likely Wear down and of their period they've done that in three games. But what they've been able to do an early part of the game just to Maceda is to keep a close to the Bruins off balance a little bit is two. Anticipate. Anticipate their passes they've been blocked some shots -- -- but rated. It chop block they've been great at it it's been in date and end up blocking machine and they added something and also last night that nobody saw coming they hit. Number three all Canadians were sitting. Now that deceptive that the -- the Bruins. I don't know. But pretty good static -- surprised as most people asked Depp -- and expect. The -- took the physical game to the Bruins and I. I can only remember one game it was in March. It was the saint Louis blues like but took a physical game -- the pro ones in the blues where big strong team built much like the Bruins work. But other than that I can't think of too many instances this year -- right about the Bruins got cut out physical throughout the course of the game and they did last night. It's not there that's not their game at all. And I have to go back to. I think it's in the back of their head it's almost psychological and this is workload got to say screw all that stuff I told you about being disciplined. You know that I had not -- so concerned about taking penalties and putting them on the power play that you're not playing the way that you did through 82 regular season games. What knock somebody on their -- And and -- from the opening faceoff and do it in the first two and a second -- in the third just hit people and I don't mean. Stupid you know idiotic run guys through the glass and take boarding majors I mean hit. Physical Bruins hockey which they're great. And they haven't done in this series. I don't think that that Montreal's two elusive they can't hit them they can't catch them to get them. I don't think that's the case at all I don't think is -- that they can catch them. But it's a different level. As it should be -- -- second round of the playoffs it's gotta be tough for the opponent should be better picture unless something miraculous happens around one and so. You compare Montreal to Detroit. You know Montreal as a much more. It is a much much more challenging matchup in Detroit but deeper than Detroit got more than a more talented players right now they're. Healthy healthier and in Detroit left. They're not -- well. But ironically Canadians fans sometimes get little frustrated let me -- Terry at I think he's had a great series so far it's been great he told our team has been very. He drives them crazy there's some time this is the same coach who benched the case of back in parts disease a couple of times he got -- -- the way sedan with plants that you ghost -- over here drove Canadian fans not when he did it. He's had a great series. And and I know the the tendency here is all Claude Julian getting out coached. How -- honey -- culture around mental mistakes. That's the job don't know I'm I'm saying. Do you think that that Claude Julian hasn't told players and and haven't they've been told since they were eight years old. And the penalty watch the guy coming out of the penalty box. Excitement code advocate coaching is not just telling them good coaching is having them respond to what you -- so. I'll bet that code Julian if you have to look at the coaching matchup right now I think he will be honest and say yeah right now he's. If if the other coaches getting his guys to respond he's telling them. He's telling his players saying things I'm telling my players. Those guys are responding my guys are responses that you -- a better job. I'll take out of the same thing the bills that before in the list of things their -- problem with this series. And we mentioned. Matching goaltending for the Bruins and Tuukka Rask that's down the list. I don't think giving up coached is I get up on the list it in this series as to why the Canadians -- to war. All right okay now we've already said. Tuukka Rask is not harmless. And I you wanna take Claude -- off the list. So what is I wanna -- silently and the players who want playing well I I liked -- we talked about before like this 86. Montreal is doing this this in this we always week we look at the -- we say. It's us we should be. Hit home runs are making baskets are scored goals it's never what the other team does it's never them it's going to be asked but Rick -- truly feel I really believe in this case. It is the Bruins it's not so much -- Israel is doing. You don't you don't see anything the Montreal is doing well we just talked about -- -- -- -- -- doing some things well. But again if the Bruins will play in a tight prepared now. They're not our. Are they not -- -- game because. They think this is an exhibition season of course I mean the playoff system it's Montreal -- it's so it's something that there is something that. Montreal is doing or some things plural the Montreal is doing. That. And I think that things about your aren't -- that they're doing that in that are given the Bruins a lot of trouble yet give you got to give the Canadian credit for that. You have to. And I in this is not the excuse that sounds like I actually don't think they're doing that much that's giving them trouble at the Bruins just aren't doing what they do. There they've gotten away from all those things that got them to hear that they're not playing the way they played all season want and again I'm not try and take any of the credit away from the Canadians. That just the Bruins are playing the right way. The Canadians are good. That would be in