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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Thorn in the Side Edition - 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

We tackle four topics about guys who have been thorns in the sides of Boston teams.

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Holly. Taylor had started his -- it's one of the C. -- -- Brought to you by AT&T. More than 90% of all Americans. Building a better network I assume this means. They didn't quite totally one gray creek put your wandered down please click and and it's not a -- pool is there's no I don't myself at the right. But Republicans don't. Know but I just like the line you know. I think that. Yeah Ackerman you're gonna get -- the telephone guy who has been out the guys that -- -- -- I'm over the oldest old enough that makes -- I think. You're. Or mix he's the are right now then -- -- you guys have been ignored. While -- wow one. Passing -- things. Don't tell you -- -- everywhere -- all aren't there maybe you -- jail. Don't W you'll remember the single ally at forty fives back and gates who -- scored again last night in proving to be a thorn in the Bruins. Is -- on the biggest storm in the Bruins. This series absolutely. -- -- Historically rocket restore. That all local you remember what 50s57. With the fire and I submit I -- here in order rocket immunize an actor I -- a lot to forget those guys what it was like he was the goal in this site. If you ask -- one Robert Gordon or. They'll point and -- Because he still things that that was the best Boston Bruins team all the time they'd just won a Stanley Cup championship. -- the competition in the next season. Number one seat president and president's trophy back and personal follow it up and right knocked out reload -- Montreal basically just walked in the third here. It is gonna throw in this -- from Cornell court you know butts kicked anyway if idea by the. By the way rocket Rashard funeral. Although all the hockey legend where there Gordy how. It is not a funeral that's where old Montreal. Gordy Howe appears outside the church that Lee got buses there to take people there are two. That to the cemetery. According how appears these committees and we have good. -- all -- that I thought it. There are different breed of Canadian friends are and yes we are Michael historically the Celtics had a couple opposing players who would frequently like them up. Who has been the biggest thorn in the Celtics pride -- your thoughts as they cared. The Boston strangler through told me. -- there was I mean we're talking about a team that general doctors at one point in time doctor Malone at -- on it not Doc Rivers but. Doctor. As a hermit he knows I make shot after shot after shot. That's the guy jumps out is if Andrew Toney now lately. It's hard to really think of anybody in the last time they played the lakers. In the finals you wanna say Ron -- Yeah yeah yeah he went he went along and and and led them -- but two does that was good for the world peace at that time or do you still -- -- -- -- he was wolf -- world it will result world peace got themselves. You guys know basketball so much and I'd use liable -- bow and then -- Andrew -- But when when I heard the question asked. I heard Johnny most voice but not quite quiet at how rare -- or another guy at the rate -- Voice I heard my it's a great choice public -- beer hit big shots but again she got there heads to do he definitely gotten there when it does. One of the all time great constable races. But it thwart the right if you did that look at them that's what you think which isn't. I tell them during a playoff series. The bad nights now I want what I -- when I met him I was wishing. How little hope will McDonough spirit. And I have not you know as you know -- just -- All right Andy. Mystery. In the late eighties and early ninety's Dave Stewart torch of the Red Sox by consistently dominating them since that time. Who has been them Red Sox biggest best. I know they know they I've got this guy. And 2004. No it go any -- great tribute into doubt and a five Rivera. What a gentleman. What a great closer that's cauldron of everything. So they got a medal for it. Rivera you think about it -- -- -- participated. -- when they -- it was up until after I left my. Tell us what you wanna emotion that I -- most of the time it's over America and games. And Erica if it's 2042. And be on. Do you think of another team. They got to bury it many times but it's -- really got to that they called on board -- ball well but I feel -- it's a couple months. At its most of it is just what you would expect the American League east opponent in Baltimore tournament the Red Sox. -- -- -- So of course you would have more success -- Other teams but we're supposedly. It's surprising that they weren't better success of Meriden. -- you you talk about -- -- people I want to maturities 2.5. It's important to your yeah. And yeah I am with you Rivera and -- I was felt like the Red Sox at least at half the chance but it was problem. How about their career do you got. Just I mean it's funny to keep you -- two guys who were not capable they don't have those comfortable spaces like Bill -- -- I mean. Red Sox fans I think actually respect both guys to a great degree. But you know you felt like -- Derek Jeter had a baton is handed a big big hit on the line he's probably gonna get there were more. Underrated guy on the Yankees had a I mean if you're really under -- tickets -- bad -- its -- what we think about guys. Look at your interface for the Yankees you're thinking all right don't like there you're confident that situation and -- if Mariano Rivera comes into the game with. A couple out to -- he's got to get four -- that's -- problem you're not thinking we don't wanna face Andy Pettitte. Andy -- Once again the numbers say. Pretty damn good accurate. -- -- -- -- Still go up and. I'm now pretty -- question in the future -- just sort -- been the giants for obvious reasons but which individual players. In recent years as an -- and the patriots guys. I don't notice I remember his name pop up my dad I mean and ours caller accurately Bernard Pollard. Our quarterback -- and it's either. It got -- for all of the running back to and Ridley and knock -- -- -- accurately out. Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady I mean is it an. If you think about it think about the impact them for our power's so first came at 2008 so you're undefeated the year before. He he. Takes you away from an opportunity and opportunity really to appear and in another Super Bowl. And then it's 111. He takes away. Your number one -- -- weapon in the AFC championship game. This is this the guy who has been right there you want talk about a roadblock to a championship. One man rule book burning out. Were assigned but I would say there's a sudden got on this side I feel things they retiree. We're gonna hit that little wind -- -- -- back. But it's not just one yet patched it up at nineteen and it's right think about what was at stake. What with a -- of Mercury Morris had a note a silent but now. He's still talking -- -- -- silenced the 72 dolphins. Silence Mercury Morris in particular. You beat the giants. Your -- and all the supposed to Aruba ordered an official call. Dropped interceptions. And now. -- like you know it's just for the quarter. Balkans and principles hold on her that's it that the recently whether it was that's why they play defense. This year win now all the interceptions art drop by the patriots number one. Quarterback well I'm very happy today while we were gonna use excuse well it's Darrelle Revis and the best. Cornerback in football also he's supposed to catch. Yeah he's the best quarterback in football. I'd have to back to call 61777979378. TT -- minus 37937.

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