this round of the playoffs that they -- -- I know that. But the Bruins are just playing like it's wrong like there's. A disconnect. Brain fart whatever you wanna call it I'm just not used to seeing the Bruins team played. Pressure. -- that and not the pressure of expectations but the pressure. Put on by by a worthy opponent. That at least knows. I Montreal understand what the Bruins are trying to do and they have. -- enough competent players where they can give them some problems they're not better. OK you know column from column for column category by category they're not better but they have enough collectively out where the -- just can't. Blow. Throw hard and on and turn it off. They're good enough with a broad can't turn and absolutely during the course of the game. 6177797937. Charlie's in Peabody Charlie you're next on Salem Ali. -- -- -- Ever been. A big deal just awhile though but -- the Red Sox won the playoffs. Let the World Series with the wildcat a couple of -- of enormous stake in it just goes out we would just make the playoffs. And then at all. Don't think it's the -- peek at the rates aren't. Lot of that I've especially hockey what -- we and the last I assume Charlie York concern here is that the Bruins peak too soon. Is that is that what you're trying to say Charlie that they -- president. Bet you'll want healthy right now in the Bruins. My party -- particularly in Asia. You base that on three games. Now I'll just say that last round with a groans against the red wings that they were peaking again. I read my mother they played very good via -- question. But don't expect a little slow want to double differently. Sure there are better team the Detroit well I -- playing better and what about there's no doubt about that and and Charlie I think you're exactly right they're certainly playing better. I never quite understandable peaking too soon thing. Because let's be honest the Bruins really stopped caring -- soon as they clinched the Eastern Conference. I mean they kept winning because they were good but they weren't resting guys they've taken this guy out of -- lineup tonight that battle line up tomorrow night. They they truly really did not care about the president's trophy they backed into it because Saint Louis fell apart. They want at Eastern Conference. They won at home ice all the way through the east and they played. Their rear ends off until late got that then it started resting guys but they kept -- went well Michael key theory. -- lost of the giants at the end of the regular season and you wanna beat them in the super ball. Now he says that even before that I -- London where I was like hopefully you'll floor. Where and when they didn't lose and they went on and they want. But I haven't made him lose after he wrote that column they can win. In the and they won the championship but it I think Charlie and other people talk about peaking too soon. Maybe it's just as simple as this. You're playing the best hockey if not if it's it's out of your control sometimes you just you do hit eight -- at peak hit a great. A great point in your season where everything is going right. And it's never going to be that good again and so I think maybe that's what he means by peaking too soon you played you played your best hockey. Not that you were trying to which just happened to play just adding one and one -- you play your best hockey in the month of march and now here we are in May. And you look like it's you need some more -- here. 6177797937. Another Charlie this one is in -- Charlie next Sunday Elena holly -- -- at the right button there we go -- -- I don't listen I caught I caught. Last week. Maybe two -- -- candidates for Detroit it's that it went to the game in my effort you expect Marine Corps and that. I do since bit. The Bruins play him in Montreal they get -- to not Sudanese -- economic -- And they say look for the breakout and that -- -- -- Marco -- and you just greet -- or nine. I thought I was right I mean. And I think. I I'm I'm missing your point that the Bruins did what now. They -- when they were to happen is that beckoning Hilton and hardly wait for a break or something and score on the course it's mark when you. I mean against Detroit it do you mean against Detroit. OK I misunderstood. And -- was -- -- -- game that was suspecting him. I just I think that they should. Think they -- think they they they kind of put Europe on the but the issue at the end goal. I don't know -- or -- they they try to -- to. I don't know if you see who acrobatic from issue on the -- call in program. I can understand your imagine the frustration Charlie on on shooting. Well couple things happening here in game one shop or arm shot all day long they just kept shooting and shooting and shooting from. From from multiple angles and in the mall you know what -- first period second. The problem that not game one. In games two and three yeah shooting a lot finally get have a -- at the break out in the third period in game two yeah. But a lot of these this -- back to Montreal Montreal I was doing a great job blocking shots. They are but I do agree with one point Charlie made and I said this earlier I think they are looking for the perfect play. There -- -- it did they're almost getting too cute with some of -- stuff and I'm not gonna agree with Charlie to shoot from anywhere they they can't do that. But they've -- is at times -- over past the pock yeah and you know you have a situation last night where high amid the pass the side of the net to Soderbergh. He had an empty net tipped him if he could have controlled that but it couldn't control. Many -- that are up on the net without when himself he was right there he had the perfect angle. -- I don't think that they feel that Carey Price is impenetrable. I don't dare shoot because he's gonna stop everything they think David beacon score on this got. Did you just say maybe it applies that are going to net and so. On the played them to watch your. On -- talking about. Fast guy very and -- that goal in game two I did our. 6177797937. For a -- coming up top the hour. -- final drive comes up at 545 it's -- -- and Greg Dickerson live at Fenway Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- a gamer you know and this is what I appreciate rhythm. And her attitude as a team. We had a business attitude. We're approaching. Businessmen mindset and this is what a likable and crew. How we have to take some tough decision that time and there was a lot of depth. And that. I'm I'm really pleased with their debt and them I'm not afraid to move guys in and -- because they -- play a lot of guys wants to play. Are tough decision to take some time. But. -- to mindset of that group. Michelle Terry and head coach of the Montreal Canadians. Talking about the case event and his team last night. -- and Gregg had director Superman and today by the way. And I was looking at that -- story again. All over the place just random thoughts and random names fortunately for you graduate not mentioned in there not resign -- there was -- -- it was -- was not at any time. There's a story with thirteen year old girls. And then have a name of other grownup man that's not a good look for years so I. -- you -- happy -- -- not happy to be involved but you know if it happens once in the last six months I'm actually happy to not be working economy benefit. Well I gotta tell you -- -- at -- tired. -- I I can't recommend it highly enough about doctor Stanley Levinson was taught you about this off the airedale dale and -- Here's a mouthpiece it's great. Ice nor I used to snore like a bear. Would leave me on the -- many many ninth in the palace on the -- with an elbow in the grips of a but. Have sleep apnea diagnosed with sleep apnea 67 years ago. Uses device I well rested now -- -- you guys to 3 o'clock in the morning you could maybe it's not what exactly you're texting your two or 3 in the morning you guys got all. Now not the thirteen -- -- no -- out. So maybe -- -- Maybe he's got tired machine and they asked that are taken on the road suitcase if I'm in a machine alone it's like I'm not it's a mouthpiece steel asset -- -- -- -- the -- with -- And I take it off in the middle of the night just is very comfortable. But -- need them now please to save his journalistic career. There's three different and technical and and I have to and a half a cup probably. That's above -- little -- and get a couple. -- the sixth and seventh that 979837. Brides and. -- -- -- -- The record report opening up and Portugal that it to think first -- early -- I think the that you called Gloria erratic get prone to getting a little -- -- with the puck a lot -- -- -- shoot from anywhere on the night but I think if you have a good quality shot. Get the pocket and executed typically get a little cute cute cute -- the -- -- -- -- And not expect employment they -- are going you know I have a way -- played physical and I think they're getting out of position I think they know -- Montreal Panama swapping scheme you may look at their chalkboard and it would. TK to bond walking out of the way like a little girl. An integral to doing too much and my third point final point and I -- the Montreal Canadian -- order in the early that you know that they don't have. I think certainly don't have the cleaning -- these young defensemen were kind of the open minded and you know a group they're not really doing a good job at the Blue Line. But I think -- can't -- like you gotta go at it. And I understand your concerns about the young defenseman and I understand everybody's concerns. You know this young defensemen all year year to Dennis Seidenberg got hurt on December 27. Hasn't played since Adam quake occurred on January 19 hasn't played cents. And as Michael pointed out they went 151 and one of the month of march and and had a great record the second half of the season. I know the tendency is to assume that the young defenseman -- -- -- and sometimes they are gonna make mistakes. And yet the one breakaway goal was when you had on agreements are awesome Johnny boy -- on the guys. I mean yet to veteran guys out there who didn't do what they should have done in didn't cover what they should covered him. Get the job -- you guys to open in theory yes yeah. And so that is Deborah Deborah is out right in front and I thought about five games that I set the it might buy -- game is probably not gonna work there. Take this. Underestimated Montreal little bit but as I said before. Michael I I I can't believe. That these teams won't play better especially their stardom and they'll set -- -- -- talking about. Fourth liners were not talking about Watson and -- mean we're talking about their best light years -- not play better in this. I just I I would feel more comfortable. With what's happening right now. If they were more cliches and all. -- I know anything that let's talk weekly and more cliche cliche what the cliche in the play. If you don't know a damn thing about -- most -- Ten but no one. Going to play out how do you -- in the playoffs you it's not -- and that's not likely shape hot goaltender everything hot goaltender or three games. And -- some. Otherworldly. Run all -- -- -- I did you know I think we've seen the article in -- -- opener last year. An argument totaled seventeen seconds. Game six -- arrest was hot goaltender last year which hot goaltender in 2011. Unbelievable. Kerry price is not the unbelievable hot goaltender got Montreal at two games to one how it's happening that's the frustrating part the Bruins are better. Today they're familiar with the whole Montreal experience. Yet they're trailing in the series and they don't look like themselves imports. Flowers we have come up with a Nazi. Now we have mobile working on it blends in Rhode Island -- at the right button here let your next on sport prettiest Salem out. Hey good afternoon guys -- -- I'm -- They just wanted to say that they're you know what am I watched it much to the chagrin of my wife I watched -- -- in the bruins' game. And in this series coming up where it you know why he's -- Bruins don't look like abroad I pitched really. Two things that are really hurt. One is at Montreal is still a great job. Marking not a neutral zone. And marking not and sweet for the bronze gaining access to this at all. And going directly on part via the until he if you look in on pipes. There was a sea of red sweaters and there was very little physicality of the -- presence out in front of price. Went -- -- any offense is all set to be in shock bought the -- the corners. And the world to do a good job of -- possession and getting horrible shots on net but there's no physical presence in the growing. Are informed that that consistently. It reminds me of the seventies and like it really dot. From the Canadian standpoint. Totally opportunistic hockey I had to -- activists sixties and seventies in the way they played so that's like two cents. I collect -- good and there were reasons for ending up. Your wife may not like you watch hockey but he could tell her that I'd say it's not like coach right now great at putting well at the great analysis of what happened. I don't think there are times when you -- Bruins. Lower near the front of the net but not in front of the net and you know I -- and I'm not picking on him I just remember one play last night where high it was just off to the side and wherever the other forward wise but it and -- -- it just off to the side. And and Mike being just off to decide to -- Carey Price at great look out to -- that the defenseman was shooting the puck. When they screen Carey Price when they may depart for him deceit. Usually ended up in the back of the last couple goals last night and just an and I know it's kind of simplistic but you can't stop which can't see. They've haven't -- too much times. And they haven't paid that physical price getting there owning that piece of real estate and not letting Carey Price have sole ownership of. One guy who needs to step up for game four who is one guy needs to play. Much better than he has so far with -- -- are each Lucic. Uncle but it's -- at the sort of show -- I wanna send him set that physical tone. You know that you worry goes up the first shift and cranks the first Canadian he sees. And and you know all of a sudden now they're getting happy feet they think it I'm not gonna hold this very long in this corner because I hear him snort likable coming down that left side. Many object to open tees or somebody else there and there. That's -- policy. On the court it it's a good call on the -- tiger first line that's cheating you settled and got. Well again our focus our focus on again limit if if I can't take the entire line. -- you look at -- that the guys who have who have played at a high level all year. The the award winners and could've should've been award winners must include let's include quote they're too. He's got a Jack Adams -- that you believe firmly believe that he should have been in the mix -- he's in there with he's not in -- -- great. Three guys who are. Finalist but the cold have to be better. I get -- have to be better Bergeron. Mood change right. Ask Chara -- of these guys -- David Craig cheek. Come on now. 6177797937. The AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson for fourth coming up next Sports Radio WE. Earlier today Bruins general manager Peter surely that -- media in Montreal after the practice. He was asked about the situation with Dennis Seidenberg -- and I have no comment on the outside number I'm paraphrasing but he basically said I have no comment. Kevin -- upon discovering. The Bruins for the Boston Globe in Montreal filed this story just a few minutes ago desire. He seems to be OK I mean are reading this it seems to read fine okay quote. If -- had bull -- the Bruins would have had Dennis Seidenberg up and skating midway through game three. Tuesday night against the Canadians. Seidenberg recovering from -- midseason knee surgery is skating regularly again looks strong and comfortable during workouts. Heavy skater his -- sound as if they're shredding the ice when he -- around during workouts. Quote yes I'm feeling better the broad shouldered defenseman said late Tuesday. Following the Bruins 42 loss to the Canadians quote. I could probably play right now while. DuPont goes on the right stop the Internet and the press's right there Seidenberg the second most important defenseman in the Boston lineup. Says he feels well enough to quote probably play. On quote pain not bad he -- soreness or swelling not a concern. Range of motion fine. Which means with the Bruins now on a 21 deficit -- their best of seven series the 32 year old Seidenberg is good to go. Not really. We don't think. But best to keep an eye on the bullpen the remaining issues noted Seidenberg is the standard timeline to full recovery. His mind isn't playing tricks he feels what he feels which is better and stronger each day he's skating confident and strong. But no matter how you might feel the doctors therapists and trainers overseeing his recovery -- made it clear that the body heals at its own rate. Which isn't to say how he feels is inconsequential. But it's not all that counts. Seidenberg toward the ACL and MC on his right knee against Ottawa December 27 had surgery January 7. In general. The timeline given for full recovery from such a procedure. Is six to eight months. So he was originally not expected back until training camp our next season. Whatever timeline he had been given and Seidenberg would not say what it is it's not -- would make 62014. When the experts tell -- that -- bone and soft tissue were all one again fully mended and resilient. That's when he finally gets the green light for full contact in game action. Quote that's the date. That's the date I don't know yet he said with a smile but -- -- better that's good on -- Do you think what what ails the Bruins is the absence of Seidenberg. And is that is that they. No grade or second best defense I don't like Greg doesn't wanna put. Tuukka higher on the list -- -- put clothes on the list about the absence of side burns on your list when you look at the series. I I I think that they have performed remarkably well in his absence when he went down December 27 most people plot. -- crap there goes that I mean he is their second best defenseman. If he was in the lineup we were just talking about how the Bruins haven't done a good enough job keeping that area. In front of Tuukka Rask clear and clean for him to -- shots. Dennis Seidenberg is a guy who keeps that area clearing -- What would you expect what would you expect Gregory if if Sullenberger if he came back let's say there is a game six came back for game six. With Internet equity -- remarkable week for hockey play where we just saying. Two years ago now when Adrian Peterson came back from a similar surgery and ten months eight months but we're talking for months here when Michael. I don't have this discussion argument off the year when -- -- the studio -- out when he first started skating that that leads you to believe that. He's on the back -- I know it's much I great would you say the -- -- Michael Michael that now. I knew that he wasn't skating get ready for training camp next September. There's no sense -- I mean you'd need to be skating. In March and April to get ready for training camp makes -- light and take that risk if you're not going to. What happens at a typical line. And -- practice or your typical Bruins practical this time a year nothing nothing that I did today they had an optional skate Montreal. It was literally only the guys who were playing us he was want to stating no contact whatsoever when they had. A little time in between the Detroit and Montreal series and make could have some real practices. They had some contact thinks he wasn't clear for those yet he really hasn't it hasn't done that yet. I don't believe so now hasn't done that yet he will not play but -- but why do you think like traveling. Hockey thing or not. Why if you're traveling -- -- -- next step the next step might be being cleared for something that he has been clear for yet. And does that happen. On the road in Montreal I guess so. Well it's funny because I mean he's the guy saying. I can play now -- if if they want me to like to play. Sometimes athletes. Don't know necessarily what's best in what is -- It's why you have doctors and trainers and therapists and and they kind of pulled you back a little bit pull the reins back him. I just know that having seen him practice. Having watched how hard he's been working off the ice there was not a doubt in my mind he was planning on playing in these flight school I didn't know what it was going to be. You use that that was truly whether no comment that's -- bird yet does that. Tell you something why not just say. Listen I know he's not going it's still too early to tell he just he was saying that the last series the last here we -- on the pregame show. And and we asked him about it and he said -- were not counting on and on that you know one you know we're not counting on that. Today when he was asked it was I have no comment. That's at the both like to -- I -- different I I don't think that he certainly not ready to play tomorrow night as you said Michael correctly so. He has even had you know full contact practices not that they have a lot of those anyway. But if they were to win tomorrow night when I'd be shocked. If Saturday or Monday all of a sudden Dennis Seidenberg appeared on line up somewhere I would I would listen you wouldn't believe you said it was gonna play in the playoffs this year has. Don't believe it. -- section -- -- it's miraculously remained to be a great side or keep usually as he is such a worked out machine parts of the fact that he's even in this position having this conversation is is is noteworthy. And it's admirable. But to have them on the ice playing would you expect to see. 100% of the same guy -- -- -- and 50% in the same way when each what brought Henrik Zetterberg back and he knew he had back surgery in February. We perplexed but they brought him back because they were desperate they would die -- -- are the Bruins now are not yet. They were down three games the one going into Saturday. At the garden maybe I I I do think if you're the average Bruins fan and you find out that Dennis Seidenberg is coming back and beat your expectations are probably. A little higher estimate should be for a guy who has played it just came back from injury. -- have to be careful obviously. But the thing that limited minutes of Dennis Seidenberg. Could be more important to the team in limited minutes for Andre -- arts. It's a rhetorical question. Yes we think that limited minutes of Dennis Seidenberg would give you more. From bruins' perspective on agreements arms. I'm not saying it's it's certainly not tomorrow. I didn't saying it's Saturday. It's closer than people. And I know for a fact. He's been preparing to play for. Over a month when you say that I know. I. I -- those opens. Something about CO MC which I don't think. UNAIDS and Salem -- you're next on Sports Radio Dele -- Patrick for taking my call -- what's up. And I look at but I it would greatly right now -- a guy that well there was more productive well awkward player about three or four years. Avenue a -- gamers something in the playoffs. Then on he -- credit create up to standard this year and partly been there you know he's got a couple. Good good looks that he should pull the trigger on steady Al bunker spot for an actress back in -- the chance. Well -- we don't give a couple -- it and you -- up a bit more out of it and god -- Mercury can -- a good game tomorrow and I cannot feel like you know people it better and you're -- come -- with a -- and then. Put -- in order are probably more more likely create a -- somebody could you know so that it that. But I don't I do agree with the added that he can't do at all and that it would be nice if if these two line mates. Could could finish awful play he has set both of them up at times during this. Short three game series so far where I thought they could've and should've scored and then they've been having issues as well. Appreciate call -- 617. 7797937. Disappeared there yeah right I thought businesses don't simply didn't -- The board and are doing too bad -- it's funny when you started talking about whether they had a ball mark and then you ended up expendable not just judge Johnson but mr. Seidenberg. Why why did you think -- Jack Johnson and I liked it I or. -- it's -- the violence and I am not stand that we should go down that route but I would say it's slow considered that I wouldn't have that much of a problem. I I -- I definitely would you wanna stay Johnson I'd like it is in the middle of this Stephen that's coaching to even explain and explain herself throughout the Florida I've -- go ahead. A dual maybe I should clarify a couple things first of all three years ago I -- I complain that some current but I thought -- -- your played -- working with a -- series so there were up to -- enough and I figured. It wouldn't hurt and number chill out you put some on the McCauley an -- and are likely to marquis in the goal from that was well. -- the guy on the bench he's gonna be sky high you gonna get his best performance I have no doubt about that and I'm not again I'm not you know we should go down that road but of. You walk. Under your eyes of an odd argument if we let -- Generous sponsors that are favored feel responsible as a sponsor instead of go to Stephen. Could make it looks at that where I like. That could've I can roll which a little bit of youth consider. Chad Johnson right now I gonna grow up and I don't agree with that I can roll with. But when you're up three zip and machinery that you don't you know now it is at the time you're up three -- -- out there -- say. Take out the guy. Who got you a present at why. Good job good effort occupants. And appropriate -- shot. At -- series didn't hit it. Makes no sense to me and and again I -- as the back the last. And maybe Stephen things that the issue the Bruins had last night their biggest issue was -- and I don't but maybe Stephen dies I'll tell you -- I guess what. -- is guys. If if quote did that right now with Jack Johnson he wouldn't just lose to correct it loses hired to. It higher team when you're exactly right the entire team illustrate -- are you kidding me. Three games into the playoffs we're down two games game one won by a Montreal. We got a dozen finalists. And you'll wanna you wanna pull him and go in with Jack Johnson you. Couldn't even do it if you had last best pop back up goalie in the lead you couldn't do my job it was pretty exposed. I was really really good he was he was the perfect backup goaltender. I thought he played exceptionally well for them. He was everything they want. But Michael you hit the nail on the head try explaining to your dressing room. That your gonna set the vezina trophy winner because you're trailing to the Canadian -- was the one. Please I mean it is just. Or maybe maybe don't have to explain you know take a page out of the the book the coaching book a book got a bit. Mike Babcock and it'll be good. Atlanta what. You think you can now you know -- and Babcock at night and what might not condone. Six -- I think I'm just -- 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T tax minus 37937. But I know Bruins fans are a little antsy and other a little nervous they're trailing in the series two games the one. But please please. Let's not turn that into. Chad Johnson guy and air horn. To say it saves that thing you can sick and tired. This partner. I think it was too late at night I ways. It's kind of getting worse. At 730 in that ought to be lighter later -- -- John I just thought that. The later start to more. Sampled the ability to -- Ali great actors and Sports Radio WB yeah.

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